Bobby Dunbar - Q+A

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
  • Why use dynamite?
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Comments • 2 563

  • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network  9 months ago +502

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    • Hector Hernandez
      Hector Hernandez 9 months ago

      I heard been solved

    • Indira Morris
      Indira Morris 9 months ago

      What if they were twins or brothers ? 🤔 #shanics ♥️

    • WickedVape Reviews
      WickedVape Reviews 9 months ago

      Could Shane and Ryan do an episode on Dogman?

    • bubba pacha
      bubba pacha 9 months ago

      BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Hey guys why dont you guys look into Rudolph Fentz cuz its CRAZY INTERESTING AND most importantly........ UNSOLVED

    • colourspectrum2409
      colourspectrum2409 9 months ago

      when is the season finale out??

  • national anthem
    national anthem 3 days ago

    huh I’ve seen at least 12 different Bobby Dunbar’s in this comment section

  • Sarahwritestories
    Sarahwritestories 9 days ago

    Hey. Its me Bobby. I'm good

  • Srishti Shekhar
    Srishti Shekhar 13 days ago

    whats NPR

  • Rosibel tapia
    Rosibel tapia 25 days ago

    Please make a playlist for all the Hotdaga episodes! Also it will be loves and forever cherished in my heart.

  • Woodsty Wood
    Woodsty Wood Month ago

    Pepper aloni Brooklyn nine nine

  • Cici Campos
    Cici Campos Month ago

    Is no one going to talk about how Ryan called “Clarke” “Clear” at 6:39 ??????

  • Cecilia Gomez
    Cecilia Gomez Month ago +1

    As a mother I think with out photos to remind you of what they looked like and the fact that a 4 year old changes so much in a matter of months I think I would have a hard time knowing with out a doubt if a child was mine. Also children forget people even faster then an adults so I’m not surprised that the child wouldn’t recognize its mother.

  • Kylie Roth
    Kylie Roth Month ago

    With the dynamite- they literally had to do it with precision and thought. Even back then I don’t think they were legally allowed to just “throw dynamite around”

  • Beth Lee
    Beth Lee Month ago

    Petition for hot daga to earn a grammy

  • Samantha Smithee
    Samantha Smithee Month ago

    I don't know what that was at the end of the ep but I loved it!!

  • purple you
    purple you 2 months ago

    i just imagined that paul could have told bobby that they were going to trick their parents and told him to go hide somewhere, and later went off and killed him/kidnapped him.

  • Bobby Dunbar
    Bobby Dunbar 2 months ago +1

    Hey it’s me bobby, I’m good. I’m very old. Chime off bro.

  • heather holt
    heather holt 2 months ago

    I still say wether or not he was a Dunbar or not, mrs. Dunbar was a better mother! Julie Anderson didn’t even seem to care that her son was absent from her life until after mrs. Dunbar was trying to find her missing son the entire time he was missing and now that she believed that boy was here it’s all of a sudden important to her that that boy is hers? What would have. Happened to him then? Would she just have given him back to that abhsive person! And also it was noticed that the man that was keeping him hostage was beating him and wiping him so of course he would have looked different! That could have made his eyes swollen!

  • Monkalunk
    Monkalunk 2 months ago +1

    We all need tats

  • BD
    BD 2 months ago +2

    can we have the hotdaga back pls

  • whimsical trash
    whimsical trash 2 months ago +1

    what if bobby was an illegitimate child and could've still been him but he had different dna idk, possibilities

  • Alyssa Caldwell
    Alyssa Caldwell 2 months ago +1

    i love the hot daga stories but i dont think ryan is enjoying it😂😂😂

  • Lee Nygaard
    Lee Nygaard 2 months ago

    What if the Dunbar's had "accidentally" killed Bobby and they came up with the kidnapping scenario to cover it up. Then the Anderson child came to light and the Dunbar's were kinda pressured (or quilt) to say this child was Bobby?

  • Nathalie Aramburo
    Nathalie Aramburo 2 months ago

    Hey, it's me Bobby....ummm... I'm good; very old. Very alive. Chime off, bro.

  • Psycho_with_the_ slica_slicas.

    Hey its me Bobby! Uh...I'm good! Very old... Very alive. #chimeoff bro!

