• Published on Nov 9, 2019
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    Russia is the largest country in the world, covering 11 different time zones.
    This gives plenty of space for different dog breeds to develop and there are certainly plenty.
    Each breed was uniquely created to survive in the harsh Russian climate and they all serve various purposes. In this Video we have listed 10 Insane Russian Dog Breeds. We hope you enjoyed it 🙏
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Comments • 339

  • outlaws protector reiki LLC

    Over 1200 dollars to get my dogs back I hate u Taylor and others

  • HULK X
    HULK X 5 days ago

    Last one

  • Tim Ray
    Tim Ray 6 days ago +1

    The 25TH ID DIV has a wolfhound has our mascot hence the name 25TH WOLFHOUNDS TROPIC LIGHTING. We got to meet sum in person 2005 then went to beach for rest of day. I still got pictures from the beach. Lmao. I was BRAVO CO 2nd squad Cpl Ray Tim. Had room on 3rd flr. Good times!! Thx for the memories!!

  • Deb Russell
    Deb Russell 12 days ago +1

    Russian Black Terrier. I had one and it was an incredible service dog!

  • EzE Eze
    EzE Eze 14 days ago +1

    Ovcharka or Caucasian Mountain Dog!??? 🤷‍♂️
    Insane!? Perhaps top 10 totally average would be a more accurate and fair title for this video.

    NOTESCRIT _ 14 days ago

    Caucasian sheperd?

  • Cale Bastion
    Cale Bastion 15 days ago

    You guys forgot the Volkosoby!

  • Thecsöppy GG
    Thecsöppy GG 15 days ago

    I liked the most the russkiy toy, the moscow watchdog, and the samoyed😍😍😍

  • Lexter Luiss
    Lexter Luiss 16 days ago +1

    Siberian husky❤️

  • novicefinger
    novicefinger 17 days ago

    Siberian Husky is a very good dog. Very protective of his family, smart yet hard headed. Sheds heavily, fast dog they can really move and never get tired. Mine liked to dig holes and I mean dig until you only saw his tail wagging..He is missed a true friend.

  • Cheese Game
    Cheese Game 22 days ago

    The most powerful dog in russia is

    *Soviet war dog*

  • jazzy jazz
    jazzy jazz 22 days ago

    My favorite is Sulimov dog ...

  • Sir Elysio
    Sir Elysio 23 days ago

    Samoyed is so cute.
    And husky are so funny

  • david francis
    david francis 25 days ago


  • Johnghbjj Longsxghh
    Johnghbjj Longsxghh 26 days ago

    Russian wacthdog

  • C B
    C B 26 days ago

    Where is the Caucasian Shepherd?

  • Marcel Majed
    Marcel Majed 26 days ago

    Whats with Caucasian Owtscharka

  • Emmy Wuff Wuff
    Emmy Wuff Wuff 26 days ago

    It's very rare to see any Russian breeds outside of huskies. It's a shame really. Borzoi have been my favourite dog for years (I own 4 at the moment)and they really are like fluffy greyhounds. Eat, sleep, mad 10 minutes of energy. Repeat.

    IVANa IVANa 27 days ago

    Bolonka is my favourite.

  • Kalen Lozzi
    Kalen Lozzi 27 days ago +1

    What is the dog in the thumbnail that is black and looks like a wolf

  • Vickie Cerda
    Vickie Cerda 27 days ago

    I love the Siberian Husky and Samoyed , # 5 looks like a Chihuahuas? Also that wolf hound is beautiful.

  • Typical Noob
    Typical Noob 27 days ago

    Что я тут забыл?

  • Roger Collins
    Roger Collins 27 days ago

    Your thumbnail doesn't match your video you guys suck

  • McAmber
    McAmber 27 days ago


  • Eileen jay Dela pena
    Eileen jay Dela pena 27 days ago

    sibirian husky 😍😍😍

  • Сергей Журавлёв

    Your Russian pronunciation is amazing

  • lisa bulbert
    lisa bulbert 28 days ago

    What is the dog in the thumbnail

  • December da Catty
    December da Catty 28 days ago

    The Siberian husky is my favorite.

