J vs Ben: ULTIMATE Marauders Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
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    Today J and Ben face off in the ULTIMATE Marauders Harry Potter trivia quiz to find out who knows more about Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs
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Comments • 1 855

  • RedWizardFox
    RedWizardFox 3 days ago

    I wanna see what Derrick (Derek) looks like.

  • Deesh m
    Deesh m 3 days ago

    Question 29 is incorrect. After Sirius answers Lupin says "and he will want it to be quick. He wants it over."

  • Sharon Wilson
    Sharon Wilson 6 days ago

    Peter bit himself well he was Ron’s pet at Hogwarts when he wanted them to think crucshanks killed him.he left his own blood, crucshanks’ furr and his own on Ron’s bed. He faked his death twice in his life.

  • Chien Wen Ooi
    Chien Wen Ooi 6 days ago

    It would be pretty wierd if they moved snape out with levicorpus

  • Shadez Production
    Shadez Production 7 days ago

    Yeah, Snape finds the marauder in lupins room and sees lupin entering whomping willow. ^^

  • Anna K
    Anna K 7 days ago

    J whenever Ben gets something right and he gets it wrong: UGH! Come on! When do they ever say that? Are you kidding me? If we tie, or you win by one, I'm gonna be so mad at myself ...
    Ben whenever J gets something right and he gets it wrong: Yeah. Fair.

  • Ana Isabel Pais
    Ana Isabel Pais 9 days ago

    At 22:01, Ben calls chicken legs 'chicken wings'??
    Who does that?
    When you buy wings, it comes with two different pieces. One that looks like a wing, which is the two end pieces of the wing. And one that looks like a mini drumstick, which is the third piece of the wing.

  • lucklessspace60
    lucklessspace60 9 days ago

    I call them chicken legs, and I'm from the south. I the USA.

  • En Alkis Dagbok
    En Alkis Dagbok 11 days ago

    Would be se fun to see your guys doing an Star Wars Quiz

  • Kitty Purry
    Kitty Purry 11 days ago

    Wadi wasi

  • Joshua John
    Joshua John 13 days ago

    Squibs can still see dementors!

  • Joshua John
    Joshua John 13 days ago

    Mr.Olivander says peters wand is brittle at shell cottage

  • Transform The Universe

    Petergrews wand is described as it in deathly hollows when harry got all the wands and was asking olivander witch was whos

  • Transform The Universe

    he says it in deathly hollows

  • Nova Electric
    Nova Electric 15 days ago +1

    Did anyone else notice the marauders die in the opposite order they are listed on the map?????
    Deaths: Prongs, Padfoot, Wormtail and then Moony
    Listed: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs

  • Adrian Maxwell
    Adrian Maxwell 15 days ago

    For the animagi question: they say that it took the boys (all three) the better part of THREE years. Not the better part of THIRD year. They found out about Lupin in 2nd year, and they can’t do it until 5th year. I’m sure they had to help Peter, but I don’t think it took an obscenely long time.

  • Patrick Arrington
    Patrick Arrington 17 days ago

    The book clearly states that James Sirius and Peter all learned it in their fifth-year Peter just needed their

  • TaylorAndJorja Mummy
    TaylorAndJorja Mummy 22 days ago

    The question about Scabbers, I'm sure is one of the questions in the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit game!!

  • Patti Messenger
    Patti Messenger 23 days ago

    Percy’s new owl should have eaten the rat.

  • Happy Slowpoke
    Happy Slowpoke 23 days ago

    Pottermore must love using the whole Moody/Crouch plot twist as a trick question

  • XxGreymoonxX
    XxGreymoonxX 24 days ago +2

    Wouldn’t leaving bloody robes count since Fudge said that’s what they found of him in PoA?

  • Veronica Flynn
    Veronica Flynn 24 days ago +2

    didn't they appear on the marauder's map in the order they became animagi? (along with death order reversal)

  • D Wayne
    D Wayne 27 days ago

    I will now forever refer to hufflepuffs as fluffletuffs
    also also actually actually i am an aspiring animagus according to my score of 19/30

  • Super Greyflash
    Super Greyflash 28 days ago


  • Rebecca Ball
    Rebecca Ball 28 days ago

    The last words before Harry goes to ‘die’ are when Sirius says ‘We’re in here you see’ in reply to Harry’s question about whether they would stay with him and on Sirius’ reply he drops the Resurrection Stone.

  • Dorothy Wright
    Dorothy Wright 28 days ago

    The guys (James, Sirius, and Peter) discover Remus' furry little problem 2nd year, start studying 3rd year, kept studying practicing 4th year, until (FINALLY) becoming animagi during their 5th year.

  • Julianna Elwell
    Julianna Elwell Month ago +1

    What would a witch born to two muggle borns’ blood status be? Are they still muggle born since neither of their parents are pure blood so they can’t be half blood? They also can’t be pure blood obviously because they have muggle grandparents.

    • Ka Comix
      Ka Comix 29 days ago

      ...Wow I never thought of that

  • W.P Photography
    W.P Photography Month ago

    10:35 he bit himself in prisoner of Azkaban as scabbars, Ron thought crooks Hanks killed him

  • ovando carter
    ovando carter Month ago

    never called a drum stick a wing in my life. They are clearly legs.


    Noami Box .Ditto. Text on screen thing is pretty genious.

  • Simon opdebeeck
    Simon opdebeeck Month ago

    i feel like Bertie Bots doesnt get that EVERY flavour also includes GOOD flavours, and that candy is supposed to taste GOOD! and HOW does gross,tasting candy even sell? the only reason it sells in the real world, is because of Harry Potter! but you can not convince me that anyone would by candy that is bound to taste terrible! thats not how economy works!

