Film Theory: Jurassic World Was An INSIDE JOB! (Jurassic World)


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  • DreamyDragonyx
    DreamyDragonyx 33 seconds ago

    Me and my brother had the near exact same theory! Im glad we're all on the same page here!! XD Nice job Matt! I cant wait for number 2 coming out this year too. We know about the IndoRaptors, and how amazing theyll be!!!!!

  • Jean Gaynor
    Jean Gaynor 28 minutes ago

    I thought the IRS wasn't creating us not us and catching the IRS oh you meant I Rex oh oh

  • Laksi Naras
    Laksi Naras 4 hours ago

    Please do a film theory on A Series of Unfortunate Events!!!

  • Santiago Guerrero
    Santiago Guerrero 6 hours ago

    MATPAT: take a big bite out of the subscribe button

    ME:thanks for the decaying ice teeth and new computer matpat

  • TYE_rannosaurus Rex
    TYE_rannosaurus Rex 6 hours ago

    Maybe dr Henry wu has something too do with the indo raptor

  • Adeyemi And Adefemi Kasali

    Mat Pat this is one of my favorite videos that you have done on the channel.

  • Olivier van Asperen
    Olivier van Asperen 9 hours ago

    Anyone else see Fatpat at 10:50?

  • Mark Campos
    Mark Campos 11 hours ago

    The I Rex could have just used the tree frogs abilitie

  • aura luci
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  • Barker Family
    Barker Family 20 hours ago


  • Keelan Barron
    Keelan Barron Day ago

    1:23 actually, it's a fourth time.

  • Max Marshall
    Max Marshall Day ago

    The irex could haves sat down and have an long shit

  • yodagaming117
    yodagaming117 Day ago


  • Ta Gueule
    Ta Gueule 2 days ago

    I think this theory will be confirmed in fallen kingdom with indoraptor

    WILLIAM WU 2 days ago

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My last name is Wu! that was so rude. (good thing I like your channel so I won't unsubscribe and I'll continue watching.

  • ?sohan naidoo
    ?sohan naidoo 2 days ago

    It is true

  • klafsen
    klafsen 2 days ago

    Seen the latest IGN video on Jurassic World Evolution?
    The Entertainment Department poisoned the dinosaurs because the player neglected them.
    I'm sure the Science and Security Department are equally devious.
    It checks out!

  • anonymous boi
    anonymous boi 2 days ago


  • Peter Mortimer
    Peter Mortimer 2 days ago

    5:34 humans are mammals and mammals control their body heat

  • Ilia Mactavish
    Ilia Mactavish 2 days ago +1

    A few points for the beginning of this theory: 1, the JP T-Rex can run up to 32 miles per hour. 2, if you pay attention to the rex's legs and the sound of its footfalls it never actually starts after Claire. It just walks after her like it did after Malcolm while he also had a flare; that is until he threw it and then it started running after him. (Thank you Klayton Fioriti) so... yeah, whether you go by paleontologists or the film canon Claire outran ol Rexy no problem.

  • Fire Crows
    Fire Crows 2 days ago

    Great... Another theory *looks at title* Yassss.... *Hears MatPat sing the Jurassic song* ... *throws electronic across the room* ...No...

    • Fire Crows
      Fire Crows 2 days ago

      Still... I love Your Videos!

  • Nacho libre the3
    Nacho libre the3 3 days ago

    Jurassic world:the ice age

  • VitZ9
    VitZ9 3 days ago

    Congratulations MatPat! 😊
    You managed to take Jurassic Worlds plot holes and oversights, and make the film much more interesting than it actually was.
    Keep up the great work! 😉👍

  • YoshiPlushesHD
    YoshiPlushesHD 3 days ago

    Will you do a theory over the sequel?

  • this guy
    this guy 4 days ago

    Henwy Wu with Jhon Thena

  • Xx _Red_Panda_Plays_ xX

    Henwy wu

  • Emma Kirby
    Emma Kirby 4 days ago

    Yes, the i-rex is only 3 but you also have to convert dino years to human years because animals become smarter faster than humans. Btw I love your channel!!😄

  • Boston Chiste
    Boston Chiste 4 days ago

    I HAVE A THEORY I WANT YOU TO DO the indoraptor was around during the irex escape

  • Barker Family
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  • white chicken
    white chicken 4 days ago

    im guessing cloning dinosaurs would be impossible as DNA wouldn't be able to stay 100% intact for millions of years

  • Saber Saperoi
    Saber Saperoi 4 days ago

    I hacked in the website terminal, went assets and typed indominus, i got a pop up and there was a thingie on that which sends you to

  • Logan Gaming
    Logan Gaming 6 days ago

    Also they said assets maybe the indo raptor

  • Jonathan Ang Tze Wei

    But thats cause di os live for 20-27 years. So a 3 year old dino would think it's over 15

  • Ian Oliver
    Ian Oliver 7 days ago

    I hope this franchise gets retconned to make the dinosaurs as accurate as possible! Like maybe, oh I dunno replace the **ahem** “Velociraptors” with Troodon, give the most of the theropods feathers, and all the raptors and ornithomimosaurs wings, ‘cause, no joke, they had those, pronate their hands in the right direction, get rid of all the things they added to the Dilophosaurus ‘cause that stuff was just stupid, mostly keep the sauropods the way they are ‘cause they’re mostly accurate, and stop calling the pterosaurs dinosaurs, stop giving them talons, give them piqnofibres, and have their diet consist of oh I dunno FISH! Oh! And don’t get me started on the Spinosaurus!

