FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: All Stars 4 Cast w/ Kameron Michaels & Asia O'Hara!


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  • SaraPussycatDoll
    SaraPussycatDoll 21 hour ago

    Kameron you’re 5 o clock shadow is showing sir

  • Lizzy Grant
    Lizzy Grant Day ago

    They clearly hated Valentina's look but were nervous to get shit from her fans. Honestly that's kind of sad but since she has the most vicious fans out of all queens, I get it. For the record, V's look tanked. Next!

  • Dr. Nikki
    Dr. Nikki Day ago


  • Joe Blitzen
    Joe Blitzen Day ago


  • Jovien Robinson
    Jovien Robinson Day ago

    Who is... Our Trans contestant this year!
    My face: 😳😔😒😞😑 Tf?

    • Jovien Robinson
      Jovien Robinson Day ago

      +apple13 lol, someone saying "our black contestant this year" would be a wtf moment. It's jarring, like who tf says that?

    • apple13
      apple13 Day ago

      What? She is the trans contestant lol.

  • mrgoofster G
    mrgoofster G 2 days ago

    We need Raja & Raven for this Ruview

  • Heather S
    Heather S 3 days ago

    Sorry but how is Valentina's look not an instant boot, it's basic and looks unfinished.

  • MarcialsBlends Hair
    MarcialsBlends Hair 3 days ago

    Gia was a toot!!!!!

  • john smith
    john smith 3 days ago

    In what way, shape, or form can Valentina's dress be tooted when you boot some that are just as good and A LOT more interesting. If you wanna see how to do nude in a dress properly take a look at Manila.

  • JinO Chil
    JinO Chil 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Asia, a queen who's had a lot of lackluster _bootable _ outfits on her season, is throwing off these boots too loosely? Like girl ain't that great herself to be this cocky and nit-picky. I understand Raja and Raven being like this because they were both fabulous and nearly flawless on their season, and have only grown more since then, but Asia? If she was on All-stars she'd probably get a boot too on her promo shot.

  • Sal
    Sal 4 days ago

    So Valentina got a toot and Naomi got a boot? lmao okay sis.

  • pinky91802
    pinky91802 5 days ago

    Can Kameron and Asia just do all of the fashion photo ruviews for all stars 4. Maybe? I do miss Ms. Raja and Raven though 😭

  • Tea Lusional
    Tea Lusional 5 days ago

    Asia tho 🤔😒

  • Mharris Mharrs
    Mharris Mharrs 6 days ago

    I feel like latrice looks like a POST MODERN PIMP HO! She slays for me.

  • PatKat9000
    PatKat9000 8 days ago

    NONE of them!

    NAVEMAN3 9 days ago

    I love Drag Race. I've watched it since season 3.

  • Turnkey196
    Turnkey196 10 days ago

    How can y’all say that about queen Latrice 😭

    KIKAYSIKAT TV 10 days ago

    Why dont they have the guts to boot Latrice? I mean I love me some momma Royale but let's face it that outfit's a boot

  • Alex Gg
    Alex Gg 10 days ago

    Raja y raven son la posta, necesito verlas a ellas haciendo esto(?

  • Josh Pyman
    Josh Pyman 11 days ago

    12:05 made me laugh out loud 😂😂😂

  • groovy
    groovy 11 days ago

    whaaaatttt i liked naomi’s and gia’s

  • Loreto Pino
    Loreto Pino 12 days ago

    I miss Raja and Raven so much. Haven't seen any other queens do this show as well.

  • Kait P.
    Kait P. 13 days ago

    4:41 when Kameron impersonates Trixie's scream laugh lol I love it

  • Tafadzwa Sakarombe
    Tafadzwa Sakarombe 13 days ago

    Can it start already


    Drag queens are so thin....I cry whilst eating and watching this.

  • Moonfaced Annie
    Moonfaced Annie 15 days ago

    I love these two 😊

  • Jhunified With Love
    Jhunified With Love 15 days ago

    Trinity is gonna WIN.

  • Jhunified With Love
    Jhunified With Love 15 days ago

    I don’t why I lost my ❤️ for Kameron after binge watching RPDRS10 for a hundred times. Hehehehe.

  • Margot Hanicque
    Margot Hanicque 15 days ago

    Peppermint was a trans queen no ?

  • Catherine Myers
    Catherine Myers 15 days ago

    No Trinity! NO!

  • Torrie Lashae
    Torrie Lashae 15 days ago

    All of the praise to just give Trinity a toot? Lol

  • Patrick artiste 3D
    Patrick artiste 3D 15 days ago

    Hope that Trinity will be in finals with Valentina...But overall, Trinity is more experience and knows her shit! She can act, she's funny and always on point

  • Jessica ZED
    Jessica ZED 16 days ago

    LMFAO 8:29 Asia's Face said it all

  • JD Krasinki
    JD Krasinki 16 days ago +1

    who are these 2 boring lackluster men?

  • Megan Sterry
    Megan Sterry 16 days ago

    dont get me wrong i love kameron but where was all this personality on her season this bitch must have smoke something before filming

    • laurabadcredit
      laurabadcredit 16 days ago

      I think she was really lacking in confidence. Now she’s had the validation I think she feels less anxious and so acts herself more.

