"TRUMP ANTHEM" - A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump

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  • AriesT
    AriesT 3 hours ago

    So there are still +6000 people left that think Donald Trump is a good singer? My goodness.

  • Isabella Mangione
    Isabella Mangione 4 hours ago

    Do the last jedi

  • BeGoogly BeGrudged
    BeGoogly BeGrudged 6 hours ago

    Hands off the President. Show some respect! Don't you have anything more productive to do with your time? Consider me unsubscribed. MAGA!

  • The SeriousS
    The SeriousS 6 hours ago

    Banana whiff...

    EMO FOX ANGEL 6 hours ago

    Baannwannaaa whiiifffff

  • Courtney Creeden
    Courtney Creeden 8 hours ago

    This is way too believable. This is a clear indicator of his ‘Genius’

  • fun & bleach
    fun & bleach 10 hours ago

    Oh ok so this is the raw footage. Wow that was a dumb question.... of course it is.

  • bubbah deh sibbins ma eh

    ah la hoopa von la bromf???Im so dead

  • KindleFire
    KindleFire 12 hours ago

    this is real...our president doesn't even know the anthem...

  • KenzieWenzie42
    KenzieWenzie42 12 hours ago

    “I’m the president of the United States and I don’t know the first verse to our national anthem.”

  • Marsh- Mellow
    Marsh- Mellow 14 hours ago

    Our president the worst singer trump!

  • catkinsiren
    catkinsiren 14 hours ago

    Accurate lip reading

  • kerrie juarez
    kerrie juarez 18 hours ago

    My hand is here

  • Jeremy L
    Jeremy L 23 hours ago

    Another bad lip reading flop. What will you do now that your gig is over? Maybe Colbert has a position for you! I have a new name for this page, "shit hole lip readings" A sell out to satan story haha

  • buisyman
    buisyman Day ago

    OMG!!!!! I love it!!!! It's so nice to have a President we can make fun of without some dumb libtard calling us racist.

  • There is always a rainbow After a little rain

    lol I’m sitting here eating pretzels while watching this.. lol no one cares tho... XD

  • Brandon Vaughn
    Brandon Vaughn Day ago

    This puts the "bad" in "Bad Lip Reading"

  • Brandon Vaughn
    Brandon Vaughn Day ago +1

    Wow.... They must be desperate to get a vid out or something. Not gonna lie that was awful

  • Angela H
    Angela H Day ago

    i am dune

  • Angela H
    Angela H Day ago


  • Suhaira Ghani
    Suhaira Ghani Day ago

    Can u guys please do a Teen Wolf bad lip reading

  • Pete Rasmussen
    Pete Rasmussen Day ago

    Ah La Hoopa Von La Brompf. My favorite French-Austrian dish.

  • JT Minor
    JT Minor Day ago

    By far the worst one

  • service@cal1.net


  • giantkiller56
    giantkiller56 Day ago

    I'd still prefer Trumplestiltskin's singing over Christina Aguilera's.

  • insightdk3
    insightdk3 Day ago

    so wait. those aren't the words?

  • Elizabeth Grace
    Elizabeth Grace Day ago


  • Tony Mathew
    Tony Mathew Day ago

    I like the idea of Trump just mumbling and not really saying anything... but for an entertainment video, it gets boring pretty quickly. It would have been better if you had put proper sentences which makes sense for him to say

  • Awal Kumashi
    Awal Kumashi 2 days ago

    Tanya's little feet and Hoopa von labromf

  • Stanley CutePrick
    Stanley CutePrick 2 days ago


  • Mindontcompute
    Mindontcompute 2 days ago


  • Kris Koda
    Kris Koda 2 days ago

    *b a n a n a w h i f f*

  • Decion
    Decion 2 days ago

    full of the usual trump bashers here , he knew about as many words as me - good tune though sounds like i wish you a merry xmas

  • RealNews RealTa!k
    RealNews RealTa!k 2 days ago

    At least he was making sense for the first time.

  • Abby Orwig
    Abby Orwig 2 days ago

    You should do a bad lip reading of the Roseanne opening themes for each season that they are all around the table!

  • jdnajes
    jdnajes 2 days ago

    And I thought he was trying to remember the words to La Fway!

  • Etienne None
    Etienne None 2 days ago

    Best song EVER!

  • charlene k
    charlene k 3 days ago

    😂😂 this is amazing. also can u pls do a video for riverdale

  • RL Driver
    RL Driver 3 days ago

    He has the audacity and the nerves to say let's make America great again smh, should have learned the words to this song in the
    1ST Grade oh I forgot he is a toddler still.

  • Earth Is Flat TRUTH
    Earth Is Flat TRUTH 3 days ago

    Imagine him trying to sing-along to busta rhymes. " Are you sure that's english?"

  • Beth Amphetamines
    Beth Amphetamines 3 days ago

    6,000 people don't have a sense of humor. Sad!

  • Kris
    Kris 3 days ago

    Got a couple of words wrong - but otherwise spot on.

