This Week I Learned to Throw Cards

  • Published on Aug 24, 2017
  • This week I learned how to throw playing cards.
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  • Kaden Stone
    Kaden Stone 37 minutes ago

    4:47 Dude that apple just DESTROYED you in poker

  • Fischus
    Fischus 11 hours ago

    I watched it and learned it instant from watching you

  • Spring Puppet
    Spring Puppet Day ago

    It’s called 50 to pick up

  • Danicel Javier
    Danicel Javier Day ago

    I think next you need to learn how to dance, hahahahah

  • Evan Mcnamara
    Evan Mcnamara 2 days ago

    Card throwing is a skill I was naturally good at

  • abha tasweer
    abha tasweer 2 days ago

    I learned how to throw cards properly in 3 weeks with out a stopwatch so it will be much more less than 3 weeks.

  • Carl Mingus
    Carl Mingus 2 days ago

    Lean to do a handstand

  • Ac Bros Blue and Red


  • Yew Hong Jia
    Yew Hong Jia 3 days ago

    U look like agamator

  • Rez Kara
    Rez Kara 3 days ago

    good now you can become hisoka

  • Mr. red.turtle
    Mr. red.turtle 4 days ago

    5:13 when u get a victory royal in fortnite

  • Zobar Gilly
    Zobar Gilly 4 days ago

    plz sub to my account its called reece Hirst

    VIKTOR BIHAR 4 days ago

    It's funny how he throws them, it looks lick he casting a spell.

  • Choo King
    Choo King 5 days ago

    Only once in the apple? It should be at least 3 consecutive successes to verify that you really learned it.

  • LionessEye
    LionessEye 5 days ago

    is this best done with carton carts or plastic ones?

  • Ruby Va
    Ruby Va 5 days ago

    Look at the flick of the wrist

  • Lavallion
    Lavallion 6 days ago

    Twisted fate on the stage ladies and gentleman!

  • Arens Leleuly
    Arens Leleuly 6 days ago

    You should have applied some nen to it

  • mat corona
    mat corona 6 days ago

    love how the wife was super excited

  • Hooded Man124
    Hooded Man124 6 days ago

    I have practice in this because when I was 8 I started (I’m 12 now) my brother did it and I was in awe and it’s all about the techniques that work for you personally for me it’s down and out and holding it with two fingers at the top left corner. I believe this channel is underrated

  • Jonathan Brugge
    Jonathan Brugge 7 days ago

    It would be awesome to have you as my teacher

  • Lucas Cotterell
    Lucas Cotterell 7 days ago

    Learn to do an around the world with a football

  • Mbs saudi
    Mbs saudi 7 days ago

    He needs to focus between shots

  • Николай Калина

    Three kind of

  • ULTIMATE Vortex127
    ULTIMATE Vortex127 7 days ago

    im training to throw cards but my cards just bounce off the foam no matter how well i throw

  • awesomedude john
    awesomedude john 7 days ago

    at 3:35 lol his smoking cards

  • awesomedude john
    awesomedude john 7 days ago


  • jaycee425
    jaycee425 7 days ago

    hard to find someone as supportive as Kim, you got yourself a good wife :D

  • dublin_design dublin_design

    i did in 7 minute 56 sec

  • Lil Ched
    Lil Ched 7 days ago +2

    I want to be able to keep cards in pocket and use it as a weapon not like to be destructive but just cuz

  • TheMacGamer1253
    TheMacGamer1253 8 days ago

    It took me less than an hour to throw cards. Of course I had to cheat though and watch Chris Ramsay’s video on how to do it.

  • Travis Hearn
    Travis Hearn 8 days ago

    3:44 aye aye aye...
    right in the eye.

  • 50.000 subzzz With no videoss

    3:46 bullseye

  • Sandor Adam
    Sandor Adam 8 days ago

    Ambitious.....Ah, never

  • Thegoingwolf
    Thegoingwolf 8 days ago

    1:35 look at the time and the glass to the left

  • EjraM
    EjraM 8 days ago

    this video is basically how mafia works

    he starts as a lvl 1 crook and at the end of the video he becomes a lvl 99 boss

  • gIo
    gIo 8 days ago

    R.I.P Apple

  • Naruto Gamer
    Naruto Gamer 8 days ago

    i use this trick to switch of the room lights when i'm in my cosy bed at night

  • Vojife
    Vojife 8 days ago

    This Week I Learned to watch Mike Boyd's videos

  • Vojife
    Vojife 8 days ago

    I just realized, you always say "day one, hour zero", but there's no reason to count those two differently. :D
    Whatever though.

  • Ben Clark
    Ben Clark 8 days ago

    What does the I stand for?

  • Aaron Cavazos
    Aaron Cavazos 8 days ago

    I really love how supportive your wife is ;), keep up the good work

  • Damian Logan
    Damian Logan 9 days ago

    I learned how to do it too it took about 1 month

  • Stalin
    Stalin 9 days ago

    When you get dark matter on cod

  • Dynamite Dino
    Dynamite Dino 9 days ago

    U watched a tutorial don't to fool me

  • The Heavy Metal Metroid

    Watching this in my freshman cornerstone class as I'm typing this.