  • Brandon Perry
    Brandon Perry 28 days ago

    dog on the right on thumbnail is either an anatolian shepherd or kangal. Kangals can get 200lbs and on their back legs stand over 6ft tall. They are known to kill wolves and attack bears and stop at nothing to protect their masters cattle.

  • Adeel !
    Adeel ! 28 days ago +1

    I have a Samoyed named Luna so i pick Samoyed.

  • InfusedSediment
    InfusedSediment 28 days ago

    Nice fake thumbnail

  • Paul Singer
    Paul Singer 28 days ago

    ovcharka ?

  • Tibor Farkas
    Tibor Farkas 28 days ago

    Caucasian shepherd dog????????????????????????????????????????????
    East european shepherd?

  • Oleg Sv
    Oleg Sv 28 days ago


  • Laura Garnham
    Laura Garnham 28 days ago

    when you use 'dates from' or 'up until' it doesn't make sense to give two dates, give the earliest date when you use 'dates from' and the latest date when you use 'up until'

  • juustergo player
    juustergo player 28 days ago

    The husky is the best

  • E. R.T.
    E. R.T. 29 days ago

    they are all mixtures of wolves and bears

  • Benito Juarez
    Benito Juarez 29 days ago

    Hey miles a dog is a dog....just saying don't wake them up porque esta cabron ese....you never know...but I'll just keep pretend or play dumb I'm more peaceful that way🤪

  • R A Reark
    R A Reark 29 days ago

    Loved our husky.

  • Winter Solstice
    Winter Solstice 29 days ago

    The black dog on the thumbnail is a Solid Black Siberian Husky and there's a breeder on Instagram who still has available puppies of solid blacks and reds and agouti, still need of a good homes
    Instagram: Siberian_of_wildhearts

  • Mr. JellyBean
    Mr. JellyBean 29 days ago +2

    Borzoi is my favourite!

  • just me
    just me 29 days ago

    Chihuahua is a Chihuahua even in Russia get out of here with that bs

  • Boris
    Boris 29 days ago

    Seriously.... insane?

  • Alexandr Noskov
    Alexandr Noskov 29 days ago +1

    Breed Laika is a repository of all gene all dogs in the world. A kind of data Bank for geneticists.

  • Militant Pacifist
    Militant Pacifist 29 days ago +1

    In Mother Russia, dog breeds you.

  • Jimmy Nich
    Jimmy Nich 29 days ago

    Isn't Ovcharka Russian?

  • Jimmy Nich
    Jimmy Nich 29 days ago

    Laika is still used a lot for hunting in Latvia, they're very good according to my Latvian friend.

  • khurram munir
    khurram munir 29 days ago

    After watching the thumbnails dogs, I am no longer interested in these 10.

  • areacode215
    areacode215 29 days ago +2

    Where's the Caucasian Shepherd.... that's the best dog Russia has in my opinion

  • Sabrina Myers
    Sabrina Myers 29 days ago

    Siberian husky is my favorite I have one their gorgeous and very reliable guard dogs at least he is

  • hazeyboss420 #mottomally

    Wtf my 7 ince dick is more amazing

  • Gio Casillas
    Gio Casillas 29 days ago

    The dog in the thumbnail looks like a very large pure black Husky! Blue eyes are the give away.

  • Ramotive
    Ramotive 29 days ago

    The Carpathian Shepherd is pretty nice too

  • lucky normansyah
    lucky normansyah 29 days ago

    Siberian Husky 👍

  • All n One
    All n One 29 days ago +1

    I love Russia

  • Yianira Guzman
    Yianira Guzman Month ago


  • Chris Wollschlaeger

    The saluki

  • Michael Cronk
    Michael Cronk Month ago

    The Siberian Husky

  • efren prado
    efren prado Month ago

    Number 5 straight up chihuahuas

  • williamo1980
    williamo1980 Month ago

    Samoyed and Husky