Film Theory: Jurassic World Was An INSIDE JOB! (Jurassic World)

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  • Smøøg
    Smøøg Hour ago

    Should have had roland to kill it

  • Smøøg
    Smøøg Hour ago

    Ned never died Hmmmm

  • zax al ghul
    zax al ghul 3 hours ago

    it was the black guy!

  • The pink Freddy Plush
    The pink Freddy Plush 4 hours ago

    *T H E P L O T*

  • Luke Terrell
    Luke Terrell 5 hours ago

    Do a Riverdale videos

  • madison winston
    madison winston 8 hours ago

    Matpat did you take in account that some species mature faster than others. Humans mature really slowly compared to other species on the earth.

  • Raven Kikuri
    Raven Kikuri 20 hours ago

    But.... wasn't the sponsorship of the I-rex kinda the point of that scene? That they couldn't afford to make them without sponsorships?

  • Alpha Ava
    Alpha Ava 21 hour ago +1

    Do a theory on the next Jurassic world move before it comes out.

  • LEMONS Patusky
    LEMONS Patusky Day ago

    I took a bite out of that subscribe button. Matpat you owe me a mew phone

  • Monica Mcclain
    Monica Mcclain Day ago

    H E N W Y W U

  • Donnacha Ralph
    Donnacha Ralph Day ago

    The dinosaur could have just hidden normally under some bushes or something

  • Fearghost
    Fearghost Day ago

    Bush did it

  • Randy Siverson
    Randy Siverson 2 days ago

    4:06 I didn't know a T-Rex's were sponsored by Verizon!

  • Puppet Idk name my last name whatever

    Who actually bit the subscribe button I did XD

  • erfx gf
    erfx gf 2 days ago


  • JDJ Films
    JDJ Films 2 days ago

    Coolest nerd ever

  • The little blue raptor :D

    Insert Jurassic park Music here

  • Colby Berry
    Colby Berry 2 days ago

    Couldn't the I rex go to an area where it was a dark shade of green matching by changing his body temp to the point of the dark green

  • Lore Ferreyra
    Lore Ferreyra 2 days ago

    Why are you showing the damn frog so much? Almost threw up like six times just watching the video and could almost not pay attention to it 😭😭

  • TheRyanSuperShow
    TheRyanSuperShow 2 days ago

    The T. rex in World is Rexy from 1, which is clocked at 25 mph. IRL is totally possible, but that scene is still not possible

  • Christian Gamer
    Christian Gamer 2 days ago

    Great theory but Henry Wu was working for INGEN from since the first Jurassic movie.Back then he said that he didn't know what they Hammond was creating until they made an actual dinosaur.But I don't think INGEN wanted this to happen.I think that military and other war companies, if I'm correct with (war companies), saw what capability the dinosaurs can do.So when INGEN decided to create Indominous Rex, the military told them that they wanted the dinosaur but Henry said No.That's where Vic Vuskins comes in.

  • Duuminic
    Duuminic 2 days ago

    Do some theory on the raptors or the indoraptor matt. The irex is dead... OR IS IT??? PLOT TWIST!

  • Sophie Roberts
    Sophie Roberts 2 days ago

    That’s a freakin smart dinosaur

  • kurokuyo
    kurokuyo 2 days ago

    When I watched the movie, I totally thought that Dr. Wu was behind it. I'm surprised that nobody remembers he was a character in the original movie as well. He was directly working with Hammond at the time.

  • Kia Silverstar
    Kia Silverstar 3 days ago

    i hope that made sense, im not all that good with writing out my thoughts

  • Kia Silverstar
    Kia Silverstar 3 days ago

    i have a theory on the jp franchise, i forgot if you guys ever covered it, but what if the fake dinos in the movies and novels were purposefully made to look incorrectly storywise, ro appeal to park attendees, the scientists didn't really care about the current theories about feathers, actual size, etc. that our current theories exists. in the first novel, there was a chapter with henry wu discussing versions numbers, like software, of the dinos, they had the tech on site b, they were creating many eggs, to perfect just one, and the looks weren't an accident

  • Libby The loving pixie

    The CEO reminds me of my old teacher

  • Arya Rathu
    Arya Rathu 3 days ago

    And this is why I will never watch a movie with you.

  • Jimin quacks
    Jimin quacks 3 days ago

    D N A

  • MultiPokefantic
    MultiPokefantic 3 days ago

    I was thinking, If the I-Rex could find a light enough path of leaves and ground, it could perfectly balance it's temperature, allowing it to hide from both types of camera.

  • Derp Derpus
    Derp Derpus 3 days ago

    Film Theory: Captain America movies show dark origins of the American military industrial complex.

  • Oscar Charria
    Oscar Charria 4 days ago

    Do like Jurassic World? Because you compared it to the emoji movie.

  • Justin Huber
    Justin Huber 4 days ago

    Wouldn't velociraptors in war be biological warfare because dogs are used for bombs and ammunition and protecting it handler not as weapons so that wouldn't be allowed.

  • SSJ6 Kahan
    SSJ6 Kahan 4 days ago

    1:48 who else saw gijin goomba?

