True Confessions with John Mulaney and Pete Davidson

  • Published on Mar 1, 2019
  • John Mulaney, Pete Davidson and Jimmy play a game where they take turns confessing a random fact before interrogating each other to determine who was telling the truth.
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    True Confessions with John Mulaney and Pete Davidson
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 645

  • royarden11
    royarden11 9 hours ago

    This is by far the funniest out of all true confessions

  • john furgele
    john furgele 21 hour ago

    When Pete struggled to speak at 4:39 I fucking felt that 💀

  • yepisuredolikecats

    does pete do any voice acting? he has a nice distinct voice with lots of character

  • Britton Teply
    Britton Teply Day ago

    4:18 mmm John Mayer

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C 2 days ago

    Cannibalism isn’t illegal just gonna throw that out there. It usually is considered assault or messing with a dead body haha

  • T.Q
    T.Q 2 days ago

    I love this game 😂💘💘💘💘

  • dezi beli
    dezi beli 2 days ago

    1:10 *ohyeahyeahsisjdndjdksjdhdjndndjd*

  • Roberto Padilla
    Roberto Padilla 3 days ago

    Get this people to the UK and on WILTY so that they learn how to really play this game.

  • ClaireWinter Rain
    ClaireWinter Rain 3 days ago

    “That kid... Jamaica” 😂😂😂😂

  • Mike D
    Mike D 3 days ago

    How much time and resources is wasted to make that fake ash tray smoke non stop? Also; why?

  • Alondra P
    Alondra P 4 days ago

    they didnt ask questions cuz they know jimmy partys hard

  • Bravo25
    Bravo25 4 days ago

    I'm sorry but Jimmy Fallon is so douchey and stupid

  • Harper Flynt
    Harper Flynt 4 days ago

    john mulaney looks like he’s in a constant state of confusion. i don’t know how he does it. i don’t think he does either.

  • Markus Cutler
    Markus Cutler 5 days ago

    Note how Pete slouches and wears a hoodie, and John stands up straight wearing a suit. It’s like the before and after picture of crack addiction.

  • Nhan Bui
    Nhan Bui 5 days ago

    they were all part of SNL


    These gotta be the funniest fucking people ever

  • Nicholas Hogan
    Nicholas Hogan 5 days ago

    Love John Mulaney. Hate Pete Davidson. I'm only here for John.

  • Bill A.
    Bill A. 5 days ago

    did they confess that they were talentless faggots??

  • Alice Lu
    Alice Lu 5 days ago

    are they talking about hannibal?

  • Today Jack Do
    Today Jack Do 5 days ago +4

    "A man, your senior, goes, that kid, Jamaica"

  • Sierra Morales
    Sierra Morales 5 days ago

    Also me.

  • Natalie R Bell
    Natalie R Bell 6 days ago

    I envy Pete’s complexion on this

  • Liana Polo
    Liana Polo 6 days ago

    I... always end up watching this video. John and Pete could have videos of casual conversations and I’d watch them anyway because they’re both so interesting. Jimmy isn’t even faking his enthusiasm in this episode. One of my personal favorites, and of course the one with nicole kidnman

  • Debbie Montelli
    Debbie Montelli 6 days ago +2

    I really want to hear the fake scenarios

  • Melissa Ngai
    Melissa Ngai 7 days ago +3

    I love how shocked and speechless John Mulaney was at Pete's answer

  • Nothing Nowhere Whatever

    “Did he ever give you a clue to be suspicious of anything?” “No. He never said to me in the elevator; guess what?”

  • 1 2 3 Four Five
    1 2 3 Four Five 7 days ago

    Pete and MGK is better

  • SuperNomNomGaming
    SuperNomNomGaming 8 days ago

    Go to Wisconsin

  • Mary Rose
    Mary Rose 9 days ago

    I remember the cannibal cop and I live in the UK.

  • Josh Carrigan
    Josh Carrigan 9 days ago

    Who the fuck is John?

  • Tyrant-Den
    Tyrant-Den 10 days ago +1

    everybody who ever worked for Lorne suddenly shows up at his door: "What's this I hear about you you and Davidson in Jamaica?"

