Why Parmesan Cheese Is So Expensive | So Expensive

  • Published on Nov 17, 2018
  • A wheel of parmesan cheese can cost over $1,000. A single wheel takes at least one year to age, 131 gallons of milk to make, and it can only be made in a restricted area in northern Italy, in the region of Emilia Romagna. We visited a dairy in Parma, Italy to find out how the cheese is made and why it is so expensive.
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    Why Parmesan Cheese Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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  • H̵̡͟E ̨C̡͠O̶ME͘͢S͞

    It's expensive because it made from the virgin women's breast milk
    I'm serious.

  • Azmat Ali
    Azmat Ali Day ago

    Why the workers didn't wear gloves??

  • Niket Bhagwath
    Niket Bhagwath Day ago

    Is it peneople cruzs voice over😉

  • Meshari Al Johani
    Meshari Al Johani 2 days ago

    I want Italian wife 😌😍❤️

  • Swifty Buzz
    Swifty Buzz 2 days ago

    Damn boyy thats thicccc

  • Cheese Yum
    Cheese Yum 3 days ago

    Wow I'm expensive lol

  • alex mcmanus
    alex mcmanus 3 days ago +1

    How did I get to this from guitar tutorials? And why am I intrigued?

  • She Pisces
    She Pisces 3 days ago +1

    I bet its all kind of arm hair and knuckle skin in that cheese sauce..

  • Mr. Executive
    Mr. Executive 3 days ago

    Her accent is sexy

  • Jeune Padawan
    Jeune Padawan 4 days ago

    Is in an insult to them if I like the cheap Kraft parmesan from costco? It's pretty cheap and that shit lasts for decades so you know...

    BILAL KHAN 4 days ago

    Use gloves

  • I am -jerk-
    I am -jerk- 4 days ago +1

    I don’t even like cheese 🧀

    Well,some cheese

  • Lotus Jewell
    Lotus Jewell 4 days ago +1

    I love parmesan cheese.... so watching this video basically had me drooling all over myself.........

  • Oscar Covarrubias
    Oscar Covarrubias 5 days ago

    Oh! That pronunciation of the Italian

  • Jerry Cruz
    Jerry Cruz 5 days ago

    Is this Grana Padano?

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      No grana padano and parmigiano reggiano are two different things!

  • JoMcD21
    JoMcD21 5 days ago

    Not sure if I've ever had the real thing.. Ahh, good ol' America, the land of liars and cheaters.

  • On Com
    On Com 6 days ago

    Idihhhhh rapihhhhnaaa

  • EastCoast Podcast
    EastCoast Podcast 6 days ago

    Get someone who speaks English clearly next time. Stupid foreigners.

  • LondonPesos
    LondonPesos 6 days ago


  • atiba aier
    atiba aier 7 days ago +1

    "..that the *jizz* is legit*"

  • LightWither
    LightWither 7 days ago +1

    Orgoglio ITALIANO!

  • Luciano Di Grazia
    Luciano Di Grazia 7 days ago +1

    It's called PARMIGIANO Reggiano and NOT Parmesan.
    The first is Italian and it's unique, the second is English and it is sh*t!
    An alternative of Parmigiano is Grana Padano, a step lower in quality and price.

  • cannoN
    cannoN 7 days ago +1

    I've never eaten parmigano :D Send me some

  • Ville Pakarinen
    Ville Pakarinen 7 days ago

    Relatively untouched = depending on how bored the warehouse managers is

  • LaLa Knight
    LaLa Knight 7 days ago

    Yooooo I’ve been buying fake cheese this whole time?

  • beauty41
    beauty41 7 days ago +1

    Lmao; everyone stuck on 7:13. 🤣🤣🤣

  • gevork1231
    gevork1231 7 days ago +1

    Так блэт. Что это видео делает у меня в рекомендациях?

  • Tactical Rednecks
    Tactical Rednecks 7 days ago

    I liked this 9 minutes and 59 seconds of my life for some reason

  • Tactical Rednecks
    Tactical Rednecks 7 days ago +1

    I’m cheesy

  • Chahin Chahin
    Chahin Chahin 7 days ago +1

    There is no parmizan cheese in Algeria 😢😢😢😢😢😢😔😔😔😔

  • Tyler Baraby
    Tyler Baraby 7 days ago +7

    "They're making a much cheaper product which is indistinguishable from the original! ITALY HAS A MAJOR PROBLEM ON IT'S HANDS!"
    I mean... I guess societal progress threatening a forced monopoly is a problem for _someone_ out there.

