Gordon Ramsay Cooks For Cambodian Royalty | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • As Gordon's trip comes to an end, he puts what he's learned to the test as he cooks for Cambodian royalty.
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Comments • 2 830

  • Lee Steal
    Lee Steal 34 minutes ago

    Love to see him cooking in other countries.

  • k
    k Hour ago

    0:20 gordon wised up and let someone else drive.

  • Harley-D Sandoval
    Harley-D Sandoval 5 hours ago

    Gordon your the fuckin Man..!

  • Just Stopping By
    Just Stopping By 16 hours ago

    This is like the Final Boss to his travels, where he has to use all the abilities he learned along the way.

  • Crystal Lawson
    Crystal Lawson 16 hours ago

    I love me some Gordan Ramsey

  • Sam Lutfi
    Sam Lutfi 18 hours ago

    the man is the real deal

  • Mr. Atom
    Mr. Atom 21 hour ago

    Wholesome ❤️

  • AwesomeStuff
    AwesomeStuff Day ago

    A good master isnt a terrible student.

  • Jet Puzon
    Jet Puzon Day ago

    good job

  • Achmad Bintang
    Achmad Bintang Day ago

    5:33 i'm lost 😂

  • Achmad Bintang
    Achmad Bintang Day ago

    0:10 it's f****ng raw!

  • Rodney Akorsah
    Rodney Akorsah Day ago

    When you watch this,you can see why he puts so much pressure on the others on his show

  • Ricardo v Duuren

    Loved this!

  • Shtuff83
    Shtuff83 Day ago

    I like princess Bald Patch Debbie

  • Pepper Beckett
    Pepper Beckett Day ago

    me: in line at the mcdonald's

  • world citizen G
    world citizen G Day ago

    it's very difficult to watch the big contrast between rich & poor in Cambodia. The poor hardly finish their educations because they cannot afford it.

  • Okinawa Gorilla
    Okinawa Gorilla Day ago

    Good job Chef. Loved the video.

  • lama Chichi
    lama Chichi Day ago

    5:08 she seems like she's one moment away from a major breakdown

  • Junior DHMP
    Junior DHMP Day ago

    Who dislikes? Why? Makes no sense, its Gordon Ramsay and delicious food!

  • Shahani
    Shahani Day ago

    “I would hire him any time” 😂😬😂🤣🙄🙄😂😬

  • Dubs
    Dubs Day ago

    White people

  • My Name Is In Use
    My Name Is In Use Day ago +3

    Wow. Gordon is a good person. The fact that he bring the kid to help him.

  • manolak mathuchanh
    manolak mathuchanh Day ago +1

    There was tears of happiness in my eyes, the generous act from Gordon Ramsey to Spak. Not only did he gave him opportunity for making food that day for his loyalty that brought so much honor to him but also he open a gate of opportunities for this young man

  • Gene Pan
    Gene Pan Day ago

    Fake Show

  • Mee Barry
    Mee Barry Day ago

    I miss phom penh i use to live in there 😓

  • Dynoesaur
    Dynoesaur Day ago

    Chef Gordan brought sexy back

  • 한별
    한별 Day ago

    “...and delicacies born from necessity!”
    *spits food out*

  • MunaEarthly Sounds
    MunaEarthly Sounds 2 days ago

    Relaxing Rain Sound tvclip.biz/video/q6W6WPCXdqQ/video.html

  • Spikanini
    Spikanini 2 days ago +1

    Never thought Gordon Ramsay would get chef'd

  • DARA B
    DARA B 2 days ago


  • StylusHotheadVEVO
    StylusHotheadVEVO 2 days ago

    Watch how Ramsey gona take these ideas and retail them lol

  • xXKuRuPt3DXx TTV
    xXKuRuPt3DXx TTV 2 days ago

    bwahahaha the sous chef is too young to drink anyone else seen that meme?

  • papa joms
    papa joms 2 days ago

    Chef when you go in Philippines 🇵🇭😊

  • Rina
    Rina 2 days ago

    I really really admire Gordon Ramsey's humility and how he's able to let himself be the flustered student despite being a renowned master... it stresses me out so much when he gets frustrated though 😅

  • GokuBlack
    GokuBlack 2 days ago

    Yo Gorden is clutch

  • BlazeGardianX
    BlazeGardianX 2 days ago

    I couldn't imagine doing this. I get nervous if I forget a step in box macaroni

  • Ardent Dfender
    Ardent Dfender 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay in his own adventures of Kitchen Nightmare.

