You Can’t Con a Con Artist If You’re Also a Con Artist - Key & Peele

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Two con artists attempt to out-con each other.
    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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Comments • 6 657

  • Garrantz Fisher
    Garrantz Fisher 20 hours ago

    Lol “ biggest of men” at the end 😆

  • Errold Tumaque
    Errold Tumaque Day ago

    This skit got me saying Big Man every day now

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks Day ago

    Its a training video for black on black crime. When you become an employee with the NAACP they make you do training with videos like this.

  • Elijah Mikaelson

    If you try to con a con artist you end up conning yourself.

  • Randizle Peregoy
    Randizle Peregoy 2 days ago

    I’ve been approached by people DEAD ON exactly like this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 2 days ago +1

    Borders and Bally’s!!! Lol. They have both been dead and gone for years now. 😂

  • Logan
    Logan 2 days ago +1

    Big maa big maa big maaa

  • TripleDog Dare
    TripleDog Dare 2 days ago

    I've met a ton of those guys in Bangkok, but they are always white dudes from Britain and it always starts off with...Hey mate, I lost my passport.....

  • Gym Shorts
    Gym Shorts 2 days ago

    Wow,these guys suck.

  • Julie t
    Julie t 2 days ago +2

    “Hey big man big man”, “BIGGEST of man” ☠️

  • resortpoint
    resortpoint 2 days ago

    Their ATM codes are: 1,2,3,4 and 1,2,3...5 😂

  • villerider oak boys
    villerider oak boys 3 days ago

    Biggest of big man im gonna use that on my boss 😂 see what happens

  • sakuraba86
    sakuraba86 3 days ago

    I love their vocabulary. And I remember a black guy pulling this scam 10 years ago when I was a kid delivering pizza. Hilarious sketch.

  • David Licqurish
    David Licqurish 3 days ago

    I wanted one to pull out a ssn card with the numbers of 00-00-0000 😂

  • Cyana Collington
    Cyana Collington 3 days ago

    I love these guys

  • Paul Castro
    Paul Castro 3 days ago

    Capitol Hill in a nutshell

  • Raul Flores
    Raul Flores 3 days ago +1

    This happens when you enter certain neighborhoods.

  • El California USA
    El California USA 4 days ago

    Hella lit out here in the Nor Cal redwoods. 🔥🌱💨👽

  • Brandon Bonds
    Brandon Bonds 4 days ago

    This some deep down behind your gut crazy, got an instant 6 pack laughing so hard. My laugh started laughing

  • Julien Mirval
    Julien Mirval 4 days ago +9

    You know the accent is strong when the subtitles are automatically generated to Dutch!

  • James Jones
    James Jones 4 days ago +1

    How does this scam usually work out?
    Like, what’s the battle plan?

  • Jaris Starling
    Jaris Starling 4 days ago

    My wife was in the astronaut program making her a full fledged astronaut

  • A Ciullo
    A Ciullo 5 days ago +16

    In Florida, they don't even bother with the back story. It's just "Hey there playa, you got some money I could have?"

  • Fenix _
    Fenix _ 5 days ago

    I have no idea wtf just happened?
    Edit: nvm

    AJ BOOMER 5 days ago

    Lmao 😂😂😂

  • Dirty Randy
    Dirty Randy 5 days ago +30

    This is funny but.. these people really exist by the thousands.

    • greencupofdeath
      greencupofdeath Day ago +5

      It's very true. I did this exact scam in downtown L.A. wearing a suit and tie. I had the same excuse while carrying a gas can. Back then, I did anything I could to satisfy my heroin habit. I'm glad I don't have to live like that anymore, thank if I could find the people that gave me money and reimburse them somehow.

  • JeBron Lames
    JeBron Lames 5 days ago +10

    "i'm on my 9th purchase, apparently"

  • Datboyrush !
    Datboyrush ! 5 days ago

    This new episode?

  • Chaotic Run
    Chaotic Run 5 days ago

    The auto-generated Dutch caption around 1:10 is pretty hillarious.