  • Myuri Mohan
    Myuri Mohan 2 months ago

    6:40 i know this man did not just say claire instead of CLARKE

  • pessimistic rat
    pessimistic rat 2 months ago

    when shane does the hot daga i just focus on ryan’s suffering.

  • Jasper O
    Jasper O 2 months ago +1

    Um nope. nope nope nope. Shane you are very wrong, alligators do NOT stash their food. They grab it, pull it under and drown it, and swallow it whole. They don’t just keep going back to it because they don’t eat very often, usually only a few times per month, and they can go even longer without eating with only one raccoon sized meal to sustain them. Just had to point that out there because that was very wrong.

  • Whitewater Junkies
    Whitewater Junkies 2 months ago +1

    What if Bobby Dunbar is the black daliah killer the initials mach up

  • Noa Kanfi
    Noa Kanfi 2 months ago

    What if bobby Dunbar was eaten by his mother, just think about it. cannibalism isn't fake. She was the one who noticed that he was gone. She after then got ill, this could have been the affect of Kuru (a disease caused by cannibalism). This also explains why the mother identified him, so there would be no further research. Why was she not a suspect.

  • madison machen
    madison machen 2 months ago +4

    I went on a hike in North Idaho an hour after watching the treasure hunting episode and I was literally like “WHERES THE BOX”

  • Nicky
    Nicky 3 months ago

    ummmm why didn't the animators make them scream in slow motion with sad music playing in the background I was really ready for that dramatic flare

  • Sara Ortiz
    Sara Ortiz 3 months ago


  • Foxy Lady
    Foxy Lady 3 months ago

    I like the idea of an elderly Bobby Dunbar surprised that people are still interested in his disappearance.

  • Ruth Li
    Ruth Li 3 months ago

    It irks me that they said '6000 people have tried what we've done' implying that they've found the treasure.

  • Toxic Coding
    Toxic Coding 3 months ago +1

    Wth is Shane doing in the beginning 😂😂👌🏽

  • Dandelion
    Dandelion 3 months ago

    Ryans lowkey ripped tf

  • Chaney Wade
    Chaney Wade 3 months ago

    Again everyone is missing the problem of this case he is walking through the woods with his brother and relatives and you mean to tell me none of them seen anything he was with them they were the last to see him alive cmon people

  • TheOskayKeiiu
    TheOskayKeiiu 3 months ago

    Can someone tell me what ep has the people dancing till they died?

  • Erica Yazichyan
    Erica Yazichyan 3 months ago

    why does shane always look so terrified in the beginning

  • Maia Feldt
    Maia Feldt 3 months ago


  • loveanddreambig
    loveanddreambig 3 months ago +6

    What if the real Bobby Dunbar is linked to The Wineville Chicken Coop murders?
    They happened in 1928 and there was a very similar child-switch involved.
    Look up Christine Collins and her son Walter. Creepy stuff!

  • loveanddreambig
    loveanddreambig 3 months ago

    “I would rather a parade stay still as I walk past.”
    Why did I picture that as a really creepy scene in a movie? And then picture it as a different scene in a comedy? 🤣

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams 3 months ago

    I heard that Bobby Dunbar jr tested his DNA and it turns out he wasn't a Dunbar

  • ummmmmmrusure
    ummmmmmrusure 3 months ago

    Ryan is a thicc boi

  • Cassidy Moniuk
    Cassidy Moniuk 3 months ago

    Automatically thinks of john mulaney being all 'why do people shush animals?? They've never spoken' when the guys are taking about ponies

  • Aaron Kuminski
    Aaron Kuminski 3 months ago

    My grandpa's found Bobby back in the 1960s and checks in with him on hunting trips. The gator who raised him yep he's been raised by Gators taught him everything he needed to know to survive. He's kinda famous for something else... Now known as skunk ape. Since he's a 110 hasn't taken a bath or shaved he's been miss identified so I just solved 2 of your unsolved mysteries, Big foots cousin and Bobby Dunbar.

  • Its Ma’am
    Its Ma’am 3 months ago

    Hey it’s me Bobby I’m good bruh

  • Johny Briones
    Johny Briones 4 months ago

    1:31 that’s what she said

  • jayda
    jayda 4 months ago

    What if the guy who was with Bobby last, sold him to the man that was found with Bobby. Just a thought.

