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  • Published on Feb 5, 2018
  • It has been 45 years since China and Australia established diplomatic relations. Throughout this time, both countries have established one of the most fruitful, controversial and interesting relationships in the entire planet.

    Economic relations are very important for Australia: today China is by far its largest trading partner; 1 out of every 20 inhabitants of this country belongs to the Chinese community and both its universities and beaches are packed with students and tourists from the Asian giant. Thanks partly to all this, Australians have not experienced a crisis in almost 30 years.

    However, these growing ties clash with Washington’s interests, and in 2017 the Australian government decided once and for all to take sides. Since then, a diplomatic storm has been unleashed and Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has not refrained from blaming the Chinese intelligence services for wanting to corrupt Australian politics and society. In this video we’ll tell you what’s happening in this particular cold war, that is beginning to emerge between China and the United States.
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  • Angelica Soup
    Angelica Soup Day ago

    Do not use wechat is big spyware in your country.

  • Ka Ka
    Ka Ka 2 days ago


  • Uncle Cogo Meme
    Uncle Cogo Meme 2 days ago

    Most Chinese (due to the culture most of them share) are money hungry heartless scam artists who prioritise wealth connections and family obligations above almost everything else. They see westerners as tools and won't usually hesitate to manipulate and cheat them. They are a threat to Australia's laidback lifestyle what is left of our traditional European culture and our sovereignity. (Also by absolutely no means am I saying that all Chinese people and asian people in general are like this or share some or all of these traits however I do PERSONALLY think these traits are prevalent in Chinese people and their society.) God bless all of you stay frosty.

  • Tony Mark
    Tony Mark 3 days ago


  • daffadd1
    daffadd1 3 days ago

    Because the Americans run Australian foreign policy . they tell us to be afraid and we are . we dont question the situation or deny it . we just do as we are told !!

  • Richard l
    Richard l 3 days ago

    This is remind of the movie IP MAN 3 when the white officer treat his China officer counterpart.

  • Richard l
    Richard l 3 days ago

    Australia is like those leech friend who only come talk to you want something but backstab you behind the back.

  • Richard l
    Richard l 3 days ago

    Most Chinese migrate to Australia are skill worker or talent student unlike the U.S. Yet they still complain.

  • Richard l
    Richard l 3 days ago

    My cousin left Australia because of racism tower her because she's Chinese in the work force.

  • Richard l
    Richard l 3 days ago

    This has to do more with racism than actual policy.

  • Richard l
    Richard l 3 days ago

    Basically Australia using Chinese money that their invest in their country to buy U.S. Weapons..

  • s c
    s c 4 days ago

    *At its core, Australia, America & Canada share the same DNA as the UK. So they are all joined at the hip with the US calling the tune. None of these Anglo -Saxon countries can be trusted to be independent and objective on matters regarding China. These countries can interfere with each other's internal affairs with absolute impunity without mention. Israel too can interfere with these countries with the same impunity and without mention. But when it comes to China, Russia, Iran, Syria etc, nothing is beyond bounds, including lies, half-truths and misrepresentations.*

  • Tom Foster
    Tom Foster 5 days ago

    We fear no one... what we FEAR is hot beer, cold pies and the Poms winning the Ashes. Man this is one really toxic comment section, how did clicking links from Divinity Original Sin 2 get me here 0.0

  • Tiger Huang
    Tiger Huang 5 days ago

    how does australian think to be an watchdog for american?

  • zg c
    zg c 5 days ago

    noone cares this puppy of usa

  • Bolivar Lagos
    Bolivar Lagos 6 days ago

    China is building artificial islands in international waters to monopolize and control trade in the south china sea, now they're claiming that region as China's territory.
    Paranoia ??

  • nightrider
    nightrider 6 days ago

    Australia has made the right choice, in close alliance with the United States, in keeping a vigilant eye on and taking strong stance against the insidious and subversive behavior of the Chinese communist party government that aims to destroy the very foundation of the free market capitalism.

  • Jon Repp
    Jon Repp 7 days ago

    Politics is a coin with two sides. Politicians might increase their negative rhetoric about a particular company, industry or country, however talk is cheap. What actions, votes or money exchanged hands out of public view?

  • Lara R.
    Lara R. 7 days ago

    China is buying out major Western agricultural producers because it wants to ensure its food supply... you can see this in Australia, but also in New Zealand, Argentina, and now even in Europe.
    So these countries are having a hard time balancing their democracies and pro-US outlook against the importance that Chinese trade represents.
    I predict that with Trump this problem will become even worse.

