Gordon Ramsay's KFC Style Fried chicken and Biscuit - Almost Anything

  • Published on Jun 30, 2018
  • did you ever wanted to learn cooking EGGS ON SPOON tvclip.biz/video/wFjTx3eNccs/video.html
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    Things that you will be learning in this video are :
    00:47 how to cook fried chicken in Gordon Ramsay style
    03:59 how to make Dulce de leche biscuit by Gordon Ramsay
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  • Almost Anything
    Almost Anything  10 months ago +140

    Ever wondered how to cook EGGS ON SPOON www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFjTx Learn it now !!!

  • Awale Yusuf
    Awale Yusuf 8 months ago +7

    7:54 Very Nice

  • Valid Man
    Valid Man 8 months ago +2

    9:02 captions 😂😂😂

  • hammde 12345
    hammde 12345 8 months ago +3

    jack:can we have this every day
    ramsay:no every 3 weeks
    jack:yea sounds good *dies inside as he tastes that stuff*

  • Marc X
    Marc X 8 months ago


  • I'm You
    I'm You 8 months ago +38

    One fried chicken and a biscuit should be enough

    -For a tiny ant-

  • SergejK
    SergejK 9 months ago

    With this kind of portions they would need to cook the whole time, like finishing eating ans start cooking again.

  • Brad Starkey
    Brad Starkey 9 months ago


  • Pale Horse
    Pale Horse 9 months ago +5

    I want that 9:37 of my life back.

  • AKM Music
    AKM Music 9 months ago +260

    7:21 ....Kid : *Can we have fried chicken everyday*
    Gordon : *Once Every 3 weeks ?*
    Kid : *sounds good to me* ....
    He wont make a good business man for sure

  • XxMasterGamer2xX
    XxMasterGamer2xX 9 months ago


  • Spankyblack69
    Spankyblack69 9 months ago

    Love Ramsay. Genius.

  • Timothy Schenks
    Timothy Schenks 9 months ago

    Pretty sure Ramsay never mentions KFC in the entire video. KFC-style uses pressure cooked fryers.

  • TheBlackRager
    TheBlackRager 9 months ago

    Bruh I can eat 40 wings

  • goku ultra instinct
    goku ultra instinct 9 months ago

    Who eats chicken with a FORK

  • Dylan Basralian
    Dylan Basralian 9 months ago +1

    you would like fried chicken you pickled onion loving fuck

  • Rui Higuchi
    Rui Higuchi 9 months ago +71

    So Gordon never cooks enough food for his family...

  • R P
    R P 9 months ago +10

    How did Gordon made a robot and named it Jack?

  • Uncut SushiRoll
    Uncut SushiRoll 9 months ago

    How they get full after only 1 drum or thigh

  • BX isN!ce
    BX isN!ce 9 months ago

    I'm sorry, but I won't be full just by those... One for each will make me lose like 5 pounds a week. Lmao

  • kenny Tran
    kenny Tran 9 months ago

    Turn on captions 8:57
    “Whats phoebe’s favourite show. Tell me bitch”

  • Census
    Census 9 months ago

    Isn't jack like 19 now?

  • Josh C
    Josh C 9 months ago +1

    overcooked and looks ugly

  • Harvey Harvey
    Harvey Harvey 9 months ago

    Bet the poor kid has never had like subway or McDonald’s or a take out 😂

    BENG KULU 9 months ago


  • Rice Dude
    Rice Dude 9 months ago

    Did Gordon say tell me bitch to the girl? Lol

  • Naruto-Senpai {The Love Master}

    I love how I read in the comments people say One piece of chicken a person?!?! And then they say they could eat that all by themselves. Sadly in the u.k we dont eat as much ;-; but I visited America and I was surprised that people do eat 5 pieces of chicken and more, you guys are on another level XD

  • Tens
    Tens 9 months ago

    4 wings to feed 4 people what the fuck

  • Tens
    Tens 9 months ago

    He acts like everything he makes tastes great. When in actual fact half of his shit tastes like shit.