  • jayda
    jayda 4 months ago +2

    What if the man who took the boys was looking for ransom. But when the real Bobby died he decided to make the other one look like him and pretend to be Bobby. Since the Dunbar’s were more wealthy. But everything went wrong and ransom didn’t work and he ended up giving the boy to the Dunbar’s as Bobby.

  • Ants Vigil
    Ants Vigil 4 months ago

    Please do a show about Bruce Lee's death!!!! Ton of mystery and lore

  • Elsa Dewi
    Elsa Dewi 4 months ago

    1:58 i remember that part of the book and that’s what i thought too😂

  • sharkboi
    sharkboi 4 months ago

    Shane looks so suppried at the start 😂 hes just like "what? We're starting? Let me just... Uhh, ya know. Just slowly turn off ma phone. Totally paying attention"

  • Francesca Patti
    Francesca Patti 4 months ago

    Shane being distracted by butterflies and bumblebees is such a sweet thought.

  • veryberry39
    veryberry39 4 months ago

    "Hit it agin, Paw!"

  • Danielle Jacobs
    Danielle Jacobs 4 months ago

    Who is whispering at 01:19 ??

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle 5 months ago +1


    love you guys 😊

  • Hollea Beck
    Hollea Beck 5 months ago

    my mum works with horses and makes that clicking noise at my dad when he’s taking to long to get somewhere. “jim, babe, come on *click click click* ”

  • ZValerian21
    ZValerian21 5 months ago +1

    I don't think it was Paul Mizzi. He had Bobby's brother on his shoulders when he talked to him last. So when and how would he have time to hide Bobby. Also they started looking for him immediately, so unless he hide him in the greatest spot ever, I don't see how no one else looking would have found him. Also while kids are susceptible to lies from adults, it would take a bit of time and I don't think a large group of kids is going to be able to keep that kind of secret forever.

  • too depressed to feel things lmao

    what if the boy has the scar on his toe maybe was just a whip marking due to the cruel guy i forgot his name and it was julia andreson's son? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Gabriel Medrano
    Gabriel Medrano 5 months ago

    Whats good with Shane at the start 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yakob Engel
    Yakob Engel 5 months ago


  • Perciville D'Rozario
    Perciville D'Rozario 5 months ago +1

    Ryan looks good 👌

  • jdrose1000
    jdrose1000 5 months ago

    There have been cases that the murderer was involved in the search of someone and no one suspected that it was him.

  • young vet tha trucker
    young vet tha trucker 5 months ago +1

    I think they knew perfectly well He wasn't their son but just wanted closure and was like "eh close enough" with the boy at least they're able to kind of fill the void and move on. Without him they'll never know and possibly never have a son

  • TheAngelOfInk1
    TheAngelOfInk1 5 months ago

    Yeah so my grandpa's name was Bruce Anderson

  • leighl33
    leighl33 5 months ago

    0:00 to 0:08 Shane wtf are you doing?

  • Sarah Backshall
    Sarah Backshall 5 months ago

    If I subscribe now, do I advocate bullying by giving in? In no easy conscience can I click that button, and yet not to do so is an impediment to my own enjoyment of Buzzfeed Unsolved! What mighty dilemmas us mortals must face...

  • Emily Essl
    Emily Essl 5 months ago +1

    does ryan actually have his birthmark on his armpit or was he just bs something

  • Lily Blackwell
    Lily Blackwell 5 months ago

    The Bizarre Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar
    Þe Bizarro Apparence of Robbiȝ Dynbaer
    Se Bizar Apparens æf Hrodpiġ Dùnbar
    Sa Bizaŕ Adpāzēnts ab Hrōþibīg
    Só Buzu Hédpehsn̥wṓs hép Kréhtibhiḱ

  • AvocadoToastProductions

    Hi I’m Bobby Dunbar and I got abducted my aliens! 👾👾👽👽

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez 5 months ago

    7:48 maybe a scan code LMAO

  • Golden Music
    Golden Music 5 months ago

    No the age is 102

  • Jacob Lenon
    Jacob Lenon 5 months ago

    Shane’s the most funniest man alive

  • Jaida Blizard
    Jaida Blizard 5 months ago

    How does dynamite work in water?

