Lucas The Spider Creator Explains How He Makes People Fall In Love With Spiders | The Dodo

  • Published on Feb 12, 2018
  • Lucas The Spider Creator is Making People Fall In Love With Spiders | Lucas The Spider is the cutest spider ever - we caught up with Lucas The Spider's creator Joshua Slice to learn more about Lucas and the 'how' and 'why' behind the most adorable spider ever! For more of the adorable Lucas the Spider, you can check out his videos on TVclip:
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Comments • 12 541

  • The Dodo
    The Dodo  3 months ago +2930

    LUCAS THE SPIDER IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!! For more of this spider, you can check out his videos on TVclip:

  • samcass67
    samcass67 29 minutes ago

    Lucas and george the spider made me want to get over the fear of real spoders havennt yet but i will one day

  • Sarah Ave
    Sarah Ave 2 hours ago

    Cute spider man

  • DeSlav•
    DeSlav• 2 hours ago

    Kill it, kill it with *fire*

  • Markus Aurelious
    Markus Aurelious 3 hours ago

    I'm terrified of spiders, I respect them. But little Lucas. I love him so much.

  • Purple hair 2007
    Purple hair 2007 5 hours ago


  • Ornela Hudhra
    Ornela Hudhra 8 hours ago


  • Marie Ariee
    Marie Ariee 8 hours ago

    He's so cute

  • Marina Sohrabi
    Marina Sohrabi 8 hours ago

    Me trying not to say awwww!

  • Deeznukes 90
    Deeznukes 90 9 hours ago

    see's Lucas the spider :awwwwww

    sees real spider :aaaaaaaaah

  • A.H animations
    A.H animations 11 hours ago

    He changed my Way I look at spiders

  • emily hicks
    emily hicks 12 hours ago


  • Super Slime
    Super Slime 12 hours ago

    I have sever arachnophobia and Lucas made me be like OMG WHAT IS THIS CUTE CREATURE?

  • BluSlinky
    BluSlinky 13 hours ago

    Funny thing is you can make anything scary to make people go "awww" and say "cute".

  • Scythe _665
    Scythe _665 15 hours ago

    I have a jumping spider

  • lxttleBANGtan
    lxttleBANGtan 16 hours ago

    I sent one of the videos to my friend and he’s terrified of spiders but nowwwww he’s obsessed 😂

  • chargede fone
    chargede fone 16 hours ago

    I love spiders so much!

  • Ivan Perovic
    Ivan Perovic 17 hours ago


  • Marissa Johnson
    Marissa Johnson 21 hour ago

    I now don't have a fear if spider's anymore

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔウィアブー

    I’m still going to smack a spider if I see one

  • Tricia Roberts
    Tricia Roberts 22 hours ago


  • Fiery Angel
    Fiery Angel 22 hours ago

    The animator is using C4d or Maya....I think..

  • David C
    David C Day ago +1

    As long as spiders are inside the screen I'm okay.

  • Nally
    Nally Day ago


  • jourden alvarez
    jourden alvarez Day ago

    This just made me love spiders

  • kota1225
    kota1225 Day ago

    I would love him as a pet

  • Mildre Tejeda
    Mildre Tejeda Day ago

    Lucas. Is. So. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  • Adasha Francois
    Adasha Francois Day ago

    Only if he was real so I can have as a pet cause' he is so adorable

  • MUISTI Official Channel

    I like the spider that you made

  • master chief unsc

    I never beet up my freind

  • Катя Бойко

    very beautiful spider

  • vampire princess
    vampire princess Day ago +1

    Cuteness overloaded!!!!

  • little fox
    little fox Day ago +2

    i always was afraid of spiders and others things but i would never kill them like i got a papper and leave outside cause there is no need to hurt theese animals

  • fikri shahid mohd

    So cuteeeee😍😍😍😍

  • Bai Ada
    Bai Ada Day ago

    Awwwwww he's a little spider! ❤️

  • Bai Ada
    Bai Ada Day ago



    His sooooooooooooooo cute 😍😍😍 so cute

  • Guy Person
    Guy Person Day ago

    I would’ve opened the window for him

  • Guy Person
    Guy Person Day ago

    Wait, is he a brown recluse?

  • wild- crystal -k9

    I have a pet spider the Lucas, his name is Elementus

  • Gianna Octaviano
    Gianna Octaviano 2 days ago

    by the way i want him as a pet :'c

  • Pixelated unicorns 159

    It work for me and know i want a pet one

  • Gvantsa zosiashvili
    Gvantsa zosiashvili 2 days ago

    He is really really very cute

  • Tori Cordova
    Tori Cordova 2 days ago

    Lucas: *My name's Lucas.*
    *"I am Groot."*

  • Vijay Balan
    Vijay Balan 2 days ago

    So cute

  • daniel whitehead
    daniel whitehead 2 days ago

    I think the spider is cuter in real life then cartoon but both are cute

  • RavenBower [PVP]
    RavenBower [PVP] 2 days ago

    Wow Super Cute!!

