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  • Published on Feb 5, 2018
  • It has been 45 years since China and Australia established diplomatic relations. Throughout this time, both countries have established one of the most fruitful, controversial and interesting relationships in the entire planet.

    Economic relations are very important for Australia: today China is by far its largest trading partner; 1 out of every 20 inhabitants of this country belongs to the Chinese community and both its universities and beaches are packed with students and tourists from the Asian giant. Thanks partly to all this, Australians have not experienced a crisis in almost 30 years.

    However, these growing ties clash with Washington’s interests, and in 2017 the Australian government decided once and for all to take sides. Since then, a diplomatic storm has been unleashed and Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has not refrained from blaming the Chinese intelligence services for wanting to corrupt Australian politics and society. In this video we’ll tell you what’s happening in this particular cold war, that is beginning to emerge between China and the United States.
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  • ichiban2point0
    ichiban2point0 43 minutes ago

    Make video of what countries are not influenced by China. I think I already know the answer, but go ahead indulge us.

  • Vincent Krisnawan
    Vincent Krisnawan 13 hours ago

    Everybody loves Chinese money.
    Nobody in their right mind wants a CCP influence and Tiananmen style governance.
    Sun Tsu clearly said that a strong State requires people to be weak and vice versa.
    Indonesia is another country that suspicious of China.
    Australia and Indonesia now have more things in common but why not so much cooperation?

  • Zach Rosin
    Zach Rosin 16 hours ago

    9:43 I think it should really be a goal of a channel meant to provide political views in a non biased fashion should strive to try not to include personal opinion.

    • Zach Rosin
      Zach Rosin 16 hours ago

      The video would have changed not at all had you not included those 5 seconds, just my opinion though.

  • Mark S
    Mark S 17 hours ago

    This channel just about sums up Western main-stream media today. Gets a few facts correct, then purposely omit a few critical information, and voila! A heavily edited version of a political situation. However, on rare occasions such as this video, they actually get it right.

  • bryan fowler
    bryan fowler Day ago


  • shankar bawania
    shankar bawania 2 days ago

    China is pain in everyone's a**

  • beglamourous
    beglamourous 2 days ago

    the greatest theft in the history of the world is the privately owned Federal Reserve..

  • PK Wong
    PK Wong 2 days ago

    China should direct its trade away from Australia. If Australia is antangonistic towards China, why should China enrich Australia.

  • X
    X 3 days ago

    Wake up white Aussies start prepping now, it
    will come in the next few years 100% guaranteed, China's blue water navy will
    be ready by then. Buy a Howa rifle now in calibers 6,5 creedmor/ 308 win /300
    magnum /338 Lapua magnum (get a sporting/hunting license while you still can),
    a good quality brand name scope (don't skimp on expense here) to go on it
    something with a max power magnification in the range up to maybe 29 power with
    paralax adjustment, lots of ammo, two way radios and binoculars. Night vision
    equipment is a bonus for those that can afford it -minimum Gen 2. Don't forget
    medicine/antibiotics, a good first aid/ trauma kit, compass and a means to
    purify water, a sleeping bag and good boots. Get detailed maps of your neck of
    the woods including topography maps.
    Buy books on tactics of guerrilla warfare and how
    to survive in the bush/outback like Crocodile Dundee. Store some food in
    buckets, rice, pasta, beans,oats etc lots of video online on how to store food
    long term 5-10 years. Lastly keep your body in reasonable shape, you wont last
    long as a fat telly tubby. Its sounds like a long list but if you divide it up
    over twelve or eighteen months it is achievable. Check out on TVclip
    "Prepaussie" for more info. I see his channel is on board with
    getting ready for what is coming. The Chinese will make the German army
    occupation force in Europe during WW2 look like kinder garden day care givers.
    The Chinese army will be ruthless and unforgiving showing extreme cruelty on
    the population when it occupies Oz and New Zealand. Good luck & God be with
    you. PS Don’t count on the yanks to save your asses, they will be too buy
    saving their own.

