Syracuse vs. Virginia: Syracuse moves on to Final Four

  • Published on Mar 28, 2016
  • Syracuse's second half comeback leads them past Virginia and punches their ticket to the Final Four in the 2016 NCAA Tournament.
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Comments • 127

  • randy martinez
    randy martinez Month ago

    I'm going to miss basketball

  • Ovaxz
    Ovaxz Month ago +1

    6:25 Greatest moment in Syracuse history since 2003

  • alchwarrior
    alchwarrior Month ago +2

    Who else here to cheer themselves up after their loss vs. Baylor? :(

  • Ryan Sharpe
    Ryan Sharpe 4 months ago


  • JeSal Christ
    JeSal Christ 4 months ago +1

    Boy, how bad we could use Roberson or Lydon right now...

    • Antonio DiSalvatore
      Antonio DiSalvatore 2 months ago +1

      I'll take Malachi over both of them man lol wished he stayed

  • hartsickdisciple
    hartsickdisciple 6 months ago

    I couldn't even believe what I witnessed when this was happening live. Richardson's performance was one of the best best I've seen in a tournament game. The fact that this happened against Virginia, who usually had Cuse's number, made it even more improbable.

  • Matt Deloff
    Matt Deloff 6 months ago +2

    One of the best comebacks in NCAA Cuse history

    GOATED EJ 9 months ago

    I live in Syracuse

  • Drk22
    Drk22 10 months ago +3

    Probably the best moment I’ve had as a sports fan the games against UVA and the Zags were just so awesome

  • Caitlin Barry
    Caitlin Barry 11 months ago

    “68-0 when leading by 10+ points at half under tony Bennett”.............hi #cuse

  • Sherman Ng
    Sherman Ng Year ago

    My future school!! Looking forward to watch the games!!!

  • ThatBTEGuy
    ThatBTEGuy Year ago


  • Telelian
    Telelian Year ago

    Now it’s dukes turn

  • TheMrpalid
    TheMrpalid Year ago +1

    Virginia is always choking under pressure

    • The Hawk
      The Hawk 2 months ago

      TheMrpalid They’re the new Washington Capitals.

  • Liyam Herman
    Liyam Herman Year ago +2

    Who else came here after we kicked TCUs butts and Uva lost to UMBC!?!?! Go Cuse!!!

  • Bros In a nutshell
    Bros In a nutshell Year ago +3

    It’s sad that almost the whole team got drafted to the NBA but still this year Syracuse is in the NCAA tournament and they won to Arizona state and TCU and I’m from Syracuse and I go to almost every game when Syracuse plays at the dome

  • Master Leguichard

    I thought this was the low point for me as a UVa fan...........but then came tonight against UMBC. How wrong I was.

  • Cedric R
    Cedric R Year ago

    The real ACC tourney

  • Spencer Goldstein

    WE BACK🍊🍊🍊

  • Delbert Williams
    Delbert Williams Year ago


  • Peters Family
    Peters Family Year ago

    @2:17 that virginia player got that smile wiped offa his face!!

  • K Doss
    K Doss Year ago

    lol UVA pretenders until they make the Final 4

  • Dustin J
    Dustin J Year ago +1

    That one nerd on Virginia's bench was so arrogant all game with his "look at me" stunts from from the pine. Hope you enjoyed the L, bench warmer!

    • Timothy Saunders
      Timothy Saunders Year ago

      Lol every bench warmer for every team does that. Nothing special

  • Cedric R
    Cedric R Year ago

    If Jim Boeheim was healthy, this Syracuse team will be a higher seed. Maybe a 5 or 6. His presence was an ex factor for the tourney

  • Cedric R
    Cedric R Year ago

    More like the real “ACC semifinals”

  • Matthew Goode
    Matthew Goode Year ago +3

    If only Malachi Richardson had stayed his sophomore year 😩😩

  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones 2 years ago +1

    the best team ever in. Basketball 🏀 and go. Oregon

  • B Man
    B Man 2 years ago +1

    Who else watched this to feel good because cuse didn't get in the tournament this year

  • Michael Solano
    Michael Solano 2 years ago +1

    Oh man, that was one of my favorite Easters ever!

  • Landon Bice
    Landon Bice 2 years ago +1

    What a second half by Richerdson

  • spinner90
    spinner90 2 years ago

    Being a Villanova fan, if Syracuse would've found a way to upset UNC in the final four, I would've been scared to face them in the championship game.

  • Jon Pennline
    Jon Pennline 2 years ago

    Sooo many missed foul calls. Jesus

  • michael mattice
    michael mattice 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing! Listened to this game in the car. Don't worry...I wasn't driving:) GO CUSE!!!

  • xd Buree
    xd Buree 2 years ago


  • walterlv01
    walterlv01 2 years ago +51

    We all sat down at the dinner table for Easter when it was 54-39 - we could hear the crowd noise on the TV in the living room and Kevin Harlan talking so I went to go check the score and Cuse was up 64-58 - no one believed me when I got back to the table so everyone had to go see for themselves. Crazy comeback.