  • Jason Deb
    Jason Deb 8 days ago

    china is the worst nation in the world

    • 501st Legion
      501st Legion 8 hours ago +1

      Jason Deb Better than shithole Australia

  • Jackson Wong
    Jackson Wong 8 days ago

    usa have been doing such things for many decades raping Australia but for many decades no one seems to make any accusation against usa recently china invested heavily to improve relations but was instead been accused , the word china should be changes to usa .

  • pbeccas
    pbeccas 8 days ago

    It’s time for the Chinese people to burn their leaders and become free.

  • Siamak Sanati
    Siamak Sanati 9 days ago

    I would be, as a country, very cautious about any long term relationship with China. Let us not forget, Western philosophy of how to do business and trust is VERY different that Chinese philosophy. Chinese strategies in long term, they have hegemonic interest and imperialist ambitions. Chinese also holding the grudge with the west on Hong Kong and Singapore. Their approach to the west is much more calculated than ours!!

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 9 days ago

    What the Fucking states of america have doing with france since 68? They have been doing the same shit to us ! That is how imeprialism work !

  • Andrzej Ława
    Andrzej Ława 9 days ago

    Communist China is a disease

  • Benjamin Daly
    Benjamin Daly 10 days ago


  • Matt TheChosen
    Matt TheChosen 12 days ago

    Australia and China have always had a slightly tense relationship due to core principles being so different. Thing is most Aussies have no issue with Chinese people, they are generally easy to get along with and very polite (of course there are assholes in every culture). The big difference now is that China is seeking to expand its control around the world a lot more and australia though very friendly really doesn't like being told what to do.

    • Matt TheChosen
      Matt TheChosen 11 days ago

      +Nivek Nworb clearly you have no idea how Aussies are and our idea of mates(as in feind not partner), we get along great with people, we can take a joke, but tell us to do something we don't want to and your not going to get anywhere. Australia has close links to Britain and America, but we only evet do what they want if we wanted to anyway. Australia has a pretty long and famous history of effectively telling leaders and whole countries to get stuffed if we get sick of their shit.

    • Nivek Nworb
      Nivek Nworb 11 days ago

      Yes it does. First by Britain and now by the USA. It's a terrifying thought that you may have to think for yourself and not be told what to think. Shit that's scary!

  • jus tin
    jus tin 14 days ago

    these comments are truly delusional and reflect what is rejected in australia. having common values with a country doesnt make them the "dog" of that country.. The extent of childishness in these bully comments astounds me. you all fail to grasp the extent to which australia will stand for its values. not juts the US. im sorry you all have it so bad in your own home.

  • Will Zhou
    Will Zhou 15 days ago

    We CAN continue to allow GINA to rape our contry???

    • Nivek Nworb
      Nivek Nworb 11 days ago

      Gina is a lovely lady and I will not hear you talk about her that way!

  • John Mardyniak
    John Mardyniak 15 days ago

    They ahould believe in the US and their other allies and slowly weaken their relationship with China. Possibly to the point of a Chinese declaration of war. Then the Chinese would be blamed for it and would lose much of their international reputation.

  • Fat weed
    Fat weed 16 days ago

    can we please stop doing whatever America wants us to do and stop bowing down to them?

  • Happy Fox
    Happy Fox 17 days ago

    just get a prime minister to translate "I am a spy" from Mandarin to English and see how pissed they get

  • Leigh B
    Leigh B 17 days ago +1

    Jesus Christ... have a look at all these racist Anti white Chinese people in the comment section. This is precisely why China's growth is a threat, they are a very racist nation of people. They see themselves as above others. Imagine people like that becoming too much of a super power. The Chinese cannot be trusted.

  • Eduard Gherasim
    Eduard Gherasim 17 days ago

    I think China should stop letting any tourists going to Australia and also buy raw matetials from Africa instead of Australia... and you will see Australia begging on its knees for Chinese money.

  • Eduard Gherasim
    Eduard Gherasim 17 days ago

    Funny Australia is worried about China spying.. did everyone forget about Snowden leaks? Basically the US is already spying on all its allies. They caught them, wiretapping on biggest poiliticians and businesses.

