Murder on the Orient Express - Movie Review

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
  • A group stranded on a train where one was murdered. Lucky for them, the greatest detective in the world is among them! Here's my review of MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS!

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  • Sam Cribbs
    Sam Cribbs Month ago

    I would buy this on blue ray.

  • James Lin
    James Lin 2 months ago

    I felt that it’s better after a second watch for me. After getting to know. The characters and All.

  • IFM
    IFM 5 months ago

    Lesson learned: Don't purchase the movie on TVclip (like I did) before you get past 1:02 in this review.

  • Doctor Emil
    Doctor Emil 7 months ago

    Do you know what is actually the biggest flaw in this movie? I'll tell you! Most of the story takes place on the railway line linking Vinkovci and Slavonski Brod in nowadays Croatia. The area this line passes through is not full of high mountains, it's mostly very flat and at low altitude, totally different from what you can see in the movie! I know it's like that because I live in Croatia. If you don't trust me, look it up, I'm telling the truth.

    HEROSAM12 8 months ago +1

    I had to watch this movie in my English class and the whole time, I wanted to shoot myself. It was SO bad!

  • DV Worlds
    DV Worlds 9 months ago

    Also, this movie kind of reminded me of an episode of Case Closed

  • DV Worlds
    DV Worlds 9 months ago

    I had to watch this with subtitles cause I couldn’t comprehend what was being said half the film

  • Nikki Sweet
    Nikki Sweet 9 months ago

    I agree with everything you said. I knew halfway through the movie who the killer was and I was only invested in the detective and Johnny Depp's character. My favorite "murder mystery" show is Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch. It's really great at giving you subtle hints then explaining how those small things fit together to make this bigger conclusion.

  • DrLord15 DW
    DrLord15 DW 10 months ago

    You didn't know his name was Poirot...

  • Cory Renshaw
    Cory Renshaw 11 months ago

    I didn't care for the ending.

  • pocketmego
    pocketmego Year ago

    They cut out most of the great character work in other versions. Want to se the BEST version, see the 70s version with Albert Finney, which is an INCREDIBLE movie.

  • Persephone
    Persephone Year ago

    When it comes to this version of Agatha Christie's famous novel, I feel that the audience should have been warned that this film's major element is that it's basically a meta comment on, and critique of, the original novel and the previous adaptations of the narrative (among other meta references). As such, when seen as stand alone movie, it doesn't deliver, and all the things, that work great in the meta context of previous discourses regarding this story, become flaws. The movie is basically a net of intertextuality and without the awareness of that, it does indeed fall short. The movie assumes that the audience has important previous knowledge upon witch it expands and comments on, and when audiences come to see it as a stand alone movie (that is how it was marketed after all, no mention of Agatha Christie, while so many things in the movie are a comment on her ideology), it just looks like a dumb movie. For me personally, it was excellent, but I already knew all of these characters so well based off the book and numerous previous adaptations. Since the names and situations in the book and other adaptations are super complicated, sometimes I had a feeling that the director may have purposefully wanted to be confusing about the names and who was doing what, because everyone was pretending, no body was what they say the were, no body did what they said they did. Which would maybe nudge the viewer towards the thought that the names of the characters or most of what they say is BS, not important. Rather that other, psychological stuff, intuitive stuff, was meant to be a lot more telling. The way Poirot always found the guilty party was through psychology.

  • Anything. Lucy
    Anything. Lucy Year ago

    My favorite murder mystery is Riverdale

  • BMV The Movie Fanatic

    I thought it was too hard to figure out. To guess the murderer/murderers is impossible to me. How the hell can you get that from the info given. Plus it felt cheap.

  • The Beard 13
    The Beard 13 Year ago

    disappointed with the ending

  • berry nutter
    berry nutter Year ago

    Annoying hipster reviewer.

  • Jimmy Big Wheel
    Jimmy Big Wheel Year ago

    I like it

  • FearenHyde
    FearenHyde Year ago

    You make me sad bro :(

  • Rob Marconi
    Rob Marconi Year ago

    If you've only seen this version of the movie and never read the book, do not read the book. The movie was adapted for today's audience. In the books, Poirot never ran and he certainly was never shot. For shame, Mr Branaugh, for shame

  • Cesar C.
    Cesar C. Year ago +1

    Gay ending, should’ve arrested everybody lol they were all murderers Like it or not.

  • mineonlyhooves
    mineonlyhooves Year ago

    Ugh such a disappointment. Saw it last night. My wife loved it, i hated it.

