Motorhome Homeless In LA

  • Published on Jan 7, 2018
  • Not only are there Homeless sleeping in tents, sidewalks, on Skid Row in Los Angeles there are also 1000s of Motorhome Homeless people living in illegally parked RVs all over LA .
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  • Gabriel Ruvalcaba
    Gabriel Ruvalcaba 3 days ago

    This guy is a patriot..
    All FACTS 💯 Ca.with Democrats did it all.

  • Deb Stephens
    Deb Stephens 10 days ago

    Two months in LA gives you the expertise and right to put down your brothers and sisters who are finding a way to live their lives as best they can? Did you get molested in a motor home at a young age? Perhaps you have a problem with the actual RV rather than how they are being occupied and used. Go get some counseling. You can walk so listen,,,,,,WALK THE WALK DO NOT TALK THE TALK

  • Sonny Kelley
    Sonny Kelley 10 days ago

    There's another motor home & there's another one & there's another one Mind your own business

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  7 days ago

      LA’s underground homeless RV rental market is ‘predatory’ and needs regulation,

  • Julie Brothers
    Julie Brothers 11 days ago

    You know mate... your video is ... informative, however.. it brings the law down on homeless people. Those Californian fires were man made lasers that microwaved people. 🙁🙁🙁🙁 they need support!! Rents are too high. They need to be free to park Give them a break!!

  • Brandon Mack
    Brandon Mack 12 days ago

    5 bucks for sucks dick for rent

  • Brandon Mack
    Brandon Mack 12 days ago

    What about you shall not judge!!!!

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 14 days ago

    Ne! They're not homeless, they're houseless. It's a life style.

  • James Sohol
    James Sohol 15 days ago

    You lived in L.A. 2 months, you look like your living library or the park. Those people are not homeless, those are motorhomes, they dont want to pay taxes on a home. Leave the people alone, God bless them they have a place to live!

  • Armando Gonzalez
    Armando Gonzalez 18 days ago

    They are lucky to have a motorhome i live in my 2010 prius

  • Ben Doverton
    Ben Doverton 19 days ago

    What’s your point. Your just a dick, LAPD probably needs a meter maid like you.

  • Kathryn B
    Kathryn B 19 days ago

    You're a monster you whiney baby. I can't stand you! I hope you experience what these poor people are experiencing. They cannot afford the tickets.
    What's your end goal pal?! WHAT? THERE IS NO POINT BEING MADE!
    You are showing these what? Answer. Come up with solutions! Specific solutions! Don't just bring the problem up. Give some answers to it.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  19 days ago

      No monster here. The monsters are in California Government and LA City Hall.

      Do some research on the fact that they have been sitting on over 2 BILLION DOLLARS of funding to work on Homelessness for over 2 years with 0 ACTION! :

      Do Monsters accomplish this:

  • Richard Provost
    Richard Provost 21 day ago

    Learn to talk.. Ass hole..

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  20 days ago

      I speak just fine, as for you.... Do you speak without spouting ignorance?

  • ryan lee
    ryan lee 21 day ago

    this is self righteousness in action!

  • Biggie Baby
    Biggie Baby 21 day ago

    Get to the point.

  • Daniel Sa
    Daniel Sa 21 day ago +1

    Mind your business. People are going thru hard times. Save your 2 cents. Hes a Perfect example of a self entitled pick.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  21 day ago

      Not entitled at al as I also am someone who has been through a lot of " hard times " and at the time of my shooting that video was also sleeping out of my car.

  • Fossil Diver
    Fossil Diver 22 days ago

    They're not homeless. They're retired.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  21 day ago

      You are incorrect. They are struggling to have some sort of roof over their heads and many of them do not even own the RVs !

  • Robert Mabe
    Robert Mabe 25 days ago

    Why are you against people living in motorhomes, would you rather see them in tents in the street, try this, mind your business, your turning into your parents.

  • Sue Burgess
    Sue Burgess 26 days ago

    As long as they don't USE other people's identities and cards to fund this lifestyle .. if they're honest than there shouldn't be a problem.

  • Sue Burgess
    Sue Burgess 26 days ago

    Where do the homeless in motor homes get money .. are they working?

  • George Mendoza
    George Mendoza 27 days ago

    How can the city help this people if they are in fact homeless and looking for a place to live. We need to vote for politicians that are going to make a change in making housing affordable to keep individuals from becoming homeless. I myself lost a 5 bedroom home close to the beach and currently struggling with rent living in a NON rent control apartment. I might have to move far away or buy an RV myself. I hope someone finds a solution.

