Motorhome Homeless In LA


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  • Steve Tinkler
    Steve Tinkler 4 hours ago

    Why did I watch some of this video? That guy really bothers me. He is so condescending and non-empathetic. Put your head back in your ass you jerk!

  • George Gould
    George Gould 3 days ago

    Did Legal Citizens of California ever think about Voting for Republicans for a change , what the Hell Do they have to loose

  • Pedro Benfica
    Pedro Benfica 4 days ago

    you are the best mother Fu...r i,ve seen...tomorow can be you...RESPECT people living in motorhomes.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  4 days ago

      LA’s underground homeless RV rental market is ‘predatory’ and needs regulation

    FEAR GOD 4 days ago

    These are the homeless people who have good jobs, you really got to love America .

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White 6 days ago

    Stop hating mf get a life. Leave people alone and go make u some tea and sit yr ask down somewhere and thank the Lord yr not homeless

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  4 days ago

      I had been Homeless at the time of shooting that video and have been off and on througout my life.

  • sitthapromwas phornsaran

    This is what Trump should be solving not the f_cking wall emergency !

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  4 days ago

      You think Homelessness is bad in America now ?
      Let those caravans pour in and see what happens.

  • jay meese
    jay meese 8 days ago

    Its the cost of living, what is the solution. Should they get towed and impounded. Why dont you bring them some food maybe they will talk to you. i gave some guy food in a motorhome in seattle, he had his whole family with him. im sure he could not afford the high costs of living. its the same on the whole west coast.

  • Chris Houston
    Chris Houston 11 days ago

    The Federal Reserve which is not federal its private has looted this country. Americans work 4 months for free to pay them per year.
    We are entering Wiemar America, and it won't end pretty for these parasites.

  • Buckwild 65
    Buckwild 65 11 days ago

    Better to live in a motor home, than a tent or cardboard box.

  • Danny Mccoy
    Danny Mccoy 11 days ago +1


  • Ionel Floria
    Ionel Floria 14 days ago

    Why are you such a piece of sh*t ...?????....

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  13 days ago

      You are out of line. Read this!

    EZE GQFOURU 14 days ago

    I don't do this, I dont do that, Dude it could be you next,give it time

  • Precious 1962
    Precious 1962 15 days ago +1

    We plan on full time RV’ing in 5 years, so what?

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  14 days ago

      Many of those RVs you see are not living in RVs by choice.

  • Street Survivor
    Street Survivor 15 days ago

    Get a life

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  14 days ago

      I have a life just as you and everyone else does.
      What you make of that life is another thing.

  • Dan Booher
    Dan Booher 15 days ago +1

    Where well the hell are they ?

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 15 days ago

    Buy the way you can finance a motorhome as a second home!

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 15 days ago +1

    I met some of the nicest people that were homeless and a lot of them help each other in many ways. My desire is to live off the grind

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  14 days ago

      Living in a motor home in parked on the side of the road in the middle of a city is not living off grid. Majority of those RVs you see are illegal rentals.

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 15 days ago

    I think we will see a lot more of this because we are living in a during system, like a ship that is sinking. Az. Has people everywhere that comes from all over the us and they live in there motorhomes by choice, people are tired of living for stuss

  • Arturo Ortiz Jr
    Arturo Ortiz Jr 15 days ago +1

    Im watching this because I’m considering buying a new RV. Looking into a 2019 Thor four winds 31w. I’m here in Los Ángeles and my business has slowed down for the last two years and it’s getting harder to afford my lifestyle and rent. Rent is $2350.
    I think there has to be a mutual respect and consideration.
    The RV’ers and residents. Everyone needs to be understanding, not so particular and judgmental.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  14 days ago

      Your situation is much different than many of those RVs you see around LA.

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 15 days ago

    My son lives in his motorhome and works is ass off, he had to sell everything because no one could afford to pay him for his work as a contractor, he had to file bankruptcy, but he didnt let that stop him. I also had to sell my home because after being forced into retirement in 2009 I could no longer afford my home and became homeless for a time. I use to think that homelessness was due to drugs or something like that, I now now that is not true, I learned that we don't need anymore then the what iwhzt is

  • Steven Cexton
    Steven Cexton 15 days ago +1

    Get off them homeless people dude, don't you know life can change on a dime, and you could be there your self or even Worse!

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  14 days ago

      You are insinuating that I was not or have not been? I slept in my car in LA for 7 months before I made the right decision to leave or I would wind up trapped there.

