Beginners Guide to cooking Mexican Food

  • Published on Jul 2, 2015
  • Welcome back to the second installment of Cooking Home School! Come hang out with the brothers for an hour and you might just be able to host a taco party for your friend or family by the end of the video. And always remember, there is no right way to cook... get in the kitchen and give it a try!
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    Mexican Food - BG Cooking Home School
    Skirt Steak
    Skirt Steak
    Crushed Garlic
    Grated Ginger
    Soy Sauce
    - In a bowl combine skirt steak with crushed garlic, grated ginger, vinegar, lime, soy sauce, cilantro, honey, salt, and pepper. Let it marinate while you make the remaining dishes.
    Corn Tortilla
    Masa (Ground Corn)
    - In a bowl add masa, followed by oil. Add water a mix until the consistency is similar to wet sand. Adjust with more masa if too sticky, add water if it's too dry and cracks. Let it sit for a few minutes. Break off pieces and roll into balls. Place between 2 sheets of saran rap or zip lock bags. Using a heavy pot or pan press until flat. Place in a pan on medium heat, flipping. Remove and stack tortillas to let them steam.
    Pico de Gallo
    Ripe Tomatoes
    Red Onion
    - Chop tomato, onion, jalapêno, and cilantro. In a bowl combine, add lime juice, season with salt and pepper. Mix.
    Diablo Mango Salsa
    Red Onion
    Cayenne Pepper Powder
    - In a blender combine mango, who jalapeno, lime juice, red onion, chile, cayenne pepper powder, and salt. Blend until smooth. Be careful it's spicy!
    Red Onion
    Water or Stock
    - If using canned beans drain and rinse. Chop red onion and garlic. In a pot heat oil on medium heat, add onions and garlic and sweat out. Once soft, add beans. Season with salt and cumin. Add water and crush beans. The beans will absorb the water and become thick, almost like a bean paste.
    Avocado Cilantro Creamy Sauce
    Sour Cream
    - In a blender combine avocado, cilantro, sour cream, water and season with salt and pepper. Blend until smooth.
    Tortilla Chips
    Corn Tortillas
    Garlic Powder
    - Cut tortillas into quarters. In a bowl mix paprika, salt, sugar, garlic powder, and cumin. In a pan heat oil and shallow fry tortillas until golden and bubbling stops. Drain on a paper towel. While hot sprinkle chips with seasoning.
    Assemble your tacos, and enjoy this glorious Mexican feast!

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    This was fucking disgusting. The "recipes" are horrendous as if they got them from a Taco Bell menu. They also will probably kill you from contamination, the guy can't stop licking his fingers (even licked raw meat marinade) and he used the same raw-meat cutting board for the cooked meat without washing. I wonder how many people they've gotten sick with their "business."

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    Fact: Mexican food is the most extensive, most varied, diet in the world. No... not all Mexicans eat beans, tortillas, tacos, or burritos. In fact burritos are an American creation. Coastal Mexicans, Northern Mexicans, Southern Mexicans, and and Western Mexicans have their own culture and diet. Rick Baylee’s Is the only white chef who knows the proper way of preparing traditional Mexican food. He also knows the culture, history, and traditions of our beautiful Mexico!

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