  • Karen Gray
    Karen Gray 28 days ago

    Everyone can talk but o one is doing anything about the senaors, congressman or the governor of a beauftiful state they have ruined by letting illegals in and not taking care of American! Most homeless I see in videos are older seniors black, and white, not many hispanics. they are deling the drugs these people take to stay warm if they can get it! Maybe these are vacationers or most are but yes many live in these and believe you me they can not afford to move them due to gas needed or they are going hungry. This guy showed you a problem even though many are ok to park there s due to a vacation. But with so many homeless why park there? Governors, polititicians quit taking care of everyone but the people who have paid taxes, vbought food and items such as cars etc... in the great beautiful state of Ca.

  • Rosita Swann
    Rosita Swann Month ago

    People have been forse to live in an RV, God bless them, the rents are to high, let them be, what is your purpose, you need to mind your own business

  • John Holba
    John Holba Month ago +1

    This video is absolutely stupid!

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  Month ago

      Please explain why it is stupid.
      Have you been there?
      Are you aware of the current problems that plague California?

      How about you to some research on what is happening with the RV situation and learn before you doubt it?

      A New Kind Of ‘Slumlord’ Is Under Attack In LA


    Big deal I live in a van and I love it HAHAHAHA

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  Month ago

      This topic may or may not pertain to your living situation, though it sounds that it does not.

      A New Kind Of ‘Slumlord’ Is Under Attack In LA

  • Randy Thomas
    Randy Thomas Month ago

    You got well in California.....just another meddling idiot... You probably oppose The Wall too.... I would think someone would cut your beard off. You're not the type a beard works with... You're more like a seal... Yep...a ducking seal! Where do you live, asswipe?

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  Month ago

      Incorrect. We NEED border security as well as a secure border.
      Thanks for your conne though.

  • Dosam _
    Dosam _ Month ago

    What are you, the motorhome police?! That empty one was probably someone’s recreational vehicle...geez!!
    NOBODY WANTS TO TALK TO YOU BECAUSE YOU SEEM LIKE A JERK! And I’m going say what everybody else is saying, a motorhome is a home! please stop calling them homeless.

  • NickT127
    NickT127 Month ago

    Rich get richer poor gets poorer

  • Belmy 08
    Belmy 08 Month ago

    That's not true there is designated green areas you can park your car in

  • Mark Snider
    Mark Snider Month ago

    Poway sheriff took my motorhome , now I stay under a bridge. ( when it rains).

  • Redd Hott
    Redd Hott Month ago

    These kind of videos tell me if I'm gonna be homeless, I need to do it somewhere that has very few homeless people !!!!! This is not a good time to be homeless in the USA. Best ta keep a job and ya head down, bad times coming

  • mr zed
    mr zed Month ago

    I'd rather live in a camper than pay 1500 a month for a rathole

  • Figueroa Rury Laquinta

    This Guy Works for Trump

  • Figueroa Rury Laquinta

    If I see u leaving ur car I'm gonna tow it leave em alone

  • Figueroa Rury Laquinta

    We don't give them tickets because they have no money My supervisor for the city says don't waste ur time

  • John Marcum
    John Marcum Month ago

    I’m in Fort Worth Texas right now for 3 weeks to go to school for HVAC and appliance repair training and I’m living in my RV, am I homeless? HELL NO. Am I poor? HELL NO but because of people like this guy that’s how so many people look at people like me and other travelers in RVs, that we’re “homeless”, now if the RV has stuff all over it and it’s quite trashy then yes they probably live out of it but who cares at least there not sleeping on a bench for a bus stop where commuters would like to sit down

  • Clark Griswold
    Clark Griswold Month ago

    This guy is a bozo!

  • Mathew Ackerman
    Mathew Ackerman Month ago

    What is the deal? I have seen a few of your videos and all I see is you putting down the poor! Please stop getting yourself off on the poor by pointing them out as less than. What are trying to accomplish?

  • Cerone 747
    Cerone 747 Month ago

    That guy sounds like he's really snitching

  • noel matos
    noel matos Month ago +1

    Why don't you get a life and stop stalking these people asshole

  • ButterFly Kisses
    ButterFly Kisses Month ago

    If ur in an rv ur not homeless hello u have roof over ur head homeless with with out home no roof over the head

  • pearlbeachwave 1
    pearlbeachwave 1 Month ago

    The tech companies like google are paying their employees top money. The pbs video that talks about silicon valley explains this. People in these vans are getting salaries from 30 thou to 175 thou a year and want to skip the high LA rents. Who can blame them. They are not bums. Once again greedy pig landlords are the enemies.

