Lucas The Spider Creator Explains How He Makes People Fall In Love With Spiders | The Dodo

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  • The Dodo
    The Dodo  8 days ago +1712

    LUCAS THE SPIDER IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!! For more of this spider, you can check out his videos on TVclip:

    • Carpal Funnel Spider
      Carpal Funnel Spider 8 hours ago +1

      The Dodo It is probably impossible to calculate how many little spider lives these videos have saved. Do not kill spiders, they are frens! (except in Australia)

    • Christina Zito
      Christina Zito 13 hours ago +1

      The Dodo subscribed! Wow! Love this behind the scenes haha too cute can’t wait to see more content of Lucas!

    • Jasmine Johnston
      Jasmine Johnston 20 hours ago


    • Joshua F
      Joshua F 22 hours ago


    • Diamond Wolf
      Diamond Wolf 23 hours ago

      The Dodo Bruh I'm scared the flipping crap out of spider but he was so cute so I clicked on this video.

  • James
    James 5 minutes ago

    sh*t my diabetes

  • Gage Trimble
    Gage Trimble 7 minutes ago


  • Ethan Rodriguez
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  • Kizzie Richardson
    Kizzie Richardson 21 minute ago +1

  • The Cypher
    The Cypher 32 minutes ago

    Hey man I like spiders, they provide a very necessary service to our planet after all. However if they could learn some things about personal space then I would love em...

  • Nova Gamer
    Nova Gamer 34 minutes ago

    i still hate spiders

  • SuperZoeda
    SuperZoeda 36 minutes ago

    I m really afraid of spiders, and even if I consider myself that it’s totally unreasonable to be afraid of them, I always get scared. Like I couldn’t do anything about it...
    Do you guys have the same trouble or having tipps for me to get over the anxiousy?

  • A
    A 48 minutes ago

    Jesus crist 😨

  • Raphaela Djurovic
    Raphaela Djurovic 50 minutes ago

    It cured my fear of spiders to

  • potato Unicorn666
    potato Unicorn666 55 minutes ago

    I still have aracnafobiea BUT I FREKIN LOVE LUCAS

  • Ella Moloney
    Ella Moloney 56 minutes ago

    I love Lucas ❤️

  • hachi9944
    hachi9944 58 minutes ago +1

    Awwww 😀😀 im so scared of spiders... but now.. its magically going away :"D

  • Pigston
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  • Rager Sam
    Rager Sam Hour ago

    I would like to see someone hug a black widow or a brasilian wandering spider

  • Jane Cate Irungu
    Jane Cate Irungu Hour ago

    Cute spider but is still doesnt change a thing for me

  • alfian nahuda
    alfian nahuda Hour ago

    When I'm kid back in the rural area I often see this spider and I think wow he's the cutest. I often try to grab him and makes him jumping on my finger. Sad I can't find this kind of spider after move to metropolitan city.

  • Monty Schleich und Tiere

    Im Scared of spiders but... I think now... Just maybe a littlebit...
    Thank youu

  • Alisa Nyström
    Alisa Nyström Hour ago

    OMG OMG OMG I'm dead

  • Jackie Santangelo

    Joshua!!! You've helped my son recover (a little bit) from his arachnophobia. He was terrified of spiders and webs from the first moment he saw them. Which is crazy because I love spiders and their amazing homes. I love them despite being bit by a Brown Recluse. My hand was on fire for about two days but literally ached, for 10 days. No necrotic tissue though but I still love spiders, just not that particular Brown Recluse. Bye Bye Lucas ;-)

  • ripped death
    ripped death Hour ago

    I watched it but I'm still scared or spider

  • Simsy YT
    Simsy YT Hour ago

    This is the cutest spider i have ever seen and i don't only want zu hug this spider i wanna kiss it.

  • Saoni Schaftenaar

    Can I get a Lucas plussie

  • Saoni Schaftenaar


  • Rumble Shakes
    Rumble Shakes Hour ago

    It's still the fangs/mandibles.

  • Kali Achorn
    Kali Achorn Hour ago

    This is so freaking cute he is like a little teddy bear he looks so cuddly and he is soooo funny and cute please make more vids on Lucas

  • tomek bobek
    tomek bobek 2 hours ago

    Make something cute what is originally cute is pretty easy and don't deserve admiration. But still I aprecciate his work.

