Sarah Sanders on impeachment: Pelosi is making a big mistake

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says the Democrats are going to help President Trump get reelected in 202 with their 'ridiculous impeachment sham.' #FoxNews

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Comments • 2 387

  • Randy Mcgrew
    Randy Mcgrew 16 days ago

    Hopefully the dumbass Democrats will be done

  • Steve Bingham
    Steve Bingham 17 days ago

    The liberal insanity spoon feeding the Democrats

  • Buddy Floyd
    Buddy Floyd Month ago

    " Never interrupt the enemy when they are destroying themselves. " Napoleon

  • Jacques Minor
    Jacques Minor Month ago


  • snarky77005
    snarky77005 Month ago

    Trump doesn't have to do anything. The democrats want to make clowns of themselves? Okay, all Trump has to do is step out of the way and let them.
    Trump has handled perfectly so far.

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man Month ago

    You are Gorgeous Sarah, Please can I take you on a Date?

  • ai.117 UNSC
    ai.117 UNSC Month ago

    0.15 SARA ... unustas saata sendid investeeringud alamale ? vaatame siis edasi 5 aastat sinu naeratust nende sentide eest. kul sa lojus lugeda oskad

  • Shirley Dreitzler
    Shirley Dreitzler Month ago

    They are all corrupt complete idiots Pelosi, Schumer,

  • Scudderbunny
    Scudderbunny Month ago

    Do it fast so Congress can stop wasting time and money.

  • Jeffrey Mcbeth
    Jeffrey Mcbeth Month ago

    Pelosi you are a trader leave the United States you and your circus get the hell out you and your clowns are killing our country

  • Rose Pepenella
    Rose Pepenella Month ago

    I really LOATHE Pelosi. All the Dems are really showing their true colors.

  • Yves Augustin
    Yves Augustin Month ago

    Sarah you're a FFT fool for trump

  • Ronny Little
    Ronny Little Month ago

    Dems are electing Trump as president and they dont even know it yet....

  • Phil LeBlanc
    Phil LeBlanc Month ago

    Are the Salem inquisition guidelines being followed by the book?

  • gareth jordan
    gareth jordan Month ago

    the republicans cant engage in any investigations because it is under audit lol

  • Tonald Drump
    Tonald Drump Month ago

    Pelosi does anal

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown Month ago

    Lets clean out the entire Washington DC sludge !!

  • Theresa Rose
    Theresa Rose Month ago

    Love you Sarah ❤️. Proff will set you free. They have no proof. I hope you and your family are blessed Sarah ❤️✝️🌹

  • TW Foundation
    TW Foundation Month ago

    Please, if you will:
    1) Show video clips as (side by side comparisons) of the PAST OLD and PRESENT NEW PERSPECTIVES of the OLD and NEW "scripted" narratives (grouped by:
    a) topics [i.e., economy, jobs growth, financial markets growth, etc],
    b) then grouped by talking heads from each network).

    2) below each side by side video clip window,
    a) clearly the dates each clip was originally aired.
    b) the number of weeks or months between each clip being aired.
    3) Then immediately after each topic comparison show clips of Pelosi and others of her ilk who make claims that POTUS Trump is failing, ruining the country, etc.
    4) These short, rapid and concise side by side video clip comparisons will clearly reveal the scripted negative narratives verses the truth. The obvious organized scripting of negative and untrue narratives and the shear volume of the propaganda being bombarded on the American People and my which named networks and which names perpetrators.
    5) This presentation will become visual and audio evidence of the crimes by the corporate and individual actors during their coming trials for conspiracy, sedition and treason.
    Go get 'em Sarah

    If you would like some help with this, I would be honored to be of assistance.

  • Big Wheel
    Big Wheel Month ago

    December 9th full disclosure of spygate.
    Fly your Flag 🇺🇸

  • madtoytle
    madtoytle Month ago

    ..............sick and tired of going and watching someone(s) crying 'wolf'....'wolf'....'wolf'..........!

    BLUE MOXIE Month ago

    Spoiler ALERT I WAS ALL Phony Baloney....

  • Marta Negron
    Marta Negron Month ago

    President Trump 2020thtas fact,like it or not,long live the best President Trump godbless him,to returning our nation back,throw away the Democrats out of the WH,we trust of to save our nation,and the world in gods name Amen

  • James Walker
    James Walker Month ago

    If it was in Russia someone gets whacked and it goes away

  • Dean Nornan
    Dean Nornan Month ago

    Your a mistake lying sarah

  • Jill O'Farrell
    Jill O'Farrell Month ago

    Nancy sign the B PAPER how long do you need it on your Desk

    MOKO OH Month ago +1

    You never have been able to trust a word Sara says, that why she works for fox / she is a master at spinning the truth

  • paradigm respawn
    paradigm respawn Month ago

    Waiting for the Inevitable Desperate Cry!
    "We Must Impeach before the Primaries!"
    We Must Impeach before the Convention!"
    "We Must IMPEACH before the Election!"
    The Little Boy who Cried "Russia! Ukraine!"