  • pearlbeachwave 1
    pearlbeachwave 1 Month ago

    If you really cared, you would build little houses for these people only charge them utilites, and get them off the streets.Too much disease and filth no place to use the john. Rents are ridiculous in LA. Easy to get behind in rent.😂😂😂😂☠☠☠The real villains are super greedy landlords.

  • Eduardo Cortez
    Eduardo Cortez Month ago

    I think it’s ok as long as people fallow the laws politicians are not the problem it’s people that don’t care and do what they want and don’t fallow the rules that’s the problem, they are ruining it for the ones that fallow the rules, people that chose to live this way and fallow the parking laws are not the problem. And I don’t think it should be illegal for people to live in there rv on the streets if thats what they want .as long as they are moving and parking according to the laws . It should all be good 🤗

  • jason smallwood
    jason smallwood Month ago

    Shout.. hell yes ! ..for every time he says motorhome ✌️

  • jonathan joe
    jonathan joe Month ago

    So go write them a parking ticket asshole. In case you haven't noticed, California is struggling. You've only been there 2 months? Go home!

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  Month ago

      California is not struggling.
      The poor and middle class are the ones struggling.

  • Lore Wilhelm
    Lore Wilhelm Month ago

    Wow, He is in the neighborhood that I grew up in. Mar Vista CA.

  • Bathory Elena
    Bathory Elena Month ago +1

    I love motor homes! They are so cool!


    They have shelter that should be a reason to smile

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben Month ago +1

    4:43 Motor home homeless is an oxymoron, Red. A motor home is a domicile, which means it's considered to be a home.

  • Thomas Kleven
    Thomas Kleven Month ago

    Living in a motor home doesn't mean without a home. They have a home it's even in the name motor home. People live and function very efficiently in motor homes. Even the rich are converting vans into livable spaces so that they can commute around the country for work.

  • papasannerskine
    papasannerskine Month ago

    We need to come together and have our own laws our own business finance our own money and keep to us from them and they will see they are the problem

  • papasannerskine
    papasannerskine Month ago

    Why we even serving the country if they don't even care to me it's slavery for both sides white and black rich getting rich and the poor getting poorer

  • Christian Haupenthal

    Problem is your economic system and not homeless People. They are only victims of this System. For over 20 years I lifed 2 1/2 years long as homeless in L.A. - Hollywood. I left Germany for political reasons. To part we have political censorship at University and Colleges. You have to follow blind what Professor or teacher say. I am back in Germany since 1997. I am 61 now. I have not the right to say to you which way America should go.

  • Ava Moffett
    Ava Moffett 2 months ago

    I don't agree they are not homeless, they live in a mobile home. These things aren't cheap, last time I checked they cost more than your car. Stop call these folks Homeless.

  • kathy williams
    kathy williams 2 months ago

    i think they are lucky to have an RV to live in.

  • Robert Saxer
    Robert Saxer 2 months ago

    fuck off ashole dont u have somthing better to do or u above humanity

  • old .northsider
    old .northsider 2 months ago

    where do they all shit ? tow all these shit boxes away and open a shelter.where the people can get some counseling on health and getting a job and some dr.s and dentists can volunteer to help

  • Steve Tinkler
    Steve Tinkler 2 months ago

    Why did I watch some of this video? That guy really bothers me. He is so condescending and non-empathetic. Put your head back in your ass you jerk!

  • George Gould
    George Gould 2 months ago

    Did Legal Citizens of California ever think about Voting for Republicans for a change , what the Hell Do they have to loose

  • Pedro Benfica
    Pedro Benfica 2 months ago

    you are the best mother Fu...r i,ve seen...tomorow can be you...RESPECT people living in motorhomes.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      LA’s underground homeless RV rental market is ‘predatory’ and needs regulation

  • FEAR the LORD
    FEAR the LORD 2 months ago

    These are the homeless people who have good jobs, you really got to love America .

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White 2 months ago

    Stop hating mf get a life. Leave people alone and go make u some tea and sit yr ask down somewhere and thank the Lord yr not homeless

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      I had been Homeless at the time of shooting that video and have been off and on througout my life.

  • sitthapromwas phornsaran

    This is what Trump should be solving not the f_cking wall emergency !

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      You think Homelessness is bad in America now ?
      Let those caravans pour in and see what happens.