  • El Pez Escorpion
    El Pez Escorpion 2 hours ago

    Desde entonces creé un hotel de arañas en mi casa c:

  • Cihat tahic
    Cihat tahic 2 hours ago

    Film Produzenten werden mit Lucas einen Animationsfilm drehen wollen auf jeden Fall Kino Film izz daa

  • Furby18 sika
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  • Janelle Matson
    Janelle Matson 2 hours ago

    I'm addicted to thus little guy. Even my 1 year old likes him. Can't wait for move videos!!!

  • Onyx Gene
    Onyx Gene 2 hours ago

    how is it that I find real spiders cuter....

  • Demon Of Darkness
    Demon Of Darkness 2 hours ago

    I love jumping spiders, this is so cute ... Please make Lucas like a plush doll ... I need to have this extremely cute spider in home ❤

  • Hannah Isabelle
    Hannah Isabelle 2 hours ago

    I wonder how long this takes to animate

    MAX UND KLARI 2 hours ago


  • Silverflame
    Silverflame 2 hours ago

    Omfg give him a movie please

  • Michae1
    Michae1 2 hours ago

    Lucas The Spider meets Dory, aha that would be amazing!

    DJ NEROVING 2 hours ago

    i still hate spiders and just don't buy it

  • Terrer gaming
    Terrer gaming 2 hours ago

    soooo9ooooooooo. CUTE

  • AD show
    AD show 2 hours ago

    So cute!!😻😻

  • DarknekoamingYT αzυ마루


  • Imaru Lewis
    Imaru Lewis 2 hours ago

    I like real spiders let alone this little guy.

  • 42Mandragora
    42Mandragora 2 hours ago

    I want to adopt Lucas :-) Sooo cute.

  • Ms Bubble LT
    Ms Bubble LT 2 hours ago

    i never hated spiders
    i always loved them

  • Afia Zaman
    Afia Zaman 3 hours ago

    Me seeing Lucas for the first time "AWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOAAAWWWWWHHH" i shared it w/ all my friends😂

  • dfgh dgdru
    dfgh dgdru 3 hours ago

    I wish all spiders were asa cute as Lucas the spider

  • Paul Lopez
    Paul Lopez 3 hours ago

    My daughter is an artist and is interested in computer animation. I send her your vids all the time.

  • kirara2516
    kirara2516 3 hours ago

    .....this made me say "aww" .....dang it. Lol. I'm terrified of spiders, they're just so creepy, but Lukas is cute.

  • Pin-up Guru II
    Pin-up Guru II 3 hours ago

    omg when I saw him I'm like 😍 pider baby ..I'll hold u and pet u and warm u up 😊 I want him and I'll take care of da cutie .....tbh I h8ed spiders my hole life but he is so cute..I want a plushie of him X3

  • Neko Cat
    Neko Cat 3 hours ago

    sorry but i think he is kinda creepy even though real spiders a much worse

  • Kimberley Mellors
    Kimberley Mellors 3 hours ago

    Now i think I like spiders but before I hated them but now I've changed

  • Sav& Kay
    Sav& Kay 3 hours ago

    You wanted to make people who were afraid of spiders say awwww? Well you did it!!! He’s just the cutest❤️

  • Rachaelponylover Loban

    Also,could I have the toy!?

  • Rachaelponylover Loban

    Awwwwww SOOOO CUTE!!!

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов 4 hours ago

    I'd love to crush this fluffy piece of s with my giant manly leg just to see his blood and organs splattered all around the floor!

  • epistimi stavrou
    epistimi stavrou 4 hours ago

    Lucas the Spider yes its adorable , but this wont make me not to like them, 2 yrs ago i got bitten by spider...and was really awfull no thanks!!!

  • PornFlakes
    PornFlakes 4 hours ago

    lol i let my cats eat 'em

  • Little Lucas DLP
    Little Lucas DLP 4 hours ago


  • The doricorn
    The doricorn 4 hours ago

    I still find spiders scary

  • beatrice
    beatrice 4 hours ago

    Ok so seems like I'm the only one who's still freaking scared by spiders, and nonono it's not cute at all

  • Ivar Mauritz-Hansen
    Ivar Mauritz-Hansen 5 hours ago

    Still creeps me out.