  • Andrew Greiner
    Andrew Greiner 2 days ago

    What a amazing loving welcoming people that no one knows exist in the us very humbling to watch

  • Etherion Umap
    Etherion Umap 2 days ago

    And delicacies born from necessity
    * spits shit out *
    Ohhhh classic gordon

  • Emma Jade DIYS
    Emma Jade DIYS 2 days ago

    I'm Cambodian. Lots of them had accents because they prob speak Khmer

  • Raven The Witch Queen
    Raven The Witch Queen 3 days ago +1

    Cambodian royalty is like middle class here in America them mugs aint rich like that!!!

    • schmatever
      schmatever Day ago

      Can i force-squeeze my erect penis into your tight anus?

    PUPPE 3 days ago


  • Jacqueline Barrera
    Jacqueline Barrera 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay messing up? No! Gordon Ramsay getting nervous? Never! What’s going on?

  • MarioDailyRide 26
    MarioDailyRide 26 3 days ago

    Welcome to Cambodian❤ I saw you in Phnom Penh ❤ I'm your fan from Cambodian 👌🙏❤

  • J Cabral
    J Cabral 3 days ago

    Those "royalty" are just so full of themselves

  • i7887
    i7887 3 days ago

    The "royalty" people piss me off

  • Darshan Bhambhani
    Darshan Bhambhani 3 days ago

    Amok yum

  • FantaSizeFTW_ 16
    FantaSizeFTW_ 16 3 days ago

    *One thing.. tarantulas have hairworms in it.*

  • Bacon eggs Thank you next

    Ya visited mah country XD

  • Asia Sung
    Asia Sung 3 days ago

    holiday in cambodia where people dress in black

  • gerald davi
    gerald davi 3 days ago

    Why is camera quality so bad

  • Liberty Mata
    Liberty Mata 3 days ago

    Btw Nothing’s PERFECT!

  • lullemans72
    lullemans72 3 days ago

    i like how gordon can just visit a country, taste their cuisine and then do his own thing with it a week later. really impressive.

  • Mahaila Joe
    Mahaila Joe 3 days ago

    Watching this I couldnt help but feel proud of all the chefs.

  • James Walker
    James Walker 3 days ago +1

    Gorden is world class ... the best of the best ...

  • dragoknight 0508
    dragoknight 0508 3 days ago

    When gordon ramsey is in other countries hes lvl god father when its in cambodia lvl 1 crook

  • Bokar Basar basar
    Bokar Basar basar 3 days ago

    I like Gordon Ramsay for ur simplicity

  • sid viciouss
    sid viciouss 3 days ago


  • _Stacey Queen_
    _Stacey Queen_ 3 days ago

    I'm Cambodian but I've never been there before 😭😭

  • Lex A
    Lex A 3 days ago

    Cambodian royalty...🤣

  • Zero Hearts
    Zero Hearts 3 days ago

    Ayo, the prince's shirt is so fucking baller. Omg lol

  • Zero Hearts
    Zero Hearts 3 days ago

    R e m o t e s t

  • Green AND Blue
    Green AND Blue 3 days ago

    That Katana lady at 3:52 is a right asian inspired MILF!!!

  • Brotha Liphted
    Brotha Liphted 3 days ago

    Lol they are like new money royalty

  • Agus Sururi
    Agus Sururi 3 days ago

    I see royal Cambodia lost local culture as asian ... their clothes and make up only copying western style

  • J J
    J J 3 days ago

    Lmao what a shithole

  • TwoYs
    TwoYs 3 days ago


  • Zyprus2012
    Zyprus2012 3 days ago

    A man who has just learned how to cook for a certain group of people in the world based on what they expect and never had previous training proves that Gordon Ramsay has a true passion for food. Well done master chef!