  • Jasper De Castro
    Jasper De Castro 7 days ago

    doc wu make a new dino it"s called indoraptor

  • streamers sam
    streamers sam 7 days ago

    but if they know how to make Dino's in the movie why cant they do it in real life???

  • blue flame 0609
    blue flame 0609 7 days ago

    Mr.Matpat: they might be driving so slow because it's a family park,
    As if the big dinosaurs aren't dangerous enough, a jeep from a park that might be driving

  • Toasty Doggo
    Toasty Doggo 8 days ago

    I like how the Indominus Rex has DNA that accidentally gives him powers, like controlling body temperature or camouflage, I think it is like the unexpected breeding problem in Jurassic Park novel

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 8 days ago

    Of COURSE@@@@

  • my_cat_eats_ dewritos_

    Remember that this is why that learning kills if you want to learn about dinosaurs you are going to see it firsthand

  • Hays Marionneaux
    Hays Marionneaux 8 days ago

    12mph thing isn’t true it actually goes 30 mph with its large strides

  • Sean K
    Sean K 8 days ago

    Hammond says in the first part of jurrasic park "we clocked the trex for abut 32 mph

    • Sean K
      Sean K 8 days ago

      So yea Claire is ded

  • Kasper_PandaYT
    Kasper_PandaYT 8 days ago

    t-rex cant run bc a gene fail :D

  • BallenBom HAHA
    BallenBom HAHA 8 days ago

    I just wonder why rexy is still Alive after the spinosaurus broke its neck in Jurassic park 3??????????????????

  • Anthonymax Flynn
    Anthonymax Flynn 8 days ago

    imagine a theorysaurus rex, the mindcrackiosaurus, the mindboggleraptor, and the genetically modified non-canon rex.

  • Ben Wagner
    Ben Wagner 9 days ago

    Henwy Wu

  • the vegetables
    the vegetables 9 days ago

    do another

  • Anonymous PersonV003

    Now I just need a Tremors theory and I’m good

  • pete bac
    pete bac 9 days ago

    Henwy will (;

  • pete bac
    pete bac 9 days ago

    My daughter is a HUGE warrior cats fan and she asked me to post this:will you do a theory on the warrior cats movie when it comes out please?

  • corrina hanes
    corrina hanes 9 days ago

    It would of been a short movie if they had COLD thermal cameras too

  • tiernanstevens117
    tiernanstevens117 9 days ago

    What about the tracker. It remembers where it was out.. but how would it know what it actually is?

  • Ian McDonald
    Ian McDonald 9 days ago

    Henwy Wu

  • Dariel Garcia
    Dariel Garcia 9 days ago

    Hey matpat I saw the goomba with the glasses

  • Snazzy 'Sinka
    Snazzy 'Sinka 9 days ago

    Make a the flash theory

  • Kamisha Mcminn
    Kamisha Mcminn 10 days ago

    What if he decided to use the indominus instead after realizing he couldn't use the raptors

  • Gibran Raptor
    Gibran Raptor 10 days ago


    The cameras were broken

  • DemiGod Brothers
    DemiGod Brothers 10 days ago

    Jurassic world is my favorite movie and my mind is stuck with jurassic world and one thing the I Rex is called idomnus rex

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 10 days ago +2

    Holy cow he got it rigth congratz matt

  • James Gatsby
    James Gatsby 10 days ago

    Maybe the cars were designed to be slow for the visitors. To 'enjoy the view', maybe?

  • damien kehler
    damien kehler 10 days ago

    Woah. Did Jurassic World make there own ARG?

  • Joseph Forgey
    Joseph Forgey 11 days ago

    This theory is probably going to come true in Jurassic world fallen kingdom

  • Betty Ibarra
    Betty Ibarra 11 days ago

    Film thory you should be very happy of being a TVclipr

  • Velociraptors of Skyrim

    Welp, there was a cut scene showing the Indominus looking at the camera and disappearing.

  • MaximusPayne
    MaximusPayne 11 days ago

    Incredible, another movie we were fooled by!