    • Nivek Nworb
      Nivek Nworb 11 days ago

      Oh please not the truth! We're just simple folk who need to be told scary stories about foriegn powers coming to get us. We don't eat apple pie, but we do love vegemite!

  • Shaun Blom
    Shaun Blom 17 days ago

    Im sick and tired of seeing labels that says made in China.

    • Nivek Nworb
      Nivek Nworb 11 days ago

      Ask the rich Aus Elite and Aus politicians why they divested from Aus manufacturing and invested in China. They are the ones that created this situation

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 17 days ago +3

    Aussie here, i believe we Australians should not interfere with the issues between US n China

    • Nivek Nworb
      Nivek Nworb 11 days ago

      Agree, lets stand independantly. We don't have to endorse everything China does and can still have trade relations to our benefit

  • Winner cc
    Winner cc 18 days ago +2

    I am chinese, in my opinion
    Australia is a really useless country for us. Australia can only just supply
    natural resource(like iron ore, wool). so many other country hope supply these. e.g. Russia,Brazil,Mongolia,Central Asia,Middle East,Africa.
    we choose Australia, just because we thought aussie maybe friendly and love peace. but
    actually aussie are so aggressive and no self-cultivation.
    Australia media said so many chinese spy go to Asutralia and theft technology. Shameless aussie, you are just mining,farm country
    . an illiteracy country. no technology no science country.

  • Jesse Espinoza Jr
    Jesse Espinoza Jr 19 days ago

    ha ha so funny ... australia afraid to china dont thik so.....

  • J S
    J S 19 days ago

    Australian people good, chinese people good.

  • ty white
    ty white 20 days ago

    Everyone has spies and tries to buy influence, again no proof, blame Putin for the dead cat in Sydney.

  • ty white
    ty white 20 days ago

    Tie up with the US and you become a serf.
    China sells merchandise, the US sells war.

  • Configuration Nine
    Configuration Nine 20 days ago

    You have to understand that they're not here because they love the sunshine and fresh air. They're here because it's profitable. Nothing else matters. Asians are a pragmatic people. You gotta make major changes to your system if you are ever going to survive.

  • Mark S
    Mark S 20 days ago

    Money talks. The only voices in favor of China are the corporations who want access to the chinese market, which they never really get. But since the corporations run all the western governments, China is able to get away with all their human rights atrocities, building islands in international waters, harvesting organs from living people, imprisoning political dissidents, and stealing everything they want - and the west looks the other way.

    • Nivek Nworb
      Nivek Nworb 11 days ago

      The West is busy screwing its own people.........privatisation, slashing welfare, health, education

  • Patrick Peterson
    Patrick Peterson 24 days ago

    Childish to write fear in caps

  • Brendan
    Brendan 24 days ago

    Look at all the butthurt Chinese dogs here who desperately want Australia to bow down to China so they can all move here and not bother to integrate. How about you stay in your own shithole country, eat your gutter oil food, feed your babies Chinese baby formula that will probably kill them, and cry some more. While you're at it, get off of TVclip before your government jails you. 😂

  • Hidong Cucuk
    Hidong Cucuk 25 days ago

    That foolish PM should say " au-da-li-ya zhengfu ba lian tie zai meiguo pigu houmian " 😂😂😂

  • Mountain Blue
    Mountain Blue 25 days ago

    Aussie may need to develop nuke to be able to defend itself

    • SSMART
      SSMART 19 days ago

      Aussie is just one of smallest American dogs. What the fuck are you expect a dog to fight against their master?

  • Mountain Blue
    Mountain Blue 25 days ago

    China become UN 5 in 1945. Before 1949

  • zee zing
    zee zing 25 days ago

    lazy drunk Aussie , instead of Chinese phobia better U look out to your next door neighbor the 200 millions Muslim Indonesia they're are very close by.☠

  • 徐向前
    徐向前 25 days ago

    Australian leaders are lack of systematic strategy on international affairs.
    They all are the psychotic who forgot to take the pill.

  • tubewatch59
    tubewatch59 27 days ago

    Why does Australia fear China? Gee I don't know, would a Koala fear a Hippopotamus? I think maybe it might.

    • SSMART
      SSMART 27 days ago

      Australia is just one of American dogs certainly would fear of China.

  • Nick Jolly
    Nick Jolly 27 days ago +1

    hey, all 1.3 billion of you guys showed up, you do know that. just by using youtube you have already betrayed your government and broken laws about self expression.