  • Cas Hawk
    Cas Hawk 3 days ago

    What unbelievable beauty in not just culture its good, but also in personality and food "desert" I would love some though I'm jealous I'm just go if to major in envy at jelly school :)

  • Irene Destiny
    Irene Destiny 3 days ago

    I was in Cambodia literally last week dammit

  • Austin Wick
    Austin Wick 3 days ago

    I just want to say fuck gordon ramsay you always makes me hungry. I hope I could cook with you soon. you're my idol

  • sphinx K
    sphinx K 3 days ago

    At the end, Gordon and the other chef had a glass of wine while the boy had a glass of water. Gordon can you please give the boy a glass juice or a soda instead...at least

  • Mikey Milynn
    Mikey Milynn 3 days ago

    It's nice to see Gordon make mistakes. Not in a "hehe you suck" sort of way. It just makes you think that not only is he a kitchen chef god, but also just another human being who gets nervous and shaky under pressure like the rest of us :)

  • Chris Atkinson
    Chris Atkinson 3 days ago

    Great video.. Chef

  • Naroth Bo
    Naroth Bo 3 days ago +1

    We are pleased to see you here. Love from Cambodia.

  • Daniel Elkinton
    Daniel Elkinton 3 days ago

    I wish He was less of a jackass

  • Nathaniel Bouma
    Nathaniel Bouma 3 days ago

    When everyone but the sub chef drank wine

  • John smith
    John smith 3 days ago

    i hope that young chef got hired.

  • The Juicer
    The Juicer 3 days ago

    Omg those poor fishes! This is abuse!!! >:(((

  • LeRoy Robinson
    LeRoy Robinson 3 days ago

    Chef is a beast. To adjust to such a degree and impress the vip of the vip broo 👏🏽👏🏽

  • J Armellin
    J Armellin 3 days ago

    never cook a mentor's dish for them 1 week after they teach it to you

  • Dakotaty
    Dakotaty 3 days ago

    Some one comes in starts yelling at him for making it bad

  • Rebecca Mills
    Rebecca Mills 3 days ago

    Ramsey I am Australian myself but I live in Russia right now what we Australians think is you give us something bad we give you hell you do something good give you hell but it's complimentary we make no sense sometimes but when you have basically have the head chef of all chefs in Australia yelling at you is bad no matter what

  • Cesar Maldonado
    Cesar Maldonado 3 days ago

    I love when whites are bending down to the superior race!!!

  • Alex Chuop
    Alex Chuop 3 days ago +1

    Legend has it Gordon ramsey is still looking for the lamb sauce

    SALLY HUN 3 days ago

    Proud Cambodian here 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Robert Laidley
    Robert Laidley 3 days ago

    I give him credit to push on through despite his challenges on a cuisine that was his first to make but he made it happen

  • Trap Money
    Trap Money 3 days ago

    Absolute garbage!

  • Twitch -Kaxa
    Twitch -Kaxa 3 days ago

    I’m from Cambodia

  • Bipolarizing
    Bipolarizing 3 days ago

    6:12 that guy's face LMAO

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 3 days ago

    It's a holiday in Cambodia.

  • chessplayer360
    chessplayer360 3 days ago +1

    I really want Gordon Ramsay go to Philippines and learn how to cook Adobo and other Filipino delicacies.

  • spill the tae
    spill the tae 3 days ago

    Kid chef kinda cute not gonna lie

  • Muhammad Zeeshan
    Muhammad Zeeshan 4 days ago

    It's disgusting and raw.

  • Kingdaddy 01760
    Kingdaddy 01760 4 days ago

    Gordon is so damn funny

  • Mario Fernando Corzo Pinto

    Chef Ramsay should do something like that in Colombia or in any other south american country, or also in México

  • Fearless 09
    Fearless 09 4 days ago

    Your my idle

  • Sara Vonstar
    Sara Vonstar 4 days ago +81

    That “I’m so proud of you” was truly heartwarming

  • Arjun K Nair
    Arjun K Nair 4 days ago

    Dear Gordon. The chance you have given to that boy is such an inspiration. I cant express what sort of feeling it is, to see his smile and watch him share the success with u at the end. You are truly a wonderful teacher.

  • Jake Tragultanasub
    Jake Tragultanasub 4 days ago

    Direct subcribe