  • Reacher
    Reacher 3 days ago

    I live in the US and follow politics... I don't ever hear conservatives talk about Australia. I mean never, ever, ever. They just never mention them as an ally. Nothing bad either. They just never get brought up.

  • Avro Arrow
    Avro Arrow 3 days ago

    From the looks of things, I'd say that it is the USA that has purchased politicians and journalists, not China.

  • Cosmo Coralles
    Cosmo Coralles 3 days ago

    Communist China is a cancer. A tumor slowly growing in Asia.

  • Cave Man
    Cave Man 4 days ago

    Trump is a racist who tries to separate white from other races.

  • Peter McLauchlan
    Peter McLauchlan 4 days ago +1

    China》 NEEDS to UNDERSTAND 🤔》the 》 LESSONS of GOOD ✔ & BAD ❌ HISTORY《 & 😍 BASIC KARMA ... before .....it IS TOO LATE 🙄

  • Ganardian Yusandaru
    Ganardian Yusandaru 4 days ago

    im trapped between these guys, help !

  • Adeline Yee
    Adeline Yee 4 days ago

    Australians please look back in HISTORY back as far back 1000 years has China invaded any country besides “Tibet”?????or demand regime change in any country????NO!! NO!!! NO!!!! The only only country in the world that has used nuclear bombs on a country is the USA!!!! The only country that caused irreparable damaged to an entire nation of Iraqis is the USA and his cohorts of which Australia is one! Look at Iraq today how can they any Iraqis forget or forgive nations that have helped put them in this state!!!!
    Australia wake up and not be an AMERICAN LAP DOG!!!! Lapping up every crap they spit at you!
    China spend an enormous of energy concentrating on promoting a better life for their billions and billions of citizens!!!! We should be marvelled at the speed China has progressed and still progressing, and learn to emulate China and not suspect China for beating the world in technology with their 5G!!!!
    China spying on, us on USA ETC ETC! TELL ME WHICH COUTRY DOES NOT SPY ON ANYONE? Even Australia!
    America cannot accept the fact that they are being left behind and now they want to destroy their competitor by starting WW3!!!! WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!!!
    India will be the up and coming world leader soon! Good for them! The Indian population deserves a better life as the Chinese population, thanks to Xi Ching Ping and his predecessors!
    We should promote peace instead of suspicions! And keep our regional peace away from War mongering America!

  • Shalahuddin Suryo Baskoro

    Chinese bots with Australian names commenting on Australian issues in the comment section. Coincidence? Or espionage?

    ALDRICH YE 5 days ago

    In fact, China never care about Australia in any case. The only reason thay Australia fear about China is that the western social media always to play up groundless remarks about China.

  • Constantine B
    Constantine B 5 days ago

    China needs Australia economically more than Australia needs China. China's plan is to eventually take over Australia in the future. It is part of there Marine Silk road plan. However if that happens there will be no future for the multicultural society unless you are Chinese. For future multicultural Australians we are better off without Chinese trade. As population continues to climb in the Northern hemisphere the demand for resources climbs however resources in the Northern hemisphere are at the end. This means Australia will have far greater trade partners in time as we will control the resource stocks. Less trade with China now means Australia controls it's future economic wealth. At the moment if we continue with China our future Australians won't have anything. My wife is Chinese and said in China they call Australia ( NEW CHINA), there plan is to take over, trade is the first step.

  • ganlinxia
    ganlinxia 5 days ago

    3:42 ‘Sublimation of the comedy effect of this show

  • Paul Rice
    Paul Rice 5 days ago

    I totally agree with President Trump even if he is a little crazy 😜

  • Eduardo Espinoza
    Eduardo Espinoza 5 days ago

    End all these dictatorship around this globe.

  • Chinese Boxing
    Chinese Boxing 5 days ago

    We must cut ties with China

  • Mark Range
    Mark Range 6 days ago

    11:56 and Brisbane, I have a bunch of rich Chinese in my area.

