Film Theory: Jurassic World Was An INSIDE JOB! (Jurassic World)


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  • Its_Me_Romano _
    Its_Me_Romano _ Day ago

    Wu did made the i-rex escape on purpose but u didnt know it when this video was made

  • Keitron Wallace
    Keitron Wallace Day ago +1

    "so the real question is..... Why are you driving so slow?"
    *Mind BLOWN*

  • cj Hunter
    cj Hunter Day ago

    Mud helps cool heat sensor.

  • SapphirexSans
    SapphirexSans 4 days ago

    *h e n w y w u*

  • Ethyn Vakoc
    Ethyn Vakoc 4 days ago

    This theory was actually true

  • magicdog2013 Games
    magicdog2013 Games 4 days ago

    Also rexy was old as hell

  • Hendrik Boa
    Hendrik Boa 4 days ago


  • Joanne Percival
    Joanne Percival 6 days ago

    Matpat in jp Hammond says we clocked the t rex a 30 miles a hour and that's why there's a lot of fuss about Clare dining faster than 30 miles a hour

  • mlp Fnaf Undertale
    mlp Fnaf Undertale 7 days ago +1

    Theory park a park I want to go

  • rachel cloud
    rachel cloud 8 days ago

    The trex could actually run possible 15 to 30mph lmao :>

  • Erick Zamudio
    Erick Zamudio 8 days ago

    You can never trust Asians these days or any day

  • Jonathan Carter
    Jonathan Carter 9 days ago

    I like watching these to fill time, but some of them, once evidence is given, make more cents than Bill Gates owns, and that is a lot.

  • Pollo Man
    Pollo Man 9 days ago

    *W U*

  • Me Hill
    Me Hill 9 days ago +2

    I'm crying. Open or else.

  • Gra1034
    Gra1034 10 days ago

    Animals have Shorter life and grow up faster.

  • Rutuja Sasankar
    Rutuja Sasankar 11 days ago

    I thought that is was pretty obvious that Henry Wu was the villain

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift 11 days ago


  • Maston Dane
    Maston Dane 12 days ago

    That's an original t-rex, we know these aren't pure, and they state in the first movie that their t-rex clocks at like twice that speed.

  • Dumble Door
    Dumble Door 12 days ago

    If Henry did it why did he put the valosarapter in the I Rex

  • Nariahs World
    Nariahs World 13 days ago

    I need a theory on the titanic

    KEITH BROOKFIELD 14 days ago

    The i-rex could have used the thermal alteration until the staff had entered the padlock then the i-rex could've used the camouflage to evade the staff

  • Los Aventureros Para - normales

    Maybe it camouflaged against something white like the walls and the guard just somehow missed his transition

  • Carys Wall
    Carys Wall 15 days ago

    Doctor Henwy Wu

  • Jessie E
    Jessie E 16 days ago

    When film theories are more interesting than the movie itself. Nice

  • Kaila Kruger
    Kaila Kruger 16 days ago

    Anyone else see the Verizon on the I rex

  • Charlotte Mendiola
    Charlotte Mendiola 17 days ago

    Herwy Wu*

  • Quinntus79
    Quinntus79 17 days ago

    So, Wu can figure out that tree frogs can modulate their infrared output, but couldn't figure out that they can change sex? Something seems kind of inconsistent about that.

  • Sia Ca-Lingg
    Sia Ca-Lingg 19 days ago

    Wait, but your entire theory is based on his BACK BEING TURNED?!

  • Sia Ca-Lingg
    Sia Ca-Lingg 19 days ago

    Hey....... this theory actually was right!!(for once🙂)

  • Bacon Panda
    Bacon Panda 20 days ago

    But it’s changing into a dark color

  • MrMayhem 899
    MrMayhem 899 20 days ago

    I find it funny that if this followed the story of the Jurassic Park book, then Jurassic World would have been impossible. This is because Wu made a mistake and was ripped to shreds by raptors after stepping outside of a building into the open. Smart, ehhhhhh?