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      It's no monopoly since there are plenty of producers out there

  • DomenicoG1953
    DomenicoG1953 8 days ago +1

    Parmesan is a bad copy, made we don't know where. Original name is: parmigiano reggiano.

  • Muslimischer NWO Support

    Just here to leave a dislike for not using the metric system

  • Nana Sinsin
    Nana Sinsin 8 days ago

    Imposible I can eat it,because.....so expensive ...and I dont know where is indonesia supermarket sale the cheese

  • Jelle Straatsma
    Jelle Straatsma 8 days ago +3

    "Wheels remain relatively untouched for one year."
    Guy shows up, touches all the wheels.

  • OwO
    OwO 8 days ago

    I'm Italian so I actually understood what they said

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 8 days ago

    I got this Parmesan cheese from target and it has rock like grains in it why is that? Is it just garbage?

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      Probably .... Sorry about that

  • Bev Trader
    Bev Trader 8 days ago +1

    My pop was in Italy in 1945 in world war ll and hid in the cheese caves and he loved the real cheese

  • Scarlet Rose
    Scarlet Rose 8 days ago

    Ewww no gloves 💀I hope they washed their hands ultra well

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      They do, don't worry! Italy has good hygiene regulations

  • Weizai Weizaitan
    Weizai Weizaitan 8 days ago

    When I was young I thought the skin of cheese is made out of plastic
    But I'm still young

  • Nicoll Diaz Rendon
    Nicoll Diaz Rendon 8 days ago +1

    TVclip porqué me recomiendas esto?

  • doing study lol
    doing study lol 8 days ago +2

    The boss must be dealing with such cheesy workers

  • George DeLorean
    George DeLorean 8 days ago

    "Untouched cheese." Giggity.

  • MicrowaveEgg07
    MicrowaveEgg07 8 days ago

    No it can be made in Wisconsin

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      No, that can't be named parmigiano reggiano, It must be parmesan!

  • Purity Benson
    Purity Benson 9 days ago +1

    I don't have to worry about fake cheese,I live in emilia romagna italy.ciao

  • - Ikarus -
    - Ikarus - 9 days ago +2

    Sooo... parmesan is expensive because Italy monopolizes it.

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      It's no monopoly, since there's plenty of producers...they just have to produce it according to the current regulations. It's like that for hundreds of products in Europe, not just in Italy...

    • Redacted Sapien
      Redacted Sapien 8 days ago

      Protectionism at it's finest

  • edstervedster
    edstervedster 9 days ago +1

    3:06 *thatsawholelotofmilk*

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 9 days ago +1

    This is the greatest porn of cheese ever

  • Lolmint73 / Toastikk

    I would pay 15 bux for half a kg of good cheese

  • Hype Highlights
    Hype Highlights 9 days ago


  • Jake Quinn
    Jake Quinn 9 days ago

    Don’t you just love gloves

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      They do wash theirs hands you know!

  • Skyler Wagner
    Skyler Wagner 9 days ago

    Looks like the yeast I had a couple months ago

  • Marsh mello
    Marsh mello 9 days ago

    I think The workers are from India

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      Why should they be from India?

  • The Main
    The Main 9 days ago

    *Mouse wants to know your location*

  • Ruby MR
    Ruby MR 9 days ago

    -this cheese is so cheap because they sell containers of parmesan for 2 bucks-

  • Amber Lights
    Amber Lights 9 days ago +30

    Sweet dreams are made of cheese
    Who am I to disa-brie
    Travel the world and the seven bries
    Everybody’s looking for some cheese

  • netcoms197
    netcoms197 9 days ago

    end animal exploitation

  • Colorless Aurel
    Colorless Aurel 9 days ago +8

    I'm from Parma . The price of a wheel of parmesan cheese is 500€

    • A
      A 7 days ago

      Very cheap, honestly.