  • Mark Range
    Mark Range 6 days ago +1

    6:34 My dad works in one of those buildings in the background

  • Aaron Slater
    Aaron Slater 6 days ago

    This is great Australia. You don't like Americans? You think we're arrogant? Wait until you get to know China.

  • Thomas Bingel
    Thomas Bingel 7 days ago

    Very recommendable

  • TheMarker2015 L.S
    TheMarker2015 L.S 9 days ago +1

    Britain wants a strong alliance and trade with Australia after a NO DEAL Brexit :) we've got the Aussies backs!

  • Dons Views
    Dons Views 9 days ago +1

    My Country Philippines, seems to be in the same position as Australia...
    Personally I don't want any mainland chinese influence in my country. Simply because I don't see anything good and exciting about their culture. I am more fascinated with the culture of Japan.

  • Poojock Mcplop
    Poojock Mcplop 10 days ago

    We don’t ! We love a lunchtime black lipped oyster to whet the palette 🤘

  • cat569
    cat569 10 days ago +1

    As an Aussie I can see in Sydney that China is not our friend getting more influence and power over the Australian people the any other country in the world this should be a warning to side with our 2nd coolest friend the US the 1st coolest country other then AUS is clearly New Zealand.

  • jas gsxr
    jas gsxr 10 days ago

    Don't be decieved the global banking elite have been driving their agenda of devide the citizens and control the governments and therefore the country. They do not care about your sovereignty and they will influence all to do their dirty work for them. Australia has many people who hate Australians and Australia itself but love all that it provides. Anyone who wants a Chinese communist government is welcome to go and live there, if not support and advance the country your in.

  • Leigh B
    Leigh B 11 days ago

    China is the most racist fucking country I can think of. They need to be kept in check because they don;t give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

  • eslam ayman
    eslam ayman 12 days ago

    The best youtube channel ever !!

  • fredrick mwangi
    fredrick mwangi 12 days ago

    i will remain catholic, please dont give us that crap again

  • morningsideable
    morningsideable 12 days ago

    A communist country. Do your research, they would love nothing better than to have control over our country. Let them try I'll be waiting for them!!

  • nicholas dean
    nicholas dean 12 days ago

    Assie people still sound weird 6:25

  • John Brown
    John Brown 13 days ago

    china china china ...yawn

  • edwin semidey
    edwin semidey 14 days ago

    we are in serious trouble with a moron in the white house . i fear for all of us i never thought we would be in this nuclear crisis again

  • 王安澜
    王安澜 14 days ago


  • Ken Tan
    Ken Tan 15 days ago

    Let's go into war, I truly hope it's came fast so let everyone here to feel how was the taste its look like... Australia or china or whatever....

  • Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell 16 days ago

    Don’t worry China,most normal Aussie know it was China that made Australia rich! The government of Australia does not represent the Australian people! Can’t wait to visit China ✌️

    BINAY SUNUWAR 17 days ago

    There only 2 super power China & Russia ... ..u ss aaa suffering for domestic issues . And u ugly ass hole racist we never forget u criticize #nepali #nationalflag

  • Santosh kumar
    Santosh kumar 17 days ago

    China is a bully and wants to grow at the expense of other nations. It is not a democracy and doesn't abide by certain international norms and conventions. So, While democracies across the globe are expected to adhere to certain standards China simply uses shady methods to win. Chinese are incompatible to do diplomacy and that's evident why they cannot project a soft power. Nothing against ordinary Chinese people but their dictatorship sucks and if not for their size the West could have declared sanctions against them.

  • Pisces Traits- Rule 373

    Because they play 359 whenever they want More Jobs

  • Michael S
    Michael S 17 days ago +1

    China spies on Australia, name one thing that China doesn’t have and only Australia has, Kangaroos and koalas don’t count. An upside down world that people are still trying to fight over deserts and lizards, how come that China has to spy on Australia? This is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard.