  • joseph hill
    joseph hill 9 months ago

    KFC style chicken with picked eggs I mean celery DONE

  • Unrealjosh
    Unrealjosh 9 months ago +10

    ‘Best chef in the world’ gives his kids one piece of chicken😂😂

  • Pepe
    Pepe 9 months ago

    mate id eat that solo u need more fucken chicken

  • Matthew Yu
    Matthew Yu 9 months ago +55

    Gordon: Jack you're adopted.

    Jack: Nice.

  • Loanom
    Loanom 9 months ago

    How does 6 chicken drums feed all the family and 1 guess

  • christopher jimenez
    christopher jimenez 9 months ago

    Cremated! 😂

  • Jessiah Branch
    Jessiah Branch 9 months ago

    The acting was so ass😂

  • Rohan M
    Rohan M 9 months ago

    I wanna send this kid to live in a real house that doesn’t make you a spoilt brats

  • jerricette
    jerricette 9 months ago +8

    Doesn’t look like kfc

  • kossel bermudo
    kossel bermudo 9 months ago +10

    You may be the best chef but your fried chicken game is crap lad 😂

  • Alexis Toledo
    Alexis Toledo 9 months ago

    That chicken looks nasty

  • Elvis Luu
    Elvis Luu 9 months ago

    Gordon: What pickles jack? Jack: Nice

    BLICKEY YT 9 months ago +1

    that weak ass dinner

  • J Vawter
    J Vawter 9 months ago

    Bro that looks good but my southern fried chicken is prob way better

  • thick nugget
    thick nugget 9 months ago

    Your kid pisses me off cause he just seems so, my dad's Gordan ramsay so I'm smarter than you kinda thing

    IM STARING AT YOH SAUL 9 months ago

    This video is *NICE*

  • YYB 21
    YYB 21 9 months ago

    your son look like young kevin de bruyne

  • Sharif Qurishe
    Sharif Qurishe 9 months ago

    5 pieces of chicken for the family!! I would be starving 😲

  • Chalky Buffalo65
    Chalky Buffalo65 9 months ago

    Mum:You can call it finger licking chicken
    Me:well love that’s already taken your almost as smart as your children’s acting

  • soggytitties
    soggytitties 9 months ago

    That‘s how much the Ramsay Family eats at Night? Bro that‘s even less for one person!!!! f

  • Andrew Cheung
    Andrew Cheung 9 months ago

    Dang I'm never going to look at fried chicken the same again

  • planesrift
    planesrift 9 months ago

    Did he kiss his son on the lips?

  • Axel Boberg
    Axel Boberg 9 months ago

    Why is there snow outside

  • Shawn T
    Shawn T 9 months ago

    When do you flip the chicken? He says simmer for 30 mins but then he flips them? Does he simmer for another 30 mins or does he flip the at the first 15 minute mark?

  • Dan R
    Dan R 9 months ago

    I hate wooden boards

  • iCY Nightmarish Z
    iCY Nightmarish Z 9 months ago

    *From everyday to once every three weeks*
    Jack:sounds pretty gud to mei*

  • Allen Burias
    Allen Burias 9 months ago

    Is this channel really making money from ripping off videos from Gordon Ramsay's channel? Adding a fake logo at the top won't change anything either.

  • Ginger Girl
    Ginger Girl 9 months ago


  • Ian Curran
    Ian Curran 9 months ago

    I hope he made biscuits and not biscuits

    • Ian Curran
      Ian Curran 9 months ago

      Nope he made cookies, how you gunna make fried chicken with cookies and not biscuits

  • Martine Davis
    Martine Davis 9 months ago

    I don't think that's enough chicken for everyone though😂😂😂😂🤔

  • Martine Davis
    Martine Davis 9 months ago +2

    I love how he teaches all his kids how to cook, boys included. My brother can't boil water.

  • southieal
    southieal 9 months ago

    One piece of chicken each scammer

  • That Guy
    That Guy 9 months ago

    Don't give a fuck how big of a chef he is. Still a racist who hates losing. smfh

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 9 months ago

    Jesus Christ, stop yanking the camera around on those close-ups. It's making me nauseous.

  • Chaos Theory
    Chaos Theory 9 months ago

    Only one piece?