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez Year ago

    Just finished this and holy shit was this movie pretentious. Boring is an understatement and he wasn't lying about the characters names who I couldn't care less about. After watching this movie all I could think of was "If I could turn back time" 🎵

  • BrettGB
    BrettGB Year ago

    Could you review Clue?

  • goran415
    goran415 Year ago

    the mountains in Vinkovci and Brod look cool, but i live in Vinkovci and there are absolutely no mountains here, so gj movie

  • AnonymousMe
    AnonymousMe Year ago

    Everyone took part in killing Johnny Depps character...

  • agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 Year ago

    Why many movies? I only know of 2. This is a pity....'Murder on The Orient Express' is one of Ms Agatha Christie's finest works. We meet a new circle of people in every book, you get used to being able to put names and acts to faces eventually, I suppose this one just took it too fast.

  • Gawain Phillip
    Gawain Phillip Year ago

    So mr. Harris who the detective replaced on the train what was his connection to the murder. If everyone on board had a hand in it mr. Harris should of been involved some how i think. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Seattle the Great

    You have such pretty brown eyes *dreamy eyes* Sorry about the stuff you have to go through to keep listeners. :*( You are above that! You deserve listeners outside of just pimping yourself.

  • Himanshu Swt
    Himanshu Swt Year ago

    Exactly man. This was the kind of movie where i didnt really feel invested in any of the characters. I mean for most of the time, i had difficulty understanding poirot's belgian accent n I really couldn't follow the investigations n all too well. The movie looked great as a 2017 movie should be. But yeah, couldnt relate with any of the characters n couldn't get invested in the plot

    YOUR GOD Year ago

    Huh forgot this movie was coming out

  • Dawwwg Online
    Dawwwg Online Year ago

    The should have made a director's cut with 20m more character-building & dialogue, that would have helped with the emotional investment *and* mystery; it was a little too superficially fast for me in the second half of the time ... The cast itself was great, they could have definitely boosted some synergy there !
    EDIT: Also @Jeremy, you missed mentioning the kinda crappy CGI effects ;)

  • Kusariyaro
    Kusariyaro Year ago

    Pipe is more of a Sherlock thing...

  • Llamaseatfruit
    Llamaseatfruit Year ago

    “I’m probably the greatest detective in the world.” *imagine dragons blaring*

  • agent 47
    agent 47 Year ago

    regardless of the flaws, the acting alone and the visuals are enough to go watch this movie, i recommend it

  • TheDanex7
    TheDanex7 Year ago

    The 2010 version with David Suchet as Poirot is a masterpiece compared to this.

  • nlmoviefan
    nlmoviefan Year ago

    Jeremy does make some good points that I agreed with but I did enjoy the movie...
    As a huge Agatha Christie fan I had one big problem with it....WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT ON HIS FACE?????.....The "real" Poirot would be embarrassed by that mess

  • H Muller
    H Muller Year ago

    Yeah Jahns, have to agree with @Pelger. I watched the 1974 version first. Liked it. Then "Murder on the Nice" (1978), then "Murder in the Sunset" (I think, 1982) and watched this version. If you do that, you'll be able to fully appreciate the differences and development in production and the suttle changes and growth to some characters. Ironically, the 1974 version had MUCH more character development and your ultimate connection to ALL of them was achieved achieved. This was generally a good (rushed) adaptation.

  • Phil Dees
    Phil Dees Year ago

    Oh, no no no...please watch another version and then come back to review this mess. It's not fare dude. I recommend the 1974... Then you'll see this is an egomaniacal effort for Brannagh to be politically correct, and make his...HIS Poirot a heterosexual kick ass, that has no idea what OCD really is, and ends up looking like a bumbling idiot speculating more than having clues. The Orient Express is as vital as the Millenium Falcon, and in this it looks like a theater set not an important character. Please watch the true masterpiece that was the Lummet's guns, no punches, no prostitutes, no violence, no nonsense. And then review it again.

  • gaming boy
    gaming boy Year ago

    I loved the movie. I even have the book

  • Retro Movie Room
    Retro Movie Room Year ago

    Clue. Fuck yeah.