    • Mattia Gessi
      Mattia Gessi 8 days ago

      La mia preferita è quella 36 mesi

  • Neil Morton
    Neil Morton 9 days ago


  • Sweep And Repeat
    Sweep And Repeat 9 days ago

    *3 a.m vibes*

  • Cabeza huevo
    Cabeza huevo 9 days ago


  • RazerDen
    RazerDen 9 days ago +2

    Если бы были деньги, купил бы одну сырную головку, и кушал бы сколько хотел. Parm.Reja вкусный, пробовал, но к сожалению маленький кусочек очень дорогой. У нас в России много такого сыра не поешь)

  • Elisa .Bellandi
    Elisa .Bellandi 9 days ago

    Però è tanto buono

  • Wgen Gen
    Wgen Gen 9 days ago

    And when back home after a long day with cheese.....Honey prepare for the worst, I'm back home

  • william mcneil
    william mcneil 9 days ago

    um dont other countries also make cheese?

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      Not this kind of cheese!

  • Crewnanner Krump
    Crewnanner Krump 9 days ago +8

    7:13 "Wheels remain relatively untouched for one year"
    *Cuts to Inspector Touchy Tim... just touching on everything

  • Man BoyBoy
    Man BoyBoy 9 days ago

    why you can buy gaming pc insted this cheese

  • Darth Nihilus Tony machavelli

    Its not that expensive if you know the right people.

  • Akhil Attractsu
    Akhil Attractsu 10 days ago

    Fk off I don't need ur cheese

  • Nathaniel Noble
    Nathaniel Noble 10 days ago

    Im gonna make this one go into my bucket list..

  • Super Man
    Super Man 10 days ago

    There is no preview picture of this video when posting to social media!! A bit amateur for such a nice effort

  • Ebrahim Jackson
    Ebrahim Jackson 10 days ago +2

    Who is Watching 2019 🌷

  • Afsar Ahamed
    Afsar Ahamed 10 days ago

    He is putting hands chew

  • rabbit care
    rabbit care 10 days ago

    They don't have gloves on and they keep touching it 👿

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      So what? They do wash their hands you know...

    • rabbit care
      rabbit care 8 days ago

      +dulcenvr ok ok no need to be rude

    • dulcenvr
      dulcenvr 8 days ago +1

      rabbit care lmao the cheese is full of bacterias anyway that’s the point🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Nongothung W. Tungoe
    Nongothung W. Tungoe 10 days ago +1

    Cooking kill bad bacteria but not good bacteria... Wtf?

    • Youto
      Youto 8 days ago +2

      Because there're different type of bacteria.

  • Young Quinoa
    Young Quinoa 10 days ago +1

    Put...Your...Golves on!!!!!!

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 2 days ago

      +rabbit care oh my bad, I didn't see the "I".

    • rabbit care
      rabbit care 4 days ago

      +gnamorfra I just siad the UK 🇬🇧

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      +rabbit care I wrote US, not UK...so where do you come from? Since you feel entitled to judge so negatively a whole continent

    • rabbit care
      rabbit care 4 days ago +1

      +gnamorfra I don't I live in the UK

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      +rabbit care if you're American, just consider that Europe has much higher hygiene and quality standards for food than the US... Just think about chlorine-washed chicken

  • The Jolly Joker
    The Jolly Joker 10 days ago

    It is call Parmigiano Reggiano NOT parmesan chees.
    When It call parmesan an italian people have a heart attack
    Ps and in the name of pasta mafia e mandolino ..... Pizza NOT piiiiiiizza
    E per tutti gli italiani quanto è buono il nostro Parmigiano Reggiano

  • TruckersShade
    TruckersShade 10 days ago

    if your brand is so exampled... where is your brand?

  • lerolero
    lerolero 10 days ago

    in my country the parmesan is so cheap, the cheddar its so expensive

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      Because parmesan is cheap, on the contrary parmigiano reggiano isn't

  • Sweswio
    Sweswio 10 days ago +1

    Damn now I know

  • Ry Sim
    Ry Sim 10 days ago

    Why does it have to be protected, sounds more like trying to monopolize
    At $100 billion(if true) on the black market, is definitely worth making

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      There's no monopoly, there's plenty of producers.it has to be protected to prevent it from ending up like mozzarella, which is a completely different product in the US/UK etc compared to the Italian mozzarella... Same goes for a Chanel bag, you can't use the brand Chanel unless it's actually Chanel. It also safeguards a cultural minority

  • Mialka Joseph
    Mialka Joseph 10 days ago +2

    Now I know that I've never tried real parmesan.