  • paradigm respawn
    paradigm respawn Month ago


    acquittal by ground hog day (repeat)
    (repeat) (repeat) (repeat) (repeat) (tepeat)

  • Him Adri
    Him Adri Month ago +1

    Sarah Slanderer at it as usual

  • Tristan Ruby
    Tristan Ruby Month ago

    The Pelosi show and followers are digging at anything to cover their corruption, their illegal modern day slavery.

  • Mike Fisher
    Mike Fisher Month ago +1

    Never interfere while your enemy is destroying itself. .lol

  • Ben Nemeth
    Ben Nemeth Month ago

    New catch phrase ... HOW DARE YOU!!? pass it on pro-Americans

  • Orlando Tourist Traps
    Orlando Tourist Traps Month ago +1

    Pelosi Hates Trump so much she would lie and do anything to get him out of office.

  • Angelee thompson
    Angelee thompson Month ago

    Move forward without Pelosi, Schiff, and democrats!!

  • J Hugh
    J Hugh Month ago

    Impeach the House!!!! Make them pay back back their salaries which they didn't work for ! People need to open their eyes and stand together befor we become slaves

  • JimBeam
    JimBeam Month ago +1

    Huckabee, You’re still alive? Nobody believes you anymore, even your potential employers

  • Sam Hernandez
    Sam Hernandez Month ago +1

    Trump is a criminal and Sanders looks like the caveman from the Geico commercials

  • gcNewd
    gcNewd Month ago

    Well spoken Sarah.

  • star thrower
    star thrower Month ago

    It's never a mistake to hold someone accountable for their crimes. The paid shills, present and past can no longer protect him.

  • terry coleman
    terry coleman Month ago

    Go back in your hole

  • George Kafantaris
    George Kafantaris Month ago

    The Mueller Report has to be included in the articles of impeachment because Ukraine is but an extension of the pattern of conduct that Bob Mueller had alerted us to. Indeed, the fact that Trump just sent Giuliani back to Ukraine to resurrect debunked claims is proof positive that he learned nothing and will learn nothing unless he is stopped.

      CIRCLE OF TONE. Month ago

      You really need to do your homework. I suggest the Grayzone or Jimmy Dore. Trump is an idiot but Russia and Ukraine hoax is basically a political coup by Hillary.

    PAUL TRAИCER Month ago

    I thought british politicians were a joke. But watching this punch and judy show is embarrassing. These people are supposed to represent the people. The USA is falling apart and this never ending clown show needs new writers . They should all be put on notice and be fired !

  • Joy Bradford
    Joy Bradford Month ago

    AN EXCELLENT ANALOGY! (Originally from one of the constitutional scholars in the Judiciary Impeachment hearing last week.)
    A thought experiment analogy: Imagine that the governor of Louisiana is a Republican and the there is a Governor’s election coming up in a year. During this time the president of the United States is also a Republican. But before the Governor’s election Louisiana experiences a terrible natural disaster like a hurricane. Immediately Congress approves millions of dollars of disaster aid for Louisiana. The Republican Governor calls the Republican president and says, when will you release the disaster aid for my state? Then the republican president says, I will release it, but I need you to do a favor though. I want you to find some dirt on your Democrat opponent.
    Now, would you think that the president is bribing the Louisiana Governor? Be honest now! Cause that is EXACTLY what trump did to Ukraine. I really hope that the republicans in this country decide to be on the right side of history here!

    • S T
      S T Month ago

      @Joy Bradford Yes I watched Joy. I found Vindman to be the whistle blower and I understand he has a difference of opinion on how it should all go down and so on. Yes watched them all. Did you get to see Sandy's testimony? Well you didnt because its not released? Why is it not released ? Because he states the funds were being held in order to get more of Europe to pony up money. Fact but they dont want you to know that. Where is all the testimony ? Why is it cherry picked by a lying attorney ? No recourse against him ,yet? Its a total farce while yes he said quid pro quo it was not about with holding the aid for an investigation it was about setting up a meeting.
      Voler exonerated the president as well.
      I get the hate for Trump or at least his tact I really do but the way I see it what the dems are putting on is a total reflection of how they want you and I to live. Pretend make believe and do whatever they want in order to get an outcome.Its just terrible. Sorry not in mood to go on but mark my words this is the most disgusting abuse of power ever seen in our history. Its not by Trump.
      This is a bunch of sore losers whining and whining about a guy they never thought would be elected and they hate so this goes on and on and on and will continue because they are a total disgrace.