  • Pavel Jaroš
    Pavel Jaroš 5 hours ago

    I am arachnofobic but that spider Is cute😍

  • Olivia Teter
    Olivia Teter 5 hours ago

    can I have him😉😉😉😉I am cereal

  • MyJoy2You
    MyJoy2You 5 hours ago

    i love it! so cutee!💜💛💚😇

  • Cooper Pax
    Cooper Pax 5 hours ago

    so cute

  • Annette Murray
    Annette Murray 5 hours ago

    I hate spiders but hes so cute hi lucas

  • HB L
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  • Veronika Juřicová
    Veronika Juřicová 6 hours ago

    Tenhle pavouček je opravdu CUTE, ale z toho reálného mám fobii...:(

  • Kitteengamezz XD
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  • Yunan Klaus
    Yunan Klaus 6 hours ago

    "Hans, bring the flammenwerfer and toast that thing!"
    "B-but Hauptmann, it's a talking small spider"
    "I don't care, it's still a spider! Burn it down or I'll shoot you both with a panzerschreck!"

  • Gian Marlo Benjamin
    Gian Marlo Benjamin 7 hours ago

    Ok lucas its time to come in the house

  • 阿生 YouTuber
    阿生 YouTuber 7 hours ago

    So cute! I love it 😍😍😍

  • Zachary Sechan
    Zachary Sechan 7 hours ago

    I'm still afraid..

  • harv
    harv 7 hours ago

    I would shoot it anyway.

  • Gang beast gaming
    Gang beast gaming 7 hours ago

    is lucas real or fake
    i think real

  • you dont need to Know
    you dont need to Know 7 hours ago

    look at them views... that is a lot of jelous....

  • Robert Sampson
    Robert Sampson 7 hours ago

    He is cute, but he's an animated spider. There are real spiders that bite, a nd casn even kill you. So it's important to remember fact from fiction.

  • Yolanda Elias
    Yolanda Elias 8 hours ago

    im so sorry Lucas, i still cant with spiders, im out of here lol

  • Carpal Funnel Spider
    Carpal Funnel Spider 8 hours ago +1

    Jumping spiders are not just cute, they are one of the most amazing creatures evolution has produced. If you take the time to research them you will become obsessed with how perfectly they are crafted.

  • Carpal Funnel Spider
    Carpal Funnel Spider 8 hours ago +1

    I was already in love with spiders. I am so happy Lucas is sharing the joy. ❤️

  • Ausintune
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  • P ES
    P ES 8 hours ago

    I feed spiders in my garden and never use pesticides because of them. I always found them cute and funny. Little fat bois bouncing about in the webs on the wind.

  • Thunder Gkidd
    Thunder Gkidd 8 hours ago

    Awwwwww *Record Scratch* Wait a Minute Why Im Saying Dat

  • bang sondre
    bang sondre 9 hours ago

    Why did lucas have to sleep in the sheeeeddd???

  • Abhijith S
    Abhijith S 9 hours ago

    The voice is really cute..

  • Mahesh Bhosle
    Mahesh Bhosle 9 hours ago

    He is damn so cute.....

  • Gabriel Tejada
    Gabriel Tejada 9 hours ago

    honestly, small jumping spiders never scared me in fact most spiders don't unless it's the ones that are capable of killing anything with venom.

  • Waill Tatari
    Waill Tatari 10 hours ago

    You helped overcome my arachnophobia, Thank you

  • azeem ansari
    azeem ansari 10 hours ago

    I'd still kill it with fire

  • Me B
    Me B 10 hours ago


  • Nives Čatak bigestCatLover


  • PhoenixGamer044
    PhoenixGamer044 10 hours ago

    i still get spooked when i see spiders but still, i like Lucas XD

  • Tegar Erlangga
    Tegar Erlangga 11 hours ago

    Sooooooo cuuuuteeeeee BTW I subbed

  • RosePlayz 2000
    RosePlayz 2000 11 hours ago

    I need a pet.

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

  • Umbrella Corporation
    Umbrella Corporation 11 hours ago

    Still hate it! Not All of spiders are cute. But lucas is cutest spider 😊

  • stephany Jones with my horse tex

    It's so adoribal when he waved one of his legs saying hi

  • Jagrish Shah
    Jagrish Shah 12 hours ago

    I just hate spiders but uhh!to cute he is 😘 I am just now onwards fallen in love with spiders 😍 I wish that if real spiders would be like this cutiepie 😘 then everyone would have been wish to have a spider as pet 😍😍😍 I just can't stop watching him😍 Dame cute 😘

    JV VIDEOS 12 hours ago


  • Therese Alejar
    Therese Alejar 12 hours ago

    It's good to love spiders but what if people want to pet a deadly spider or something? XD