  • Mr. shah
    Mr. shah 9 months ago +93

    I bet everyone was still hungry afterwards that they went out to buy a bucket of kfc

  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza 9 months ago

    I’m pretty sure they never had top ramen in their lives

  • laz Ortiz
    laz Ortiz 9 months ago

    I wish you would do some Puerto Rican recipe

  • sjdasa o
    sjdasa o 9 months ago

    It was the first video I saw bypassing GFW, and it was nice and I was excited

  • Corey Glimpse
    Corey Glimpse 9 months ago

    Cough into your hand while cooking. ..I'm out!

  • M A
    M A 9 months ago

    How sweet handsome family.

  • Zac Mcferran
    Zac Mcferran 9 months ago

    Description did you ever wanted to learn

  • Powfoot
    Powfoot 9 months ago

    One piece of fried chicken per person? Gordon mate your havin a laugh absolutely disgusting this is a human rights violation

  • Griddle Puff
    Griddle Puff 9 months ago


  • Nick Makaia
    Nick Makaia 9 months ago

    To be honest I’ve copied exactly everything from these TVclip cooking videos they all look the same but some times it don’t taste that great

  • Old Man
    Old Man 9 months ago

    When he said "spicy" it reminded me of Ainsley's Jerk Chicken 😂

  • Shaun Twed
    Shaun Twed 9 months ago

    Everything's better None Pisslamic Halal

  • Uncle Pablo
    Uncle Pablo 9 months ago +24

    They eat one piece of chicken each?😂, that’s a meal just for me lol

  • Wynrotar
    Wynrotar 9 months ago +1

    0:42 nice to see the fugly inbred looks didnt fall far from the tree

  • Timothy LIM
    Timothy LIM 9 months ago

    WTF 3:24


    Wawwww i am really surprised with the recipe that does not look like the KFC.

  • hassan iqbal
    hassan iqbal 9 months ago

    Tilly phoebe mum fuckin dikhead

  • Mary C
    Mary C 9 months ago

    Ummmm that looks like a midday snack, not a meal. Not enough veg there... and where is the mashed potatoes and cream gravy??? 😲

  • Arjun
    Arjun 9 months ago

    I wonder if the kid gets a beating off camera, if he doesnt make a fake food remark every 2 minutes

  • L G
    L G 9 months ago

    Gordon kfc Ramsey chicken & biscuit

  • Sneakerhead12501
    Sneakerhead12501 9 months ago

    You eat chicken with your fingers omg

  • Shy Face
    Shy Face 9 months ago

    KFC food is finally here! (looks yummy)

  • Stan The Man
    Stan The Man 9 months ago

    Hmm I sure love giving my kids diabetes.

  • フィリップスション

    we just eat too much but a piece of chicken is 1 serving

  • Sonny Girl
    Sonny Girl 9 months ago

    No worries KFC you're safe and will have my continued business. Pickled celery, geez louizzz.. Go back to your day job Ramsey.

  • andrew flynn
    andrew flynn 9 months ago

    You know I'd just like it if there was A ACTUAL FUCKING RECIPE WITH QUANTITIES FOR ONCE

  • Sneeden Fernandes
    Sneeden Fernandes 9 months ago

    Who eats only 1 piece of chicken that's what I'm concerned about

  • Ty Ty
    Ty Ty 9 months ago

    Te he he he he

  • Alex Yevdokimov
    Alex Yevdokimov 9 months ago

    Did anybody else have 2 ads playing before the video saying and 2 of 2?

  • AHY TV
    AHY TV 9 months ago

    This fried not even enough for me lol it’s so less for each person

  • RealMaaan CSGO
    RealMaaan CSGO 9 months ago

    1 piece each was enough? XD

  • Kung-Lo
    Kung-Lo 9 months ago

    Wait what is going on here?!! When you said fried chicken & biscuits, these are not the biscuits I was expecting! Buttermilk southern biscuits not Italian dessert biscuits!

  • Hikmat Hikmat
    Hikmat Hikmat 9 months ago

    How can a family eat only 5 pieces of chicken

  • Rin Feast
    Rin Feast 9 months ago

    i viewed when the views were 666k

  • PD
    PD 9 months ago

    This acting is so cringe

  • Mr. Random
    Mr. Random 9 months ago +1

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    3.ill check if u did
    4.ill subscribe back