  • A Strange Person
    A Strange Person 21 day ago


  • Maxime Sévigny
    Maxime Sévigny 21 day ago

    Omg it’s doctor wu

  • pandory the panda
    pandory the panda 23 days ago

    0:04 my fav

  • Navy Blue
    Navy Blue 23 days ago

    *Henwy Wu*

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan 25 days ago

    I think it's really funny that people still believe that we lived alongside dinosaurs like The Flintstones when logically it's not even possible

  • Hungry Beaver
    Hungry Beaver 25 days ago

    Damn doctor wu you traitor

  • Sans
    Sans 25 days ago

    Wow, for once your right about a movie perdition. It turns out wu creates a new creature as a weapon as apart of a deal

  • Kitten Lover
    Kitten Lover 25 days ago

    You Know That The Indominus Rex Is White. As You Said, Light Bounces Off Of Light Colors, Including White! Leaving The Indominus Rex Making The Plan Because He Was White

  • After Tired Comes Stupid


  • S billings
    S billings 26 days ago

    The UN should be like the dinosaurs and go extinct.

  • CBGaming
    CBGaming 27 days ago

    That’s why the I-Rex was white? Cause of color adaptation to his environment. Cool

  • Cassie dongoofed
    Cassie dongoofed 28 days ago

    You were right!! Congrats!!

  • Ronald Ntale
    Ronald Ntale Month ago

    Dr Wu is the villain, in the last Jurassic movie, we saw it

  • Kami Kawaii killer
    Kami Kawaii killer Month ago

    When I was watching the movie I was freaking out if Blue was going to die or not

  • N M
    N M Month ago

    This makes sem

    • N M
      N M Month ago


  • Kaylee That One Weird Chick

    1. Hey, the guy who played Henry Wu, wasn't he in SVU?
    2. "No 3 year old, human or not, can be smart enough to do the I-Rex's plan", dogs who are 3 can be really smart. My dogs were really smart.
    3. Wasn't Henry Wu also surprised when the I-Rex got out?

  • Epik DABBER
    Epik DABBER Month ago

    Theory park. More like Theorassic Park.


    FTOWC Month ago

    0:32 Well technically the cars are only meant for tours, not actual driving, and since they are not meant to drive, let alone at fast speeds because there should normally be no need to do so, then there is no reason to have a faster speed.

  • John Newman
    John Newman Month ago

    Lol MatPat confirmed the theory before Jurassic World II confirmed it for us

  • Burger Boy
    Burger Boy Month ago

    How could he break his cell going the door but not in general

  • BloodMoon of the night

    Either Henry Wu was obsessed with dinosaurs and wants the dinosaurs to rule over the earth again or the indominus rex is a clever girl ahhh see what i did there XD

  • Rockman exe
    Rockman exe Month ago

    Funny fallen kingdom pretty much confirms this

  • Michael Lucero
    Michael Lucero Month ago

    I really want mat pat, to put out a video where it just says: yes and it's only 1 second long.

  • nugget935
    nugget935 Month ago

    Wu: what should we call this hybrid.
    Verizon: INDOMINUS REX!
    Wu: ...
    Claire: GOOD NAME!
    Verizon: :3

    • nugget935
      nugget935 Month ago

      great theory that universal might confirm it.

  • Dino Lord
    Dino Lord Month ago

    Well that woman who ran in heels was a professional Clare isn’t

  • DynoGuyGamer
    DynoGuyGamer Month ago

    Remember that Indominous Rex has a shorter life span so they mature faster then humans and get smarter faster

  • ASK Vlog
    ASK Vlog Month ago

    If only the movie was about it, this would have made it better

  • Zoid
    Zoid Month ago

    Is that gaijin goomba in the theatre? And possibly Austin?

  • Liyaba IsMyNameDealWithIt

    What have we learned here kids?
    Kids: that humans are very smart
    No, that dinosaurs at every smart

  • Cordelia Tupman
    Cordelia Tupman Month ago

    About Jurassic happened at the end of fallen Kingdom.
    I know you know this so sorry

  • Eddie Ryan
    Eddie Ryan Month ago

    This theory makes this movie actually tolerable 😂

  • Play Images
    Play Images Month ago

    Or call me crazy it could just be, stay with me here, lazy writing

  • Tankart 364
    Tankart 364 Month ago

    You were totally right, omg, 2018 film, you were totally right.

  • Daniel Northsea
    Daniel Northsea Month ago

    It is a movie shut up!

  • DZ
    DZ Month ago

    Hell, the way Mat's making the Indominus sound like, the damn thing might as well learn how to talk if given the time to observe human's interacting with other human's.
    (That includes being able to hear them)

  • Combat Creepers
    Combat Creepers Month ago

    But how would letting the I-rex out save Henry’s future?
    Also doesn’t 11:01-11:25 disprove your whole theory?