  • Captai Flapjack
    Captai Flapjack 16 days ago

    This is wrong

  • Andres_Perez
    Andres_Perez 16 days ago

    Where is Raja and Raven ?????

  • 222ckc
    222ckc 17 days ago

    Not looking forward to Valentina getting a pass on everything for an entire season cause her fans are psychotic.

  • Fred Willy Era
    Fred Willy Era 17 days ago

    There tooo dam nice lol give us the SHADYBITCHES 😂

  • D Dier
    D Dier 17 days ago

    Was Peppermint not openly trans walking into the workroom?? Am I missing something here??

  • King M
    King M 18 days ago

    Top 4 :
    -Manila luzon
    -Trinity Taylor
    -Naomi smalls
    Winner : Manila luzon
    This season is gonna be all about runway looks and i they’re gonna serve henny

  • Lily
    Lily 19 days ago +2

    *kameron calls monét the queen of the party*
    *mayhem cries*

  • Nathally Zanchetta
    Nathally Zanchetta 19 days ago


  • Who Is Teo
    Who Is Teo 19 days ago

    isn't it a little isulting to peppermint this comments about gia? I mean I love them both, but peppermint was open then

  • JasondeLEpee
    JasondeLEpee 19 days ago

    The amount of vitriol I'm seeing in these comments makes me happy I don't go to bars to watch the show. I swear to God...

  • Cadmus Parrao
    Cadmus Parrao 19 days ago

    Asia O'hara honey pls shut the fuck up

  • Emerson Cartagena
    Emerson Cartagena 20 days ago

    Nomás es una!

  • Jacob Villaphan
    Jacob Villaphan 20 days ago

    13:44 I don’t understand what they meant by “polarizing” ???

  • bar 1995
    bar 1995 20 days ago

    I don't watch Raven & Raja's videos but are Kameron & Asia replacing them or is this a one off?

  • Leonardo Fabri
    Leonardo Fabri 20 days ago

    Omg, I had no idea how cool Kameron can be. She has given us more lines on this video than during the season 10... Such a sweety person ❤️

  • Robyn
    Robyn 21 day ago

    is everyone forgetting about Peppermint?

  • C o
    C o 21 day ago

    Trinity should have won her season.

  • Jpoznan0587
    Jpoznan0587 21 day ago

    Anyone know why raven and raja just stopped ??

  • May May
    May May 22 days ago

    I freaking love Kameron. She is so sweet and she knows how to give constructive compliments when critiquing. I like all the queen's outfits. I'm not a person who is fashion smart but I think they're all pretty.

  • 🌌Diário de Dan🌌

    Valentina: BOOT

  • Miss.Phoenixx
    Miss.Phoenixx 22 days ago

    I LOVE Latrice, but y'all know damn well she looked like a mistress of a plantation owner who died under mysterious circumstances and now she's there to say her goodbyes but also let it be known she's not scared to add your the name to the list..allegedly.
    Also Kameron and Asia look beautiful.

  • Lorienzo De Garcia
    Lorienzo De Garcia 22 days ago

    Trinity's outfit probably gets an instant toot here, but when in motion the skirt moved like a diaper.

  • Monique Davis
    Monique Davis 22 days ago

    @James Colwell

  • Luis Estrada
    Luis Estrada 22 days ago

    Toot Kameron and Asia's looks. Double dose of Stunning

  • Zoe Faris
    Zoe Faris 22 days ago

    I love these queens!!!!! Mama Asia is my LYFE!!!

  • John Lueras
    John Lueras 22 days ago

    We have to be honest about Ms Latrice Royal that was a BOOT The hat was horrid and dress too basic ... LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU LATRICE!

  • Cokkie Bunny
    Cokkie Bunny 22 days ago

    Valentina Boot

  • l ol
    l ol 22 days ago +2

    I still don't like Cameron Michael

  • Thomas Fisher
    Thomas Fisher 22 days ago

    The trend alert is called “Asterial Transitions,” not “polarizing.”
    Polarization is a clear layer of material added to sunglasses to reduce glare 🙄
    You’re thinking of the 90’s flash colors which are not the same as polarization.
    Asterial transitions is the use of transparent materials and futuristic silhouettes to create an avant-grade, fluid-like appearance.

    • jesus garcia
      jesus garcia 16 days ago

      We stan a queen who knows her materials 👏🙌

  • echo
    echo 23 days ago

    i feel like the only one who doesn’t like trinity’s look

    • echo
      echo 23 days ago

      also fuck y’all naomi was my top toot

  • Rowan E
    Rowan E 23 days ago

    Tragic. This pairing is tragic. Why put together two queens who don’t focus or specialize in fashion. Tragic

  • Pj Barra
    Pj Barra 23 days ago

    we need latrice's bodyyyy without all the terrible clothes they put on her

  • Amara Grey
    Amara Grey 23 days ago

    Wow Cameron is so loud right now

  • ReyBeltane
    ReyBeltane 23 days ago +1

    removing an earring in protest = A MOOD.