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      +Mialka Joseph you're right, it can be ambiguous! The only way to know for sure is if there's the brand/trademark and it's called parmigiano reggiano

    • Mialka Joseph
      Mialka Joseph 4 days ago

      +gnamorfra i get you, but I take it that parmesan is the way it's written in foreign language, like пармезан, パルメザン, etc, and it still implies it's the same product. But it turns out it's not.

    • gnamorfra
      gnamorfra 4 days ago

      +Mialka Joseph you're right about the regulations! But parmesan is the name for the imitations, while parmigiano reggiano Is the name for the actual Italian cheese!

    • Mialka Joseph
      Mialka Joseph 9 days ago

      +Snowy Mapping I see it like champagne is real only when it's from Champagne France, others can make sparkling wine, but it's never real champagne. And according to the man from this video, real parmesan is only from Italy Parma region, hence parmesan 😉

    • Snowy Mapping
      Snowy Mapping 9 days ago +1

      Mialka Joseph this isn’t Parmesan, this is Parmigiano Reggiano

  • Simon K.
    Simon K. 10 days ago +3

    One of the very few expensive food items that is worth the price tag to me.

  • DaCoconutKing
    DaCoconutKing 10 days ago

    So orange blue and pink hotdogs which are apparently bacteria is what makes cheese.. Okay

  • Brandon Ware
    Brandon Ware 10 days ago

    I'd rather drink badger milk

  • Brandon Ware
    Brandon Ware 10 days ago +7

    If my woman talked like this.. i couldn't even get mad at her..

  • Astral SoRRoW
    Astral SoRRoW 10 days ago +1

    They forgot the country of beer and cheese the netherlands

  • ShelTheUnicorn _
    ShelTheUnicorn _ 10 days ago

    Look like a cake

  • Min Min
    Min Min 10 days ago

    I know somewhere in these thousands of comments is something about them not using gloves and I know they have to use their bare hands to feel for texture and quality but......ahh, I just hate the thought or possibility that at some point in life using grated Parmesan cheese I ate someone flaky skin cell. 🤢

    • Min Min
      Min Min 7 days ago

      gwirith14 Hi, if course not dear my parents didn’t use gloves and they probably didn’t wash their hands either to cook my food. I don’t really know how to answer your reply because I really don’t know where you’re going with this. But for one my parents haven’t made a meal for me in ages 😂 . I don’t wear gloves to make my meals but yes I wash my hands when I prepare food. Germs are real, I have kids and I don’t want my kids to get sick and it’s just the right and the healthy thing to do. What I’m saying is the workers in the video are not wearing gloves and really nearly their whole arm is in the mixture. I know that they have to use their bare hands/arm when making cheese so they can feel for texture and consistency and basically that’s just the way it is. And with that being said I’m just thinking🤔our skin shed everyday wether we’re aware of it or not . So the thought of skin cells in the cheese mixture, aged & solidified into a cheese blocked and then grated to be put on food is gross. Hey, but it’s not gross enough for me to not use the cheese on my spaghetti! 😂🤣. When you’re hungry.. you get over it.

    • gwirith14
      gwirith14 7 days ago +1

      So your parents used gloves for everyday cooking then? You too use gloves for everyday cooking or even making a sandwich?

  • Mcsauce Nuggets
    Mcsauce Nuggets 10 days ago


  • EricaAngelina Tsukinami/Sakamaki/Mukami

    Imma crying all that cheese making my damn stomach hungry to eat a whole wheel!😭🙏

  • All U Need
    All U Need 10 days ago

    If its a 2.5 billion dollar industry.. obviously u need the good bacteria bullshit .

  • ancientsculpture
    ancientsculpture 10 days ago

    stinky cheese white trash

  • flashflair
    flashflair 10 days ago

    Can they not counterfeit the stencil too?

  • gerda killa
    gerda killa 10 days ago

    Delicious, I love poutine

  • zizou tv
    zizou tv 11 days ago +1

    اللي عربي هون يدوس لايك، جبنة بارميجيانو الذ جبنة 😋

  • Lila Kurnia
    Lila Kurnia 11 days ago

    Someone stole ur vid tvclip.biz/video/jC0NjfPf_v0/video.html

  • Lord Grett Goting
    Lord Grett Goting 11 days ago

    Atleast wear gloves while cooking.

  • Lorenzo Giri
    Lorenzo Giri 11 days ago

    Ci invidiano in tutto il mondo