Film Theory: Jurassic World Was An INSIDE JOB! (Jurassic World)

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  • Amanda Rota
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  • cristian cortez
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    You guys remember a diet theory

  • Brennan Googoo
    Brennan Googoo 2 hours ago

    well shit....

  • Jessica gamer
    Jessica gamer 3 hours ago

    Can you do a theory about Dear David

  • Josh Canaday
    Josh Canaday 3 hours ago

    He's sending Wu to a secure loaction... Looking out for ya!

  • The Potato Of Doom
    The Potato Of Doom 3 hours ago

    Wu isn't really the secret villain, it was obvious he was evil, I never thought of him helping the I-Rex though

  • Zubair Shamim Kazi
    Zubair Shamim Kazi 5 hours ago

    Why the hell does the iRex have a Verizon logo on it?

  • Afnan Azmayen
    Afnan Azmayen 5 hours ago

    the fact that i figured this out while watching the movie around two years ago and i'm half matpat's age

  • Bob Chung
    Bob Chung 5 hours ago

    oh look a three fingered rex in the thumbnail. Congratulations Mat you've hit a new low.

  • Liam Bishop
    Liam Bishop 5 hours ago

    Excel rated growth

  • teressa robertson
    teressa robertson 7 hours ago

    Jurassic World Was An INSIDE

  • Future Gamer
    Future Gamer 7 hours ago

    7:41 who else jumped?

  • Derpy Dirt
    Derpy Dirt 7 hours ago

    The thing isn't 3 it's accelerated growth it could be 30

  • Aarib Anwar
    Aarib Anwar 9 hours ago

    It had cuttle fish genes that made it grow faster so it could be older than a 3 year old human

  • Kairo thangs
    Kairo thangs 11 hours ago

    They shouldnt be able to open another park like how many people died

  • Federal agent Holton
    Federal agent Holton 11 hours ago

    Actually the Heels were CGI.....

    I'm not even kidding, look up the "making of" footage

  • VoiD
    VoiD 12 hours ago

    Umbrella Corp. Dino as Zombies.

  • Mercedes Stephens
    Mercedes Stephens 13 hours ago

    Henwy wu 3:13

  • Jack Snap
    Jack Snap 13 hours ago

    John hammond said in the first movie and Michel Crichton (ya know the author of Jurassic park) stated that the genetically enhanced T-rex could move at 32 miles per hour. And as Ian Malcolm also stated in the book, I am paraphrasing here, John Hammond did not create Dinosaurs he created Theme park monsters. Hence the T-rex in the movies being a genetically advanced Hybrid of Amphibian DNA mixed with dino DNA, Could very possibly outrun a Jeep Ranger stuck in first gear. But hey that just the fan correcting the critic using the source, ya know the books of what the films were based on.

  • Gray Wing
    Gray Wing 14 hours ago

    I don't get the opening, since John Hammond literally explains that they clocked the T-Rex up to 37 mph.

  • Joshua Romero
    Joshua Romero 14 hours ago

    This is like an early birthday present because my birthday is in 12:13

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    I really like pink!

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    KappaBoy 339 15 hours ago

    Henwy Wu

  • Total_Kayhem
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    3:56 holy bananas that's like something out of Alien

  • Sandy Bakers
    Sandy Bakers 16 hours ago

    Just saying, if it was smart enough to know what the cameras were for, then he could have just blocked out the infared and hid behind some Very, VERY tall trees and bushes.

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  • Remember me?
    Remember me? 16 hours ago

    well technically only pit vipers and other snakes with heat pits can sense heat my gopher snake can't sense shit when i'm sleeping an inch away from his enclosure in my bed in fact he can't sense shit in general remarkably deep sleeper i will tap on his glass at feeding time yet he only wakes up when i've put the mouse right in his lap generally looking about in sheer bewilderment

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    Jurassic World 2 this theory will be proved! Man I love this channel!

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  • Spencer Greller
    Spencer Greller 18 hours ago

    knew it. this will certainly be revealed by the end of the reboot trilogy

  • NevermindTheZombie
    NevermindTheZombie 18 hours ago

    #ProtipsfromStephanie I saw that, Matt ;D

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    federico saviano 19 hours ago

    Fuck verizon

  • anime is good
    anime is good 19 hours ago

    what if the I-rex was a super intelligence?

  • The Mystic Silverfish
    The Mystic Silverfish 19 hours ago

    Don’t they have a tracking device in it and why did they not got install a small door for maitnece

  • shiloh goes
    shiloh goes 19 hours ago +1

    Only issue I have is that Wu would also know the I-Rex has raptor dna and would likely be able to turn them against the humans. Right??