  • mario condello
    mario condello 16 days ago +2

    I think it's awesome as long as they don't park out the front of my house.

    • Arturo Ortiz Jr
      Arturo Ortiz Jr 15 days ago

      I feel you. I’m considering buying one myself and I’ve thought about this too.
      I don’t want to park directly in front of someone’s home maybe off to the side next to a wall/fence/hedge and nothing long term. More like for 1-2 nights tops and move on to a different neighborhood.
      We all can be more respectful of one another regardless of the laws, human to human, brother to brother kinda shit

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  15 days ago

      That is the feeling that many have. NIMBY

  • Dale W
    Dale W 16 days ago +1

    You look homeless

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  15 days ago

      Yeah, I did. I looked as many believe Homeless to look like. I have met many and there are some put there you would never suspect as being Homeless.

  • Dale W
    Dale W 16 days ago +1

    Busy body moron who has nothing better to do but stick his nose in things that aren't his business.

  • Robert Neese
    Robert Neese 17 days ago

    Everybody has to live some where, God bless the people without nothing, my heart goes out to you...

  • Swampy Douglas OBannon

    all I got to say the government creates homeless people with their greed for power and don't give all damn about the people

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson 18 days ago +1

    So sorry that your government assistance has your back and you feel the need to shit on those who seemingly have less than you. Who the fuck are you to speculate what these PEOPLE are about and how they should live.

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 19 days ago +1

    My son sold every thing , his businesses, homes everything and bought a $250.000 bus motorhome and left calif. And went to as. Because he could no longer afford the so called american dream. His motorhome is nicer then my apt. He is not homeless.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  15 days ago

      Well it also sounds as though your son can afford to live in the RV and actually travel to enjoy it. Majority of those you see in this video cannot.

  • Sherry Miguel
    Sherry Miguel 19 days ago

    So what leave them alone

  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy Harrison 20 days ago

    So why is it any of you're business!! You seem like a punk to me!!

  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy Harrison 20 days ago

    And being a smart ass to somebody like that is a good way to get you're ass kicked!! You certainly dont seem to be to much of a badass!!

  • tina shouse
    tina shouse 21 day ago

    Why are you complaining about someone trying to have a home. Spend your energy helping instead of complaining. What a douse bag!!!

  • Rose Bud
    Rose Bud 24 days ago

    Extreme face close up? Really?

  • Fender Guitars
    Fender Guitars 25 days ago

    #Democrats have #Destroyed the state and #Trump needs to act now !! overcrowded freeways, speeders and dui's everywhere, high rent , evictions,..because of #Dems overcrowding !! TOO MANY HOMELESS NOW !! JERRY BROWN - IDIOT ! No #Foreigners or #illegals should be #Driving #Cars ANYWHERE IN #AMERICA - #TRUMP COULD #END THIS #DEMOCRAT #NONSENSE WITH AN #EXECUTIVEORDER right #Now !YET #TRUMP DOESN'T DO THIS ! LET THE #illegals take #Uber and #lyft and give us back our #parking #Now !@! @ #Overcrowding !!

  • Ben Nayare
    Ben Nayare 25 days ago

    You sound like a nosy bastard. Just let them be and go wax your asshole or something.

  • George Pickett
    George Pickett 26 days ago

    I hate it when you say the words motorhome homeless. Not all motorhomes are unkept campers parked on the streets. Some people pay thousands of dollars for their RVs. Full time Rving is a lifestyle. Back in the day when I was a full timer. My motorhome was two years old and I was in the military. When I got out of the military my idea was to see the country and work and travel. I had already served my country. So I wanted to take to the road and see the country I fought for. You judge people and call them motorhome homeless. You don’t know peoples situations or how much money they have. Everybody is not in a bind. They are enjoying the freedoms that this United States of America affords every citizen. I understand your disdain for unkept leaking campers abandoned on the streets. But please don’t lump all motorhomes in that category. The RV manufactures are still producing them every year. The luxuries and amenities exceed what you could get and some run down apartment building. With rents in Los Angeles area so high. I think more people will invest in motorhomes and hit the road or park it in their community. So don’t be so judgmental about motorhomes. Everybody don’t fit into the box you are painting.

  • Jack M
    Jack M 28 days ago

    Another pos that can't mind his own business. And he is probably jealous.

  • Jmmy Pockets
    Jmmy Pockets 28 days ago


  • leethegreenhornet
    leethegreenhornet Month ago

    Much better than a dirty tent.