  • Darryn worthy
    Darryn worthy 28 days ago

    china is buying us out, vast farm lands, mines, harbors, housing is sold in whole streets to chinese bidding australians out of the market. kids at school must learn chinese as a second language. i am australian and we are being taken over silently by stealth. yet we cant by land in china, our politicians have sold us out, sam destyari comitted treason and still sits in parliment to this day and its criminal how he can. be many more like him too. we will never ever forget the usa, and we should change our dealing and trade more too the usa. china is raping our country and sending cotton from farms they own in n.s.w ect back to china.

    • Nivek Nworb
      Nivek Nworb 11 days ago

      You've already been shagged by the Brits and the Yanks, now it's China's turn. Now bend over and stop complaining

  • ba kheg
    ba kheg 28 days ago

    decisions and faiths of some leaders in Australia are controlled by American and uk .in this case, this is based on racism and gandism. if you are against ethnicity ,you will find against Australia from Sean. and others .say no racing against anyone . keep up peace with your neighbors. do not live like isliye.👍👍👍

  • Yuet Ming Simon
    Yuet Ming Simon 28 days ago +1

    I am chinese looking, when I am in Australia 10+ years ago, i felt like 50% chance people are friendly to me and another 50% are...impatient at first sight?! I don't know what the deal is but maybe Australian's world view is more black and white?!

  • Subh Kam
    Subh Kam 29 days ago

    China deliberately pose threat to other countries through "n" number of tactics. How can one undermine the theft of nuclear tech? how can one undermine its cheap illegal copying of Russian weapons? How can one undermine their process to slave African countries?

  • Jun Wu
    Jun Wu Month ago +2

    Its an old news already, now Aussie government learned their lessons, are begging Chinese government to come back to buy their mineral and dairy.........

  • Ch Lope
    Ch Lope Month ago

    It could be something to do with this.
    Australia is a great investment for China. Once they buy the entire place they can start harvesting the human cattle for parts and chain our children in their factories.

  • This Guy
    This Guy Month ago

    The network of geopolitical allies is full of equally important links to security, freedom, travel, culture, and trade. They will all have different immediate relationships full of history that is to be remembered for improvement and so not to repeat mistakes. It is an amazing thing when you watch international trade influence the world. China is only able to play at such a level is due to the diet version of capitalism in which, that they use socialist agendas to direct the goals of the government and not trusting the people to foster true growth freedom and prosperity.

  • Lonk
    Lonk Month ago +2

    This comment section is a cesspool

  • Roshan Kumar
    Roshan Kumar Month ago

    I think your opinion is looking very biased towards Australia and US relation u told lot about the negative point about China but very less about the positive impact of China on Australia

  • Kai O'Connor
    Kai O'Connor Month ago

    As an aussie band states (midnight oil) "US forces give the nod, its a setback for your country" 🤙🤙 take the hint u cheecky commie bastads

  • Jason Marks
    Jason Marks Month ago

    Too many slapheads in AUSTRALIAN and Queensland fucking over run by CHINESE.

  • Jason Marks
    Jason Marks Month ago

    Our AUSTRALIAN government has no back bone to stan up to China and stop all the conclusion and or corruption between china business man . It makes me sick to the core .

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith Month ago

    Free Tibet! How's the reeducation of the Uighur Muslims going China? I guess you finally worked out killing female babies during the One Child Policy wasn't going to work out so well demographically. How's China's pollution levels going? I guess you won't be happy until the whole world is black from pollution. The Cultural Revolution with 2-3 million dead wasn't really good, either. Tiananmen Square anyone? Organ harvesting; thanks China; you're the best. Let's not go into human rights. Basically, fuck you China and the brainwashed Chinese minions mouthing off on TVclip.

  • Sam Gnanaraj
    Sam Gnanaraj Month ago

    I really appreciate how much effort you put into research for each video!

  • Mawuli Ware
    Mawuli Ware Month ago

    Stop blaming the USA, I believe the Aussies when they said they're being spied on and stuff everybody does that stuff so just stop pretending like it doesn't happen

  • Mark Dixon
    Mark Dixon Month ago

    Time to chat to India ... let the commies go

  • A T
    A T Month ago

    China has been caught spying on everyone. They don't value international law. They make demands that aren't realistic. If the Australians get angry from time to time, it's not a conspiracy. China angers everyone, but the money is very good.