  • E Allan K
    E Allan K 2 years ago +1

    Loved it when T. Lydon lost his shoe, and kicked it away... then, MG freakin' picks it up -- while dribbling -- as if he wants to hand it off BACK to Lydon -- freakin' hilarious!! Helluva a game, and a prime example of why they're called cardiac 'cuse!
    SU certainly (and consistently) recruits lots of talent... looks like they're already well on their way to plenty of wins again year!

    • iShump
      iShump 2 years ago

      Kap'n K love that phrase "cardiac cuse" 😂

  • Tracie Byron
    Tracie Byron 2 years ago

    Cause is to good Villanova

  • Cedric R
    Cedric R 2 years ago

    Don't tell me Cuse is Cinderella. They're been there before

  • static3d
    static3d 2 years ago +1

    More hurt coming to UVA with our latest lineup #Cuse

  • iDoItBIGson
    iDoItBIGson 2 years ago +1

    Full game on my channel and I'm so serious about that

  • Chris Tesch
    Chris Tesch 2 years ago

    Go Orange and Ducks! have a ton of love for both. grew up in Oregon and graduated from Syracuse. was very sad about NCAA coming down on us but can't take away heart!

  • WuTangFan1000
    WuTangFan1000 2 years ago +18

    acc vs acc - that conference is stacked

  • Olin57
    Olin57 2 years ago +43

    I'm UNC fan but Syracuse is a good team.

    • lazerlazer
      lazerlazer Month ago

      Eric Hall Hey Éric. It’s to say he’s not a Cuse fan and thus unbiased.

    • Michael Farneth
      Michael Farneth 2 months ago

      +Eric Hall this is why I have NC winning this year

    • Eric Hall
      Eric Hall 2 months ago +1

      So what does being a UNC fan have to do with the comment. Yes, Syracuse was a good team that year.

  • Rodney Thomas
    Rodney Thomas 2 years ago

    This was a awsome moment for cuse fans

  • HallAndOates72
    HallAndOates72 2 years ago +20

    one of the best final 4 runs ever

  • Jacob 710f
    Jacob 710f 2 years ago +50

    This still gives me chills to this day

  • Geoff Bruce
    Geoff Bruce 2 years ago

    Really good look for Hall at 6:57 of course, but look how open Perrantes was. All about that extra pass.
    lol I love watching peoples' reactions in key moments of games. Look at the Virginia cheerleader second from the bottom when Hall misses that shot. She's just like screaming at nothing in particular.

  • Michael Stallworth
    Michael Stallworth 2 years ago +3

    Kevin Harlan never ceases to amaze me.

  • carsonc29
    carsonc29 2 years ago +2

    i was rooting for Virginia to make the FF, I really thought they would beat SU...Bennett has done such a good job so far

  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 years ago

    LETS GO ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gsw Gsw
    Gsw Gsw 3 years ago +1

    Syracuse is a ghetto, union workers and kneegrows ruined it. Also the school is a bunch of cheaters

    • gracie111ful
      gracie111ful 2 years ago

      Gsw Gsw im from Syracuse and we have some of the best lacrosse, football and basketball players to ever come out of it. so think again before you look up some small facts that arent true.

    • YoshiPlaysMC
      YoshiPlaysMC 2 years ago

      Coming from a person who actually lives in Syracuse, you're absolutely wrong.

    • zkurtz21
      zkurtz21 3 years ago +2

      +Gsw Gsw you said the same thing on the board 4 weeks ago, good job

  • Kris Neider
    Kris Neider 3 years ago

    We wouldn't have been in the final 4 if MSU hadn't lost to Midd Tenn.

    • Brad Lewis
      Brad Lewis 9 months ago

      I disagree because to me the 'Cuse beat the best team that being UVa to get to FF wkend

    • Mach68
      Mach68 Year ago

      Oh yes you would have.

  • CodProdigy1318
    CodProdigy1318 3 years ago +1

    Lydon and Richardson.. Man can those kids ball

  • bagofboom
    bagofboom 3 years ago +5

    Props to my Orange for defying all the odds and naysayers!! Proud of their Final Four appearance and we'll see you there next year!! #Go'Cuse

    • Pra S
      Pra S 2 years ago



  • Keathe Jefferson
    Keathe Jefferson 3 years ago

    The one year I don't ride them...

  • Sam McGrath
    Sam McGrath 3 years ago

    proud of these guys right here. #orangenation

  • gillettfusion
    gillettfusion 3 years ago +42

    No matter how this season ends, I'm proud of my orange, both girls and guys #bleedorange

  • Austin
    Austin 3 years ago +1

  • Brooklynmane
    Brooklynmane 3 years ago +1

    Are you going to upload full games?

