Why Parmesan Cheese Is So Expensive | So Expensive

  • Published on Nov 17, 2018
  • A wheel of parmesan cheese can cost over $1,000. A single wheel takes at least one year to age, 131 gallons of milk to make, and it can only be made in a restricted area in northern Italy, in the region of Emilia Romagna. We visited a dairy in Parma, Italy to find out how the cheese is made and why it is so expensive.
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    Why Parmesan Cheese Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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  • Killian Shaw
    Killian Shaw 3 hours ago

    How the heck did I get here... I was watching family guy and now I'm watching cheese.

  • Levy
    Levy 3 hours ago

    I mean if the fakers can make cheesee as good as yours...

  • Sunil Zala
    Sunil Zala 7 hours ago

    Bcoz they piss in a jar.

  • Sam Estrada
    Sam Estrada 8 hours ago +1

    Yuck..........no gloves

  • yousuckathomerepair
    yousuckathomerepair 9 hours ago +1

    Sounds like italy wants the monopoly on parmesian... Sorry Italy.

  • globular ninja
    globular ninja 10 hours ago

    its gud

  • Rafiki
    Rafiki 11 hours ago

    Papa John's is just giving this stuff away for free

  • Alex5000
    Alex5000 11 hours ago

    Turns out it's made of human babies. Never knew that

  • Muhammed Omari
    Muhammed Omari 12 hours ago

    Italy number one exporter of parmesan
    Other countries have inferior parmesan

    • Tholomyes
      Tholomyes 7 hours ago

      Turns out when you're the only country legally allowed to make it (other countries have to use the legally distinct english translation or "Parmesan -like" for their products) you wind up being the number 1 exporter by default. Man, I wish I was legally allowed a monopoly like that. That way I could be both rich and a snob.

  • lakearea
    lakearea 13 hours ago

    Nothing like some dude sticking his hand in there fuckin with it for a week. At this rate he may as well give the old cock a dip.

  • Cody Satornino
    Cody Satornino 13 hours ago

    I just wanna know how monks learned how to make this

  • Never Gonnatell
    Never Gonnatell 15 hours ago +1

    Because the Italian cheese mafia has a monopoly. That's the real thing to take away from this.

  • Video world
    Video world 15 hours ago

    Watch lasagna recipe tvclip.biz/video/sV4IfysZwc8/video.html

  • lovdusk
    lovdusk 15 hours ago +1

    It have bugs!

  • Eric V
    Eric V 16 hours ago

    i noticed one ingredient not mentioned : human skin bacteria from bare skin constantly dipped in vats . i dont mind, but it certainly affects the production process and is probably necessary since the resulting product is perfect .

  • apperently I suck at this game

    Yes we get it monks used to live and make cheese you dont need to repeat it 14 times

  • Guchi Verse
    Guchi Verse 17 hours ago

    Why am i watching these why is it recommended

  • Dr Inchinati
    Dr Inchinati 18 hours ago +1

    As an Italian, it's sad to see that my government is doing almost nothing to reduce the amount of fake parmigiano sold in the world. When I went to the US back in 2015 more than 90% of the Italian products that I saw were blatant fakes.

  • Amaryllis; Yours Truly!!

    What the hell are the different types if Cheese anyways

  • Slog over
    Slog over 18 hours ago

    no gloves... Wow

  • Uvuvwevwe Wazakalaksuaoapsulopopo Osas kruk

    I'm only here because I'm bored thinking if I'm gonna go to school tomorrow..

  • ζΤ ϟ ΖΞRO
    ζΤ ϟ ΖΞRO Day ago

    When u got them Parmesan cheese packets from pizza places

    • Eric V
      Eric V 15 hours ago +1

      them parmesan in pizza places is them industrial parmesan-like crap . not them real stuff . them real stuff is expensive and we cant afford them

  • jannis joplin
    jannis joplin Day ago

    LOL "only made in a small place in Italy".. umm. ok. not true but ok

  • m h
    m h Day ago

    9:04 Only an imbecile could “buy parmesan thinking it is Parmigiano-Reggiano.”

