10 Most Mysterious Objects Found in Space


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    Number 11: Matthew's Hair

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    No big bang

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    Lol pixel gun music

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    Panos Pands Month ago

    The only thing space has taught us by now is that there are no rules. Anything you can think of, no matter how illogical appears, it's there.

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    Chuck Norris

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    Giygas is coming.

  • Idk why people make accounts like these But ok


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    Is the dark matter of galaxy x concentrated?

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    wheres bootes void?

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    Matt you look pretty tired in the vid

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    So is Galaxy X a rogue galaxy?

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    You'd make for a great teacher

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    Number 7: Galactic Farts!

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    YoU KnOw wHaT!
    ..-. .-. .. -.-. -.- -- .

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    Matt looks like Michael from Vsauce.

    Like my comments pls It's a shame liking my own comment

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    Samsung galaxy X.

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    ( Btw that sound from this video is funny) 😁

  • Ever Hernandez
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    thank you for this video 😀

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    This video is proof Goku and Vegeta are still fighting out in space.

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    Is it just me or does he look high af?

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    Is it just me or is the music really annoying?

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    Jeff Simmons 4 months ago

    Uncertain, unknown, not sure....... but y’all think religion is hard to believe.

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    Glad you make TVclip videos mike it makes the military less painfull

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    Galaxy is not object... :)

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    CDF-S XT1 was just the Death Star Blowing up...lol

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    Show your work

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    Hercules - exception that proves the rule?

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    Cold spots,Gotta call 'em future Winchesters!!

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    The music rocks dude:)

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    Matthew Santoro sounds like a WWE superstar.

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    8:18 star illuminati

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    Ok I really wanted to put attention... but danm! I'm in love.

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    Claymore Lord 6 months ago

    Hey matthew could you do a video on the what ifs like what would going faster than light would look like or what being able to live forever would be like thanks

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    Your topics are always awesome keep it up bro

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    The great atracter might be a black hole

  • David Kamer
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    Dark matter is just alien cloaking technology and unicorns control your minds with thoughts about cotton candy!!! wohoooo whoot whoot woot hoot hehehe
    but that's a good sci-fi idea (the first one) for anyone who wants to explore it.

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    Matter and gravity can blow yo mind

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    Tabby's Star is such a rebel. She's just being an angsty teen

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    Number 6: Elon Musk's Tesla

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    #12 Matts cavity’s

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    Does anyone knows who does the music for this video or the track? I enjoy this music.

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    Concalious 7 months ago

    I feel like the music was abit much, maybe half as loud, or a 3rd of that volume would be ideal for me i think, i prefer to hear you not some spooky music. Giving my input, thanks alot for the great content.

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    Love space stuff but the music is hitting me really making me want to share this even before done watching! (LOVE)

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    If I get this pinned by Mathew, I'll get his face tattoo on my back.

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    Number 11 : Bandit and Jäger’s acog in rainbow six siege

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    Im gonna become a scientist and make up things outer space that we never encountered before

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    This guy really knows how to tell stories

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    Dark matter is just the camo you get for getting every gun gold in call of duty black ops 3

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    Galaxy X might hold antihumans. Or Jinns. Yeah.
    Wait, BLACK hole destroying WHITE dwarf star XD
    The zone of avoidance is what God promised in the holy Qur'an. It is his will pulling us towards the extra terrestrial races or something along those lines.

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    For number 4, at the end it could be a HALO ring made by the earliest promethians

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    Black knight : Elon Musk's attempt to launch the batmobile to space

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    Mass Tilt 8 months ago

    If it’s infinite, how is it expanding

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    Not sure if your producer got you on Xanax or if you turned mega stoner haha but you look like a zombie and sound robotically monotonous. Haha cool vid though

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    Johnny sins 2nd yt channel

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    You heard of the great attractor?

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    This music is from Pixel Gun 3D right???

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    That beard 😳

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    Space is awesome

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    Urgh... Why do they always give Stars and other objects of Space such weird numbers and names!?
    Who's gonna remember that from the tip of their brain Dx

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    The Hercules corona borealis great wall was built by galatic trump for sure

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    sup man I like your videos about space

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    More space videos please lol

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    I think my mead starting too hurt!!

  • Deathfang The Gothic Gamer

    Matthew Santoro you are so funny

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    What if there are more stars out there, like 1 undoudesillion or whatever it is TIMES MORE STARS THAT WE COULD SEE if the dark matter wasn't even existing ever, our sky would probably be just white no matter what XD

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    I wonder, what if the Hercules Corona Great Wall collided to form 1 ultra galaxy? That SUPER TOPPA TENGEN GURREN LAGGAN could stand on!

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    We will never truly understand the zone of avoidance

  • Cosmic Background Radiation

    I'm number 8! 🙂

  • Martin H
    Martin H 9 months ago

    Glad to be around during this time, new telescopes being funded and launched all the time.

    • En Dearing
      En Dearing 9 months ago

      Martin H and meaning we have more opportunities now.

  • Frank Lu
    Frank Lu 9 months ago

    If the universe is infinitely large, then how can an infinitely large object expand?

  • Ty Daso
    Ty Daso 9 months ago

    I used google deepmind on google images shown by cold fusion tv

    I typed in result of an explosion of everything such as codes, and codes interacting with each other

    image of a brain

    image of texts saying journey into the human brain

    one of the images of google

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    image of a brain

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    Hey Matthew Santoro! Who does the music for this video? I really enjoy it very much!

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    perfect stoner vid

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    Who has seen milky way?

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    Do you think that if there's life in those other galaxies are they studying us??

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    Ok, hate to be that guy but: What happens? you sound... weird, way too serious. I missed your jokes

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    The back ground music is awesome!

  • If it ain't XO then it gotta go

    Why was the video about pets saving their owners lives removed?

  • Union of the Blue nebula federation

    Can I pop the bubbles?

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    What is wrong with you ? Your getting old very fast m8 ... Something is different with you.

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    Jefferson Alvarado 9 months ago

    Matt, are you alright? You were unusually serious in the entire video. I hope you’re doing good.

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    Gyroblokk champions 9 months ago

    There’s something awfully lovecraftian about these space mysteries

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    How about white holes

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    Segway 1

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    Loving that theremin :)

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    Your mom

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    Lol. I love the music choice for this video. Well done once again!

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    There are a lot of inaccuracies in this video.

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    # 11: my gaming skill

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    I love listening to these while I try to nap and seeing when I wake up if I remember any of them

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    Firmy, Gas Ee Us.

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    look i like your videos i really do, but that music grades on my nerves!

  • bob george
    bob george 9 months ago

    i would like to know how the number system works for naming of things in space. how does CDF-SXT1 come about is that spacial relationship to us or just the way it was discovered?

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    number 5 its where green lanterns are found..