  • jay meese
    jay meese 2 months ago

    Its the cost of living, what is the solution. Should they get towed and impounded. Why dont you bring them some food maybe they will talk to you. i gave some guy food in a motorhome in seattle, he had his whole family with him. im sure he could not afford the high costs of living. its the same on the whole west coast.

  • Chris Houston
    Chris Houston 2 months ago +1

    The Federal Reserve which is not federal its private has looted this country. Americans work 4 months for free to pay them per year.
    We are entering Wiemar America, and it won't end pretty for these parasites.

  • Buckwild 65
    Buckwild 65 2 months ago

    Better to live in a motor home, than a tent or cardboard box.

  • Danny Mccoy
    Danny Mccoy 2 months ago +1


  • Ionel Floria
    Ionel Floria 2 months ago

    Why are you such a piece of sh*t ...?????....

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      You are out of line. Read this!

    EZE GQFOURU 2 months ago

    I don't do this, I dont do that, Dude it could be you next,give it time

  • Precious 1962
    Precious 1962 2 months ago +1

    We plan on full time RV’ing in 5 years, so what?

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      Many of those RVs you see are not living in RVs by choice.

  • Street Survivor
    Street Survivor 2 months ago

    Get a life

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      I have a life just as you and everyone else does.
      What you make of that life is another thing.

  • Dan Booher
    Dan Booher 2 months ago +1

    Where well the hell are they ?

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 2 months ago

    Buy the way you can finance a motorhome as a second home!

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 2 months ago +1

    I met some of the nicest people that were homeless and a lot of them help each other in many ways. My desire is to live off the grind

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      Living in a motor home in parked on the side of the road in the middle of a city is not living off grid. Majority of those RVs you see are illegal rentals.

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 2 months ago

    I think we will see a lot more of this because we are living in a during system, like a ship that is sinking. Az. Has people everywhere that comes from all over the us and they live in there motorhomes by choice, people are tired of living for stuss

  • Arturo Ortiz Jr
    Arturo Ortiz Jr 2 months ago +1

    Im watching this because I’m considering buying a new RV. Looking into a 2019 Thor four winds 31w. I’m here in Los Ángeles and my business has slowed down for the last two years and it’s getting harder to afford my lifestyle and rent. Rent is $2350.
    I think there has to be a mutual respect and consideration.
    The RV’ers and residents. Everyone needs to be understanding, not so particular and judgmental.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      Your situation is much different than many of those RVs you see around LA.

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 2 months ago

    My son lives in his motorhome and works is ass off, he had to sell everything because no one could afford to pay him for his work as a contractor, he had to file bankruptcy, but he didnt let that stop him. I also had to sell my home because after being forced into retirement in 2009 I could no longer afford my home and became homeless for a time. I use to think that homelessness was due to drugs or something like that, I now now that is not true, I learned that we don't need anymore then the what iwhzt is

  • Steven Cexton
    Steven Cexton 2 months ago +1

    Get off them homeless people dude, don't you know life can change on a dime, and you could be there your self or even Worse!

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      You are insinuating that I was not or have not been? I slept in my car in LA for 7 months before I made the right decision to leave or I would wind up trapped there.

  • mario condello
    mario condello 2 months ago +2

    I think it's awesome as long as they don't park out the front of my house.

    • Arturo Ortiz Jr
      Arturo Ortiz Jr 2 months ago

      I feel you. I’m considering buying one myself and I’ve thought about this too.
      I don’t want to park directly in front of someone’s home maybe off to the side next to a wall/fence/hedge and nothing long term. More like for 1-2 nights tops and move on to a different neighborhood.
      We all can be more respectful of one another regardless of the laws, human to human, brother to brother kinda shit

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      That is the feeling that many have. NIMBY

  • Dale W
    Dale W 2 months ago +1

    You look homeless

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      Yeah, I did. I looked as many believe Homeless to look like. I have met many and there are some put there you would never suspect as being Homeless.

  • Dale W
    Dale W 2 months ago +1

    Busy body moron who has nothing better to do but stick his nose in things that aren't his business.

  • Robert Neese
    Robert Neese 2 months ago

    Everybody has to live some where, God bless the people without nothing, my heart goes out to you...

  • Swampy Douglas OBannon
    Swampy Douglas OBannon 2 months ago

    all I got to say the government creates homeless people with their greed for power and don't give all damn about the people

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson 2 months ago +1

    So sorry that your government assistance has your back and you feel the need to shit on those who seemingly have less than you. Who the fuck are you to speculate what these PEOPLE are about and how they should live.

