The Espresso Guide For Beginners

  • Published on Oct 24, 2019
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    Brewing great espresso just takes some really simple and basic guidelines. I think things can get a little bit too complicated when you start researching, so we are only going to discuss the necessities that you need to work off of to start brewing great espresso at home.
    My Espresso Machine in this vid:
    More affordable Breville:
    Even More affordable machine:
    Burr Grinder:
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    Ingredients you'll need:
    An Espresso Machine of your choice
    Really dope coffee
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  • David Fiori
    David Fiori 2 days ago

    Heath Ledger making coffee instead of winning an Oscar

  • Smalls the Timelord
    Smalls the Timelord 3 days ago

    I'm the kid who has been drinking straight espresso since the age of 9. Yup, 9.

  • Alan Angel
    Alan Angel 3 days ago

    You'd make a good heath ledger joker. Also nice video.

  • Sebastián
    Sebastián 5 days ago

    watching this while drinking instant coffee

  • SilentBob420BMFJ
    SilentBob420BMFJ 6 days ago

    Can someone explain why it drips out 2 sides? Why not just have a single drip? I see videos of people just barely getting each side of their cup within the drips. Why do this? I can't think of any advantage. And if there is some advantage, why not have 3 or 4 of them?

  • Lihan Li
    Lihan Li 9 days ago

    Thanks for a great video. I have the same machine and one frustration I have is that coffee comes out already during the pre-infusion. (Before hitting the “Espresso Range”) Because pre-infusion has low pressure, so the coffee tastes sour no matter what.
    How to fix it? I use 1 as grand size and +1 for temperature. Or is it beans?

  • Yousef Ahmad
    Yousef Ahmad 10 days ago

    Dude. I love your videos

  • wood wooden
    wood wooden 10 days ago

    what's an expresso?

  • Sienna Ramsay
    Sienna Ramsay 12 days ago

    I have the same coffee machine 👽

  • Kandée Neÿvaah Kalloga

    Nooooooo, I just tried your link to purchase my coffee match, and it turned out that they only provide USA. What about the rest of the world ? What about us ??? So sad, I was so glad to finally try a coffee that seems to be made for me.

    • Kandée Neÿvaah Kalloga
      Kandée Neÿvaah Kalloga 13 days ago

      After a while (10 minutes) sitting on one set, questioning myself about my life and the things I'm reaching to ; getting to a point : I feel betrayed.

  • Timo Baker
    Timo Baker 15 days ago

    Yoooo! Josh, next coffee video maybe talk about the importance in filtered water for coffee! You don’t want people using chlorinated gross tasting tap water, do ya?

    • Timo Baker
      Timo Baker 15 days ago

      Also it helps to keep hard water build up on your equipment! Just my late night thoughts on the subject. I hope you find them helpful

  • Michal Uher
    Michal Uher 15 days ago

    When ever you walk into coffe shop and barista is shouting at you ''for god sake shave that ugly goat hair from your face!''

  • Sophia Walker White
    Sophia Walker White 16 days ago

    THISSSSSSS is everything. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your channel and now I feel espresso-shamed as I make my aeropress in the morning, dreaming about this Breville badboy

  • Erika Tubens
    Erika Tubens 16 days ago

    Please do a video with the pour over method 😍

  • Janoski
    Janoski 16 days ago

    Joshua, put some floating shelfs on the wall behind you

  • Pestrutsi
    Pestrutsi 16 days ago

    put the video to the beginning
    spam right and left
    you're welcome

  • Phill So
    Phill So 17 days ago


  • Esh11_WOTB
    Esh11_WOTB 17 days ago

    What is difference between expresso and espresso ?

  • Aaron Ghena
    Aaron Ghena 18 days ago

    any espresso lover upset he used a breville.. I mean come on... You don't show off a sports car with a honda or toyota

  • OliviagoPadilla
    OliviagoPadilla 18 days ago

    i’ve just watched all of his videos

  • gutin nec
    gutin nec 18 days ago

    this breville/sage espressogroup is just a crappy machine. Eureka mignon and any italian espresso pricy machine is good....

  • Dogking1013
    Dogking1013 18 days ago

    don't forget how important distributing your grounds is to making a good, well extracted shot.

  • Sara Savage
    Sara Savage 19 days ago

    Damn I like looking at your face.

  • the.limpy.noodle
    the.limpy.noodle 19 days ago

    i have that exact machine its really reliable

  • ungratefulmetalpansy
    ungratefulmetalpansy 20 days ago

    um, how are you pronouncing "origin"?