  • Queen Salmon
    Queen Salmon 6 months ago +1

    The witch blast freezing in midair sounds ripped STRAIGHT from The Force Awakens 😂

  • Sarah Gonzales
    Sarah Gonzales 6 months ago

    I love you guys but i HATE the hot daga at the end ruins the vids

  • MrReptilienFan
    MrReptilienFan 6 months ago

    just in the mist of all this, did they ever look for the burn mark on his foot ? they said he had a scar on his toe but it could be a seperate thing since they described both

  • Ivan Rios
    Ivan Rios 6 months ago

    The boys should do the dyatlove pass incident in the soviet union.

  • Cloudless Day
    Cloudless Day 6 months ago

    Hey it's me Bobby

    *im good an old as-*

  • Kaleigh W
    Kaleigh W 6 months ago +1

    “All right, hit him again Paul!”

  • saturin
    saturin 6 months ago +1

    I would pay shane to read off the entire bee movie script to me ngl

  • Cobra Svt
    Cobra Svt 6 months ago +1

    I just read , one of the family member went against the family and did a dna test. The result was that it wasnt Bobby , turn out to be Anderson .

  • sofia regina
    sofia regina 6 months ago

    oh it’s onion.

  • ItzMeAudrey
    ItzMeAudrey 6 months ago

    I’ve been watching you guys for a while but I just want you to know your intro made me subscribe. I felt shamed. I didn’t realize I wasn’t! 😂😂😂 Glad to be here though, love these videos!

  • MsCherade9
    MsCherade9 6 months ago

    Why does Shane look so sick? He's pale as a ghost, red-rimmed eyes, nostrils and either has a hangover or is coming down with a bug... I do hope it was a hangover! At least you'd had a good time to make you look so rough...

  • Laurie McCrillis
    Laurie McCrillis 6 months ago

    Just read an article about a dna test being done in this case and that "Bobby Dunbar" was infact Bruce and not Bobby at all. I'm not sure if the source was a credible one though.
    P.S. Please do an episode on Chandra Levy. There are so many suspects in that case to choose from.

  • oliver js
    oliver js 6 months ago

    when are we going to get an episode about those funky dancing Frenchmen??

  • CHERished626
    CHERished626 6 months ago

    Okay, hit again Pa!!

  • Gabriella Weiss
    Gabriella Weiss 6 months ago

    What if the kidnapper had gave Anderson’s son the same marks like the burn and stuff then turned him over so he could keep bobby for whatever reason? Or what if when the Dunbar’s got home with “bobby” they realized it wasn’t him but they just kept him so that didn’t have to go through any more legal stuff?

  • Loutube
    Loutube 6 months ago

    I think Paul was working with William in a 'child kidnapping' business. And they had kidnapped Bobby AND Bruce at different times, but one of them died at some point.

  • Felacia Andrews
    Felacia Andrews 7 months ago

  • RebbieChan
    RebbieChan 7 months ago +1

    How did thekid not know if theywere his parents? he was 4 right, that's old enough to be able to voice who you're parents are

  • Griffin Gurley
    Griffin Gurley 7 months ago

    Thumbs down for the hotdaga

  • Michael Laverinto
    Michael Laverinto 7 months ago

    I swear this buzzfeed channel is the most underated channel EVER.

  • itsemily .31
    itsemily .31 7 months ago

    8:53 well I would love to do that, but I’m allergic to horses sooo, dreams crushed

  • Keren Flores
    Keren Flores 7 months ago

    shane's hair looks so good in this one omg

  • ishi
    ishi 7 months ago

    shane at the beginning was like oh? its rolling? uhh

  • Kris Greene
    Kris Greene 7 months ago

    Tag yourself I'm Ryan's armpit sweat marks

  • Blossom Saturnalia
    Blossom Saturnalia 7 months ago

    I really want an episode about those French people who danced till they died.

  • kansasgirl73
    kansasgirl73 7 months ago

    When are you going to Bobby Mackey's?????

  • Gallifreyan_Hunter
    Gallifreyan_Hunter 7 months ago +63

    I feel like Bruce was probably being abused at home- an uncle beating him, a mother not looking for him for forever, etc. He saw an escape from his hard life, and chose to be Bobby Dunbar.

  • Free range grass fan God bless america

    Shane in the beginning though