  • Gym's Night In
    Gym's Night In 4 days ago

    in the movie Jurassic park the T. rex can go 32 miles an hour cause they was sooooooo they wear them driving slow you never knew that matty patty duh

  • Fasika S.
    Fasika S. 4 days ago

    Cool 😎 theory

  • Ihazteddybear
    Ihazteddybear 4 days ago

    jurassic world literally started showing in my country like 2 days after my birthday

  • NightSeeker Klemont
    NightSeeker Klemont 4 days ago


  • Rebekah Moore
    Rebekah Moore 4 days ago

  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen 4 days ago

    Great work and pretty funny 10/10

  • MatrixGamerYT Random

    hey Mat Pat. I know this is film theory but!... can you do a theory of terraria i guess

  • Eben Haezer Jonathan Sany

    Jurassic word fallen kingdom in 2018

  • MajorMcCoy
    MajorMcCoy 5 days ago

    Mind blown!!!

  • naomi schulz
    naomi schulz 5 days ago

    That shattering sound effect... It made me shudder.
    Great theory, btw, I love it!

  • Forest The nightguard

    Just keeping my place..

  • john li
    john li 5 days ago

    but the irex had accelerated growth so biologically its older than 3

  • Bradt Haas
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  • KK da cray cray
    KK da cray cray 6 days ago

    1:45 find the koopa

  • Samuel Landers
    Samuel Landers 6 days ago

    MatPat,The Indominous Rex is made with both human AND Velosiraptor DNA.

  • DaringDad 10
    DaringDad 10 6 days ago

    Couldn't wu get a new good job if he's so famous and brilliant?

  • Geox46
    Geox46 6 days ago

    I’m not trying to be that one annoying person who wants to ruin the theory and it was a great theory I love all your theory’s but if it hid it’s heat signature couldn’t it just like hide behind a tree😂😂

  • Aiden Kelly
    Aiden Kelly 6 days ago

    Jeeps like that can only go 45 mph

  • DayNightArt
    DayNightArt 6 days ago

    This Henry Wu conspiracy was teased and will probably be mentioned in the sequel

  • Liam Ottosson
    Liam Ottosson 6 days ago

    Well the IRex probably has human dna cuz it hunts for sport

  • Joshua Salomon
    Joshua Salomon 6 days ago

    Mat: The scariest monster on Jurassic world is mankind itself
    Me: Yess those half a million reincarnations was finally worth it.

  • Kaitlyn Powell
    Kaitlyn Powell 6 days ago

    MatPat: (insert theme music) Why do I even caaare, Why do I even caaare, The science doesn't even make se-ense, Why do I even caaare, Why do i even caaare, Maybe, I should just quit my jo-ob.

  • Jocelyn Rose
    Jocelyn Rose 6 days ago +1

    I’m team spino

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 6 days ago

    I'm at some point between 7:00 and 7:33. You say that Vic is surprised to hear that the I-rex escaped, but he could've messed up his chance at getting a field test if he were to tell them that he straight up let the dinosaur loose, so he had reason to act like this wasn't a part of his plan. I haven't even watched the movies tbh so idk who was on the other line of the phone, so feel free to correct me.

  • Lila Rose
    Lila Rose 6 days ago

    Why was the Instagram settings in German

  • Jack'n the box Productions

    Well, the I Rex was probably just hiding in the tree's

  • Disneylover 1234567
    Disneylover 1234567 6 days ago

    NOW we need Henry Wu to admit it

  • Alexander Mollinary
    Alexander Mollinary 6 days ago

    In what language was his Instagram in at 0:54?

  • BulletBill110
    BulletBill110 6 days ago +1

    Well, the Indominus was supposedly biologically mature, so it could’ve reached it’s full intelligence. Also, I don’t know if this has anything to do with this but Frogs are Cold-Blooded, whilst Dinosaurs were not. This means that it could have changed it’s body heat while retaining the color changing ways of the cuttlefish.

  • Lavander Dragon
    Lavander Dragon 6 days ago

    I was like "wow, so interesting" but then I just said "Meh, It's hollywood, they only wanted money, blood, pretty explosions and the perfect oportunity to film a jurassic wrestling of a T-rex, raptor and a fucking mosasaurus against the bastard godzilla's niece". Anyway, I will watch the sequel 3 times at least.

  • Echo games
    Echo games 6 days ago

    why do you make a door big enough for a huge dinosaur​ to escape

  • Carolina Galarza
    Carolina Galarza 6 days ago

    Henwy wu lol

  • Chelsey Sandoval
    Chelsey Sandoval 6 days ago

    *henwy wu*

  • Radioactive Pugman
    Radioactive Pugman 6 days ago

    you mean henwy wu

  • Shadow gaming16
    Shadow gaming16 6 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the camera man at 7:56

  • jamesalleyiv
    jamesalleyiv 6 days ago

    Do Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom after it comes out!