  • Darren Laval
    Darren Laval Year ago

    Fell asleep part way through and then lost interest. Hated the ending, but my wife says that it is faithful to the book, so I guess I hate the book as well. Like the comments about seeing the earlier renditions. Might do that

  • K D
    K D Year ago

    Here's my review: The book was awesome, the movie sucked. Anyone who read the book will know that this movie practically has nothing to do with the book by Agatha Christie. They add random characters and scenes that weren't in the book and really don't add anything to the plot. And then the movie takes away CRUCIAL details that really made the story flow in the book. In addition they mixed things around, having characters do something that a different character did in the book. To be honest it almost seemed as though the writer of this movie just simplified everything in the book and added things so the audience understood it more, which is a very poor decision. Overall I was very confused and disappointed with the film .... but I HIGHLY recommend the book to anyone. If you already watched the movie that kind of spoils the ending for you but..... hey it's still a great piece of literature.

    • K D
      K D Year ago

      I just wanted to make it clear that I that although I disagree, I respect your opinion MysticalScope Productions. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie and I wish I could say the same.

    • K D
      K D Year ago

      XD HAHAHA that's honestly hilarious MysticalScope Productions. Hollywood should be focusing on honoring a classic piece of literature from a talented author. This movie was a filtered "dumbed down" version that did little to show the original story. Listen... I somewhat understand what you mean with the diverse cast, but we shouldn't be sacrificing good storytelling to do so. This movie had little to nothing to do with the original book and those who read it can understand my complains.

    • MystikalScope Productions
      MystikalScope Productions Year ago

      K D some characters are the same but reworked into different versions to match the mash up of cultures on the train as many of them are European in the book. Plus for a short of simplified version of the book for modern viewers it didn’t do too terrible in getting the book across faithfully. Yeah some things have to change or it will be a best for beat remake of the old one

  • mmza
    mmza Year ago

    Sherlock Holmes vs Hercule Poirot
    Which detective is better

  • Evie Moran
    Evie Moran Year ago

    The BBC adaptation of Christie's 'And Then There Were None' is great

  • ashipnerd offical

    Clue is my favorite. I love that movie.

  • L W
    L W Year ago

    I ♥️Kenneth Branagh!

  • kev3d
    kev3d Year ago

    Why do people cast Josh Gad?

  • Jecksy
    Jecksy Year ago

    Do you know why you were able to solve the crime Jeremy...?
    because it was Agatha Christie's novels that introduced most of the modern motifs of murder mysteries we have today.

    The Queen of Crime lives on, in this beautifully directed homage.And I cannot wait for Death on the Nile, set up at the end of this movie!

  • Zah Raz
    Zah Raz Year ago

    But that mustache, though

  • SquintedEyedGamer

    I really loved the music when Poirot was revealing the killer.

  • Shawn White
    Shawn White Year ago

    as soon as i seen the body i knew who did it. why? i just thought its always a twist, always someone you'd least expect. which happens to be children and older people. except that's too obvious because its been done so many times. and then it hit me, its gotta be something else but still sorta be a twist. movie was good but too long, certain parts i lost interest and by the end i just wasnt as into it

  • SCharlesDennicon
    SCharlesDennicon Year ago

    Come on, dude, you review this flick and you don't even talk about the plot, the twist, the (quite impressive) tonal change in the last quarter... ? I liked it a lot.

  • andrea leonardi
    andrea leonardi Year ago

    Mr Jahans I ma a movie fan since I was a kid. I’ve read plenty of books seen plenty of films and never ever found a better movie critic ! . Complimenti from a fan from Milano, (Italy ofcourse)

  • necrona
    necrona Year ago

    I didn't have problems with the characters' names. But I did read the book a long time a ago and knew what was coming (the ending is hard to forget) so I don't know if the story was too obvious or not. However, for me it was interesting to see how they acted around Poirot. From the standpoint of someone who knew where the story was going and knew exactly who was lying and when, the story was quite interesting to watch, especially the actors managed to subtly show they were lying.
    My only real issue with this movie is that we never get to see the other passengers on that train... it makes sense up to a point ( I even buy it that the other passengers didn't have access to the restaurant or bar, not even after being stuck in snow for so long because maybe the restaurant was only for first class) , but when they all had to get off the train in the end, and we only saw the group, it started to get a little weird.

  • Eye of the Tiger [][][]

    Jeremy Jahns is the greatest douchebag in the world though.