  • Calvint Lim
    Calvint Lim 18 days ago +1

    Australia never fear on China, Australia have US as back up big brother.

  • Charleston Oo
    Charleston Oo 18 days ago

    You have say it all... Weaponary Contratsss with the US is more importance ...whatever building propaganda against Chinese is American influences ...to turn on 5G is Australia right.. Depend with Chinese investments????.. Is Australia choices.... China also can also buy from AZ.... So no problem. But Australian will suffer both finacially
    And siding America.. Is not ever Australia problem. Australia is fighting with a wrong country. I am sure the Chinese knew from day one.... So is expected now Australia want to play hard ball or Diplomat ...play smart but have both... US weapon contract and Chinese investments... But it look like America is lossing it steam.. Both finacially and politically world Wild.... I choice China.

  • Edwin A
    Edwin A 19 days ago

    the U.S. use big sticks and china using carrots

  • RealDeal441
    RealDeal441 20 days ago

    aussies were not good at diplomacy. But then again Australia was founded by prison convicts deported from the UK.

  • Mark Hen
    Mark Hen 22 days ago

    Dont make Australia a seesaw of political power, its pittyful to see country full of its own people yelling at each other because of other country's issue.
    Do China or USA think of us when we need them the most?
    We helped ourself through GFC and now we dicussing who should we support in this typical of time.

  • in3vitableTIMING
    in3vitableTIMING 23 days ago

    China’s Silk Road infrastructures will dominate America in time and their influence, money and economic boost to the African continent will cement it.
    This is what happens when you colonise parts of the world, fuck it up and leave.
    Eventually someone will clean up the mess.
    And the West is so egotistical that can’t even see past the tip of their nose.

  • Saylem Kade
    Saylem Kade 23 days ago

    *We trade with China, we sell to China and they're no problem*
    Australia should stop listening to Americans.

  • Brass Monkey
    Brass Monkey 23 days ago

    China is Australia's biggest trading partner. But being a lackey to the yanks is better than go get your IQ tested.

  • Brass Monkey
    Brass Monkey 23 days ago

    Australian rather be lackeys to the USA

  • Manu De Busschere
    Manu De Busschere 24 days ago

    shut up Donald you in the wrong episode XD

  • Casanova
    Casanova 25 days ago

    Communist Chinese government treats its people with no justice and respect at all , look what they did to the minority Uyghurs, far west of china where all oil, gas ,and coal are located.The EVIL Chinese government sucks all their wealth and left them poor and hungry and put hundreds of thousands of them in huge jail camps.

  • fireson23
    fireson23 25 days ago

    They are afraid of China because as one of only two only predominantly Caucasian nations in the Asisn Pacific region they fear a strong non Caucasian super power at their door step since Europeans have done a lot of bad things to Asians. They felt the same way about Japan before Japan became a client state of the US occupied by US troops. Now that Japan has been declawed they don't feel that way about them anymore. It's the same reason why white South Africans feared other African countries who were predominantly black and why Apartheid South Africa was best friends with Israel who also was surrounded by Arab Countries. And it's not just China that Australia is afraid of. They are also afraid of Indonesia as well. They have always been very weary of Indonesia.

  • Varun Chaudhary
    Varun Chaudhary 25 days ago +1

    Aussie politicians are playing both sides.

  • Karthik Prakash
    Karthik Prakash 25 days ago +1

    Go aussies.. India on your side

  • Eugenio Gibson
    Eugenio Gibson 26 days ago +1

    I am Australian and I think Australia should remain a close ally of America , because China is an EVIL Regional Power which wants to be a Superpower and if we loose American support , we will be owned by China.Moreover China has a political system that is NOT compatible with Australian Values.So , FUCK CHINA!And Embrace America!