  • KM6JQC - HL
    KM6JQC - HL Day ago

    This is why Parmesan Cheese smells So bad.

  • Devya Dixit
    Devya Dixit Day ago

    They need to check their facts, I believe the Parmigiano industry in Italy is worth $2.5 billion, but I don't think the Parmesan industry as a whole is worth $115 billion, as claimed in the video, as that puts the Parmesan industry close in worth to the chocolate industry, which, as is obvious, is WAY bigger.

  • Cameron Cashman
    Cameron Cashman Day ago

    If you play this video at 1.25x speed it doesn't feel sped up at all

  • Jock McBile
    Jock McBile Day ago

    Very cool. I would like to ask the President, how is global warming affecting the making of Parmigiano Reggiano?

  • J c
    J c Day ago

    Good for you sister

  • Helix Filmes
    Helix Filmes Day ago

    Wow, I just realised I've never really tried what I usually call my favorite cheese...

  • Sara Vinci
    Sara Vinci Day ago +1

    Parmesan stocazzo



  • trini
    trini Day ago

    We only get one brand made in Wisconsin.

    ROWDY BHAI Day ago

    0:00 cum???

  • 50mits
    50mits Day ago

    Lmao Italians whining about countries counterfeiting their cheese. When they buy Greek olive oil, mix it with inferior Italian olive oil and sell it as 100% Greek is fine.

    • john vento
      john vento Day ago

      Hey EU welfare boy, since when is ANYTHING Greek better than Italian? And where is your proof? And that's about the extent of the Greek industry, olive oil. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Andrew Ament
    Andrew Ament Day ago

    My lactose intolerance flared watching this!

  • Brandon the rock star. Purple Productions

    I whould have just ate all the chesse on the job of I was working there

  • Brandon the rock star. Purple Productions

    Being a guy with Italian in me this is hard to watch without getting to eat any chesse 😭

  • Roger Strom
    Roger Strom Day ago

    Turn the music off shit for brains

  • john vento
    john vento Day ago

    This is why gloves are not used: go to 6 :20 of video tvclip.biz/video/et7cMypDwqU/video.html&t=5s
    Imitation Parmesan (name bastardized from the real Parmiggano Reggiano) such as Kraft is full of fillers (cellulose from basically sawdust) and the commercial crap sold in supermarkets and used in restaurants are cheap imitations aged just 30-90 days, from milk full of antibiotics and feed made from God know's what. *Now kindly STFU you ignorant fools* you don't know what you're talking about.

  • Damn! Son!
    Damn! Son! Day ago

    *I'm a cheese master*

  • ItzSpekk
    ItzSpekk 2 days ago +1

    Who was eating cheese and watching this same time.

    • Eric V
      Eric V 16 hours ago

      eating junk american process cheese :D :D . cant afford the real stuff .

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 days ago

    You win youtube recommendations.

  • Sailorperson
    Sailorperson 2 days ago

    My favorite cheese, nothing beats it.

  • Random Things
    Random Things 2 days ago


  • c4pt1n54n0 c4pt1n54n0
    c4pt1n54n0 c4pt1n54n0 2 days ago +1

    I'm sick of this mid 1800s thinking in food. The things you can copyright should really be restricted.

  • dharkoz Jehu
    dharkoz Jehu 2 days ago

    Imagine when the cheese masters butt is itchy and touch the milk with barehands later. That makes these cheese great!🤧

  • Mith Barreiros
    Mith Barreiros 2 days ago

    The fact that they are using they bare hands bothers me, deeply!

  • FDSeoul
    FDSeoul 2 days ago +2

    stencil leaves an "impression" and not "engravement". I hate ignorance.

    • Zebediah Sicilia
      Zebediah Sicilia 6 hours ago

      "The stencil leaves an impression and not an engravement" everyone makes mistakes you forgot a the and an and so I fixed it for you because you care about perfection so profoundly

    • Eric V
      Eric V 8 hours ago

      the iron does leave an impression though, one deeply felt into one's skin ...

