This Week I Learned to Throw Cards

  • Published on Aug 24, 2017
  • This week I learned how to throw playing cards.
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  • tubbytubbytobe
    tubbytubbytobe 10 minutes ago

    3:37 "Ouch! My face!"
    I love how you don't give up. 👍

  • Antixx 77VEVO
    Antixx 77VEVO 21 minute ago

    I wanted to throw my own phone

  • Butters
    Butters 2 hours ago +1

    learn how to dance lol

  • jake winterstein
    jake winterstein 18 hours ago

    if i were to spend a day with Mike Boyd, i would probably want him to try fishing with me, bc fishing is too hard

  • Tim & Jim
    Tim & Jim 19 hours ago


  • Salmonella Food
    Salmonella Food 23 hours ago

    So fake

  • John Sumner
    John Sumner Day ago

    When you first do something at it surprises you is so funny. Your face is like "HOLY SHIT I FXCKING DID IT!!!"

  • justforthetv
    justforthetv Day ago

    I love how supportive she is of you

  • Adarsh Reddy
    Adarsh Reddy Day ago

    Non satisfying .But the other videos are blast 😍

  • King Enaam
    King Enaam Day ago +1

    Doesn't mean you've learned it unless you've done it twice

  • Daryl Playz RBLX
    Daryl Playz RBLX 2 days ago

    RIP Apple
    The apple cost 1 like
    1 like 1 new fresh apple
    Apple for sale 🍎🍎🍎

  • Anonymous 0
    Anonymous 0 2 days ago

    Why need guns now lol btw I’m pro gun so don’t give me that shit

  • Shaun Ashley
    Shaun Ashley 3 days ago

    Based on this vid I think you should learn some dance moves haha #justbanter #yourock

  • David Slesarev
    David Slesarev 4 days ago


  • MikeLikesMilk _
    MikeLikesMilk _ 4 days ago

    I would try it with Pokemon Cards, And I am not a Pokemon fan. 😂😂

  • Doidim Só
    Doidim Só 5 days ago

    My bicicle card doesn't even stick to the apple so I don't believe it

  • Mig og min Opfindsomhed

    Pink Majken Majken Malene

  • Mikesh Rai
    Mikesh Rai 6 days ago

    RIP apple

  • Mason Clitherow
    Mason Clitherow 6 days ago

    3:43 omg hes blind

  • Hung Nguyen Vu
    Hung Nguyen Vu 6 days ago

    3:44 XD

  • Logan Root
    Logan Root 7 days ago

    1:25 that has to count for something

  • Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!

    Right in your eye

  • LauraS
    LauraS 7 days ago

    One.. aaah

    RAVEN GM 7 days ago

    Ur learning to be hisoka now :v

  • flamigo eggz
    flamigo eggz 9 days ago

    Learn to coin roll

  • evan shi
    evan shi 9 days ago

    the aplle is magic

  • Isaac William
    Isaac William 9 days ago

    I learned the first day tho

  • Mr. Bird
    Mr. Bird 9 days ago

    U got to practice aim

  • interstellar M.E. Warriors

    I tried this and I did it in one day but I was so sad because my card wasn’t hard enough the cut the apple but I hit it and I saw the cut but it was so tiny and it couldn’t go in the apple

  • VaultDouble04
    VaultDouble04 10 days ago

    2:28 nice cgi mate. I'm not hating on you i'm just pointing it out, i do enjoy your content though.

  • Orion Davis
    Orion Davis 12 days ago

    I truly adore how excited his wife got. She shows true support for what he does. It's little things like that.

  • sixfolds
    sixfolds 12 days ago

    Did not good

  • sixfolds
    sixfolds 12 days ago

    I gust saw Chris ramsays video

  • Amadea Nunag
    Amadea Nunag 12 days ago


  • Shadow Thunder
    Shadow Thunder 12 days ago +1

    3:00 does this count as self harming?!

  • Viel Padua
    Viel Padua 12 days ago

    You didn't get enough views.

  • ItsVapid
    ItsVapid 13 days ago

    I learned how to throw a card in like 4 hours just by sitting down and trying it

  • Monelle Gervais
    Monelle Gervais 13 days ago


  • Alex Polenciuc
    Alex Polenciuc 13 days ago


  • Dag od
    Dag od 13 days ago

    Ya face like mr.bean

  • Rex
    Rex 13 days ago

    you look like charles boyle for brooklyn nine nine

  • sulaiman almutlaq
    sulaiman almutlaq 13 days ago

    I wish i was this free in my life

  • Lewnar HasNoLife
    Lewnar HasNoLife 14 days ago

    And they have like 5 1/2x of the amount of views this video got

  • football crazy
    football crazy 14 days ago


  • GamingWolfie Wolf
    GamingWolfie Wolf 14 days ago

    I umm, have played 52 card pick up.......