  • Harmey Chinn
    Harmey Chinn 21 day ago

    Watching this while sipping instant coffee 😩

  • Florian habeich
    Florian habeich 21 day ago

    He Looks like Heath Ledger ✌️😏

  • I Am Batman
    I Am Batman 22 days ago

    Coffee smells nice but tastes not so nice

  • Ziying Zhang
    Ziying Zhang 22 days ago

    Wow I really love this episode as a coffee lover... hope you can do more videos on coffee

  • ManchesterBusPhotography

    I can't wait until you get 1 Million subs🤷‍♂️fab videos

  • Kelsie Cuba
    Kelsie Cuba 22 days ago

    You don’t *neeeed* an espresso machine. Moka pots work just as good, if not better 😋

  • Michael Bojzov
    Michael Bojzov 22 days ago

    Hi ive Seen you on Explore and instantly subbed

  • Benjamin Berger
    Benjamin Berger 22 days ago

    Gosh I hate this machine, the grinder sucks, the OPV sucks, but if you sort all of that out, it is kinda convenient..
    If you really want to learn how to make great coffee - get something without a pump, where you just have to focus on the essentials, learn to feel the coffe.. A lever like a La Pavoni or something like that.

  • soso xoxo
    soso xoxo 23 days ago

    you have that 24 hours orgasmic face

  • nanolith
    nanolith 23 days ago

    Those looking for a less expensive option that still makes a great cup of espresso should consider one of the manual pull machines. These are typically lever action. I picked up a Flair for ~$200 with the pressure gauge, and the machine should last me a decade. Also... it's light and portable. There are other similar models out there, so definitely shop around.

  • Jim Jon
    Jim Jon 23 days ago +1

    Wayyyyyyyy under extracted. Use a finer setting on the grinder and/or tamp harder.

  • chels
    chels 23 days ago

    You are very beautiful! Damn.

  • Toveri Juri
    Toveri Juri 24 days ago

    A relevant product placement for a channel where it actually fits and then an useful video related to the product. Well Done, You deserve it.

  • Bernardo Bello
    Bernardo Bello 24 days ago

    You should make a Cantucinni video to go with this coffee one :D

  • Kevin Cobb
    Kevin Cobb 24 days ago

    A stove top espresso maker can make delicious cafe cubano (cafecito). You do not need an expensive machine to make quality espresso.

  • Eddy 00
    Eddy 00 25 days ago

    Depresso Is the exactly italian translation of depression

  • Brayden Blomquist
    Brayden Blomquist 25 days ago +1

    That’s my machine les go

  • TheTayfun12
    TheTayfun12 26 days ago

    Is Espresso unhealthy for your body if you drink 2 of them a day?

  • er1038
    er1038 26 days ago

    I don't know why but YT finally recommended a channel I LOVE NOW! Cheers bro! You're hilarious!

  • aguscavs1
    aguscavs1 26 days ago

    Que rica la crema

  • Shuo Peng
    Shuo Peng 26 days ago

    What’s this B role he keeps talking about? I’m confused

    • Vinod Samala
      Vinod Samala 23 days ago

      Those cinematic visuals to make you understand😬😁

  • Corky_Butcher
    Corky_Butcher 26 days ago

    I have the same machine and follow the same methodology around weighing 18g and not storing beans. Grind 4/5 is where I settled, tried pretty much all the settings. Agree the grinder isn't the greatest and can be inconsistent. But 2 years in now and I'm still loving the machine. Probably preaching to the converted here, but I upgraded the tamp to a 53mm calibrated one I found on Amazon. I found the one that came with it ok, but didn't fit snugly enough. Great video BTW

  • Tara
    Tara 26 days ago

    Omg that’s my espresso machine too! Love the video

  • Abdenour Hadad
    Abdenour Hadad 27 days ago


  • Jared
    Jared 28 days ago

    Great videos!

  • D Sak
    D Sak 28 days ago +1

    I would highly recommend weighting coffee out for beginners

  • Wesley Johnson
    Wesley Johnson 28 days ago

    Somebody please get Peter Mckinnon in here

  • Maya Elmosalamy
    Maya Elmosalamy 29 days ago +3

    Let’s just appreciate the aesthetic filming at the start of the video

  • Gaurav Mane
    Gaurav Mane 29 days ago

    talk less

  • Sølvfaks Solberg
    Sølvfaks Solberg 29 days ago

    my local cafe servs extremly sour double espresso if I had closed my eyes I would think its something that shouldnt be digested is it because they do something wrong or do some brewers just make it like that?

  • 霜夜 彬
    霜夜 彬 29 days ago

    Was waiting for the latte art lol

  • Krazy Kanuck
    Krazy Kanuck 29 days ago

    I have a DeLongi, and I have a 200 yr/old hand cranked crush grinder. I like my coffee to have a perfect consistency that I cannot get with electric grinders. I use a mix of an organic Dark French roast and a medium Espresso Roast for my espresso. My brew time is 27 seconds for 2 shots, let them sit for a full second to settle, before transfering to my drinking cup.

  • Oğuz Altay
    Oğuz Altay 29 days ago

    ı just got a cold drip coffee invention like a original dripper but cheaper than usual prices its like student style.
    could you contact with me than ı can send you the photos and what you gonna use when u're making this brewing its really getting your coffee very cheap and life saving hack.

  • Jeremy Mozlin
    Jeremy Mozlin 29 days ago

    Fucking lol, express-o shuttle into space.

  • Jamison Escobar Gunn
    Jamison Escobar Gunn 29 days ago

    Why didn't you show the traditional stove top method? You don't need a crazy machine!