  • Jenna Tuller
    Jenna Tuller 10 days ago

    Knew it was the cannibal cop the min he said it's in NY. I'm shocked Jimmy and Pete, as NYers, didn't kno this. His wife discovered it on their computer and turned him in. He never actually did going thu with eating anyon, just his sick fantasy I guess. So sick. I'm out on Long Island and I'm still hearing about it to this day! In fact, he's supposed to be a guest this weekend at crime-con. Crazy shit!

  • es1mage
    es1mage 10 days ago

    Pete a goat

  • B《밸》B
    B《밸》B 10 days ago

    I love both of themmmm

  • Crips And dip
    Crips And dip 11 days ago

    Why does John sound like Andrew from big mouth

    SLKR SPENCER-ROLLINS 11 days ago

    Why am I the only person who knee that Pete was telling the truth?

  • Justin Sizemore
    Justin Sizemore 11 days ago

    You can't be arrested for being a cannibal. Cannibalism is completely legal. Murder is illegal, you jackasses. Get it right!!!

  • Destany Charles
    Destany Charles 11 days ago

    I feel like LA ppl think New Yorkers are the cannibals...full disclosure I’m from LA so I might be biased. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Frank Bishop
    Frank Bishop 11 days ago +1

    The thing I take from this is John Mulaney is hilarious.

  • Proverbs 11 Counseling and Wellness Services

    Florida, New York and California would have all made sense for Mulaney's story.

  • Proverbs 11 Counseling and Wellness Services

    I call for pete and leslie to do this together.

  • Lesley Debelloy
    Lesley Debelloy 12 days ago

    You can’t help but crack up when Pete is trying to hold in a laugh ❤️👏😂

  • Patricia Shrader
    Patricia Shrader 12 days ago

    Was the musician Bill Cosby?

  • Your Friend
    Your Friend 13 days ago

    John Mulaney needs his own show he was running circles around Pete and Jimmy this entire game

  • Floris Bordewijk
    Floris Bordewijk 13 days ago

    Good to see "would I lie to you" is getting popular across the pond

  • Three Jewels
    Three Jewels 13 days ago

    Jimmy... you repeated your story.

    MYKAH HETTINGER 13 days ago +5

    the reason john has lived a full life is because he is IMMORTAL change my mind

  • Allison Willner
    Allison Willner 14 days ago

    God, Pete is so high

  • Luisa Saint
    Luisa Saint 14 days ago +2

    This is definitely the best true confessions. These are such talented comedians!! I’ve rewatched this an embarrassing number of times

  • MaKayla Fastnacht
    MaKayla Fastnacht 14 days ago

    I love how Mulaney, the most normal man ever had a cannibal neighbor

  • casey peppard
    casey peppard 15 days ago

    It’s hard watching someone who’s not funny try and keep up with actual comedians

  • Clarence Jones
    Clarence Jones 15 days ago +4

    Jimmy Fallon: did you really go to Jamaica with Lorne Michaels?
    Pete: “yes”

  • Alessandra Leigh
    Alessandra Leigh 15 days ago +1

    Guys im almost 100% sure lorne isnt a sexual predator who invited Pete to Jamaica for anything sinister. Lorne has always had a soft spot for the comedians struggling with mental health. I see all these comments about how John looks worried. To me he just seems surprised maybe a little jealous of Petes close relationship with their boss. Of course i could be completely incorrect and john would know way more than me about lorne, but I doubt he had anything impure in mind when he invited Pete to jamaica.

  • Zohar Uzuki
    Zohar Uzuki 15 days ago

    "No. He never said to me in the elevator, 'guess what?'"

  • Jack Davids
    Jack Davids 16 days ago

    Wilty anyone?

  • 10000 subs with no vid


  • 10000 subs with no vid

    Wow wow wow

  • Mario Ortega
    Mario Ortega 17 days ago


  • Pogo M
    Pogo M 17 days ago

    Pete: oh okay

  • ebonynemesis
    ebonynemesis 18 days ago


  • Stupid Maysar
    Stupid Maysar 18 days ago

    John Mulaney can say anything and it makes me laugh.

  • Jarin
    Jarin 18 days ago +1

    How did Pete not get molested?

  • A H
    A H 18 days ago

    Pete and leslie would've been hilarious.