  • DB Gaming
    DB Gaming Month ago

    He bit himself as scabbers.

  • Mallory Maybe
    Mallory Maybe Month ago

    I’m a Gryffindork who loves my Snugglepuff ❤️💛❤️

  • wolverinefangowings


  • Alastair Graham
    Alastair Graham Month ago

    They didn't find out lupin was a werewolf until their 2nd year then it took them 3 years to become animagi therefore making it their 5th year. So,sorry but your wrong it took all 3 of the that long! But oh well it doesn't matter does it??????🤔🤔🤔😁😁😁😂😂😂🤓

  • Savana
    Savana Month ago

    I think he describes his second wand that he was forced to make while in captivity. They took it from him.

  • cagla sahin
    cagla sahin Month ago

    Is it creepy that I knew all the questions right?

  • kadence hooton
    kadence hooton Month ago

    I missed one it was about order of Merlin first class, I thought it was James some reason

  • Madeline Butler
    Madeline Butler Month ago +1

    Peter was hatstall with Slytherin cause he's a evil character. To which I say BS

    • Madeline Butler
      Madeline Butler Month ago +1

      @Emo Pansexual Exactly! And even though he's evil he's still a great wizard, but he has no innate talent, hence he had to work for it, hence Hufflepuffy. Btw, you username is amazing

    • Emo Pansexual
      Emo Pansexual Month ago +1

      Right!?! He has no ambition of his own. He is attracted to power, but I think that's more out of fear, not just his personality. And from what I've seen (I'm biased as a Slytherin) Slytherins are also hella loyal unless they are crossed. He is not very cunning, at least in my opinion.

  • Bryan Hikes
    Bryan Hikes Month ago

    In book 6 hermione tells harry as quiddich captain he has equal status with prefects. Equal status must mean a quiddich captain could be candidate for head boy which explains how james got it.

  • Star the Triple Devil

    26:06 Well, to be fair, we can't 100% rule out the possibility that the real Moody had the Marauder's Map at some point because we don't know its full possession history between when Filch took it from the Marauders in their 7th year and when Fred and George took it in their first year.

  • marian whittaker
    marian whittaker Month ago

    chickren and butterbeer bread

  • Ari Gen
    Ari Gen Month ago +3

    Petition for Derek to start reading audiobooks for audible

  • Ali cruz
    Ali cruz Month ago

    I thought peter faked his death by cutting his TOE off (to make it appear as though Sirius killed him). As for biting himself, he did it to make it appear that Crookshank ate him (when he was scabbers)

  • wolverinefangowings
    wolverinefangowings 2 months ago +1

    After watching a few of these you notice how often the PM people use the Moody/crouch double fake

  • Alice Maiwald
    Alice Maiwald 2 months ago +1

    Olivander called the wand brittle at shell cottage after Malfoy manor when Harry brings back several wands including worm tails. I think

  • Colton Ventry
    Colton Ventry 2 months ago

    I mean another answer could have been half breed for the lupin blood status

  • The Galaxy
    The Galaxy 2 months ago +1

    in britain we call chicken legs, chicken legs

  • Lord Parbr
    Lord Parbr 2 months ago

    The drumsticks you get with chicken wings aren’t legs... they’re wings. They’re basically the upper arm of the chicken

  • Owen Goergen
    Owen Goergen 2 months ago +1

    Snape uses it once in the 4th year he gets it and it doesn’t work but calls him snivivilus he finds them in the whomping willow ecause sirus told him

    • Anastasia Soboleva
      Anastasia Soboleva Month ago

      Nah.. the closest Snape gets to the map in the 4th year is when he nearly catches Harry out of bed at night, and sees the map laying on the staircase. He recognizes it, but when he goes to take it, fake Moody summons it with accio and says that it's his. But in the 3d year Snape indeed uses the map when he goes to Lupin's office to give him the woolfsbane potion, doesn't find Lupin there, but finds the map laying open on his desk. On the map he sees Lupin entering the passage which leads from the Whomping Willow to the Shrieking Shack and follows him

  • Josh Scherer
    Josh Scherer 2 months ago

    Snape sees the map in prisoner in lupins office when they went to confront Sirius.

  • Josh Scherer
    Josh Scherer 2 months ago

    Peter's wand, at shell cottage when Ron? stole his wand and they were trying to figure out whose it was.

  • Livie Alwitt
    Livie Alwitt 2 months ago

    I said Dumbledore for the “prongs rode again “ question

  • Adriana Glassey
    Adriana Glassey 2 months ago

    Do you recommend reading cursed child, I don’t know if I am missing out on anything or not.

  • KatFish co
    KatFish co 2 months ago

    You know maybe you should write all options you think of and then cirkel what you go for that would be interesting

  • Jolayne Arnoldussen
    Jolayne Arnoldussen 2 months ago

    So. The question asks what year James, Sirius AND Peter become animagus. So it's not asking when they first figured it out but when all 3 were able to do it. Peter having taken an extra 2 years. The confusion is just in how you've understood the question.

  • CJ West music and games

    About when Peter fixes them to the cutting off his finger is for when serius attacks him And then the biting himself is what causes the blood stain that makes one think Crookshanks ate scabbers Which I guess they’re also counting as Peter faking his death becomes

  • CJ West music and games

    About the when did the boys become animagi It takes everyone three years to do it because they’re just helping Peter along the way but the reason they don’t do until their fifth year is because they don’t even know that Lupita is a werewolf until his second year

  • zetastase
    zetastase 2 months ago

    You should make a video where you read Harry potter fan fic. Love your videos ive binge watch all off your videos😊❤

  • Luka 13
    Luka 13 2 months ago

    J:15; Ben: 8