  • sy sorm chum
    sy sorm chum 2 days ago

    Lucius is the cutest spider 🕷 I ever seen

  • Tammy Sanford
    Tammy Sanford 2 days ago

    😌IM IN LUV✌😇💞🍀🙏

  • Shelia Vanhook
    Shelia Vanhook 2 days ago


  • Kaelyn Castor
    Kaelyn Castor 2 days ago

    He so cute

  • Red SHU
    Red SHU 2 days ago

    My baby brother wa slaughing when lucas was escaping

  • Red SHU
    Red SHU 2 days ago

    I sub for the cuteness

  • Red SHU
    Red SHU 2 days ago

    Cute spider

  • toey howell
    toey howell 2 days ago

    so so so so cute

  • ZapSnap
    ZapSnap 2 days ago

    Damn good thing i killed that spider on my roof😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • ZapSnap
    ZapSnap 2 days ago

    Ill KILL IT 🕸🕷🔫

  • Parry Clark
    Parry Clark 2 days ago

    I wish there was a full length movie.... I Love Lucas

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 2 days ago

    so cute!!!!!!!!!

  • destinni martinezujijuiuu

    He is so cute

  • Aurélien Vénus
    Aurélien Vénus 2 days ago

    I love it so much that I consider Lucas like a human being. Just imagine my move for "HIM" ! 😍❤

  • Elite Combine
    Elite Combine 2 days ago

    I like spider :D

  • Tattletail Vlog's & Gaming

    I love Spiders NOW !!!

  • Samantha Surya
    Samantha Surya 2 days ago


  • Lisa Payne
    Lisa Payne 2 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaawww very cute

  • incenti gaming
    incenti gaming 2 days ago

    does he bite

  • tan hock jun
    tan hock jun 3 days ago

    Is it possible to make home lizard and cockroaches cute? Because I think they are innocent life just want to stay alive but it always kills be human,they don't beg for food,they don't bite or attack people but they wait for us to sleep or the day is dark then they look for food and they also need to hide from us or else they will get killed ( for no reason)

  • Psyco Mantis
    Psyco Mantis 3 days ago

    My brother owns a tarantula. He adores them! So much so that he walks around his home with it hanging off his shirt.

  • leanne mcnamara
    leanne mcnamara 3 days ago

    I love spiders now.💜💙💚💛❤️

  • NoneOf YourBuisness
    NoneOf YourBuisness 3 days ago

    I rget killing any spiders 😞 I will never kill agen

  • •it’s Jane•
    •it’s Jane• 3 days ago

    i will never squash a spider again

  • Trace Gilbert
    Trace Gilbert 3 days ago

    Only spider I will ever love

  • Arekey
    Arekey 3 days ago

    He is so cute I can't stop saying awwwwwww

  • FlighterCat Gaming
    FlighterCat Gaming 3 days ago

    I absolutely HATE people who kill bugs, they’re so cold hearted. Once this kid in my class killed a spider with his shoe (he like took it off) I tried to guard the spider but I was too late. 😭I took my shoe off and threw it at him and it hit him. I was like “ How do you like it bish!” I like harassed him for the rest of the day

    I got revenge for you, little spider, I got revenge. ❤️🕷

  • devinder balgir
    devinder balgir 3 days ago

    i want that cute spider!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vincent Ekld Librando

    It looks like it doesn't bite i saw no fang safe to touch lucas!

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 3 days ago

    What software did you use. I have used macromedia suite which is now Adobe suite

  • Brianna Hernandez
    Brianna Hernandez 3 days ago

    Lucas sooo CUTE AWWWW!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💙💙😘😍😍

  • Clark Kent Amistoso
    Clark Kent Amistoso 3 days ago


  • Sami Sbaihi
    Sami Sbaihi 3 days ago

    *KAWAÏ* 😻

  • Kayden Mehringer
    Kayden Mehringer 3 days ago

    My sister hates spiders sisters see him dad kill the spider I’ll say don’t

  • Ray Smith
    Ray Smith 3 days ago +1

    soooooooooo cut i love Lucas the spider

  • Alan Wysocki
    Alan Wysocki 3 days ago


  • Natsuki Just monika
    Natsuki Just monika 3 days ago


  • HeyItsH J
    HeyItsH J 3 days ago

    ● w ●

  • owenthepink panther
    owenthepink panther 3 days ago

    La da da da slob on my knob

  • owenthepink panther
    owenthepink panther 3 days ago

    Nope I'm so scared of a tiny spider even im scared of lucas

  • katie lee
    katie lee 3 days ago


  • lps pop roleplay
    lps pop roleplay 3 days ago

    Well i am afraid of spiders

  • lps pop roleplay
    lps pop roleplay 3 days ago

    Its sooo cute omg i cant belive it

  • Jocelyn Wang
    Jocelyn Wang 3 days ago

    I really afraid of spider
    But I like lucas😭😭

  • Raegan Skyy
    Raegan Skyy 3 days ago

    Its so cute

  • kylestroz51
    kylestroz51 3 days ago

    People would like spiders more if they knew there wasn’t a possibility of death with one bite

  • fangel spranggel
    fangel spranggel 3 days ago


  • Storm Ninja
    Storm Ninja 3 days ago

    Mission accomplished mate I love Lucas and I have serious arachnophobia

    But I do NOT like George the red black no offence tho love the vids ☺️☺️

  • yuuki asuna
    yuuki asuna 3 days ago

    What would I usually do when I see a spider is.... SCREAM then RUN AWAYYYYYYY

  • Zeehazurizzbeuty Aziey

    Omg very cute omg I love this spider😘😘😘😘

  • Ирина Ким
    Ирина Ким 4 days ago

    Sooooooo cuuuuuuuuteeeeeee!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • sclogse1
    sclogse1 4 days ago

    Old fart come to see. Took a break from MSNBC.

  • Sophia at   Garza
    Sophia at Garza 4 days ago

    He is the most cutest spider in the world❤❤❤❤❤❤🌎