  • Harvin
    Harvin 2 days ago +5

    Mamma mia quanta ignoranza che leggo in questi commenti. Tutti i mangia hamburger che stanno li a dire: ma come mai non usano i guanti? O i francesi a dire che i loro formaggi sono migliori. C'è poco da fare, il Parmigiano Reggiano è secondo studi scientifici, il formaggio più salutare che esista, ricco di proteine e digeribile.

    • Eric V
      Eric V 8 hours ago

      e la carne che va negli hamburger è davvero davvero disgustosa. sono tutti pezzi di scarto del taglio della carne, ma l'igiene di fabbrica lascia molto a desiderare e causa malattie, tutte le particelle di carne sono esposte all'aria e crescono batteri tra produzione e cottura. e la carne stessa è contaminata da tutti i cattivi prodotti nutriti a gli animali

    • hugolafhugolaf
      hugolafhugolaf 12 hours ago

      The crazy thing is, I speak french, but I understood pretty much everything you said.

  • emaikalone
    emaikalone 2 days ago

    Ive been eating counterfeit cheese all my life, i feel dirty....

  • Lucario
    Lucario 2 days ago

    When the video is 9:59 exactly you know I have faith in u humanity

  • Stephen Bodger
    Stephen Bodger 2 days ago

    Need the recipes

  • Ewa Weremij
    Ewa Weremij 2 days ago

    what a pleasure to see my hands cutting Parmesan. Viva Bianca Mora shop !!!!

  • weareanonmyous wecannotbestopped

    I dont trust Italians I dont trust Saudi Arabian pple I dont trust muslims I trust Greeks though you know why cause they feed me and pay me cash under the table which I like and I'm happy .

  • weareanonmyous wecannotbestopped

    Jesus christ over 2million for cheese no wonder u Italians got issues with the yellow jacket movement

  • #MIaSMa#
    #MIaSMa# 2 days ago

    So many dislikes

  • Clarissa Chen
    Clarissa Chen 2 days ago


  • KenC
    KenC 2 days ago

    mafia cheese

  • chingonio a
    chingonio a 2 days ago

    I like cheese, but I don’t like monopoly

  • sige lang
    sige lang 2 days ago

    Cheese master hand bacteria😂😃

  • Danny Joyce
    Danny Joyce 3 days ago

    The first think i see is a grown man sticking his dirtyass bare arm directly into the curds and whey

  • Clorox Gaming
    Clorox Gaming 3 days ago

    My spaghetti sauce have parmesan cheese

  • GodEmporer Trump
    GodEmporer Trump 3 days ago

    I enjoyed a small cut of this while watching. Yum.

  • Peter Palffy
    Peter Palffy 3 days ago

    if Italy breaks up the EU I will buy a whole roll for saying thanks. :)

  • raul
    raul 3 days ago

    Here in italy I can find it for 10€/kg, back in my home country (Spain) it goes up to about 30€/kg.

  • Yalla Inrooh
    Yalla Inrooh 3 days ago +2

    Don't really care where it comes from, cheese is cheese to me 😂 as long as I'm not gonna pay caviar price, I'm happy. Say yes to copy cats!

  • Alexandre Costa
    Alexandre Costa 3 days ago


  • Paul Vincent Perez
    Paul Vincent Perez 3 days ago

    Are your hands clean?

  • _draco_ power_
    _draco_ power_ 3 days ago

    In Italy isn't much expensive

  • Elliethings
    Elliethings 3 days ago

    It's that expensive? Where I live parmesan cheese its only like $2 or so, and it's really good!

  • Nerarbysock a
    Nerarbysock a 3 days ago +3

    I guess this means the canned Kraft Parmesan Cheese I buy isn't really Parmesan after all

  • Kenchan1337
    Kenchan1337 3 days ago

    how can you have a counterfeit problem if your cheese exclusively relies on these 3 bacteria that you claim only live in the region you specified?
    I call BS and i guess the counterfeiters did too...

