10 Celebs Who Insulted Ellen DeGeneres ON Ellen

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
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  • Foeko
    Foeko  Month ago +979

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    • Dr. Baldi
      Dr. Baldi 20 days ago +1

      You are the most clickbait I’m surprised people watch you after there first video

    • Mouse Trap
      Mouse Trap 21 day ago

      Foeko hi

    • Lee Partington
      Lee Partington 22 days ago

      @Star Flores 😎😎😎

  • High Score
    High Score 3 hours ago

    Almost none of these are insults 😂

  • Cat Rina
    Cat Rina 8 hours ago

    Omg, Billie was not there what’s the point on that click bait? What’s wrong with u

  • Slient Eyes
    Slient Eyes 15 hours ago

    Click bate ://

  • 死神Yujirō
    死神Yujirō Day ago

    Of course Ninja would be here lmfao

  • Kimberly Pierce
    Kimberly Pierce Day ago


  • kahalish /كحاليش

    Stupid video

  • Edel The Butterfly

    Lame lame lame, show us the clips, not you talking making up things.

  • Irina lee
    Irina lee 2 days ago

    Outro song by Danny you should check him out! tvclip.biz/user/ActualDannyGonzalez

  • Baby Satan
    Baby Satan 2 days ago


  • Iconoclast
    Iconoclast 2 days ago +1

    would have been fine with the individual clips

  • surfermon13
    surfermon13 3 days ago

    Clickbait reported

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson 3 days ago

    Ellen for Prez

  • Zahra Gaidi
    Zahra Gaidi 3 days ago

    Just stop talking so slow
    No wonder your views are bad

  • Charlie FB
    Charlie FB 3 days ago

    whats say the ninja guy ??? LD ?????

  • ROMI fusions
    ROMI fusions 3 days ago

    timberlake ... conceited guy

  • melvin vervaart
    melvin vervaart 3 days ago

    10 celebs insulting Ellen... number 2 aUdiEnCE mEmBer

  • Marketing Lions
    Marketing Lions 4 days ago

    Done watching this dumb guys videos!!! He sucks and plus every single video is clickbait 😡😡😠😠😠

  • Paulo Danneker
    Paulo Danneker 4 days ago +25

    So Ellen can joke around and be rude to people but when they joke about her she flips?

    • Buddy Buds
      Buddy Buds Day ago

      It's Gadfly just because someone goes through something doesn’t mean they should treat people like that. She feels superior no excuses.

    • It's Gadfly
      It's Gadfly Day ago

      @Buddy Buds No. I love Ellen. She was abused as a child. People like you have said the same thing to me. I didn't say, "Hello" back because they were Allah. Just doing it to protect myself.

    • Buddy Buds
      Buddy Buds Day ago

      Exactly she thinks she’s better than everyone.

    • Christos Kottakis
      Christos Kottakis 2 days ago +1


  • TS
    TS 4 days ago +1

    holy crap this video is so drawn out its actually insane

  • Cyper Queen
    Cyper Queen 4 days ago

    No billie eilish?👎🙈
    Clickbait mother######

  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis 4 days ago


  • amrit thapa
    amrit thapa 5 days ago

    Where’s are the clip mate?

  • Lex opims
    Lex opims 5 days ago

    It's clickbait. Don't watch it

  • Caio Miguel de Oliveira

    Shitty video clickbait

  • Candy Warhol
    Candy Warhol 5 days ago

    She’s rude and mean.

  • Kate Shustova
    Kate Shustova 5 days ago

    Dislike for clickbait (Billie Eilish)

  • Ollyoxenfree
    Ollyoxenfree 6 days ago

    I was really hoping Billy Eilish was shading Ellen. Dumb click bait

  • Spllitz _2289
    Spllitz _2289 6 days ago +3

    Me sees Billie on thumbnail and reads title
    Me: she’s a bad guy duh

  • Clem Buck
    Clem Buck 6 days ago

    This is terrible video.

  • MAGL Meme and game life

    All of em are lie

  • Lina La
    Lina La 6 days ago


  • alpha omega
    alpha omega 7 days ago

    This is stupid play the actual clips not just you talking..that gives us nothing funny or any understanding of the situation, u wasted everyone's time yours included making this video

  • JustAnotherGrunt
    JustAnotherGrunt 7 days ago

    I think if I strangle you your voice might get better. This shit is unwatchable.

  • Kayla Kain
    Kayla Kain 7 days ago

    We had a couple who were trans people and they go to our church plain wried don’t support it or same sex marriage wrong in god s eyes

  • LaylaAnd Leonie
    LaylaAnd Leonie 7 days ago +3

    Ellen is so nice and kind I don’t know why people disrespect her she does things some people can’t do for people x💙

  • Char Anderson
    Char Anderson 7 days ago

    We want to watch clips

  • For You I Dance
    For You I Dance 7 days ago

    how about you play the clips instead of talking so much

  • MoodyJo
    MoodyJo 7 days ago +1

    can we make this the most disliked video on youtube

  • omarashry007
    omarashry007 7 days ago

    Fuck Ellen. Arrogant prick

  • go get-her!
    go get-her! 7 days ago +2

    I don’t want to hear you speak!!!...show tha damn footage

  • Ron Corsario
    Ron Corsario 8 days ago

    can this commentator just fuck off, what a horrible video.

  • D Me
    D Me 8 days ago

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  • Lili Carrasco
    Lili Carrasco 8 days ago

    Your mean Ellen

  • Despoina Floyri
    Despoina Floyri 8 days ago

    Why does he say in the title 10 celebs but he mentions 8?

  • Shubham Pancholi
    Shubham Pancholi 8 days ago

    You talk too much.
    90% talking, 10% footage.
    What a waste of time!

  • Meenakshi Pandey
    Meenakshi Pandey 8 days ago +1

    I watch this video 😂 till the last minute ❤️

  • Potato Smoothie!! :D

    So... where's Billie? Remember the thumbnail. I hate these kind of videos

  • Chaz Towler
    Chaz Towler 9 days ago

    Yo I hate you're BS clickbate I'm not subscribing

  • Dobby the flying thunder bolt 1

    Click bait with billie

  • That kid Outside
    That kid Outside 9 days ago +18

    I hate when people use that Ellen holding her finger out as clickbait

  • angelbabyshit
    angelbabyshit 9 days ago

    This might be the most shittiest video

  • its too much
    its too much 9 days ago

    how about shutup an show the show

  • Finesse
    Finesse 9 days ago

    -fuck ya’ll clickbait assess

  • iliya ahmadzadeh
    iliya ahmadzadeh 9 days ago

    Dont like click bait

  • Eillaiza SunnyX
    Eillaiza SunnyX 9 days ago +1

    Wait- Why is our queen Billie on the thumbnail?

  • Kevin Wakli Fitness
    Kevin Wakli Fitness 9 days ago +1

    Oh Catelyn you look like shit😂😂😂

  • JJoh4040
    JJoh4040 9 days ago

    Lol you guys don't know what clickbait is? It's when someone puts a picture/title of something or someone in the thumbnail(or by wording the title in an exaggerating way) just to get MORE views than it normally would if there was NOT clickbait in the thumbnail.

  • Sherry Wallace
    Sherry Wallace 10 days ago

    I love Ellen😇😇😇😇😇

  • banger tea
    banger tea 10 days ago +5

    I came here to be intrigued.
    I’m not.

    Not one bit.