    • Pra S
      Pra S 2 years ago


  • dan o
    dan o 3 years ago +12

    second best Easter comeback in 2016 years lol. Guess whos no.1.

  • Gsw Gsw
    Gsw Gsw 3 years ago

    More people lived in syracuse in 1985 than now.... Ghetto, down prices and low iq union workers destroyed north east

  • Gsw Gsw
    Gsw Gsw 3 years ago

    Syracuse had a bunch of colored folk

  • Roberts TV
    Roberts TV 3 years ago +32

    Gotta wonder why the Cuse gets hit with NCAA sanctions while NC plays with their academic foolishness...

  • Gsw Gsw
    Gsw Gsw 3 years ago +1

    syracuse is a ghetto .....cheaters too and a bunch of union workers destroyed it.

  • Jayson MacDonald
    Jayson MacDonald 3 years ago +8

    Lol Richardson couldn't hold in the smile anymore

  • Brian Crowley
    Brian Crowley 3 years ago +17

    Wow did UVA choke on some orange peels. Malachi went ham, can't remember a game by a CUSE player in this big of a game too go crazy like that!! GO CUSE

  • OnlyKnives
    OnlyKnives 3 years ago +5

    Big italian fan here since John Wallace's days screamin...go cuseeee babyyyyy.

    YT WORLDSTAR 3 years ago +122

    "Back From the Dead on Easter Sunday" Kevin Harlans greatest call yet.

    • CodProdigy1318
      CodProdigy1318 3 years ago +4

      Richardson has gone mad was better in my

    • Podzzyy
      Podzzyy 3 years ago +4

      +esc1010 that was hilarious when I was watching the game live when he said Richardsons gone mad

    • trippytropicana
      trippytropicana 3 years ago +17

      I prefer "Richardson's gone mad!"

  • izzak jenkins
    izzak jenkins 3 years ago +12

    Syracuse has an outstanding team. They exceeded expectations. Could be the best team in the country.

  • nick acevedo
    nick acevedo 3 years ago +5


    • A Joshi
      A Joshi 2 years ago

      Did brice do anything in final nothing. They lost in Finals.

    • A Joshi
      A Joshi 3 years ago

      +jacob ragsdale
      CUSE has already booked return ticket for BRICE, in economy class.

    • jacob ragsdale
      jacob ragsdale 3 years ago

      tell the Syracuse brice is coming

  • Conor Cook
    Conor Cook 3 years ago +1


  • Only Ed and The Almost
    Only Ed and The Almost 3 years ago +23

    Cavs bench-sitters shooting the imaginary arrows feel kind of silly now. Oops. Those images will live forever in Internet Land.

  • Jose Cortez
    Jose Cortez 3 years ago +1

    Mali represented TCA my high school

  • Nick Nickels
    Nick Nickels 3 years ago +12

    M Richardson is from my hometown . Congrats to him . Go Orange 🍊 .. The 🍊will be NC to play in the Championship Game

  • Aidan Santistevan
    Aidan Santistevan 3 years ago +21

    well since kansas ended my bracket ill be pullin for cuse haha congrats to you guys on making the final four!

  • Peter Rodby
    Peter Rodby 3 years ago +44

    Cinderella wears orange!

  • aquawavefist
    aquawavefist 3 years ago +30

    Still a little sour about that my bulldogs blowing that last game, but that comeback was impressive. This Syracuse team has a lot of heart and fight in them.

    • I'm not serious
      I'm not serious 3 years ago +8

      true man, I've lived in Syracuse my whole life and I've (almost) never been disappointed

  • A P
    A P 3 years ago +22

    Future looks BRIGHT for Orange. GO Cuse!

  • Leon du Feu
    Leon du Feu 3 years ago +95

    BACK FROM THE DEAD! Go Orange! :D

    • Roy Bualuan
      Roy Bualuan 11 months ago

      Leon du Feu is

    • Jake Deloso
      Jake Deloso 2 years ago +13

      ...on Easter Sunday. Can't watch this video enough.

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 3 years ago +49

    Nice pun from that announcer when he said syracuse back from the dead on Easter Day. :)

    • ricky100593
      ricky100593 21 day ago

      not a pun but you're right it was a good call

    • lupinvash3
      lupinvash3 3 years ago +2

      Kevin Harlan has made some exciting calls in both NFL and especially the NBA games as a color commentator. He can definitively do so for NCAA hoops games.

    • blown22
      blown22 3 years ago +7

      +Dave Jones Kevin Harlan is one of the best!

  • Team Solar
    Team Solar 3 years ago +1

    Virginia won! Onto the final four!

  • Victor Pico
    Victor Pico 3 years ago +65


    • King Diamond 51fifty
      King Diamond 51fifty 3 years ago +9

      That's one thing you can't coach and that's heart.enjoy the win tonight Orange get back to business it's not over yet.

    • Born2DoWork
      Born2DoWork 3 years ago +7

      +Victor Pico and the heart ain't red.....GO ORANGE!!!!!