  • Alicia VanCuren
    Alicia VanCuren 19 days ago

    I’m from North Carolina

  • Alicia VanCuren
    Alicia VanCuren 19 days ago

    I’m from North Carolina

  • Dharma Dharma
    Dharma Dharma 19 days ago

    Pete seems so gen x

  • Dr. Matthew Hertert
    Dr. Matthew Hertert 19 days ago

    I wanted the last one to be true because there's no other explanation in my mind for anyone knowing who the fuck Pete is or why he's on tv.

  • l j
    l j 19 days ago +14

    THIS KEEPS SHOWING UP IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS & yes I watch it every time....

  • whizz1der
    whizz1der 20 days ago +1

    There, you have it. Lorne and Pete durty wining inna Jamaica.
    No women were mentioned.

  • Phuc Yue Boi
    Phuc Yue Boi 20 days ago

    They look like two brothers who took different life paths

  • Donovan Anonymous
    Donovan Anonymous 22 days ago

    cannibalism is legal if the person being eaten consents

  • Royal Alchemist
    Royal Alchemist 22 days ago

    Get jimmy fallon off tv. He's cringy asf.
    Its make it worst you can tell he's been prep but still sucks at this.
    This would be so much better without Jimmy.

  • Jaimie Hex
    Jaimie Hex 22 days ago

    2:22 John perfectly matched his hand movement with the cymbals

  • Captain Shmeckleton
    Captain Shmeckleton 22 days ago

    Ariana Grande tattoo on Pete’s neck. F in the chat

  • Bring Me The Peace
    Bring Me The Peace 23 days ago

    Lorne thought Pete was a cutie and wanted to place it in his patootie

  • SD
    SD 24 days ago

    This is Would I Lie to You

  • tommo91
    tommo91 25 days ago

    lol that's holllyyyyyyywoodddd haha

  • Jordan Bernard
    Jordan Bernard 25 days ago

    So they all chose the “true” envelope? What were the false statements? Comedy is shit these days.

  • 93 jk
    93 jk 26 days ago

    when james said "how did you know it was true" i thought pete was gonna say "cause it was in New York"

  • Nate Vendetta
    Nate Vendetta 26 days ago +1

    I’ve lived a full life there’s many stories

  • Charlix Adventure
    Charlix Adventure 26 days ago

    "Yes... Its true" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brandy Burnette
    Brandy Burnette 26 days ago +1

    They're both low-key hurt that Pete got invited on vacation and they didn't. Lol

  • Tanner Henderson
    Tanner Henderson 27 days ago

    The musician that jimmy blacked out with while drinking must’ve been cardi b


    John:-Where did the evening started?
    Pete:-yES. It's true.
    LmaO I'm still laughing

  • Griffith Wachter
    Griffith Wachter 27 days ago

    How did Pete just know 3 seconds in

  • Age Restricted
    Age Restricted 28 days ago

    i see pete davidson, i click

  • Emalia Messich
    Emalia Messich 28 days ago +1

    This is my favorite True Confessions.

  • JakeTakesTheCakes
    JakeTakesTheCakes 29 days ago +2

    "I shoulda read the email"
    God could Pete Davidson be more relatable?

  • sandy maio
    sandy maio 29 days ago

    all i think about when i hear john talk is him playing the guy in big mouth

  • HotPocketBaby13
    HotPocketBaby13 29 days ago +1

    My three favorite cuties ♡

  • Aeriel Nesbitt
    Aeriel Nesbitt Month ago +1

    Such a wonderful trio

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI Month ago

  • Mark Clipper
    Mark Clipper Month ago

    Pete is not funny at all. He's on par with SNL now tho. Never could have worked in any other SNL class.

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris Month ago

    Idk if this is a regular segment, but IT NEEDS 2 B

  • Lisa Alaniz
    Lisa Alaniz Month ago

    John and Pete so hilarious 😂😆😂 they made this video fun to watch.

  • lenix
    lenix Month ago

    Pete high af

  • Sara Sleightholm
    Sara Sleightholm Month ago

    John Mulaney was neighbors with Hannibal Lecter

  • 아만다
    아만다 Month ago

    so you are telling me that pete davidson was in jamaica. and. i. didnt. KNOW.

  • GcCa2Lv
    GcCa2Lv Month ago

    The moment Pete volunteers his age, I knew his story was true