  • Kiki Graham
    Kiki Graham 5 days ago


  • Fuckシャン
    Fuckシャン 5 days ago

    i wish people talked like this all the time

  • booga Dawg
    booga Dawg 6 days ago

    I met ppl like this before

  • Briana R
    Briana R 6 days ago

    LOL, I met somebody just like this at a freaking gas station. He had kids and all in the car talking about his family was homeless and I offered to buy him some groceries and he didn’t want to take me up on my offer so I left.

  • Welm nineeight
    Welm nineeight 6 days ago do you inhale Moon Dust? ROFL!!!

  • joeny1980
    joeny1980 6 days ago

    Recently I was told "today is my birthday".

  • Limitless Entity
    Limitless Entity 6 days ago

    Aks a question

  • Tituobaklat
    Tituobaklat 6 days ago +4

    Was in Walmart and I heard “hey big man” 🙄😑 im not handing out money today🖕🏽

  • Cameron Clark
    Cameron Clark 6 days ago

    "very impressive" lmfao

  • Funkmaster Red
    Funkmaster Red 7 days ago

    And your code is? 1234 😂

  • Mark. V.Dmytriyev
    Mark. V.Dmytriyev 7 days ago +3

    I like how he called him brother rather than big man

  • royal thomas
    royal thomas 7 days ago

    Moon dust in her lungs lmfao😀😀😀

  • ewandric
    ewandric 7 days ago

    Boss man, Big man, Bruh bruh, Kind Sir, Brotha brotha brotha, and on and on and on... outside every door in America.

  • crazycutz
    crazycutz 7 days ago

    How Donald Trump started out.. 😀 👍🏾

  • Reydesel Solis
    Reydesel Solis 7 days ago

    Im not a tall person, you call me Big Man and I fold like a lawn chair.

  • Wannabe Healthy
    Wannabe Healthy 7 days ago +10

    “Fried her whole head up” 😂

  • Tommy Vaughan
    Tommy Vaughan 7 days ago +6

    "I also have a spousal injury crisis on my midst." ha!

  • J.R. Millstone
    J.R. Millstone 7 days ago +376

    It's like watching 2 NPC characters trigger each other's dialogue options.

  • MRBJT51
    MRBJT51 8 days ago

    That is every other person loitering a big city or small town mall/grocery/store parking lot.... had one dude yelling at me across the parking lot at a grocery store screamin' "yo big man! yo big man! can I help you save some money?!" ... And without even breaking stride I said, "naahhh, I'm good" ....he got mad and said in a pissy tone, "So you don't wanna save any money huh?....aight then man" haaa

  • montez powell
    montez powell 8 days ago

    I caint stand people like this

  • Ivo Ivanov
    Ivo Ivanov 8 days ago +1

    “Biggest of men” 😂😂😂

  • J W
    J W 8 days ago

    Cake is for liberal faggots

  • Greg Rubin
    Greg Rubin 8 days ago +1

    Funniest duo out there.

  • Ethan Kunz
    Ethan Kunz 9 days ago

    Like trying to relax on a beach in a 3rd world country. There is a reason private resorts are popular.

  • Mark Spence
    Mark Spence 9 days ago

    We in a fiduciary crisis up in this mofo!!

  • Nerwik
    Nerwik 9 days ago

    Hey a piece of paper flew out of Peele behind at 0:38

  • Mz. Fancy Babydoll
    Mz. Fancy Babydoll 9 days ago

    A guy ask me the other day at the shell station for some extra change to get home, so I gave him 30 cents. He looked confused when I did cause he saw I had dollar bills in my purse.

  • Jaydn Taylor
    Jaydn Taylor 9 days ago +1

    1:06 “ I’m on my 9th purchase apparently, and you can fake that” 😂😂

  • O.B.
    O.B. 9 days ago +3

    If I’m at the gas station to buy beer and I have an extra dollar on me I don’t really mind giving it to someone who wants it for “gas”... if I’m drinking we all drinking tonight lol

  • Nicolas Noisette
    Nicolas Noisette 9 days ago

    Goodness this gives such Chicago Vibes it's hilarious but also dissapointing

  • Gooch the Baptist
    Gooch the Baptist 9 days ago +1

    " wife's an astronaut, and she has moon dust in her lungs..." I gotta use that one😁