  • foxy 89
    foxy 89 12 days ago

    Jw ingen

  • sigit only
    sigit only 12 days ago

    Read 08.06-08.07

  • sigit only
    sigit only 12 days ago

    You cannot spell

  • Janite
    Janite 13 days ago

    where can i get a ticket to theory park

  • Milagros flores
    Milagros flores 13 days ago

    June 22

  • Milagros flores
    Milagros flores 13 days ago

    Jurassic world falling kingdom

  • Joseph Castillo
    Joseph Castillo 13 days ago

    GG in the back of the theater 1:47

    UN FORMED 13 days ago

    I said that those cars are way to slow!!!!!!!😀😄😀😅😄😀😀😄😅

  • Indominus Rex Lover444

    We know their names plus


  • PewDie Pie
    PewDie Pie 14 days ago +1

    I Stuck My Head In A Trexes Butthole And I Found A Trophy And It Said "Watch Film Theory It will Cure Ur Cancer" And I was Like ":O" I Will Watch!" I Watched And Then I Became A Little Puny Boi Like U Who Altered My Puberty Genes And Became A God But Still Smaller Than U. But U Praised me Subscribing. Plz Pin This I #Belive!!!! #LOL #YoungTheroist #IAmAGod

  • AcePlayz Games
    AcePlayz Games 14 days ago

    well In the start of the movie we know that the t-rex was counted as 32mph,but that's wrong.So point is,they could of escaped easily,but they didn't due to plot XD

  • Zelos
    Zelos 14 days ago

    Dr Wu? More Dr Who.

  • Daniel Weber
    Daniel Weber 14 days ago

    really...Theory Park

    REALLY. Like if you agree

  • Vaishak Chandran
    Vaishak Chandran 14 days ago

    Noooo!not dr. henwy wu

  • Tyler Death
    Tyler Death 14 days ago

    Henry wu was in Jurassic park

  • K VH
    K VH 15 days ago +1

    That theme song though 0:40

  • Austin Hunter
    Austin Hunter 15 days ago

    IK this is a late comment but at the beginning of the movie they explained that there were tractors in every dinosaur and they had like tasers in them that would shock them to death when they got out so what if Dr. Wu disabled the shockers and gave the I Rex just enough to annoy it so she would claw it out because she didn’t remember she was reminded. (This could be just lazy writing but that’s no fun so there’s my theory)

  • Charlie Cook
    Charlie Cook 15 days ago

    I know they're irrelevant to the theory itself, but at least pay attention to a series before writing scripts.
    In the Jurassic universe the T Rex, and that one specifically too, has been clocked at 32 miles per hour. And in Jurassic world they say they speed up its growth. so the 3 years being young part is gone. a lot of animals are fully mature way before 3 years anyway without sped growth.

  • King of The killers
    King of The killers 16 days ago

    Well matpat can finally say he was right because that is exactly what’s going to happen in the next Jurassic World movie😂😂😂

  • Milo The plague Doctor

    In the book Wu dies

  • Toon_lik so1
    Toon_lik so1 16 days ago

    Hey! We once thought our hearts would explode if we went over 15 mph but we were wrong! How could the t-Rex possibly breaks its bones from running over 14mph?!!

  • Cole Henry
    Cole Henry 16 days ago

    do a Theroy on fallen kingdom

  • Crazily Ashleigh
    Crazily Ashleigh 16 days ago

    The singing kill me XD 😂

  • Night Raven
    Night Raven 17 days ago

    I swear to God, these videos aren't theories, they're hypotheses. He ignores certain parts of the damn story so it fits his 'theory.' Albeit he does do some research which is better than nothing, yet in movies based off the books (take his comment over the jeep not going faster) he doesn't even bother looking or reading the book the movie is based on. Find me some CONCRETE evidence of something then maybe I'll subscribe but all I see is 'speculation' not hardcore proof.

  • CybeR Official Clan
    CybeR Official Clan 17 days ago

    Watched this after the new trailer for the new Jurassic world film and you are defiantly right.

  • Star Sage
    Star Sage 17 days ago

    Dinosaurs can't melt steel beams!

  • Benaboo73
    Benaboo73 17 days ago

    I got a serious feeling that Henry was a villain, and continue as such throughout the Jurassic franchise. This is good stuff, I'm totally on board! The clips of him in JW 2 look evil and a bit dark as, yes, good theory!!!

  • FlipFlopper
    FlipFlopper 17 days ago

    Thanks! Jurassic Park is my favorite movie!

  • RankoTheDark
    RankoTheDark 18 days ago

    One must remember that these aren't 100% pure dinos. They do use the frogs to close the gaps in the genetic code to complete the strands. Not sure how that would effect the T-rex's run speed. But it's a perfect explanation why these dinos are without feathers.

  • Brody Mclaughlin
    Brody Mclaughlin 18 days ago

    Dang it you were right you did really good on this one

  • xiaoning deng
    xiaoning deng 18 days ago

    Jurassic UNITED Nations I don’t get it

  • Leslie Jackson
    Leslie Jackson 18 days ago

    This is most likely right if u have seen fallen kingdom trailer it looks like wu is evil

  • TheBeautyWolf
    TheBeautyWolf 18 days ago

    Ok some of that you said was right some of that was absolutely wrong!!! Tyrannosaurus can run faster than that!!! You would have to go like really fast in order to out run that thing!!! Just read the complete encyclopedia about dinosaurs and you will fined your answer.

  • Llew KaMiamos
    Llew KaMiamos 18 days ago

    It's no "theory", mankind really is the most dominant monster.

  • Blue Tank Engine Pictures

    Hard to actually believe any of this, because the thumbnail has a Rex edited with raptor hands?! Whoever made the thumbnail obviously has a huge problem if they don't know how many fingers a Tyrannosaurus Rex has.