  • Blood
    Blood 7 days ago

    Clearly we are loosing the race for survival of the fittest.
    We've reached the point where survival and reproduction are now entitled rights.. this has allowed weakness in the human gene pool to thrive.. viruses to thrive and all sorts of bad genes to avoid exclusion through the natural selection process.
    Our overwhelming success as a species is now hurting our species genetic integrity.. this is one of the reasons why we have so many weak people these days.. both physically and mentally.
    Our distance from the natural order we evolved under will be our own downfall as a species.. for when civilization fails most of us will be too incompatible to adapt to a natural lifestyle.. and some will be straight up unwilling to compromise their beliefs to do so.

  • Rick Canson
    Rick Canson 7 days ago +1

    You're so fucking annoying

  • ecogreen 123
    ecogreen 123 7 days ago


  • The angry channel 540

    So when is theory park opening?

  • ARGUS RA-31
    ARGUS RA-31 7 days ago

    Think they’re going to continue the Dino Weapons plot in the second movie

  • Izayoi 86
    Izayoi 86 7 days ago

    NO The I rex just watch alot of rick and morty


    ...And 9:11 was an inside job - Rick Sanchez

  • Ben talks!!! Random stuff uploaded daily

    I Loved that film- can anyone give my channel feedback or review it?

  • Blizzard Blaze
    Blizzard Blaze 9 days ago

    You sent Hoskins to a secure "loaction", nice spelling bro.

  • Caleb Eliason
    Caleb Eliason 9 days ago

    He didn’t say anything about how there is a indominus sized door on its cage

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick 9 days ago

    BTW I am not saying dinosaurs didn't exist but I am calling bullshit on the land dwelling giants who all seem to have been discovered during that shady period of paleontology in the mid to late 19th century.. Movement, caloric requirements for a 20 ton organism, the absurd biology ect all point to them being complete and utter bullshit. That's almost as bad as the gravitational constant being derived from an experiment someone claimed they did over 200 years ago that never has been nor could be recreated. Why are these accepted as fact without further scrutiny? That is not very scientific and reads more like some weird religious dogma to accept these absurd notions that fly in the face of biology and well frankly, evidence.

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick 9 days ago

    let's just gloss over the fact that giant reptiles make no sense on a biological or evolutionary level and that the story of the original discovery of fossils of giant dinosaurs is a mystery of two men trying to outdo one another for fame and fortune in the mid to late 20th century (a period known for it's surprisingly accurate and stringent application of the scientific method) and continue to look at the fact that all the fossils of dinosaurs you see in museums are fakes made in China...and well, you see the issue starting to develop.

  • Emily Carta
    Emily Carta 9 days ago

    I love how in all of your videos you just blow our minds and then are like “eh but that’s just me”🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • James Andrews
    James Andrews 9 days ago

    folk condition emission recently music nowhere elsewhere winner recovery quality mark frame.

  • Weirdness & stuff
    Weirdness & stuff 9 days ago

    I thought u were gonna talk about the park would not be allowed people or workers to come in

  • Wolffly709
    Wolffly709 9 days ago

    Can you do a theory about everything that made up the I-Rex, please.

  • oskr strummer
    oskr strummer 10 days ago

    the first 40 seconds blew my mind

  • SaveTheHoovies! 357
    SaveTheHoovies! 357 10 days ago

    Bush did Jurassic World

  • skoj com
    skoj com 10 days ago

    it was amazing, intill the end. So the hole theori is of? The indominus escape it self. BUT I love the video :3

  • Marki plex
    Marki plex 10 days ago

    What if it changed its body colour to lime and hid in the center?

  • glitches and more Hmmm

    can you maybe do one of the Percy Jackson movies

  • Jonlooka Pancake
    Jonlooka Pancake 10 days ago

    I bleddy luv Jerasik werld

  • Jonlooka Pancake
    Jonlooka Pancake 10 days ago

    Can you never use that tune at the beginning ever again pleeeease

  • DinoDual99 Newcomb
    DinoDual99 Newcomb 10 days ago

    i love dinosaurs

  • KneeCola77
    KneeCola77 10 days ago

    MatPat "but I was more focused on the science"
    MatPat "The dinosaur had help"

  • Djinn Cookie
    Djinn Cookie 10 days ago

    TRUMP-REX Im sorry I had to its to funny
    welcome to Donald Trump's Park

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  • The Juan Pablo Show
    The Juan Pablo Show 11 days ago

    Can someone lego my stego?

  • Ethan Bullock
    Ethan Bullock 11 days ago

    MatPat. The Dinosaur Protection Group has hacked the Jurassic World website. Informing people that we created them, we must protect them. Things to check out... Mosasaurus enclosure. The original T Rex Paddock. The parks cameras. The Aviary. Just a few. I wonder if the founder of the DPG would know anything either...

  • MostlyGhosty
    MostlyGhosty 11 days ago +1

    As u said the I-Rex can’t use its powers at the same time effects can still be left over look the cuddle fish depended on light coloring to stay cool and as you see the indom is pale it’s blinding white and it’s under some trees so both should make it super cooled and we know as you don’t instantly warm up when you wear black in the sun it takes time so before it camouflaged it got to the lowest temperature it can get to and camouflaged as they were checking the cameras