    • Big Evil inc
      Big Evil inc Day ago

      Have you tried real Parmesan before the counterfeit has a way different taste

  • oSJme
    oSJme 3 days ago +2

    The most of the bacteria is coming from the guy putting his hand every 5 seconds in the milk..

    • Eric V
      Eric V 16 hours ago

      part of the process for ages, it is actually required in the process . so it is for some wines when grapes are crushed with bare feet . or with 'washed rinds' cheeses .

  • stupendous pyper
    stupendous pyper 3 days ago

    I'm actually ewww when the workers dunk their hands in the pot

  • Archmagess
    Archmagess 3 days ago

    Now if it were Romano...

    AWESOME DUDE 3 days ago +6

    Arm hair must be an expensive ass ingredient

    • Eric V
      Eric V 16 hours ago

      actually it is because they are qualified specialized craftsmen

  • Jerry Man
    Jerry Man 3 days ago

    Gotta love the elitistic view of these pamesan makers ... Most people are not specifically looking for Reggiano... They just want good parmesan cheese.
    And there are loads of better parmesan cheeses in the world. The bullshit story of specific bacteria being in that one region is the absolute worst bullshitery. THEY LITERALY SHOW YOU COWS BEING FEED IN STALLS WITH DRYED GRASS. I know a cheese maker 200km away from those lands and they've got a better tasting, same price cheese where you literally come into the cellar and pick what you want. And all this because its a real family business where they care about their animals and cows are actually living in the good mountains with the best available grass. These Italians are all just big sellouts that use their land exclusivity to turn a high profit from gullible people who don't know better.

  • Low Prio
    Low Prio 4 days ago

    I have a report to make tommorow but here i am

  • Дежурный по Китаю


    • Eric V
      Eric V 15 hours ago

      никто не заставляет вас смотреть это, есть это или что-то еще

  • Pur Field
    Pur Field 4 days ago +3

    Fun fact: Rhinoceros gift each other with wheels of genuine Parmesano Reggiano before their wedding day

  • Wattatsattat Gdfagdfadafda

    The price isn't really that high, considering that you only have to use small amounts most of the time because of the intense flavour. Also lol at the Americans complaining about hygiene while regularly eating stuff that wouldn't even allowed to be sold in Europe. smh tbqh

  • Kaust Shroff
    Kaust Shroff 4 days ago

    So I get parmageno reggino wedge from a brand called Bellino. Is that the original one or a fake one?

      ERIC DALL'OLIO 3 days ago

      It's a copy. The real Parmigiano Reggiano should always have the "DOC" or "DOCG" or "DOP" word on the label

    GOODFELLA 4 days ago

    Why is Melania Trump narrating?

  • David Suh
    David Suh 4 days ago

    I get mine for $9.50 a lbs.

  • Racket Tattoo
    Racket Tattoo 4 days ago +1

    100billion dollar fake cheese market. is there a cheese cartel? if not im starting one, who wants to join?

    • Racket Tattoo
      Racket Tattoo 4 days ago

      +Mrow 100 well as the leader of a 100billion dollar a year cheese cartel i have learned to expect the unexpected.

    • Mrow 100
      Mrow 100 4 days ago

      did you expect this

  • Nick Shuler
    Nick Shuler 4 days ago

    Im really not sure why im up at 9.p.m watching this, but now i have to know how its made, no stopping now.

  • Nick Shuler
    Nick Shuler 4 days ago +1

    Did anybody notice, nobody uses gloves

    • Nick Shuler
      Nick Shuler 16 hours ago

      +Eric V that's just wrong. Glad I'm allergic to dairy

    • Eric V
      Eric V 16 hours ago

      they dont and wont . it is part of the process, human skin bacteria must be included in the process . check 'washed rind' cheese making : the stink cheese bacteria is the same as toe cheese .