  • Experimental Channel

    Im going to LA in 20 days. I'm trying to get into the entertainment industry but I'm also going to attend college at the same time. I know what it's like being homeless and surrounded by homeless as I am from Seattle, but seeing as how I would be a productive member of society as well as having such a high price on rent, I dont see how I would make it living without an RV.

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  Month ago +1

      As for trying to get into the entertainment industry. Go and register at Central Casting in Burbank as soon as possible. They only register on scheduled days. BE PREPARED ! Have your ID, Birth Certificate and Social Security card with you or you are wasting your time as you will be there with 100s of others to register. If you want to guarantee you get registered have your documents and go the night before registration and stay on the sidewalk to be near first. 100s show up to each registration but they only take 67 people each scheduled registration day. Many show up in early hours of the morning and many do not have their documents with them to register. No documents and you will be turned away. There is no conversation about it. That is the way it is. LA is a very hard place to make it if you are not prepared and have resources to survive. The rent is very VERY high and Homelessness is out of control. Have a back up escape plan prepared if possible in case you need it because many are trapped there without one. Good Luck !

    SHOWDOWN Month ago

    Have some pity! This is the upper end of the homeless

  • Silver Sword
    Silver Sword Month ago

    Thats because the cost of rent and housing is totally ridiculous and the govt being capitalist will not interfere with the free market

  • James Arias
    James Arias Month ago

    That's interesting, you say" la is trying to hide a paper trail of homelessness" but yet we have a homeless count every year.🤑

  • Lankster Price
    Lankster Price Month ago

    Not everyone is homeless. I have a home and Im moving into a RV to see things.. That in no way make me homeless.. They call it boondocking for living for FREE. BLM land lets you do this all over the USA.. Some places in some citys have points that you can stay over night or ever for sometime.. Again not all are homeless.. Stop bugging them and go back to your stick and brick home...

  • Mhaya Lovely
    Mhaya Lovely Month ago +1

    My most favorite channels to watch here on youtube are about vanlife,rv's, camping,outdoors, travel.... etc. Which we all can learn from there experience. And perfect for an emergency bagout ride... Seriously this guy gets on my nerve.😡 Move away if you dont like it....

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  Month ago

      Those RVs and people living like that in LA are not " van life " people. Lets see these people do a TVclip channel :

  • Mhaya Lovely
    Mhaya Lovely Month ago

    Get a life. You have a problem? Then buy each of them a home and or pay thier rent. So whats your point your just making yourself an idiot on youtube... you're the very first person I Dont like on youtuve. As a matter of fact I wish i have the money to buy an Rv'S... and its perfect for bag out ride...
    The guy told u he didn't want to be filmed and u still showed him on your vidoe as u were walking away and being rude to him. You can be charge for filming him.

  • Robin's Harris
    Robin's Harris Month ago

    so nine..too
    Im Living Car.. with my cat

    • Robin's Harris
      Robin's Harris Month ago

      Cost too much Rent
      find a Good Parter
      But.. I Quit My Job
      I work
      cheat me.. 💲
      pay me Small Money
      I QUIT..
      can't Afford pay Rent
      and other Bills

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  Month ago

      I am sorry to hear that. I hope you are somewhere warm through the winter.

  • jong lee
    jong lee Month ago +1

    I sold my house with good size equity and now I'm full time rving since 10/1/18. I pay $150 a month for thousand trails membership and I move rv park to rv park every 21days in so cal. I will get back to housing market when time is right. I love full time rving! No more coughing out $2000 for rent.😛

  • Daniel Negron
    Daniel Negron Month ago

    You look stored as well .

  • Daniel Negron
    Daniel Negron Month ago

    WAT the fuck you care red beard ? Are you the motor home POLICE? Your from Florida bro .Get a fuckin life. U loser

  • Daniel Negron
    Daniel Negron Month ago

    Why don't you go back to main and f*** your sheep yeah cuz that's what you people do over there

  • Daniel Negron
    Daniel Negron Month ago

    Why the fuck you care. You talk about the community getting paid millions of dollars and not helping these homeless people .And what your doing are exposing these poor people instead of you helping them...YOUR exposing them . Do you think they want to be exposed you red headed noisy BITCH? Go feed them and give them clothes.

