MASTERPIECE | Sherlock | Steven & Moffat & Benedict Cumberbatch Re: "Reichenbach Fall" | PBS

  • Sherlock Series 2 co-creator Steven Moffat and star Benedict Cumberbatch discuss episode 3 of Sherlock Season 2, "The Reichenbach Fall." Airs on Masterpiece Sunday May 20, 2012.

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  • Leah Kelly
    Leah Kelly 6 years ago +7

    :'D I am actually in love with these guys

  • Corinne Day
    Corinne Day 6 years ago +6

    Buff tanned Cumberbatch is my favourite Cumberbatch

  • radificationnation
    radificationnation 6 years ago +3

    Keep in mind that Sherlock Holmes was written before The Dark Knight.

  • Alien Hedgehog
    Alien Hedgehog 6 years ago +5

    sweet cheezus Benedict's gorgeous

  • Muhammad Hamza
    Muhammad Hamza 6 years ago

    toby haynes did a great job

  • James Larkin
    James Larkin 6 years ago

    So basically (and I do love this show) Moriarty's priorities motives and characterization are the same as The Dark Knights' Joker.

  • Bazil
    Bazil 6 years ago

    The new series is coming out in October. The release date has been posted.

  • multihappydayz
    multihappydayz 6 years ago +6

    Moriarty just smiles bigger.

  • Dani
    Dani 6 years ago +2

    I freaking looooove Moriarty!!

  • CinematicMaj
    CinematicMaj 6 years ago +1

    Exciting. Series 3 should be fun.

  • Amanda Collier
    Amanda Collier 6 years ago +1

    I'm glad to see that both Steven and Moffat will be in attendance.

  • Elli Evans
    Elli Evans 7 years ago +2

    I like Moffat s Scottish accent.
    And Moriaty is so amazingly well portrayed by Scott.

  • hitibiru
    hitibiru 7 years ago

    moriarty and the joker are the same.

  • phanpiggy
    phanpiggy 7 years ago

    He's just trying to have some fun! :)

  • emiloveyouful
    emiloveyouful 7 years ago

    You're brown as a nut, you've just come back from your holiday!

  • MajorBoothroyd007
    MajorBoothroyd007 7 years ago

    I believe in Sherlock Holmes. Moriarty was real.

  • Schmidteren
    Schmidteren 7 years ago

    cant wait for season 3... omfg jesus christ this show is good... :D

  • IBehappy4ever
    IBehappy4ever 7 years ago +2

    this is my new obsession.

  • BeastPlay Games
    BeastPlay Games 7 years ago

    I'm Coming for you Sherlock
    - JM

  • Breanna Lauren
    Breanna Lauren 7 years ago

    Moriarty cracks me up! "You're insane" "You're just now getting that?" lol! Phenom job both Sherlock and his nemesis!

  • Rin
    Rin 7 years ago

    his name is Andrew Scott and he's a wonderful actor and just a very funny, sweet and genuine guy.

  • CinematicMaj
    CinematicMaj 7 years ago

    I agree but i must point out yer spambot comment rating as well.

  • Alma Lou
    Alma Lou 7 years ago

    At the part where benedict talkes to the cam i smiled. He's fit and such a good actor. I love him for what he's doing and i'm sherlocked as hell... 3

  • TheAkelei
    TheAkelei 7 years ago

    Though Scott is not my cup of tea as far as sexyness is concerned (I am utterly smitten with BC) he is a remarkable and extraordinary actor, I have to give him that. Giving me the creeps, playing Moriarty.

  • LemonieLovegood
    LemonieLovegood 7 years ago

    Oh god sometimes Benedict talks so fast I can hardly unterstand him... almost as fast as me in German xD Or is it because of the background music? It's a little distracting

  • mooglew
    mooglew 7 years ago

    Moriarty sounds like the daleks

  • Jessica Fernando
    Jessica Fernando 7 years ago

    ... surely falling is the opposite of flying.

  • Roxana Cardenas
    Roxana Cardenas 7 years ago

    mmm Moriarty, he's insane but at the same he's simply awesome!

  • Make Me Fly
    Make Me Fly 7 years ago +2

    Fandom "Never liked falls"
    Moffat "Learn to, 'cause I owe you a series."

  • Rosy R
    Rosy R 7 years ago

    This show is amazing

  • PhoenixNova713
    PhoenixNova713 7 years ago

    XD The transcript!

  • doctorcropcircles
    doctorcropcircles 7 years ago

    Can't stop laughing at Benedict Cumberbatch's ridiculous makeup

  • dorieninjafishi
    dorieninjafishi 7 years ago

    Guys, is this the very last episode from sherlock? Deeply impressed from this episode, GREAT Actors and Benedict plays his charakter extremly brilliant - from first to last. extremly great :D this episode was for days in my mind... absolutely GREAT! Love it :)

  • Rationalismus.
    Rationalismus. 7 years ago

    Benedict Cumberbatch is goooorgeous!!

  • MadE
    MadE 7 years ago

    I'm actually noticing that benedict looks awsome with fair and with browner skin !

  • Sputnik An
    Sputnik An 7 years ago

    Benedict is so tan. Look at him as Sherlock and he's pale as ghost, and then BAM! Anything but orange.

  • Yujin847
    Yujin847 7 years ago +2

    well he definitely gained some weight.. and now he's sexier(god this is not fair)

  • Adelya Sakura
    Adelya Sakura 7 years ago +1

    .... Benedict is sooo....fantastic... I mean.. when you look at he plays Sherlock Holmes.. it's so amzing! I wish I could play with him..
    and he is indescribable... wow...
    am I the only girl here, that think that he is handsome??
    *blush* haha love him

  • lanstar94
    lanstar94 7 years ago +1

    Benedict's tan... X3
    Love Sherlock. Can't wait for season 3! :S

  • Who Dat Ninja
    Who Dat Ninja 7 years ago +1

    This is the best episode of television ever made. Like ever!

  • TriSarahTops013
    TriSarahTops013 7 years ago

    Oh gosh. When Benedicts lisp just barely makes an appearance. I love it.

  • Christina De Ville
    Christina De Ville 7 years ago

    Reichenfeels. All over.

  • 04Ammy04
    04Ammy04 7 years ago

    Im so sad I've already seen all the episodes and have to wait so long for the next one!!

  • ChasTaxis
    ChasTaxis 7 years ago

    Oh God the way Steven Moffat says Moriarty is art unto itself.

  • 2charliep
    2charliep 7 years ago

    Andrew is nothing less than SPECTACULAR in this episode, for me his performance is utterly mind blowing.

  • sapinta
    sapinta 7 years ago

    he's spot-on about different ages having different nightmares.
    Modernize Holmes but keep the same feeling. So difficult and so well done.

  • moniqueeve
    moniqueeve 7 years ago

    Same here.

  • Chynaash
    Chynaash 7 years ago

    I'm hooked. Cannot turn away from watching this show.