  • Carlee
    Carlee 23 days ago

    My favorite queens!

  • Petty Labelle
    Petty Labelle 24 days ago

    Valentina - soft TOOT (gorgeous but I wanna see better outfits)
    Monique Heart - BOOT (sorry girl. The momoji thing ruins it for me. Love the wig)
    Farrah Moan - TOOT (Flawless and I'm not even a big Farrah Moan fan)
    Gia Gunn - BOOT (I don't care for the jacket)
    Monet Xchange - TOOT (Love all of this)
    Jasmine Masters - TOOT (Stunning old school drag)
    Latrice Royale - TOOT!!! (Never looked better)
    Manilla Luzon - TOOT (Stunning as usual)
    Trinity Taylor - TOOT (Perfection really.)
    Naomi Smalls - TOOT the wig, BOOT the rest.

  • A DJ
    A DJ 24 days ago

    I was hoping to see Raja and Raven back together but you know... these toots and boots are veeeery relatable...

  • Renee Bingham
    Renee Bingham 24 days ago

    Team Gia here but I love everyone on this season. I will be gagged all year over these gals... I can just tell.

  • umar quadri
    umar quadri 24 days ago

    Wtf i loved naomi's outfit

  • Laura Andrade
    Laura Andrade 24 days ago

    Kameron is so boring. Asian is... ok. Raja and Raven are being missed so much.They were so real. So cool.

  • blissii
    blissii 24 days ago

    Farrah and Naomi were definitely were in my eyes not a boot!

  • Bobbie LaVanway
    Bobbie LaVanway 24 days ago

    Valentina, Farrah Moan, Jasmine, Manila, Trinity, to me nailed their look, hair, make-up. stance, pose, yep those are my picks.

  • Jacqueline Fink
    Jacqueline Fink 25 days ago

    The one on the left reminds me of Jeffree Star so much for some reason.

  • Alex
    Alex 25 days ago

    naomi looking like shea

  • Zidney Mos
    Zidney Mos 25 days ago

    Where are Raja and Raven?

  • Zidney Mos
    Zidney Mos 25 days ago

    Where's Raja & Raven?

  • Ryan Crean
    Ryan Crean 25 days ago

    P-E-P-P-E-R Bitch you know the rest.

  • Horvy Alexander
    Horvy Alexander 25 days ago

    13:11 She is giving me Lana Del Rey

  • Becky Marshall Design
    Becky Marshall Design 26 days ago

    God Asia is so good at her job, Asia for Fashion Photo Ruview more often!!

  • sandra richards
    sandra richards 26 days ago

    Where is Raja and Raven? I love them bring them back please!

  • NightOwl
    NightOwl 26 days ago

    Is it just me who would like to disagree with their top toot? I mean Trinity looks good but there's something that bothers me about her look. Same feeling with Latrice. (I did not say their looks are ugly. What I'm saying is that there's something lacking and/or something is bothering me about their looks.) But, still. They look good.

  • Nick Tyler
    Nick Tyler 26 days ago

    Kameron just agrees with anything Asia says.
    Love them, but fuck give us a real opinion.

  • dwdesignstt
    dwdesignstt 26 days ago

    Latrice ... NO!

  • Daniel Tavares
    Daniel Tavares 26 days ago


  • Daniel Tavares
    Daniel Tavares 26 days ago

    Okay, but can we talk on how there are some queens that paint a mask on? Like Raven and Monique? I feel so uncomfortable, idk. Why the face is that much lighter hunny?

  • sam 22
    sam 22 26 days ago

    How was Gia a boot but then Valentina was a tooth. Valentina made me want to shove my hand down a blender. It was horrifying. She came in wearing a translucent wash cloth and people are still gagging

  • s s
    s s 26 days ago

    omg i love asia and kameron so much they are so stunning

  • Michael Colunga
    Michael Colunga 26 days ago

    i miss raja and raven

  • 可爱帆帆
    可爱帆帆 27 days ago

    off season is the worst for me. once rpdr is back up, my skin is going to glow, my body is going to be snatched, and my hair is going to be luscious!

  • elliott
    elliott 27 days ago

    I thought Naomi looked sooo good. The dress was giving me waterfall vibes and her heir was laid back too she looked like a winter spring goddess

  • Green Machine
    Green Machine 27 days ago

    they seem a little scared to comment on Latrice it seems. They know she will come for them henny.

  • lidia rodriguez
    lidia rodriguez 27 days ago

    I’m not trying to be mean but I thought raja and raven would be back by now

  • Nell Rose
    Nell Rose 27 days ago

    you know polarising means something that creates a huge difference of opinion?

  • Anime Joy
    Anime Joy 27 days ago

    Uhh Imma switch Valentina's toot with Latrice's soft toot. No hate, just my opinion.

  • Misael Caballero'
    Misael Caballero' 27 days ago

    “I’m back, but in protest I’m quiting an earring” *OMG THE BUTTERFLY KILLER IS KILLING ME NOW LMAOOOOOOO*