  • Alton Kilbourne
    Alton Kilbourne Month ago

    This guy is an asshole just get a life this bitch only been in LA for two months and how do you know they're homeless

  • stephen12264
    stephen12264 Month ago

    They should woop your ass for sticking your nose were it doesn't belong. By doing what your doing can cause these people serious problem so mind your own business

  • Larry Davis
    Larry Davis 2 months ago +1

    Get real if you are not going to do something to help don't complain

  • Everybody’s Uncle
    Everybody’s Uncle 2 months ago

    As long as they’re cleaning up after themselves not urinating on the streets what’s the problem. Yah it may be an eye sore but some people have no other options. At least they’re not sleeping in the streets. Idk

  • الخوارزمي ابن الحلال

    I live in Africa and my dream is to own a Motorhome ..😝😝😝

  • Thomas Bressler
    Thomas Bressler 2 months ago

    I would move it too a countryside location there easy too move .

  • Thomas Bressler
    Thomas Bressler 2 months ago

    A motor home is not a sign of a homeless person people use them for recreation .but it's still better than living in a tent if that's what they are doing with them.

  • Bennett Stephenson
    Bennett Stephenson 2 months ago

    so why fucking what the Homeless.? you should mind your own fucking business. that what you need to do .leave the people alone.

  • Gusinabus Skoolie Life
    Gusinabus Skoolie Life 2 months ago

    you were schooled mid video, as an ignorant bigoted fool. The teacher told you not to include him in your video. Your also without the integrity to remove his voice.
    Your a person we might call a peeping tom, as your peering in peoples homes, and should be arrested.
    just an angry fool.

  • J M
    J M 2 months ago

    Have you researched how many of these people were burned off their property? And then screwed by AGenda 21 agents at every level.

  • Jorge Castillo
    Jorge Castillo 2 months ago

    Motorhomes or RVs are expensive.

  • ElCineHefe
    ElCineHefe 2 months ago

    If you're going homeless, an RV is absolutely the way to go - IF you can still afford one.

  • Millionmasso da-gawd
    Millionmasso da-gawd 2 months ago

    Dipshit some people have leg problems back problems it’s why they cross the street slowly.. you seem like a constant complainer

  • Millionmasso da-gawd
    Millionmasso da-gawd 2 months ago

    How’s about minding your motherfucking business..Go after your local politicians stealing money .leave poor people alone

  • Sophia Brown
    Sophia Brown 2 months ago

    Where else are they going to go Democrats care more for illeigal Immigrants than us citizens because most illeigal Immigrants have housing because of anchor babies.

  • Charles A Townsend
    Charles A Townsend 2 months ago

    Eye sore, is that your problem? These motor homes are eye sores? How about that beard your sporting bud. You have not trimed that in awhile. What an eye sore you are. You seem to have no compassion. Are they hurting you? They are just trying to survive. Hopefully you don't fall down the rabbit-hole. Noone will try and catch you.

  • roger white
    roger white 2 months ago +1

    don't want to be on video. arrest warrants maybe!

    • Homeless Lives Matter
      Homeless Lives Matter  2 months ago +1

      That is a possibility, however in LA there are so many walking the streets with warrants protected beneath the status of " Sanctuary City " .

  • Ilhan Degirmenci
    Ilhan Degirmenci 2 months ago +1

    The root all of this problem is fast growing population (overpopulation) like in most devoloping or poor countries, dit you checkt how fast u,s population is growing ?? do you now ,how fast u.s population is growing? just check countrymeters , and you,ll see the main problem for all this disaster..

  • Reynette Isley
    Reynette Isley 2 months ago

    I see someone is a busybody

  • Reynette Isley
    Reynette Isley 2 months ago

    I'm glad they found away not to be out in the street.

  • Melissa Vtown
    Melissa Vtown 2 months ago

    He got schooled hah

  • TTime685
    TTime685 2 months ago

    "Motorhome homeless" ? That's makes no sense...

  • Edward Zaldivar
    Edward Zaldivar 2 months ago

    Giner gonna get his ass kicked by one of them "homeless"

  • AnnaAnnaYes
    AnnaAnnaYes 2 months ago

    No disrespect to you.I don't get you And I've been driving a truck for 18 Years.You say you're from Florida,Any Homeless there??