  • poetascarafaggio
    poetascarafaggio Year ago

    Unfortunately, the chatacters being kinda forgettable was not Branagh's fault.
    Having so many characters to listen to and to develop in a little more than a hour and a half isn't that easy.
    Besides, if I remember the book correctly (it's been a while since I read it, so I might be wrong about it), the characters weren't really memorable there either.
    This movie was a good representation of the book, though. Closer to the original source than the one with David Souchet in some aspects, in others it took some artistic licenses.
    The best cinematographic version remains the 1975 one, but this one was still a solid 7/10.

    • poetascarafaggio
      poetascarafaggio Year ago

      MystikalScope Productions Yeah, I believe the best way to create a movie faithful to the original material would be to make it into a TV mini-series, like the first 'It' with Tim Curry (and even that one had to leave some particulars off, either because they were weird or because they were not really PG appropriate).

    • MystikalScope Productions
      MystikalScope Productions Year ago

      poetascarafaggio even if the movie was 2 and a half hours I think it still wouldn’t be enough to fully flesh them out for the audience and it would’ve dragged it some more

  • Tobi J
    Tobi J Year ago

    Yh I Just watched it, great casting so many big names, lovely cinematography through out. Very interesting MC however I solved it halfway through then the ending confirmed it, soo yhh I was hoping for a little more depth. But overall good decent movie not too long aswell.

  • YelloGamers
    YelloGamers Year ago

    Talking about joppy

  • T Cates
    T Cates Year ago

    My fam was drunk and didn't like it lol

  • Issy
    Issy Year ago

    Holy shit I loved this movie, I don’t know why I thought this was fucking great, like awesometacular type shit, at least buy it on blue ray.

  • G-Dub 85
    G-Dub 85 Year ago

    Very good movie, the acting was superb......much better than Justice League

  • Wolfie Inu
    Wolfie Inu Year ago

    David Suchet is Hercules Poirot. I don't know who this dude was with the gigantic mustache and the fake accent.

  • Double L
    Double L Year ago

    Can anyone tell me details about the Daisy Amstrong case , who Ratchett killed . I mean why Ratchett had to kidnapped and killed that little girl ?? Laking information of that case confused me helppp

  • Tedakin
    Tedakin Year ago

    I agree about it being too easy to solve. I knew who the killer was halfway through it. And it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. They kinda just tell you over and over.

  • Reiahnna Jackson
    Reiahnna Jackson Year ago

    Watch the '70s version. You're welcome.

  • Secret Senpai
    Secret Senpai Year ago

    I still loved the film

  • Rodd Thunderheart

    It was okay, but Jeremy is right, the other characters are weakly portrayed. I had actually seen the 1970'sversion but forgot until about the halfway point when I realized I'd seen a better version when i was growing up in the 70's. I still liked this one but I DO feel like the other characters were along for the ride as Poiroit clearly is front and center. Which is another flaw as he keeps himself center if the movie... Good time but not as good as previous version. And NOT the early 2000's one either...

  • Terra Soars
    Terra Soars Year ago

    I hate to say "I like the previous version better" - but I have to say that the 1974 version was very careful to: 1) give each character their due so that the viewer had not problem knowing their name AND their connection to the circumstances (that's why Ingrid Bergman won a "Best Supporting Actress" Oscar for a mere 8 minutes - or less - for her portrayal of the Swedish nanny); 2) present the clues - and many more than in this movie - so that the viewer knew how Poirot was thinking; and 3) portray Poirot as more of an eccentric than a conflicted human being.

  • Gangster Oreos
    Gangster Oreos Year ago

    DO TOP 10 MOVIES YOUVE NEVER SEEN!!! sorry for yelling

  • Jess_Marie_G
    Jess_Marie_G Year ago

    I had never seen the 70s version and watched it with some friends a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was hilarious and made me want to watch this version even more. I went to my local 21+ theater because it was just my mom and so I had alcohol with that viewing. I really enjoyed it, but I felt the end was a little too emotionally heavy.

  • Tarik Pasic
    Tarik Pasic Year ago

    Watching this movie, I noticed one big flaw and that is the location of the town of Vinkovci where the train breaks down. In the movie, it's set in the Alps but in reality there aren't big mountains anywhere near Vinkovci. That just killed it for me, the lack of realism.

  • Giovanni B
    Giovanni B Year ago

    You can't watch this drunk. It's hard enough to keep track of the lies if you're sober.

  • Shayan Rajan
    Shayan Rajan Year ago

    Soo.....why did Jeremy have a pipe at home....?👀

  • Andrew Grayson
    Andrew Grayson Year ago

    you talk way too fast man

  • Sean Hanson
    Sean Hanson Year ago

    This video should've been like 5 seconds. It was fucking awesome, go watch it.