  • MrMcfly125
    MrMcfly125 19 hours ago

    I've always thought Wu was a bad guy. Didn't really know in what way, but I love this theory on it.

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  • MisterJatip
    MisterJatip 22 hours ago

    I mean the main villain who was eaten by the velociraptors even said he wanted to weaponize the dinosaurs

  • Aj M8
    Aj M8 22 hours ago

    They'er making a sequal

  • EntrepreneurPreacher
    EntrepreneurPreacher 22 hours ago

    I love this video!! Great job brother!!!

  • EntrepreneurPreacher
    EntrepreneurPreacher 22 hours ago

    I love this!!! But wait!
    Was I the only one that saw the word... “Loaction”?

  • Owen Macqueen
    Owen Macqueen 22 hours ago

    the I-rex is not just a dinosuar

  • Oliver Paszkowski
    Oliver Paszkowski 22 hours ago

    so was 9/11, columbine, and sandy hook

  • Owen Macqueen
    Owen Macqueen 22 hours ago

    nope. his first sentence was wrong. while a T-Rex may be able to run that fast. a life in captivity with no reason to run would make him pretty slow and lazy. also, I feel like the park would wanna make him look fat because they want bigger.

  • Owen Macqueen
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    Alex W Day ago

    Passengers also features advertisement in-script

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  • Lincoln Pascual
    Lincoln Pascual Day ago

    Just going to point out, modern scientific theory asserts that dinosaurs are more closely related to birds than anything else. That means hollow bones. Bird bones are hollow, yet exponentially stronger than their strength yup weight ratio should allow. T Rex probably could move faster than 12 miles. It probably wouldn't have lasted as long as it did if it couldn't.

  • thedinoboi ptf
    thedinoboi ptf Day ago

    Henry Wu is a villain . OMG noooooo

  • Harley Poole
    Harley Poole Day ago

    Do the Lego batman movie phantom projector

  • Aero Windwalker
    Aero Windwalker Day ago

    he is also the big bad in mr robot

  • Everybody 48
    Everybody 48 Day ago

    You celebrate kwanzaa?

  • The Collector
    The Collector Day ago

    also dont forget the T-rex might not be all that big it might have just been a small dino since they keep saying the big ones have just been mixed up with multiple different species of bones

  • Adri San
    Adri San Day ago

    You do know that other theorists think ingen is a evil illegal company?

  • Ashlynn Nolan
    Ashlynn Nolan Day ago

    Why is it that the dinosaurs always escape and of course scientists want to make wepinized dinos and be God's!

  • godzillaisnuclea123

    Elephants can run over 12 mph so why couldn't a highly evolved super predator?

  • Asd_Maker
    Asd_Maker Day ago

    *J. A. Bayona see this video*
    Ok guys ,time to rewrite jurassic world: fallen kingdom, We have a better idea

  • Joseph Pineda
    Joseph Pineda Day ago

    i think its a plot for the fallen kingdom

  • ChristmasCarolyn

    I was putting my money on Hoskins since he was so pushy on getting his hands on the raptors. But shit! Of course it ain't gonna be so simple. Man! Mad scientists are DANGEROUS!

  • Anakin Skyobiliviator

    Movie about dinosaur, ethics, and legislation? Oh you mean like the _new_ movie.

  • Awadhesh Mani
    Awadhesh Mani Day ago

    The ceo is an indian actor( I'm indian)

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    JustNYC • Day ago

    He should had bought bitcoins

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    *HENWY WU*

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  • Christopher Bull

    Great White Shark's temperature is about 6c degrees warmer then the water around them

  • Blast King
    Blast King Day ago

    it good watching these theories since i don't want to waste my time watching a movie that is normally 1h+ long.
    So this video just sum it up and show some of the clips.

  • Crazy Eyez
    Crazy Eyez Day ago

    Matt my man, you are on fire right now :) also doing my final right now for college while being informed by you on films :) Life is good.

  • BryanVEVO
    BryanVEVO Day ago

    24 HOURS

  • The CountryCat
    The CountryCat Day ago

    "Why are you driving so slow" End...I don't need to watch any is perfect.

  • Magoo's time-lapse Extravaganza

    Something you missed, Wu said the cuttlefish DNA was added for the indominus Rex to withstand an accelerated growth rate, which would have to include brain growth, or intelligence. In turn the dinosaur is actually older than the three years. You also can see this as how the I-Rex still does not have an adolescent body, and how it was smart enough to scratch the wall, or camouflage itself.

