"TRUMP ANTHEM" - A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump


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  • Penguin Emarald
    Penguin Emarald 12 hours ago

    Bannana whiff馃槀馃槀馃槀




  • NoFakesHere
    NoFakesHere Day ago

    hate him or love him...Trump doesnt care about anyone that cant do anything for him, financially....he is an elitist

  • JE LUR
    JE LUR Day ago

    Stop making of like this funny video. Donald Trump is our GREAT PRESIDENT. He is our president. Respect him, you guys.

  • John Menyhard
    John Menyhard Day ago

    Cry baby snowflakes

  • poe Anthony#Casper.
    poe Anthony#Casper. 2 days ago

    Busted looks like you don't even know the freaking words

  • Ogsonofgroo
    Ogsonofgroo 3 days ago

    The frightening thing is is that this is probably even better than what was going on in Trump's itty-bitty pea-brain.
    Funny as fk!
    Lordy, just imagine his take on the constitution eh!

  • Random Person
    Random Person 3 days ago +1

    HELP ME I CANNOT BREATHE 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Scott
    Scott 4 days ago

    ?!?!?!?! Who was the last president to get filmed not knowing the national anthem? Good good stuff.

  • T路 S路 W路
    T路 S路 W路 4 days ago

    He鈥檚 hearing the actual song coming from the band while the audience is hearing it played on the speakers. That's why it appears out of alinement. Also, why do you guys jump on him when he even tweets a typo. Guys, give him a break, criticize him for his politics if you must, don't be small.

  • Lucy 3
    Lucy 3 4 days ago

    Hilarious. Subbing.

  • dark dimond lps
    dark dimond lps 5 days ago +2

    He's so good at the national anthem! Lol

  • dark dimond lps
    dark dimond lps 5 days ago

    Lollllllll haha

  • AlvinCraftMC
    AlvinCraftMC 5 days ago

    Donald Trump makes me LMAO

  • Chez aj
    Chez aj 6 days ago +1

    *mmm mmm usa*

  • Kawaii Potato Kitty
    Kawaii Potato Kitty 7 days ago +2

    *banana whiff*

  • Nicole Militello
    Nicole Militello 7 days ago

    This is extremely disrespectful.

    • Quiet Time Gaming
      Quiet Time Gaming 4 days ago +1

      Nicole Militello But probably incredibly accurate as to what he was actually saying.

  • ronalt MkDonalt
    ronalt MkDonalt 8 days ago

    Blr debates had me in tears from laughing. This is just anti trump shit. Not funny, lost another fan. Thumbs down go back to your day job blr.

  • Heather West
    Heather West 8 days ago


  • Jocelyn Holloway
    Jocelyn Holloway 8 days ago +1

    This is what he was really singing.

  • Stanley Prince
    Stanley Prince 8 days ago

    Um, this may be more like a GOOD lip reading... lol

  • HighFlyingBird82
    HighFlyingBird82 8 days ago

    Pretty much how the idiot actually sings it.

  • NotYourOrdinary
    NotYourOrdinary 9 days ago


  • jane doe
    jane doe 9 days ago

    good lip reading

  • Josh Fingerhut
    Josh Fingerhut 9 days ago

    Wait, are those not the right lyrics?

  • Madeline Amaral
    Madeline Amaral 10 days ago

    pls tommeh pls

  • XANANAS lol
    XANANAS lol 10 days ago


  • PkmnTrainer79
    PkmnTrainer79 11 days ago

    Banana whiff

  • Furdt Lhast
    Furdt Lhast 12 days ago

    Fuck trump hard

  • Furdt Lhast
    Furdt Lhast 12 days ago

    Fuck trump

  • Mary Marino
    Mary Marino 13 days ago

    He's doin the ol Trump ah Doodle Doo...!!!!

  • Lilouvo
    Lilouvo 13 days ago


  • CameronCallisto
    CameronCallisto 13 days ago

    Youre supposed to out it over your heart...he is heartless..

  • Lisey Loves drums
    Lisey Loves drums 13 days ago +1


  • Cora Aked
    Cora Aked 13 days ago

    "Banana Whiff"
    -Trump 2018

  • Random Cow
    Random Cow 14 days ago +1

    he knew more of the anthem than I expected

  • summer greene
    summer greene 14 days ago +1

    I love listening USA music around 4th of July. About 2 year ago I did piano recital on this land is your land and America anthem. I feel proud to live in USA 馃嚭馃嚫
    I hope USA 馃嚭馃嚫 will choose a new president who won鈥檛 be building wall at borders in Mexico. If you are proud to be live USA comment 馃嚭馃嚫. If not then comment I鈥檓 a nut 馃.plus I thought it was offensive and make fun of the anthem.