  • Hipzoid
    Hipzoid 14 days ago

    3:44 right in the eye

  • Ethan Durtschi
    Ethan Durtschi 14 days ago

    I love the attitude of whatthefuckletsdoit

  • Evan Crowther
    Evan Crowther 15 days ago

    *Almost gets throat slit by a playing card*

  • Garbage Dump
    Garbage Dump 15 days ago

    when you watch hunter x hunter and wanna be like a pedofilic clown man

  • Huis Rensburg
    Huis Rensburg 15 days ago

    What if there is a superhero thats weopons are cards but he is very good at it
    I would never fight against him just think how it must fell to have a card in your body and how painfull it must be and it does not kill you instently

  • Ryuko Fury
    Ryuko Fury 15 days ago

    Real life twisted fate

  • Jed Magno
    Jed Magno 16 days ago


  • 卐ŞφΞỆÐŽ ҰŤ 117ツ

    hisoka got jealous

  • Young Artist
    Young Artist 17 days ago

    I’ve only seen 3 videos and I’m obsessed

  • Jeffinton Studios
    Jeffinton Studios 18 days ago +1

    This dude must have so many talents

  • Jiggly Wiggly
    Jiggly Wiggly 18 days ago

    He's the Scottish Gambit now

  • garbbean468
    garbbean468 18 days ago

    That gasp!

  • Unknown Demon
    Unknown Demon 18 days ago

    Is awesome

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 20 days ago

    I would have been impressed a year ago when I didn't know how to throw cards but I'm twelve and had a bunch of time and Pokemon cards and learned how to throw cards in a day

  • Joshua Salop
    Joshua Salop 20 days ago

    Throwing cards is literally so easy

  • Cayla Jao
    Cayla Jao 21 day ago

    Harder than expected, eh viewers?

  • Fortnite Streak
    Fortnite Streak 21 day ago


  • TheBetterIsBack
    TheBetterIsBack 21 day ago

    Throwing a card into an apple took me like 5-20 times to get it to stick

  • april lizarraga
    april lizarraga 21 day ago

    Throwing cards is easy

  • David Jun Laping
    David Jun Laping 21 day ago

    You look like a nice dad

  • *Corgi Nation*
    *Corgi Nation* 22 days ago


  • Deku .m
    Deku .m 22 days ago

    Woah never knew Hisoka looked like that in real life

  • light anime
    light anime 22 days ago

    good for you . I am happy for you

  • Skullkill X
    Skullkill X 22 days ago

    3:22 laser beam anyone?

  • Kylah Gallagher
    Kylah Gallagher 22 days ago

    Why would you try to throw cards at your own face???? You should have made it something that annoys you, or someone you hate!

  • C00kieuser 1
    C00kieuser 1 22 days ago

    1/5 of the amount of views on the video at the begging

  • Matt Valdez
    Matt Valdez 22 days ago

    thought u did it 27 mins

  • Jarrett NG
    Jarrett NG 22 days ago

    5:20 That, ladies and gentlemen, is what love looks like.

  • Matheus Machado
    Matheus Machado 23 days ago

    1:09 a little orgasm ksksksksksk

  • J Crispin
    J Crispin 23 days ago


  • Kye Wilson Vlogs
    Kye Wilson Vlogs 23 days ago +1


  • B J ace 11
    B J ace 11 23 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2018

  • Deathhead246
    Deathhead246 24 days ago

    Long game of 52 card pick up

  • Carlos Navarro
    Carlos Navarro 24 days ago

    Dude perfect has more views den this video

  • GB Wilson
    GB Wilson 24 days ago

    Your so weird

  • YoChris
    YoChris 24 days ago +1

    Anyone got this video on recommendations.

  • Lightningboy5000
    Lightningboy5000 24 days ago

    I couldn’t believe he stranded for so long

  • Sean Casey
    Sean Casey 25 days ago

    Some buzz when he nails it

  • Michael DeAngelo
    Michael DeAngelo 25 days ago

    Learn to speak with your mouth closed

  • d silverleaf
    d silverleaf 25 days ago

    Madd REspect 2 Your Patreon's. Thx to you all. !! I Juest got to experience this channel, Outa the blue, and on the Fly.. Thx eh from CAnada. :)

  • Dwyne Apigo
    Dwyne Apigo 25 days ago

    You look like jacksepticeye

  • Mladen Bmx
    Mladen Bmx 26 days ago

    I love the way he tries to guess how to throw it 👌👌 just toss it like a ball and it will stick lmao its so funny

  • SheepLord
    SheepLord 26 days ago

    Shake down? Noice lol

  • ImJustACowLol
    ImJustACowLol 26 days ago

    What did that apple ever do to you? :(

  • T Jumrustanasan
    T Jumrustanasan 26 days ago

    You look like agadmator

  • Derp Studios
    Derp Studios 26 days ago

    That would’ve been interesting if you managed to get the card Stuckey an apple in about 27 minutes

  • awsome magic tricks
    awsome magic tricks 26 days ago

    Ahh I'm cringing in how to throw cards ahhh I'm a magitian

  • Ben Sharp
    Ben Sharp 26 days ago

    You'd think with him learning all of these things he'd also learn how to dance

  • Big Boy 24
    Big Boy 24 27 days ago

    I challenge you to do a double backflip on flat surface within a week

  • Aiham Abd
    Aiham Abd 27 days ago



  • Max soni
    Max soni 27 days ago +2

    *_I learned in 3 days_*

  • Jax
    Jax 27 days ago

    *O H NO*

  • ChickenPower
    ChickenPower 27 days ago

    You can always get a gun and shoot the apple.

  • Angry Momom By dank bouls

    This guy has too much free time

  • Khalil Martin
    Khalil Martin 28 days ago

    mikes laush and smile after he achieves something is the reason i watch his videos