  • Illumanatee
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    the intro music is so beautiful

  • Sharonbennett Chan

    I have a point to raise. Wouldn’t an accelerated growth rate mean better cognitive functions than normal?

  • Prof Piggy
    Prof Piggy Day ago

    Your trusting a guy who thought mario was a serial killer

  • Rahul Ramakrishnan

    good video, but there is a flaw. IT says the I - rex went through sped up growing process, so it wouldnt be a 3 year old

  • Raptor 99
    Raptor 99 Day ago

    wtf is that song at nsar brining

  • flia pelagatos
    flia pelagatos Day ago

    For someone who investigated the franchise from the begining and took on account the Troodon from Jurassic Park The Game and the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park 3 this is no suprise

  • Tiny Terror
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  • Jahmal Ismail
    Jahmal Ismail Day ago

    Small side theory: if Wu knew the future of his research depended on the field test of the raptors, does that mean he would have genetically modified the raptors to maybe be more aggressive or smarter or just anything he could do to enhance their combat capabilities?

  • Cyanide Gaming
    Cyanide Gaming Day ago

    Mixing dinosaur DNA wasn't possible either but they did that lol

    • Cyanide Gaming
      Cyanide Gaming Day ago

      I hate to be such a critic because I'm a huge fan but I had to say it lol. Nice video otherwise

    • Cyanide Gaming
      Cyanide Gaming Day ago

      Also the intelligence of Velociraptors and the advanced aging of animals compared to humans disproves the 3 year old theory

  • Galactic_ Tactic

    my neighbor is best friends with the daughter of the actor who plays the parks ceo

  • Dark Grim Reaper

    Funniest part is that when the I-Rex kills most of all of those soilders Owen says evacuate the island Than Claire says we will never reopen but they probably did it anyway so Dr. henry Wu's plan comes apart because people would not go there anymore then the people who work in the park have no job including Dr. Henry Wu.

  • mookabooka
    mookabooka Day ago

    That Introduction Was Actually Pretty Good.

  • Eames Graves
    Eames Graves Day ago

    This theory makes Jurassic World a better film.

  • FalconBoy76 Gaming

    We all know Henry is the “villain” he saves the embryos. He doesn’t give a damn about deaths. What you need to do a theory on, is how Wu looks 5 years older, in 20 years

  • FalconBoy76 Gaming

    Although I love you Mathew, the Indominous DID escaped on its own. It is a highly intelligent animal. Also,this is SCIENCE FICTION. ITS NOT GOING TO BE Scientifically possible!

  • Michael DeAntonis

    0:30 that's an indominous rex

  • Fish Santiago
    Fish Santiago Day ago

    Sooo... he was trying to Wu additional funding? :D

  • 《 Chancepantz 》

    You and lonely goomba saw the movie at the same time? What are the chances of that?

  • Nasim Brown
    Nasim Brown Day ago

    Hey Captain obvious they already said it in the movie

  • Mwizard
    Mwizard Day ago

    The thing wrong with the whole I-Rex temperature thing at the end of the video, it is stated in the movie that none of the dinos are actually dinos. They're genetic hybrids. Soooooooo it could have been mesothermic.

  • Joshua Moua
    Joshua Moua Day ago

    What if Pat got this all right and ruined Jurassic Park 2 lol

  • potterfandf
    potterfandf Day ago

    Just out of curiosity, anyone know the song that starts at 5:32?

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  • Alex McClure
    Alex McClure Day ago

    The I-rex is at most 3 years old, and made of multiple species' genetics... hmmm, sounds a bit like Frankenstien's monster to me

  • Tassadar2186
    Tassadar2186 Day ago

    Wow Matpat. Did you forget these dinosaurs are genetically engineered? It doesn't matter what speed the irl T-Rex could make back in the day. Rexy, the one that Ingen created that has featured in the first and fourth films, isn't a natural T-Rex and was, in story, canonically clocked at about 60 MPH, and we see that with the Jeep driving away if you calculate what speed it was going based on what gear it was in. Sooooo... no offense man, but your first little 30 second theory is debunked.

  • Mitsuyuki-Hime
    Mitsuyuki-Hime Day ago

    Should have know it was the Asian

  • Ninetails theGodkiller

    entity X: you can be god for one day i want to see what you can do. Me: alright (2 minutes later) hay look at this beautiful thing it makes Godzilla look like a kitten.................

  • PrinceAliTheGreat

    Zamasu lives on as doctor wu ...