    • Joy Bradford
      Joy Bradford Month ago

      CIRCLE OF TONE. I don’t care about what trump was thinking. We do know what was said. If anyone who is in this impeachment debate and haven’t listened to the testimonies or read the texts and reports. Again, trump admitted to asking Ukraine for dirt on the Biden’s then asked China to do the same thing. At this point there is overwhelming evidence of bribery and obstruction of Congress. It is an impeachable offense to not allow witnesses to testify. If anyone thinks that trump didn’t commit these offenses is living in denial. On purpose. We can all have our opinions, but the facts are facts.

      CIRCLE OF TONE. Month ago

      @Joy Bradford you just made a bunch of stuff up. An opinion of what Trump was thinking is not direct quotes from Trump.

  • jesters seriousness
    jesters seriousness Month ago +1

    The dems are trying to impeach trump for what biden bragged about in public. The ukraine is a nightmare for the dems. Pelosi, kerry, and biden had family members working for burisma.

  • Orden Just
    Orden Just Month ago +1

    If one skips listening to Sarah Sanders entirely, one still gets about as much information as we did when Sarah was Press Secretary.

  • Amazingly confused
    Amazingly confused Month ago

    every person who wasted tax payers money should be made to pay it back especially over unverified lies and hearsay

  • Solomon Kay
    Solomon Kay Month ago +1

    Oh Sarah Sanders is back? Liar. She has been a great liar to the American people and it a shame to see her again.

  • TimberWolf
    TimberWolf Month ago

    No weapon formed against Trump will ever prevail. His enemies will be embarrassed.

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago

    I have tried very hard to understand what the dems are accusing trump of. Do they even know cause I sure dont see what they are saying

    • Jeff
      Jeff Month ago

      @Big AL do you think the bidens are also guilty of abuse of power?

    • Big AL
      Big AL Month ago

      Abuse of power and obstruction of justice- what's so hard about that

  • Don Cole
    Don Cole Month ago +1

    Sarah is as big of a liar as Trump 😂

  • Omni Productions
    Omni Productions Month ago

    Sarah Sanders 2024!

  • Antoon Kooij
    Antoon Kooij Month ago

    Its not that Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and others, like many MSM media pundits, don't know that this impeachment doesn't go anywhere. They are not stupid, just corrupt. Butt hey are intrumental in creating a smokescreen for their unelected masters, which Trump is exposing and is about to expose. Those selfserving politicians can stay in power and are tolerated as long as they do the bidding of those occult forces.

    • Big AL
      Big AL Month ago

      Wow horseshit

    • S T
      S T Month ago

      Wow this is spot on. Not really an occult but spot on nonetheless. Most people will not understand the people to fear are the ones you dont see or hear from.
      The master of puppets.
      "Blinded by me you cant see a thing..."

  • D A
    D A Month ago +1

    Trump is making a big mistake by siding with russia and doing their bidding. He is also making a huge mistake by blocking the impeachment inquiry.

  • Donnie Kula
    Donnie Kula Month ago

    I feel so sorry for y'all 😭

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame Month ago

    There's more chance of locking Trump up on his foreign policies

  • icicicles
    icicicles Month ago

    We miss the beautiful and smart Sarah Sanders!!!

  • joseph Traff
    joseph Traff Month ago

    pelosi, schiff nadler, resign after this fiasco
    everyone got to see the real greasy, creepy bully Biden challenging an 83 year old citizen " to a contest of push ups and an IQ test"

  • Charles HIll
    Charles HIll Month ago

    President Trump could hit Pelosi😈, Schiff👹 or Nadler🤡 in the head with a baseball bat and I would still vote for him in 2020!

  • Joel Vorensky
    Joel Vorensky Month ago

    JOIN THE “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”. Communist Putin’s Russian Security Services promote propaganda (Undermining Democracies Worldwide) through President Trump, Trump Administration, Fox News Commentators, Republican Party. They create doubt, reservations, practice denial, avoidance, rationalization, innuendo, and spin of facts, truth, and reality. The reality is they are the hoax, deep state, swamp, and quicksand. Just read Heida Blake’s “From Russia with Blood”. Let’s empower ourselves Americans by stepping up with our “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”. All of them mentioned above need to go home to Communist Putin’s Russia today! They can all live in Trump Tower Moscow. We the people no longer want them in our country. “GET OUT NOW”!