  • gavin kailey
    gavin kailey Month ago

    The indom was 3 years old in human years not dog or in this case dinosaur years

  • Unknown Bolt
    Unknown Bolt Month ago

    Can you do a theory on Jurassic world fallen kingdom

  • Modus Pwnens
    Modus Pwnens Month ago

    Those ppl going to the jurassic world a second time didn't go bcs they knew the other one didn't go well, they went in hopes that the issues were fixed from the last park. 1) The first time around, it wasn't actually a park and 2) They assumed the ppl learned from their last time so it might be better in the jurassic theme world. I mean, whats more stupid? That these people go to a park with dinosaurs or exactly the same as how we go to zoos with animals despite all the issues there? Not to mention you went to see the movie in hopes that ppl will suffer but judging them as if youre smart so you're the dumbass here. You watched it also knowing that last time the park didnt go well so assuming that ppl would learn this time is dumb. Ugh.

  • Jericho Aldrich
    Jericho Aldrich Month ago +1

    "The real question is,why are you driving so slow"?
    I think MattPatt just scorched the entire franchise.

  • jonathan astro
    jonathan astro Month ago

    I knew it was the chino

  • chozopriest1
    chozopriest1 Month ago +1

    You should have made a mosasaur parody you would be the mosasaur and the shark would be Diet Coke

  • Milkshake Puppy
    Milkshake Puppy Month ago

    You should make a theory about poltergeist

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    The real question is why are you driving so slow

  • John Rybinski
    John Rybinski Month ago

    Um isn't the I-rex a lizard because lizards are cold blooded

  • azeal902
    azeal902 Month ago


  • Travis Nyte
    Travis Nyte Month ago

    What if it camouflaged with something that was a light color?

  • ninja master 2412
    ninja master 2412 Month ago


  • Gilberto Juarez
    Gilberto Juarez Month ago

    See Jurassic world fallen kingdom

  • Aaron Vyncent Edmund
    Aaron Vyncent Edmund 2 months ago

    From what I've seen recently Mat isn't that far off or is he?. I'm not exactly good at this yet

  • Animation Cat
    Animation Cat 2 months ago

    1:39 The Dinosaur skeleton has trump hair on it

  • The Skeleton Dragon
    The Skeleton Dragon 2 months ago

    OF COURSE no thermal heat. Dinosaurs are reptiles. THEY ARE COLD BLOODED!!!

  • Shennen Sahir
    Shennen Sahir 2 months ago

    Is it funny that this video mentions “Jurassic United Nations” and I am watching this as research for a committee about Jurassic world in Model United Nations?

  • Adam Laduzko
    Adam Laduzko 2 months ago

    So it's like 9/11, an inside job.

  • Garrick Liu
    Garrick Liu 2 months ago +3


  • Florence Thompson
    Florence Thompson 2 months ago

    please make a video about super girl

  • Timo Ponce
    Timo Ponce 2 months ago

    OMG!!! MatPat you are a brillient man!!!

  • Shotgun Brothers
    Shotgun Brothers 2 months ago

    Well Matpat, Here is an Explanation The T-Rex Can’t Catch Claire Deering:
    Rexy is Getting old and Getting Slower

  • Demon Hunter X
    Demon Hunter X 2 months ago

    To me, what MatPatt said was true, seriously, how in the world did no one see this coming in the sequel.

  • Makubeku Urashima
    Makubeku Urashima 2 months ago

    Henwy owo

  • xX8Bit- RaptorXx
    xX8Bit- RaptorXx 2 months ago

    I think JW Fallen Kingdom, confirms this theory false. When Dr. Henry Wu, says
    "But our deal is still intact?"
    I think they are talking about the Indo-Raptor. Dr. Henry Wu created it. I feel like Vic Hoskins would like that...

  • karder samson
    karder samson 2 months ago

    did anyone else see the gajin goomba in the movie theater scene

  • AlertAudience
    AlertAudience 2 months ago

    How much mat could a Matpat pat if a Matpat could pat Catpat's mat?

  • The spooktacular Donut 000000

    The explanation for the jeeps speed is in the book

  • Laura Williams
    Laura Williams 2 months ago

    The Indo rex was made in 2004-2012 so it could be much younger. (Jurassic World Evolution of Claire)

  • The Emerald Gamer
    The Emerald Gamer 2 months ago


  • Floridas Animals -Lizards & More!

    Rexy wasnt running

  • Andrei Galvez
    Andrei Galvez 2 months ago