Keanu Reeves Stars In 'Cyberpunk 2077' Trailer, Rallies Crowd At E3

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Fans are raving over Keanu Reeves' surprise appearance at the end of the "Cyberpunk 2077" trailer. The actor kept the surprises rolling, stepping out at E3 to show a little more from the game and reveal the drop date: April 16, 2020. Plus, "Toy Story 4" stars Tom Hanks and Tim Allen share their reaction to Keanu joining the cast.
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Comments • 41

  • CC
    CC Month ago +2

    I'm addicted to Keanu !!!

  • gotellbossc4t
    gotellbossc4t 4 months ago

    That female reporter sucks. Not a sexist comment before you take unwarranted offense dear youtuber. She offered nothing of value and he was only marginally better.

  • jariah92005
    jariah92005 4 months ago +1

    Johnny Silverhand. Mr. Fusion is the engine to Doc Brown delorean in Back to the Future 2, smh.

  • Rhyan Jill
    Rhyan Jill 4 months ago +3

    Mr. Fusion is the codename used by CDPR to keep his involvement a huge secret. The character name on the other hand is Johny Silverhand.

  • sandra Ferrington
    sandra Ferrington 4 months ago

    Another addiction

  • Purefoldnz
    Purefoldnz 4 months ago +4

    Mr Fusion? She must be Ms Confusion.

  • Gamer Wits
    Gamer Wits 4 months ago

    mr fusion? wtf news!?

  • RandomGameVids
    RandomGameVids 4 months ago


  • nas taran
    nas taran 4 months ago

    Only few people say bad things about Keanu? What? Are you high? These two are like don't know Keanu , How did they get Keanu to play in Always be my maybe? ?? That's what Keanu does , it's been going on for years, where have you been ?under a rock?

  • blarzar
    blarzar 4 months ago

    Underated actor? Have you been on twitter or reddit in the last 4 years?

  • joe derp
    joe derp 4 months ago

    Canadian Punk 2077

  • J. Puebla
    J. Puebla 4 months ago +2

    Keanu is so in demand these days...

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones 4 months ago +11

    He's Johnny Silverhand not Mr fusion.

  • Mario Ottaviano
    Mario Ottaviano 4 months ago

    Ma a Keanu Reeves gli fanno fare solo questo genere di film? Gli facessero fare qualcosa di diverso,un po come succdeva a Meg Ryan ke faceva solo commedie,e che ora è irriconoscibile x colpa della chirurgia plastica. Dai Keanu fai qualcos'altro

  • Cloudniila Bitch
    Cloudniila Bitch 4 months ago

    Did she say "reese's" character?

  • Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fantasy XIII 4 months ago +1


  • Reis World
    Reis World 4 months ago +5

    Everyone loves him. He deserves to be happy !!

  • keiry breedy
    keiry breedy 4 months ago +5

    He is so cute

  • Doshi
    Doshi 4 months ago +6

    Nobody talks about him in point break! One of my favorite movies he's done.. " I AM A FBI..agent!

    • Amardeep Grewal
      Amardeep Grewal 4 months ago +1

      Yess! Love him and patrick Swayze in that, both are gorgeous in that movie!

  • mike
    mike 4 months ago +12

    Mr.fusion?? Johnny silverhands

  • Joey Cantu
    Joey Cantu 4 months ago +3

    Ok am I the only one that thinks if the dc universe gets there crap together n gets it going. I’m nominating Keanu Reeves to play the Joker!!! I think it will be a badass.

  • sleep less
    sleep less 4 months ago

    Pixar should probably add a John Wick toy action figure in Toy Story 4 and have it voiced by Keanu himself lol

  • samuel velez
    samuel velez 4 months ago +4

    It’s a 3er party not a Xbox exclusive 😂hate went not gamer talks about gaming.

    • FαZe bαnks
      FαZe bαnks 4 months ago

      Why didn't Sony also team up with Microsoft and E3 I don't understand

  • David Lape
    David Lape 4 months ago +4

    Absolute Respect

  • lala blu
    lala blu 4 months ago +3

    Keanu just like Leaf was a famous child and teen actor if he wants to come and go he can because he has that luxery and loyal fans others can not!

  • Minzi Legit
    Minzi Legit 4 months ago +2

    First..... he was on Fortnite not long ago (i bought the John Wick skin which really looked like Keanu in the flesh) and now he's on Cyberpunk 2077?? This year is definitely the year of Keanu. ^^

  • N I M B V S
    N I M B V S 4 months ago +41

    Reeves plays Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077. It was literally confirmed by CDPR right after they dropped the trailer. Where did you guys read that his character was called "Mr. Fusion"? LOL

    • Jaycus Tan
      Jaycus Tan 4 months ago +6

      mr fusion was the code name CDPR used in emails so as not to leak the info that keanu was in the game

  • connie clayton
    connie clayton 4 months ago +34

    That's right !! Men are even in love with Keanu !!

  • Apryl Canales
    Apryl Canales 4 months ago +67

    The fact that it was a man that shouted out "you're breathtaking" at Keanu is awesome

  • Mohamed AlSerkal
    Mohamed AlSerkal 4 months ago +25

    2019 will always be the year of Keanu

    • Amardeep Grewal
      Amardeep Grewal 4 months ago +2

      Ur right he's everywhere and he's getting all this recognition and love he's never gotten before. Even though he was very loved and popular before. He's my main love since i first saw him in point break😍

  • OkayAngel
    OkayAngel 4 months ago +22

    He has got to be the nicest man on the planet.. 🧡🧡

    • Sunshine MishasMommy
      Sunshine MishasMommy 4 months ago

      I agree..Keanu Reeves is a talented actor and a nice guy,which IMO doesn't always occur within the same person..all I've ever heard from other actors as well as crew people that have worked with him is that he is a super cool dude who is also super nice..he is all kinds of AWESOME 😁

  • Jagath vishnu
    Jagath vishnu 4 months ago +7

    This is not a trailer... This is a cinematic trailer.. That's why it is so long...

  • navylaks2
    navylaks2 4 months ago

    I once saw him kill 3 men in a bar with a Pencil, with a F****** Pencil;)
    Who The F*** can do that:)

  • Pbot9
    Pbot9 4 months ago +2