  • Titken Toft
    Titken Toft Year ago

    The butler did it!

  • jokerjokerlilesh
    jokerjokerlilesh Year ago

    One of the guy actually started snoring in middle of the movie

  • Naimmain
    Naimmain Year ago

    The plot twist though.........damn

  • Chris Yako
    Chris Yako Year ago

    I loved the movie. The wide, tracking and overhead shots where really impressive. The reveal and the motive towards the end almost made me cry. Awesome movie! I'd pay to watch it again. In fact I'll even get the book. Bravo to Kenneth Branagh and Team!

  • Drew Evans
    Drew Evans Year ago

    I thought it was more of a 'T-minus one day yep already forgot' to be honest

  • Ikcatcher
    Ikcatcher Year ago

    I kinda had the problem with remembering people’s name

  • Caleb Jett
    Caleb Jett Year ago

    It was good, this dudes dense

  • David Humphrys
    David Humphrys Year ago

    Agatha Christies master piece turned into an absolute bore. David Suchet is still the best version. There is room to make a stunning timeless classic but the ppl making this version didn't understand the book, characters, or the world. Pathetic

  • Minhart Gustoff
    Minhart Gustoff Year ago

    1:13 no duh you dont learn alot you arent supposed to its supposed to be suspensful and have you try and discover the culprit as it goes along telling you everything would have made the movie worse.

  • Sawyer Fitzpatrick

    Read the damn book ffs

  • New Ideas Are Scary

    I thought L was the greatest detective in the world.

  • Sean V
    Sean V Year ago

    One word : underwhelming.

  • InSaNeRuSsELL59
    InSaNeRuSsELL59 Year ago

    Josh Wheedon is a fairy fuck that only creates films for snowflakes

  • Cierra Swaye Lyle the anime fan girl

    The movie looks great, It turned out really not bad.

  • amit nagpal
    amit nagpal Year ago

    I liked it. Kept me interested.

  • devilpupbear09
    devilpupbear09 Year ago

    I fucking love Clue

  • Conley Rasor
    Conley Rasor Year ago

    C'mon JJ, I really am disappointed you rated it low... It's not a murder mystery... not anything close to a murder mystery... it's all symbolism and a different tale masked as a murder mystery, just how Cool Hand Luke wasn't a prison escape movie. You don't have to know the characters names since it's really obvious about the symbolism they use through the movie.

  • pangphaitong
    pangphaitong Year ago

    I enjoyed it because I read the book. The movie complements the book very well. It is like seeing what was in your head from when you were reading came to life. As you said, the movie looks so amazing and for someone who knows the characters already, I didn't feel that the characters were not shining through. I guess this movie is made for the Agatha Christie's fans.

    • pangphaitong
      pangphaitong Year ago

      Because the book is very clever and full of details, I didn't quite catch on to all the small points in it when I was reading. Watching the movie is like a summary of all the important points from the book.

  • Erickson Shivute
    Erickson Shivute Year ago

    "A Hell Oh Andy" Pre-order now available on amazon and kindle link below.

  • DomainofDotArt
    DomainofDotArt Year ago

    You know the characters by their profession or position not by their name. I really enjoyed the movie Especially K. B.

  • owen o
    owen o Year ago +1

    They are all the murderers

  • Mandalorian crusader

    I fell asleep

  • areeb ahmad
    areeb ahmad Year ago

    Actually to appreciate this movie u need to read the books on hercule poirot.... Which Idk is a good or bad thing

  • Psivewri
    Psivewri Year ago

    I nearly fell asleep half way through ahaha

  • whizzkidkis
    whizzkidkis Year ago

    Agreed! Almost fell asleep. No real enjoyed for any of the characters (besides the dead one), clues were odd/vague/rushed, didn't like the "who done it" and the acting during the reveal was over done.
    With the amazing casting/ensemble I wanted character interaction, wanted a more intense form of conflict, tension and hostility amongst the characters. I mean if you're r trapped on a train together as well as a murder taken place, surely you play more on the victim and pointing fingers aspect. Gutted about who was killed - they would have been a great help to the movie. The set up of the movie made me think it would be a bit humorous during his "detecting" - it wasn't. Maybe, I've just watched too much Sherlock (let's not talk about the last series) and my expectations are now too high. If I was drunk/drinking I would have enjoyed it more. Had high expectations for a movie that didn't quite deliver.