  • Roy Jiminez
    Roy Jiminez 4 days ago

    It’s got the same bacteria that’s in toe jam. That’s why your dirty feet smell like parmigiana cheese. And you eat this shit??

    • john vento
      john vento Day ago

      You Hispanics eat off the ground, with your hands and out of toilets, so what's the problem?

  • אלכס אנטון
    אלכס אנטון 4 days ago

    Anyone else came here just to eat with their eyes?

  • tomeallison
    tomeallison 4 days ago +1

    é tão relaxante ver o pessoal fazer queijo, realmente bonito, obrigado por postar o video ♥ minha familia é italiana, eu adorei :) porém as luvas fizeram falta na hora do preparo do queijo...

  • I3R0K3N7FEET
    I3R0K3N7FEET 4 days ago

    What makes it special? It is flavoured with the feet and dick of monks.

  • Matthew Witmer
    Matthew Witmer 4 days ago

    Dairy interesting.

  • AtrolinK
    AtrolinK 4 days ago +1

    It's called parmigiano, not parmesan.

    • Eric V
      Eric V 16 hours ago

      that is the difference : parmigiano is the real stuff, parmesan is usually the ersatz, as she is saying, parmesan is not a trademark

  • adebayo abdulraf
    adebayo abdulraf 4 days ago

    is this meant for human consumption?

  • z k
    z k 4 days ago

    Its not expensive. Clickbait.

  • lexzbuddy
    lexzbuddy 4 days ago

    The non Italian stuff tastes exactly the same. It's a scam to be honest. I'm always amazed at how gullible people are.

    • lexzbuddy
      lexzbuddy Day ago

      +john vento chill out

    • john vento
      john vento Day ago

      +lexzbuddy Sooooo, your link concurs with everything I've said and disputes your 'expert analysis' that all Parmagiano's are the same, also in taste. And, even cheaper copies should have a minimum 10 month aging process whereas the typical supermarket brands like Kraft just 90 and generics not even mentioning how long, probably as low as 30 and use any type of milk from whatever source. You think that crap will then taste similar to the original? I don't need to research, you do since your original comment was absolute Bullshito. Do you believe generic "champagne" (another stolen trademark) is the same as that produced from the Champagne region of France? An under $10 bottle vs the hand crafted $50 and up using genuine Champagne grapes and their exclusive processes for maximum flavor?
      Think before you speak crap, trying only to impress others with your 'knowledge' and disparage quality products made for generations as over priced rip-offs. Stronzo.

    • john vento
      john vento Day ago

      +lexzbuddy Parmegano like the original? Like who? Name them. And I bet they sell their just like the original Parmegano for $3 bucks a pound, eh?

    • john vento
      john vento Day ago

      +lexzbuddy Kraft and other commercial fake "Parmesan" (name stolen from the ORIGINAL) have EXACTLY that in it. Powdered cellulose... "Powdered cellulose: minuscule pieces of wood pulp or other plant fibers that coat the cheese and keep it from clumping by blocking out moisture. One of an array of factory-made additives, cellulose is increasingly used by the processed-food industry,"
      Processed, fillers, "aged" just 30-90 days, from milk with antibiotics and animal feed with ground animal parts, etc., and this CRAP tastes the same as the original? Shut up, fool.

    • john vento
      john vento Day ago

      Sure, buddy. Kraft with sawdust filler fake parmesan tastes exactly the same.

  • Jonathan Corrales
    Jonathan Corrales 4 days ago

    I realize that the cheese I've been eating my whole life might be different then what the real deal is but then that means real parmesan might taste completly different from what we know and in essence you might not even like the taste of the real stuff versus the fake

      ERIC DALL'OLIO 3 days ago

      The real deal should always have the word "DOC" or "DOCG" or "DOP" written on the label

  • enugaming
    enugaming 4 days ago +1

    It aint easy being cheese

  • Jonathan Corrales
    Jonathan Corrales 4 days ago

    Lol so everyone makes their parmesan cheese in northern Italy including Kraft lol ?