  • iForGiveYou
    iForGiveYou 14 days ago

    I am pretty dure this is the normal video with no editing

  • Julie Schultz
    Julie Schultz 15 days ago

    That "BUM B-DUHH" gets me every time.

  • Ngolwa Sakala
    Ngolwa Sakala 15 days ago +1


  • Kula Dyson
    Kula Dyson 16 days ago


  • chickenmaster45
    chickenmaster45 16 days ago +1


  • KnightCaster
    KnightCaster 16 days ago

    This guy is 4-8 years of entertainment.

  • Costanza Bronzo
    Costanza Bronzo 17 days ago +1

    "My hand is here" You mean your SHRUNKEN hand?
    Also, I swear that if I ever get my own Hoopa during an event I'm naming it Von LaBrompf.

  • Camical :P
    Camical :P 21 day ago +2

    This makes as much sense as everything else he says

  • Cookie Baca
    Cookie Baca 21 day ago +1

    馃悾 馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾馃悾

  • Cookie Baca
    Cookie Baca 21 day ago +1

    Guy it actually hatched

  • TheDarkOwlGamer
    TheDarkOwlGamer 21 day ago

    1:34 sounds like a fancy dish served at a restaurant.

  • Micah Turner
    Micah Turner 22 days ago

    He smiled?!

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper 22 days ago

    Oh Donna鈥檚 a sugar packet banana whiff

    SUBZERO IS SHOOK 23 days ago


    SUBZERO IS SHOOK 23 days ago


    SUBZERO IS SHOOK 23 days ago


  • Shannon Tennant
    Shannon Tennant 23 days ago

    You heard the man.
    Banana wiff.

  • clubdriver
    clubdriver 23 days ago

    I hope you reveal your identity one day,i really wanna know who the genius behind BLR is :)

  • Jack Roberts
    Jack Roberts 24 days ago +1


  • My Real Name
    My Real Name 25 days ago

    I am Donald Trump and this is BAD TELEVISION and FAKE NEWS!! I can鈥檛 believe the media is lying to you like they lie that I talked covfefe!!!!! It鈥檚 FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!!!

  • L茅o B
    L茅o B 25 days ago


  • Patty J. Ayers
    Patty J. Ayers 26 days ago

    La Fway!

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    fuck trump

  • Leo jay
    Leo jay Month ago

    Asshole lol I dropped late on m keyboard

  • Seth
    Seth Month ago +1

    Still better than Fergie xD

  • vasa pupkin
    vasa pupkin Month ago

    Putin rules!!!

  • Nick Desert
    Nick Desert Month ago +1

    Omg so so fuuuuuuunyyyy!!!

  • Jason Gallman
    Jason Gallman Month ago

    Better than fergie

  • Princess
    Princess Month ago

    No his anthem goes like [Intro]
    I hate blacks, I hate spics
    I hate Jews, I hate chinks
    I hate Arabs, I hate mongoloids
    I hate lesbians
    [Chorus 1]
    Donald Trump, Donald Trump
    Donald Trump, I'm voting for Donald Trump
    Donald Trump, Donald Trump
    Donald Trump, I'm voting for, voting for Donald Trump
    [Verse 1]
    You're looking kinda sexy, Donnie (skrt!)
    You make me kind of hard (skrt, skrt!), Donnie
    Donald is the best, I wanna suck his dick
    I love his red face and I love his juicy tits (skrt!)
    Wanna cuddle up on the couch with you Donald Trump
    Maybe watch a couple movies (or some Hulu)
    I want to text you every day and night, Mr. Donald Trump
    Maybe send a couple nudies (Hey, watcha doin')
    I wanna lick ya down, head to toe
    But I promise I won't touch the hole (unless you want me)
    I saw you for the first time on the TV
    I thought maybe me and you could get kinda freaky (yeah)
    Hit that G-spot
    Stick your pinkie up my asshole
    And if you like it maybe you could try it too (skrt!)
    If one finger ain't enough we can go for two
    Maybe use a gerbil or a gopher too
    Donnie, drill my ass with a strap on
    Make me cum without using my hands on
    I love you Donnie, you make me cry
    Cum in my mouth, cum in my eyes
    Cum in my ass, cum on the tip
    Cum on my back, cum on my tits
    [Chorus 2]
    Donald Trump, Donald Trump
    Donald Trump, I love you Donnie
    Donald Trump, Donald Trump
    Donald Trump
    [Verse 2]
    Let me see that ass, Donnie (prra, rra, rra!)
    I just want to feel your pulse
    With my pinkie in your asshole
    You can be my pinkie ring from the Dollar Store
    Donald, I know you want me
    I know we're perfect for each other
    I know you're alone and you need somebody who understands you and I understand you, Donnie
    You also need someone who knows how to hit that G-spot
    That wife ain't doing shit