  • jose sanchez
    jose sanchez 2 months ago

    My friend the homeless

  • Rob Lee
    Rob Lee 2 months ago +1

    Blame it on your Democratic Party in the sanctuary city and state you live in they put illegal aliens above American citizens that's why there's so much homelessness!!!!!!!!!👈🗡️🔰🏹🇺🇸☝️ Those are probably people that lost their jobs to illegal aliens those are probably people that will run out of their neighborhoods by illegal aliens those are people who were f***** over by their own government they voted for which is Democrats that's what they are!!!!!(((! Why don't you fall my rally go straight to your politicians and demand that illegal aliens be deported and illegal alien welfare benefits cut Maybe it'll put an end to American homelessness when they all leave by deportation and have their benefits cut after all they're here illegally that's a felony and a crime they should take care of American citizens first the way it should be not people who don't belong here!!!!!!!!👈😒🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☝️ The one with the stolen plates probably belongs to an illegal alien like I said gather up some people and go protest directly to the Democratic politicians in California open borders is a problem in this country since you seem to be so caring got to be the way to go stand up for your fellow Americans!!!!¡! And this is nothing you're going to see more mobile homes if this Caravan reaches California and more Americans losing their jobs!!!!!!!!! 👈😠 A lot of American citizens don't want to talk cuz they know in sanctuary cities and states they put illegal aliens above American citizens that you know a lot of American citizens are leaving moving out of California the numbers are staggering living in a sent you worry City or state if you're an American citizen it's a bad move!!!! Give it another year you'll see I'm 100% correct!!!!!! And what you're looking at is exactly what every neighborhood in the United States it's going to look like if we continue letting these Democrats pieces of trash get away with open borders and doing exactly what you're seeing what your own two eyes to the American citizen!!!!!!!! You should go to Oakland California it's way worse like I said illegal aliens above American citizens!!!!!!👈😠👎👎🇺🇸☝️ There's no discrimination no racism in this comment just straight facts!!!!!!👈🚨🚨🚨 Cuz I live in California in California the illegal aliens get low income housing which they shouldn't even qualify for they're here illegally that's a felony and a crime they get rent assistance utility assistance free medical free prescriptions if an American citizen where to lose his job and go to the welfare system he or she will be told that they can help you with food stamps and cash assistance which in most cases it'll be less than $140 for both cash and food stamps when the American citizen brings up the topic of what about help with the rent and the utilities they're told they don't do that at the welfare department!!!!!!! As soon as she mention illegal aliens throwing the facts and truth and their faces at the welfare office they automatically call security to excourt you out the building that's what's going on in California and in every other centuary city and state don't believe me look it up look into it you'll see again I am 100% correct!!!!! That's not all when these illegal aliens and to this country and they take American jobs away from Americans citizens a lot of these people become managers and supervisors trust me when I tell you they only hire their own kind when they move into your lovely neighborhood and it gets overpopulated with illegal aliens they run you out rent to their own kind we can make it real simple here now take Fremont California for an example periods back it was whites and blacks another Hispanic racist you go by there now it's all illegal aliens from Pakistan don't even bother looking for an apartment or renting anything for that matter and their neighborhoods they only rent to their own kind same goes for Mexicans and every Honduras Guatemala Nicaragua El Salvador all those different races that comes through that Mexican border!!!!!!

  • kate tomlinson
    kate tomlinson 2 months ago

    So exactly what is your bitch? People are homeless...would you rather they sleep on the sidewalk???

    VIP FAMILIA 2 months ago


    VIP FAMILIA 2 months ago

    ***** VOTE YES ON 10 *****
    TELL THESE ASSSHOLE ASS RICH FUCKS * (by Rich fucks I mean out of state peoples that have migrated to our state to exploit our laws and Californians also includes all douchebag ass landlords managers and others that have been opportunists driving up rent rates illegally evicting people like myself and others that are hard-working tax-paying Californians the problem is Costa Hawkins we need to get rid of Costa Hawkins so vote Yes on Prop 10 to get rid of Costa Hawkins which gives these landowners rights to treat the rest of us like dirt with no protections meaning even if you've been living at a place like myself for 37 years they can still fuck with you try to evict you try to LS your building and do all sorts of things to get you to sign cash for keys take a deal or fucking go away so that they can slap a coat of paint on the building and charge $3,000 simply because the area you live in has been gentrified when all along you've been paying 1100 a month which is still a lot so let's lower the cost of life lower the cost of rent and housing and regulate California for the people not for the greedy Banks and realty companies a vote for proposition 10 is a vote for your fellow Californian say fuck you to the banks and say hello to the people that live in the state of California) LANDLORDS AND REALTORS CAN GO KILL THEMSELVES GOD WHILING!!! VOTE YES ON 10 ! AND ALSO VOTE NO ON 5 ! YES ON 10 ! AND ALSO VOTE NO ON 5 ! YES ON 10 ! AND ALSO VOTE NO ON 5 !

  • Bob Fox
    Bob Fox 2 months ago

    Sorry. That's not homeless. Lmao. There's a reason why it's called a MOTOR HOME.

