Buying A Homeless Man A New House!

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
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    Buying A Homeless Man A New House!❤
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  • Lucas and Marcus
    Lucas and Marcus  Month ago +6246

    Hope you all enjoy your holidays ❤️LOVE YOU!

    • Eazy Tips
      Eazy Tips Month ago

      Hey my Mentors can I get a shout out I got a small channel I would like to grow like my mentors
      Just a simple shout out in the comments section am a great fan
      Kindly 🙏🙏

    • Alora Sabalones
      Alora Sabalones Month ago

      Love you guys.. I feel proud of you guys ...hope more people do that .. Help the poor people like me

    • Nahor Dcunha
      Nahor Dcunha Month ago

      You guys are awesome forgiving someone like a homeless person a house and like $1,000 God if he like it he would be really proud of y'all and I subscribe to your channel and like every single video so yeah keep it up

    • Ndinelao Hakuna
      Ndinelao Hakuna Month ago


    • Sandra Allen
      Sandra Allen Month ago

      Lucas and Marcus

  • DOfficially
    DOfficially 43 minutes ago

    iam also job no me

  • Peter Jerry
    Peter Jerry Hour ago

    I love it you have the biggest heart ever❤

  • raven Lampano
    raven Lampano 3 hours ago

    Plsss give me a brand new house

  • Sontole Squad
    Sontole Squad 3 hours ago

    🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 love you

  • Leah Higgins
    Leah Higgins 6 hours ago

    This is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done when Marcus started crying it touched my heart because he felt the pain for that man we should all start doing nice things for the homeless not being mean ❤️

  • ishu x
    ishu x 7 hours ago

    You guys are awesome
    Luv from India

  • Rhea Mams
    Rhea Mams 8 hours ago

    Hello Markus and Lucas i'm always watching ur vlog. :) im ur fan from philippines.

  • Marco #2 Giorgianni #2
    Marco #2 Giorgianni #2 10 hours ago

    TVclipr act of kindness, buying someone a Lamborghini or a house
    My act of kindness, holding a door open for someone
    No hate tho

  • Vini Doci
    Vini Doci 10 hours ago


  • Ryle Lexus Tique
    Ryle Lexus Tique 11 hours ago

    Aw.Marcus im starting to love you now. I'm a fan from Philipines. Both of you are such a sweetheart 😘😘.

  • Macy Fuller
    Macy Fuller 12 hours ago

    Wait why would you put a homeless man in your car

  • Akosuah Eastwood
    Akosuah Eastwood 12 hours ago

    You guys really did a very good job 💖💖💖

  • Abdulla Abu-Zayed
    Abdulla Abu-Zayed 13 hours ago

    That place was probably an Air bnb they got for 3 days

  • Mileyka Santiago
    Mileyka Santiago 14 hours ago +1

    This made me cry u guys r the best❤️

  • Danie mlendja
    Danie mlendja 14 hours ago

    this video is so sad at the beginning

  • Jaelyn Miller
    Jaelyn Miller 14 hours ago

    That is so nice

    WE GAMERS ARE THE BEST 15 hours ago

    You made me cry 😭

  • Markayla Puckett
    Markayla Puckett 16 hours ago

    This is to all the haters out there that were saying stuff like they are not people


  • Jamella Azeez
    Jamella Azeez 18 hours ago

    Nice ❤

  • Steven Witvoet
    Steven Witvoet 18 hours ago

    I almost cried

  • Niaz Khan
    Niaz Khan 19 hours ago


    JAV GAMING 20 hours ago

    You did something great God bless you guys

  • Arbaaz khan
    Arbaaz khan 21 hour ago

    You guys are awesome I appreciate it love you 😘❤️❤️💙

  • Mark SAVAGE
    Mark SAVAGE 22 hours ago

    Yeah boys, that's some good deed to do instead of buying some madafaking expensive cars for people, or is that even true. It's hard to believe man. Not your fault man

  • Milli Naga
    Milli Naga 22 hours ago

    This video speaks a lot bout Marcus so I love him😘

  • Mary panmei
    Mary panmei 23 hours ago

    God bless all of you... So inspiring

  • Gideon Anthony Sirambat

    God is super powerful

  • demijohn Ablog
    demijohn Ablog 23 hours ago

    Why so im enjoying to watch this twin brother 😃

  • Joshel Tabian
    Joshel Tabian Day ago

    Iloveyou guys so much 😘

  • zneye 2371
    zneye 2371 Day ago

    If it really you are awesome...

  • Jimmy Ishak
    Jimmy Ishak Day ago +1

    Respect mann 🙏
    we love you guys
    From 🇨🇭

  • Hydeedh sha
    Hydeedh sha Day ago

    you’re very great

  • jessa diaz
    jessa diaz Day ago

    This is why we love this Twins

  • Sauli Saarinen
    Sauli Saarinen Day ago

    Hi guys , i live in Finland and have watching your videos in my bikeshop.... You do good work ,this shows than even when you have money, you spend it in good purpose too, this gives good emotions !

  • XXXMortal Zerø
    XXXMortal Zerø Day ago

    Bro ur gud. 2 people ur nice .. Keep up ur gud work👍👍

  • Richland Sanchez
    Richland Sanchez Day ago +1

    so cute

  • Riley Jackson
    Riley Jackson Day ago

    You guys are so caring for everyone

  • Juma Aliy
    Juma Aliy Day ago

    Wow I love you

  • Axel Ross
    Axel Ross Day ago

    You restore broken and mended heart and soul

  • Axel Ross
    Axel Ross Day ago

    God bless you two bro you two have a good heart

  • Hailey Emberlyn Trapal

    I'm crying

  • Amelia McGuire
    Amelia McGuire Day ago

    I love this, so heartwarming

  • jewel stewart
    jewel stewart Day ago

    I sail some one in the back ground by the old house 2:34

  • ENiGMA Gaming
    ENiGMA Gaming Day ago

    Awsome but instad of buying lambo to randoms help peopole who really need help u made ma day guys

  • Jada Penney Hancock

    Is Alex in a movie

  • Pedro Mendez
    Pedro Mendez Day ago

    If they get him a house how he gonna keep up with it . How he gonna pay the bills

  • ShAnIyAhs world
    ShAnIyAhs world Day ago

    💔😭😭😭that's so sweet

  • Omar Lawrence
    Omar Lawrence Day ago

    If you live in a broken down house that is not homeless

  • Evans Makori
    Evans Makori Day ago

    be blessed guys love so much from kenya mombasa

  • amyree shit
    amyree shit Day ago

    Love y’all too

  • Aryonni Picotte
    Aryonni Picotte Day ago

    That fells good in my heart 💖💖

  • Gabriel Achim
    Gabriel Achim Day ago

    God bless you, Lucas and Marcus!

  • Hayley Hussaini
    Hayley Hussaini Day ago

    Aww I love lucus and marcusxxx

  • Gamer glow
    Gamer glow Day ago +1

    Marcus is making me cry 😓

  • Christie Hull
    Christie Hull Day ago

    I love this because it is so much more nicer

  • Keena Green
    Keena Green Day ago


  • Higzy Teflon
    Higzy Teflon Day ago

    I was really taken aback by his empathetic tears for the homeless man. What an outstanding human being! This insane world we live in needs more like him.

  • FlairLaMare •
    FlairLaMare • Day ago

    How he gonna pay for it

  • Enma Repreza
    Enma Repreza Day ago +2

    Every like gives a home and a job to homeless people