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 2 months ago +1

    My son sold every thing , his businesses, homes everything and bought a $250.000 bus motorhome and left calif. And went to as. Because he could no longer afford the so called american dream. His motorhome is nicer then my apt. He is not homeless.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago

      Well it also sounds as though your son can afford to live in the RV and actually travel to enjoy it. Majority of those you see in this video cannot.

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 2 months ago

    So what leave them alone

  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy Harrison 2 months ago

    So why is it any of you're business!! You seem like a punk to me!!

  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy Harrison 2 months ago

    And being a smart ass to somebody like that is a good way to get you're ass kicked!! You certainly dont seem to be to much of a badass!!

  • tina shouse
    tina shouse 2 months ago

    Why are you complaining about someone trying to have a home. Spend your energy helping instead of complaining. What a douse bag!!!

  • Rose Bud
    Rose Bud 2 months ago

    Extreme face close up? Really?

  • Fender Guitars
    Fender Guitars 2 months ago

    #Democrats have #Destroyed the state and #Trump needs to act now !! overcrowded freeways, speeders and dui's everywhere, high rent , evictions,..because of #Dems overcrowding !! TOO MANY HOMELESS NOW !! JERRY BROWN - IDIOT ! No #Foreigners or #illegals should be #Driving #Cars ANYWHERE IN #AMERICA - #TRUMP COULD #END THIS #DEMOCRAT #NONSENSE WITH AN #EXECUTIVEORDER right #Now !YET #TRUMP DOESN'T DO THIS ! LET THE #illegals take #Uber and #lyft and give us back our #parking #Now !@! @ #Overcrowding !!

  • Ben Nayare
    Ben Nayare 2 months ago

    You sound like a nosy bastard. Just let them be and go wax your asshole or something.

  • George Pickett
    George Pickett 2 months ago

    I hate it when you say the words motorhome homeless. Not all motorhomes are unkept campers parked on the streets. Some people pay thousands of dollars for their RVs. Full time Rving is a lifestyle. Back in the day when I was a full timer. My motorhome was two years old and I was in the military. When I got out of the military my idea was to see the country and work and travel. I had already served my country. So I wanted to take to the road and see the country I fought for. You judge people and call them motorhome homeless. You don’t know peoples situations or how much money they have. Everybody is not in a bind. They are enjoying the freedoms that this United States of America affords every citizen. I understand your disdain for unkept leaking campers abandoned on the streets. But please don’t lump all motorhomes in that category. The RV manufactures are still producing them every year. The luxuries and amenities exceed what you could get and some run down apartment building. With rents in Los Angeles area so high. I think more people will invest in motorhomes and hit the road or park it in their community. So don’t be so judgmental about motorhomes. Everybody don’t fit into the box you are painting.

  • Jack M
    Jack M 3 months ago

    Another pos that can't mind his own business. And he is probably jealous.

  • Jmmy Pockets
    Jmmy Pockets 3 months ago


  • leethegreenhornet
    leethegreenhornet 3 months ago

    Much better than a dirty tent.

  • Experimental Channel
    Experimental Channel 3 months ago

    Im going to LA in 20 days. I'm trying to get into the entertainment industry but I'm also going to attend college at the same time. I know what it's like being homeless and surrounded by homeless as I am from Seattle, but seeing as how I would be a productive member of society as well as having such a high price on rent, I dont see how I would make it living without an RV.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  3 months ago +1

      As for trying to get into the entertainment industry. Go and register at Central Casting in Burbank as soon as possible. They only register on scheduled days. BE PREPARED ! Have your ID, Birth Certificate and Social Security card with you or you are wasting your time as you will be there with 100s of others to register. If you want to guarantee you get registered have your documents and go the night before registration and stay on the sidewalk to be near first. 100s show up to each registration but they only take 67 people each scheduled registration day. Many show up in early hours of the morning and many do not have their documents with them to register. No documents and you will be turned away. There is no conversation about it. That is the way it is. LA is a very hard place to make it if you are not prepared and have resources to survive. The rent is very VERY high and Homelessness is out of control. Have a back up escape plan prepared if possible in case you need it because many are trapped there without one. Good Luck !

  • Winners Edge International

    Have some pity! This is the upper end of the homeless

  • Silver Sword
    Silver Sword 3 months ago

    Thats because the cost of rent and housing is totally ridiculous and the govt being capitalist will not interfere with the free market

  • James Arias
    James Arias 3 months ago

    That's interesting, you say" la is trying to hide a paper trail of homelessness" but yet we have a homeless count every year.🤑