  • laurielovesanimals53

    Funny! What鈥檚 Horrifying is that the POTUS Obviously does Not know the words to the 鈥淪tar Spangled Banner,)!!!! 馃槴

  • the Knivesworld
    the Knivesworld Month ago

    Mmm bah bum ba da

  • Jackson 123
    Jackson 123 Month ago

    1:10-1:16 WHAT?

  • Melissa Turner
    Melissa Turner Month ago

    ah hoopa von LA brompf

  • Dr Drone
    Dr Drone Month ago

    Not up to par of your usual genius videos...

  • Tina Callahan
    Tina Callahan Month ago +1

    He seriously doesn't know the national anthem wow some president

  • Marlena Morton
    Marlena Morton Month ago

    Lmao!!!!! Haaaaa!!!!

  • Alessia StrawberryStar

    B A N A N A W I F F

  • Superphilipp
    Superphilipp Month ago

    20 pages of comments: All the same joke.

  • Javon Brackin
    Javon Brackin Month ago

    It actually feels like that's what he said tho 馃檨

  • Batu Ute
    Batu Ute Month ago

    but beautiful tanyas feet were so thin

  • Monica Tavares
    Monica Tavares Month ago


  • Karnik Badvaganyan
    Karnik Badvaganyan Month ago

    LA BROMPF !!!!

  • David Middleton
    David Middleton Month ago


    ELLICE LAWRIE Month ago

    how can people not like this shame if u disliked this so good lol

  • Pipeman Pipperz
    Pipeman Pipperz Month ago

    Out on iTunes now!

  • FinnW_ Fangirl
    FinnW_ Fangirl Month ago

    This is the funniest shit I鈥檝e ever see

  • Andrew Flynn
    Andrew Flynn Month ago

    This is actually what happened. XD

  • Lisa Fischer
    Lisa Fischer Month ago +2

    B-Buh buh buh *_SCARS_*

  • Fordboy 2005
    Fordboy 2005 Month ago +1

    Why fo you make fun of the PRESIDENT for singing the national anthem when those fat ass football players can鈥檛 even stand up for it!

  • Ak47
    Ak47 Month ago

    u mate got a sub for thrashing this orange

  • VideoGameConnection

    This is just dumb and disrespectful.

  • Olem Falla
    Olem Falla Month ago

    at least you could try.

  • Lillian Heath
    Lillian Heath Month ago

    He ha ha ha! :)

  • evs251
    evs251 Month ago +1

    Look at all the pissed off fascists lol so funny

    • evs251
      evs251 3 days ago

      T路 S路 W路 So you can't even answer my simple question. I'm sure you don't even know the meaning of those words you use such as "conservatism" and "liberalism"

    • T路 S路 W路
      T路 S路 W路 3 days ago

      I was about to say the same thing. Do you have reason to call conservatives fascist, or has that been fed to you like a parrot? It seems like that is an ongoing thing with liberalism.

    • evs251
      evs251 3 days ago

      T路 S路 W路 You probably don't even know what fascist means.

    • T路 S路 W路
      T路 S路 W路 4 days ago

      You crack me up鈥 "fascist." You people鈥(~_~)

  • EbolaVirus AutismMaster

    what the hell...

  • Caveman93
    Caveman93 Month ago

    that was hilarious, best video ever

  • Lordkul
    Lordkul Month ago

    He will win 2020 with a performance like that!

  • Derek Wahl
    Derek Wahl Month ago

    Beautiful Tanya
    Your little feet were so thin 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • SJ Custom Art
    SJ Custom Art Month ago


  • Phantom king
    Phantom king Month ago

    Banana WEfefe lol

  • Glow Worm
    Glow Worm Month ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • MattVibes
    MattVibes Month ago

    This reminds me of "The rolling stones - love in vain"

  • Ivan Korchenko
    Ivan Korchenko Month ago

    I'm not sure if I could get it right....with a camera in my face. Hillary probably would have had a seizure...as usual.

  • Mae Lleffo
    Mae Lleffo Month ago

    A little pitchy but , hmph , good stuff !