  • rizwan shahzad
    rizwan shahzad 26 days ago


  • Mike
    Mike 26 days ago +14

    China doesn't have to influance me mate, the Chinese were working with my Aboriginal community well over 300 years ago. White Australia only started to care about 30 odd years ago when Eddie Mabo beat them in the Supreme Court. As a native Aussie, F white politics in Australia. Racist wankers. ps, China has a good reason to protect thier shipping lane. It's the only one they have. The US has many. Yankee politicians are just being aresoles. Tronald Dump can get f'ed.

    • Jaxsta001
      Jaxsta001 Day ago

      +Robert Martin okie dokie...I was just going by a doco I watched about the Race Riots in Aus. Anyway...do you know where I can find more info please? Cheers.

    • Robert Martin
      Robert Martin 2 days ago

      +Jaxsta001 true, some came and worked here during gold rush, but the second part of what you wrote is false.
      They were almost entirely forced out within a few years due to exclusionary immigration rules, and they have virtually no connection to Chinese here now. 99% of Chinese in Australia arrived in just the past few decades.
      And 1 in 8? lol more like closer to 1 in 20, and that includes half-breeds, etc as well.

    • Jaxsta001
      Jaxsta001 2 days ago

      I wouldn't say 300 years ago, but they were here 168 years during the Gold Rush. Now 1 in 8 Australians have Chinese bloodlines due to that ;)

    • Robert Martin
      Robert Martin 9 days ago

      +Mike Bullshit. You 50-cent trolls really are ridiculous.

    • Mike
      Mike 9 days ago

      +Robert Martin actually, if you ever get to northern Australia, you'll find out they were. Many mixed race indigenous people here. So, phhhhft to you

  • Thank you Trump
    Thank you Trump 27 days ago

    I am from China, China is still weak and poor, no need to fear, just ignore it and let it be

  • Gary Mccormick
    Gary Mccormick 27 days ago

    Australia' don't allow China to establish a armed forces base in your country for say a greater free trade with China. China is doing this to other countries in your area of the world.

  • nguyen khanh
    nguyen khanh 27 days ago

    Why would all the comments go for AUS being US dog ? So they prefer AUS to be China dog ? accept the fact that AUS is quiet isolated place without the support of US fleets to protect its trade routes. Meanwhile they depends on China to keep economic advance. So they gonna be playing with both is normal in international realationship

  • _ VesBraun
    _ VesBraun 28 days ago

    Since Australia is part of NATO, it makes sense for them to be secured by American arms.
    NATO and the US probably pressured Australia into choosing either china or US.
    Under leadership of Trump, bullying vulnerable countries into defensive trade alliances makes sense.

  • Jianfeng Wu
    Jianfeng Wu 28 days ago


  • JokeCubed
    JokeCubed 28 days ago

    It is a very complex issue, and you raised some good points on both sides. On the whole, I think Australia is concerned about China because it is increasing it's soft power. Soft power is the ability to get other countries to do what you want without sanctions, or threats or wars. With Trump in the White House, US relations with the rest of the world have soured, leading to a decrease in soft power, and China is picking up the slack, which is a bad thing. Whilst it's good that Australia has a good trade relationship with China, and I wouldn't want that to change, the fact remains that China is an autocratic country, you don't really want them setting the global agenda on things like human rights and democracy. Ultimately, if it comes down to a choice between siding with a democratic country, with a democratically elected leader, or an autocratic country which silences political dissent and takes over countries like Tibet, I think most Australians would choose to side with the democratic USA.

  • Josh Rogers
    Josh Rogers 28 days ago

    Australia loves China and America we just stay out of their stuff

  • Wei lushu
    Wei lushu 28 days ago +1


  • Phantom Panda
    Phantom Panda 28 days ago +1

    We don’t fear them we just hate them buying everything in Australia

  • Tippersnore
    Tippersnore 29 days ago +1

    But do Australian business owners operating in the PRC deny Australian citizens of aboriginal origin jobs if they fail to admit that Arnhem Land belongs to Canberra?