  • Tatum Dangle
    Tatum Dangle 3 days ago


  • jackie
    jackie 3 days ago

    This is supposed to be a bad lip reading, not an accurate one! 😂

  • brunsworks
    brunsworks 3 days ago

    Too accurate. ;)

  • Owen Meyer
    Owen Meyer 3 days ago

    Triggered Trump supporters incoming

  • Jimmy Catalina
    Jimmy Catalina 3 days ago

    Herpy derpy

  • Alicia Waite
    Alicia Waite 3 days ago

    Please do a IT 2017 bad lip reading

  • Artic Melody
    Artic Melody 3 days ago

    Can you guys please do a bad lip reading on walking dead season 7 and 8!!! (Like my comment if you guys want it)

  • Artic Melody
    Artic Melody 3 days ago

    Can you guys please do a bad lip reading on walking dead season 7 and 8!!! (Like my comment if you guys want it)

  • Ty Nguyen
    Ty Nguyen 3 days ago

    LOL XD 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • TortugiaTyler
    TortugiaTyler 3 days ago

    do harry potter

  • Purple Cow
    Purple Cow 3 days ago

    When did you stop doing parodies and start doing documentaries? 😆

  • mike muniz
    mike muniz 3 days ago

    Stupid white trash kicking out the Mexican out of New Mexico you do know New Mexico was Mexico when the whites wanted it that land now is America they are so lucky they got England and British and all that English people from over sea to come to Mexico and calling it America

  • Kevin Shao
    Kevin Shao 3 days ago

    The first half was just lazy

  • D Mack
    D Mack 3 days ago

    Treasonous Dotard

  • Mr.MasterChief
    Mr.MasterChief 3 days ago

    Immature comedy right here

  • StEAzy E
    StEAzy E 3 days ago

    Worst Video y'all have put out yet.

  • shivam jaiswal
    shivam jaiswal 3 days ago

    *You mean Pretty accurate lip reading?*

  • Bullets BulletsSmoke


  • Daikon Radish
    Daikon Radish 3 days ago

    All these triggered Trump supporters. Lol.

  • MxMstrStve
    MxMstrStve 3 days ago

    That's almost funny

  • bigmarxbeats
    bigmarxbeats 3 days ago

    Lesley Nielsen aka frank drebin is the best from the movie naked gun

  • Truth Monger
    Truth Monger 3 days ago

    Doing better than NFL players .
    If you think Trump is a racist , you are a racist . If you think Trump is stupid , you are projecting .

  • Pedro Brazon
    Pedro Brazon 3 days ago

    lmao just....beautiful hahaha

  • Eirik Myhr
    Eirik Myhr 3 days ago

    I'm laughing so much that my head hurts!!! BROMPF!

  • tauntus
    tauntus 4 days ago +1

    comedy aside, trump really doesn't know the words.

  • Chris Horn
    Chris Horn 4 days ago +3

    When this happens in Britain to a prime minister its front page news for weeks 😂😂😂

  • oddballcourt
    oddballcourt 4 days ago

    First one of your videos that I've given thumbs down to. Sad.

  • Illyns Dayms
    Illyns Dayms 4 days ago

    He should buy lipstick stick

  • Orion Ake
    Orion Ake 4 days ago

    Whose a sugar packet banana whiff?

  • djinn201
    djinn201 4 days ago

    could you guys have a go at some deadwood would be so funny.

  • itz izzy
    itz izzy 4 days ago

    Why was this recommended?!

  • Jauza Annabil
    Jauza Annabil 4 days ago

    The voice is soo accurate😂

  • Celestria jabba
    Celestria jabba 4 days ago


  • Richard Benz
    Richard Benz 4 days ago

    MAGA= Morons Are Governing America

  • Ashlyn
    Ashlyn 4 days ago +2

    Oh so this is why North Korea wants to nuke us

  • Lpsdragons
    Lpsdragons 4 days ago

    Is this real?

  • Maddi S
    Maddi S 4 days ago

    Please do IT bad reading!!!!

  • Payne Productions
    Payne Productions 4 days ago

    Where's the full "Ice God of Hungary?" Come on BLR!

  • Onyx1916
    Onyx1916 4 days ago +1

    This is probably what he really sang...

  • Anita Star
    Anita Star 4 days ago

    The feet comment though...

  • DaDarvid
    DaDarvid 4 days ago

    thats hilarious. ahaha

  • Talon
    Talon 4 days ago


  • Kirby Kirby09
    Kirby Kirby09 4 days ago

    Come on Donald Trump you're making a fool out of yourself man dude you seriously if you don't know what it is you should get off the stage

  • Diane Young
    Diane Young 4 days ago


  • MobileEthan
    MobileEthan 4 days ago


  • Thomas Everett James


  • datoneguy4u
    datoneguy4u 4 days ago

    It's unamerican NOT to laugh at this.

  • 大核桃
    大核桃 4 days ago

    大美兴 川普王 虽然我不知道丫在干什么

  • din din
    din din 5 days ago

    That was so funny lol😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sunny Sings
    Sunny Sings 5 days ago +1

    this is the best thing I’ve seen in 2018

  • anjali sharma
    anjali sharma 5 days ago

    Hey It's Socka-2-May!! That was hilarious!! xD xD

    YUNIAR TRI KUNCORO 5 days ago

    I don't care what he talking about

  • Honey Pie
    Honey Pie 5 days ago +1

    Crack head

  • Zero Mero
    Zero Mero 5 days ago +2

    I can't breathhhhee 😂

  • Kyle T
    Kyle T 5 days ago +1

    Normally BLR videos make me laugh. This one made me die a little inside.

  • ReadyforWeirdtoo?
    ReadyforWeirdtoo? 5 days ago +1

    I thought this was supposed to be dubbed, this is was Trump says.

  • Derick Salguero
    Derick Salguero 5 days ago


  • Ruinous Power
    Ruinous Power 5 days ago

    This was low hanging fruit guys, the Christmas one was so much better.