  • 77leny
    77leny Month ago +1

    fuck china

  • Robert Velasco
    Robert Velasco Month ago

    China has more to win and a little to lose. What they really aimed at is the present situation. Now that they are getting a little bit aggressive militarily in the South Pacific. They got Australia where they want them. A vice grip by the balls! Economically speaking that is.

  • Grizzly
    Grizzly Month ago

    As shared recently in a different forum...
    It can be argued that, from the world's central banks, the U.S. is moving toward in the direction of a "unsafe harbor" as the global currency. In my opinion, this is PRECISELY China's near-longterm plan: to play it safe, spread their tentacles globally (look at Africa and S. America as ex.'s) and ultimately piss off an America potus enough that that potus "threatens" to default...and that will be the end game. The world's central banks will say "oh fuck oh dear...it's time to get off the dollar."
    They'll look around and there will be China; dominant throughout Asia and Europe with their "One Road" policy...Africa and its resources (not the least of which is the MASSIVE working age population) and here's the clincher - THE Middle East. China is going to ramp up oil buying from all the countries that are more than happy to see the U.S. spanked: Russia, Iran, Turkey, Syria, etc.
    They pull that oil thing off and it's game over. China...check mate in 10-15 years.
    Start learning Mandarin.
    And btw, China is RACING into renewable energies for this very reason: to extricate themselves ENTIRELY from fossil fuel volatility.
    Unlike the U.S., they will "Win The Oil End Game" without ever firing a shot.
    Now, tell me. Who are the smart ones here?
    U.S.? NOT!

  • Grizzly
    Grizzly Month ago

    Atypical, but VisualPolitik has an obvious anti-china bias that is coloring their work. Great work. Just need to keep that in mind.

  • 33 9
    33 9 Month ago

    china should free Tibet !
    AND Remember Australia is democracy !

  • Efemral
    Efemral Month ago +2

    It's only the older generation who are fearful of China. But they're fearful of everyone.

    • Nivek Nworb
      Nivek Nworb 11 days ago

      Not true Efemral, the youmger generation have been brought up on vegemite and USA biased propaganda too

  • Water Locating, Radar Water

    Australia is now learning the pains of immigration

  • Edward LIAN
    Edward LIAN Month ago +2

    Australia, actually we don't even know why you hated us so much. but, CHINA never ever give a shit about you! we are kinda busy to fighting with your big mouth daddy. You Doesn't Matter in China's world.

  • Literally Stalin
    Literally Stalin Month ago

    There's a certain Muslim population that sprung up over the last few decades too. I think with a bit more Chinese influence in the Australian government we can have some reducation centres for Muslims who believe in Sharia law and the ideal of taking over countries by submission to Sharia. There are houses here full of women and kids collecting single mother's pensions growing a next generation of Muslims. I think it's going to be a great cultural melting pot with a bit more influence in Australian politics from China. Going to be great when the shit hits the fan.

  • ShaN Mushthaq
    ShaN Mushthaq Month ago +1

    within 10 years..there will surely be a revolution in australia....replacing the corrupt politicians

  • Tim Anderson
    Tim Anderson Month ago

    Timothy W Anderson is President of the United States of America.
    Timothy W Anderson is President of the United States of America.
    Timothy W Anderson is President of the United States of America.

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers Month ago

    China already have dock yards in Australia and it will not be long before they move in troops.

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers Month ago

    Australia is afraid of China because Australia ow them money and loans. It's the usual thing if you can'rt pay me back our loans then i will take some of your land.
    They are after world domination. Mark my words. It is happening before our eyes and no one is watching. Also Australia is a quick step to the U.S.A

  • Ageless Wisdom
    Ageless Wisdom Month ago

    All Western nations are selling their nations for short term economic gain. How about insisting China develops some real democracy so that we know she won't become another Stalin/Hitler/Mao state and cause a third world war with 100 million dead.

  • Mr. Goldfish
    Mr. Goldfish Month ago

    Want to know the future of Australia? just look at Taiwan...

    • Mr. Goldfish
      Mr. Goldfish Month ago

      ​+We are 150 million Kms away from the Sun Why does sovereign in Oz mean anything when most of the economy is from China. If you anger China, say goodbye to your economy.

    • We are 150 million Kms away from the Sun
      We are 150 million Kms away from the Sun Month ago

      Oz is a sovereign country. Taiwan is not even a member of the UN, what do you expect people to look at Taiwan?