  • Edgar Mendoza
    Edgar Mendoza 2 months ago +3

    Not ur business mind ur buisness..calling them homeless shame on u.. u don't know there status...

  • Rodger william
    Rodger william 3 months ago

    The demonrats have RUINED California...You Californians better WAKE UP and Ban together and VOTE OUT these Lying, Thieving, Murdering, Corrupt Treasonous demonrats in November..VOTE RED..!

  • William Harnedy
    William Harnedy 3 months ago +1

    Do you have a place for them to go ? If not shut up or put up . . . .

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 3 months ago

    FYI, vehicle can park in the same location for 72 hours before a ticket is given, unless a posted sign shows a height and length restriction which is now in place for San Diego Ca in most areas= RV not wanted there! There are ways around this just dont use a RV or look like one! STEALTH and move frequently will get you a FREE time:)
    If your RV looks newish no ticket is written in most cases as we KNOW RV are expensive if new starting in the low 100,000 they probably have a home bas e or atleasts is though of like that and they are on vacation!
    I NEVER got a ticket anywhere because i did not stay for prolonged time periods or LEAVE a TRASH mess! The RED flags start with trash and human waste that gets a knock on your RV door!
    Yes, if you park a RV in Hollywoood in most cases signs say no parking PERIOD! However, if your under 17 feet long and new in a Mercedes RV you will b ok overnight ONLY! More than one day the code enforcement officials along with police will give you that KNOCK- IN know:) because I left ASAP after that knock and was friendly with NO issues!

    We are all HUMAN lets RESPECT that- We are all not DONALD TRUMP wealthy! RESPECT!

  • Richard Hogenson
    Richard Hogenson 3 months ago

    I would love to live in a motor home.

  • David William
    David William 3 months ago +1

    Oh nooo! It's Red Beard the pirate! Ahoy matey Mr Homeless Dude in the RV, we don't like eyesores like you and your crappy RV sitting around here. Cause this town is not big enough for the both of us! Move along!

  • David William
    David William 3 months ago +1

    Not homeless Dude we pay taxes for plates taxes for gas taxes for propane and toll road taxes just a taxpayer with my home on wheels so I can see the world! I'm not homeless I bought my motorhome. It's a Home dude I'm not in a tent on the road with a cardboard sighn that says Help me! Homeless Guy! You look Homeless with that scraggly beard! Shave it down a bit and then you won't be mistaken for a Homeless Dude and be stuck in a FEMA camp with people who look like you!

  • David William
    David William 3 months ago +1

    Your study of homeless seems to be a soap box about people living in RVs it seems like a complaint and you are a self appointed inspector! There can be many reasons why someone is homeless. Not everyone is a drug addict or a thief or a bad person. If they was they couldn't afford a RV or the gas it takes to run them. People are struggling to make it and got to live somewhere. So you suggest that politicians outlaw motor homes? And ticket and tow away RVs? Times are tough and it's hard to find work or if you are disabled you can't work so what you gonna do? It's a free country if you don't like it go somewhere else! If you think that government needs to change then vote!

  • Tracey Emery
    Tracey Emery 3 months ago

    u oxygen thief, what a prick u r

  • Daniel Ross
    Daniel Ross 3 months ago

    and as for those useless kunts stuck on the side of the road get your ass some money and fix your vehicle.

  • Daniel Ross
    Daniel Ross 3 months ago

    living in a motor home isn't being homeless you dumb shit. the title alone speaks volumes of your stupidity. what a fuck head.

  • Millton Freedman
    Millton Freedman 3 months ago

    Abolish rent control. Rent control has made it impossible to rent out a place to live. Cannot build for anyone who isn't very rich.

  • Michael Victorious
    Michael Victorious 3 months ago

    Such a entitled classist butthole. Poor guy asked not to be filmed and was obviously embarrassed. Rich white guys solution ? Tell him it's a public st and film him any way image and all fuck um right 😩

  • Jerry Jimenez
    Jerry Jimenez 3 months ago

    Hey,cut it out. Man you want to change the situation in California. Start with the goverment,the hourly pay rate does not provide you the benifit of having a home. Thats way everyone is moving to Texas. Go record uncle SAM.

  • Terry Johnson
    Terry Johnson 3 months ago

    Why you so nosey for

  • MrKayaker69
    MrKayaker69 3 months ago

    ”i study homelessness ”???? WTF!!!

  • Thad Dunkin
    Thad Dunkin 3 months ago

    This guy is a dick.

    THIS IS OUR TIME 3 months ago +2