  • Steve Baker
    Steve Baker 29 days ago

    Cut all ties with either farty doesn’t matter which way Australia turns either side is gonna push their political views and agendas onto the Australian people

  • Tenzin D
    Tenzin D Month ago

    Corruption or greed ? And in Aussie...unbilievable but unfortunately it's a facts..
    Please Wake people of Aussie before the evil Communist takes over ... .u can trust this in us .. we invited ..we provided.. we friends with the Evil regime genuinely and look at us now. . Fucking.... 60 years and on ...still in Exile..
    I know and bliv Aussie people can soon see the True picture...
    Best wishes
    From Tibet

  • AJ
    AJ Month ago

    people who gain knowledge only from youtube videos like this will always be triggered in the comments.

  • Elangovan Periasamy

    This happens to any country relies China alone for all things. China policy is make use of the strong relationship by exporting everything cheaply and destroy their domestic industries and pretend of developing infrastructure by their own state agencies with the Chinese workers build infrastructures with no use but instead make the country indebted to China to settle their booming population in the infrastructure they build and build army base and quietly colonize the country just like they are doing in Cambodia and Laos.

  • PhantomK100
    PhantomK100 Month ago

    Can I have subtitle please, I feel so difficult with the Australian accent, mate.

  • hanchao xu
    hanchao xu Month ago

    five eye alliance bias in many aspect to China and boycott their in return.

  • Mark Plain
    Mark Plain Month ago

    Where do Australian politics turn? There is a calculated gamble that Australia is taking: Chinese people will more likely trust the Australian authorities than their own. If China says 'hold back investment' there may be less willingness by Chinese to hold back. Where as if Australia tells their citizens, "hold back" there may be more willingness to hold back. For this reason, the Chinese authorities will have to become more authoritarian to 'making' their citizens withhold investing in Australia. The more authoritarian China becomes, the more they may lose their wealth to Australia and the West...... how far will China go? that is the gamble.

  • Warren Mundell
    Warren Mundell Month ago

    There has always been racism towards the Chinese. Not many years ago Australia banned Chinese from entering. Canada had a huge immigration tax , that made it nearly impossible for the railroad workers to bring their wives to Canada. The hatred is embedded deeply in the hearts of the Whites. Now, the USA is making it worse, as they try to contain China.

  • Chongyee Yap
    Chongyee Yap Month ago

    I have seen it all ! We migrated to Australia in 1978, prompted by the Malaysian pogrom of 1969 and we decided that our children should not live in conditions of discrimination imposed by law; it was like that in 1969 and it is still like that today. We are very happy in Australia and no regrets for our move. I wish it be known that the government and the laws of Australia are non discriminatory and all Australians are treated as absolute equals; in that sense we realized what we intended when we migrated. I have to observe that our early life in Australia found the locals "stand offish", it was not as most Malaysians like to brand Australian as practicing "color bar" but my description is more like "white-Australian" hold their nose up, like a bit "snooty". That is OK because if your neighbor does not want to invite you for X'mas, that is OK ! However, as more Asians migrated over the years, the locals treated us as equals and that " stand offishness " declined to the extend that we feel very much at home. Australia is a great country. Having said that, the usual comment, "not all Australians are like that" returning to our issue of discussion, the uncalled for and silly campaign waged by the Turnbull Government is irrelevant, nationally damaging and regressive Let us discuss Mr Turnbull's campaign to ridicule China's government on the basis of Australia's support for the American cold war against China. In this context, what is the gain for Australia's support for the USA other than one that originate from a common Anglo-American "cultural affinity"; an emotional - shared common race phenomenon, the SUPERIOR WHITE RACE common ground. Let me ask you, on this basis, from which direction as we glean an advantage for Australia for supporting the USA given that CHINA IS AUSTRALIA 'S BIGGEST TRADE PARTNER. I believe Australia's disgraceful support for the USA FOR NO FUCKING GAIN is a conspiracy to RETARD CHINA'S LEAD IN THE R&D INTO 5 G technology; this all tie in with the concerted campaign to STOP China from wining the race to be the winner of 5G technology; it was stated in one of the video discussions with Prof. Andrew Leong of Hong Kong Uni. that one of the lead scientists in the R&D project was found dead. Let me assure you white folks of the Anglo-American world that China will win, no effort to stop China will fail.