  • James Campbell
    James Campbell Month ago

    Stay strong Australia, We have sacrificed our own jobs and Morals by buying Made In China.
    We Know in the west Made in China was done with Slave Labor; its called the "Hidden Cost"
    China= Tibet, Tiananmen Square Massacre, Falun Gong Killing, Forced Re-Education Camps, South China Sea.
    The big one as some might still remember from WWII and we had courts and Hung people who were involved.
    China DOES Human Organ Harvesting.
    How many Chinese died to make your Iphone? They had Suicide Nets put up around FoxConn.
    Yet, Look at what China does Vs Russia.
    Germany, WWII, Hitler and Concentration Camps. killed millions.
    China has Body Organ Harvesting from Labor Camp Prisoners.
    Would you let your Child work at such a place, So why is it legal for us to buy from such places legally?
    Slave Labor Wages, ZERO Environmental Laws, Zero Labor Laws. Theft of IP, Hacking, Putting Microchips on Server mother boards.
    China is now Under a No Term Limit Dictator now.
    Any Business with China after you know the truth makes you very Libal.
    If you Knew every 100 Cell phones made Killed 1 person from Pollution hazards, would you still buy that Cell Phone?
    A good Day Eh from Canada to Australia.

    • Jun Wu
      Jun Wu Month ago

      James Campbell evidence please? You should go to China to check it out yourself, don't just listen to others, stop buying made in China if you can, BTW, you music collections says it all: you a member of the Satan community.

      Have a good day.

  • chwee hai qing philip
    chwee hai qing philip Month ago +2

    Anti China Australian politicians are stupid.
    If China were to stop buying from australia,
    the economical + financial impact would be super huge .
    Australia need to understand who give them great benefits

  • Wyrtmer San
    Wyrtmer San Month ago

    I like your videos but you use some music/sounds way too much/often, like the record scratch, it makes me cringe at this point because it doesn't add anything most of the time, and you use it way too often IMO. Otherwise good job!

  • TV Gerbil
    TV Gerbil Month ago

    China does have the advantage of having a stable government to pursue long term policies. After five years in power, Xi Jinping sees off four Australian Prime Ministers already.

  • Asperenis
    Asperenis Month ago

    Australia is too close to china geographically, so its kinda guaranteed that we would be closely entwined

  • Daniel Jong
    Daniel Jong Month ago

    No national crisis for 30 years...True, if you discount our political parties...

  • Mike Cha
    Mike Cha Month ago

    I’m sure red blooded white Aussies would disagree.

  • lobsang khayer
    lobsang khayer Month ago

    If any one defences China, U are supporting Communist mono party government. In 21 century all are going forward , why Chinese people or gov following different direction? If u believe secure life, justice and environment degeredetion. Then follow West West West.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep Month ago

    Australia needs to go full Republic and Dump the English Hold that still Holds us up. When you hold hands with a Dictator that thinks he's a God / Reborn Emperor, what could happen?

  • James Hallahan
    James Hallahan Month ago

    Alright AUSTRALIA-!!! stand up against China- together we win-divided we fall-Trump isn’t a politician,
    not going to give you soothing words, but he tells it like it is-America loves Australia and its freedom loving way of life

  • W!llxX
    W!llxX Month ago

    Do you ever just speak freely to flex on the Chinese

  • mohammed mawaz
    mohammed mawaz Month ago +1

    I can't under stand why Australia is all ways kissing American arss when it comes to Australia it's China that keeps Australia financially sound it's about time China had a word with Australia and let them know that it's China or America and if they choose America then China should start buying it's raw martireals from else where

  • thelongslowgoodbye
    thelongslowgoodbye Month ago

    Here in Australia we have a saying: "When America or China sneezes, Australia gets pneumonia."

  • mohan mohan
    mohan mohan Month ago +1

    People are missing one logic people of European countries are the people of Canada, USA, Australia they are all one

  • Troy Hutchinson
    Troy Hutchinson Month ago +1

    "Espionage" NZ and Australian intelligence employees are overpaid peasants... To justify that massive salary they receive they overstate Chinese political interest... the country already has access to as much lamb, milk powder, timber, and Iron ore they want using that massive petro/dollar reserve it has... quit watching so much Hollywood spy movies and get back to slaving for that tiny piece of land before your real owner, the banks, raises interest rates on you..