  • YO NErd
    YO NErd Month ago

    All these China lovers should move to China and live in their censored world. Go work at some iPhone factories.

  • Edwin TNT
    Edwin TNT Month ago +1

    Australia is not UK territory and not China territory.... Is independent country and not dependent country.....

  • apeksha KARKI
    apeksha KARKI Month ago

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  • V. LeChan
    V. LeChan Month ago

    Australia is not a dumb country.

  • Rupert B
    Rupert B Month ago +1

    I certainly don't want Australia to fight China simply to preserve US supremacy in Asia. Give the Chinese government space in Asia.

    • BeautyByBlair
      BeautyByBlair 13 days ago

      Rupert B u do realize the Chinese government is communist government, right? It’s not a peace loving rule abiding democracy

  • lorrane
    lorrane Month ago

    Malcolm Turnbull is not the Australian Prime Minister. Thank God.

  • charishalomvictor
    charishalomvictor Month ago

    China is very shrewed before Oz wakes up they be called the Southern People's republic of China

  • Leo Liu
    Leo Liu Month ago

    "white left" is a spreading virus in worldwide, and this virus is draining the whites' IQ & EQ.

  • Ross W. Master
    Ross W. Master Month ago

    half of aus fears china, other half fears uncle sam; the former are currently in power

  • Thomas Affolter
    Thomas Affolter Month ago

    China has been meddling a lot in Australia. That's why.

    HiXaM JOCULAR Month ago

    the west is so anxious and obsessed about china that's why they're trying so hard to intercepting china's progress so that's why they should show to the world a malicious pretext such as "spying or interference issue" for shaking their relation with china ,and perhaps the 5 eyes countries which're (AS,NZ,US,CN,UK) contriving a policy for china's economy growth , as the world notice the economy's growth of china during last 40 years is consider as the 21century's miracle.. .so for this reason they'll fight aggressively to prevent china from reaching to the stage of superpower country ...btw I'm not chines but I love china from Morocco :)

  • adrian brian
    adrian brian Month ago +1

    Even the US fears China, look at what they did to Apple

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster Month ago

      +adrian brian why laughing ? Im talking the truth dude you can even Google it

    • adrian brian
      adrian brian Month ago

      +Beautiful Monster 😂

    • Beautiful Monster
      Beautiful Monster Month ago +1

      And the world fears Germanys Surplus even US and China lol

  • Dale Taylor
    Dale Taylor Month ago

    Australia needs to stand for the best opportunities for the future of the Australian people that means our children our industries and poor and needy. We need to support those that cannot support themselves and allow those that support Australia to prosper and grow. isolationism is not an answer in itself but to care for oneself first is not a bad idea. so stop interfering in global politics and start utilising our assets to our advantage like ensuring our raw materials never leave our shores without at least one level of production being completed on our shores

  • Zorka Kelly
    Zorka Kelly Month ago

    it is very naive to think that red CHINA will not try to influence all around the world ..even military ..

  • Pardeep Tandon
    Pardeep Tandon Month ago +1

    Australia should start considering itself as an Asian country and not as an outpost of the west

  • 沙滩乐意
    沙滩乐意 Month ago

    Australia... in the political world. there is never forever friend or enemy. interest and profit could influence all. don't need to judge any nations. means nothing

  • Ahmad Zabidi
    Ahmad Zabidi Month ago

    Australia under influence by Mad dog Trump. Bilateral Trade is doing well China-Australia. USA debt USD22 Trillion when USDollar collapse Australia is finished.

  • Vault-Tec Rep
    Vault-Tec Rep Month ago

    Fuck the commies