  • Polish Cactus
    Polish Cactus 9 days ago +38

    3:54 sounds like Pewdiepie

  • Lolibob Pop
    Lolibob Pop 9 days ago

    Why don’t you just watch ricks video?

  • Yered Cabrales
    Yered Cabrales 9 days ago

    I love how supportive his girl is lmao she’s always so happy when he does things 😂❤️❤️

  • FBI
    FBI 10 days ago

    The funny part is I knew how to do this in a sec and i did not Wacht this

  • Loving Allday
    Loving Allday 10 days ago

    Anyone know the sound affect @ 0:14?

  • The Man That Poops
    The Man That Poops 10 days ago

    2:21 u shouldn't have given me this power

  • Alicia van Heerden
    Alicia van Heerden 10 days ago

    Person:are you ok
    Me :yes
    Person :are you lying?
    Me : 5:33

  • Thelast Gryphon
    Thelast Gryphon 10 days ago

    I thought my self in 20 min messing around with a friend. We we're throwing them at each other. After twenty minutes I cut his face 3 times in a row so I was officially banned from trowing cards around my friends.😂😂😂😂

  • Victoria Reynoso
    Victoria Reynoso 10 days ago

    sunny in philly intro.. had to subscribe.

  • andrew herrera
    andrew herrera 10 days ago

    Freaking, hisoka from HxH

  • Harel The Gamer
    Harel The Gamer 11 days ago

    He should have make a slow mo of the card hitting the apple

  • K41229514 Davien Kaster

    5:30 dance has left the chat

  • meat 170
    meat 170 11 days ago +4


  • Ali Jamil
    Ali Jamil 11 days ago

    5:13 that moment when you realize you have no friends but still cheer on

  • RundownPeach95
    RundownPeach95 12 days ago

    How to kill yourself

  • boring stuff
    boring stuff 12 days ago

    I can throw a card but not in a fruit

    N3XUS PH1LL 12 days ago

    I came to the comments to see if anyone else has noticed that this guy looks a bit like Rowan Atkinson

  • Mr. Jeffinizor
    Mr. Jeffinizor 12 days ago +1

    *welp not exactly 15 mil views but still at a crazy 4 mil*

  • zack dahart
    zack dahart 12 days ago

    I have played it way to many times 1:00

  • M.C. gowan
    M.C. gowan 12 days ago +3

    I wish someone else would be exited about my accomplishments...

  • Shirlèy Tegio
    Shirlèy Tegio 13 days ago

    mike you are talented can you join dude perfecr

  • IcOnic GaMezZ
    IcOnic GaMezZ 13 days ago

    R u Scottish ?

  • Xx_C.I.A_xX Cat. Intelligence. Alpha.

    4 million views & only 1.4 million subs...

  • Joe Daly
    Joe Daly 13 days ago

    His wife was so exited

  • wawaw1422 YT
    wawaw1422 YT 13 days ago

    Still got the wrong technique tho

  • Casper
    Casper 13 days ago

    You should using nen, it's very effective

  • Dallas Hicks
    Dallas Hicks 13 days ago

    It’s the flick of the wrist

  • Carlo Dr
    Carlo Dr 13 days ago

    Theres a barrier

  • hi
    hi 14 days ago

    U learned to throw cards on first day?

  • Oreorez Live
    Oreorez Live 14 days ago

    You have a nice home

  • J-A Ceccaldi
    J-A Ceccaldi 14 days ago

    next u cam learn a new victory's dance :)

  • TheGamingMountain
    TheGamingMountain 14 days ago

    Didn’t even get Half the views sad

  • mimigangster
    mimigangster 14 days ago

    it reminds me of lazerbeams intro

  • Kazuna Kun
    Kazuna Kun 14 days ago

    The cards in the green screen where edited

  • kiochigodtry fortnite
    kiochigodtry fortnite 14 days ago

    He had half the grip right. If u just hold the tip of a corner wit the card faced towards u

  • JR Gamming
    JR Gamming 14 days ago

    men you have a lot of talent wow amazing

  • Dominic Bentley
    Dominic Bentley 14 days ago

    is it just me or did the cards on the free screen look fake

  • Help me get 100 Subs with no vids

    Omg I love how this man is. When he got the apple into the card. 😂

  • Jiyuan Zhang
    Jiyuan Zhang 14 days ago +18

    5:08 I guess he is the jack of all trades 😂😂😂

    Ok sorry cringy pun

  • Jamezkyle s lopez Minecraft


  • minecraft gamer
    minecraft gamer 15 days ago


  • Sultan Arfeen
    Sultan Arfeen 15 days ago

    5:21 Love that hug, true happiness.

  • InZan123
    InZan123 15 days ago

    I can throw cards!

    But its not straight

  • Trey Staten
    Trey Staten 15 days ago

    Hisoka from hunter x hunter

  • Aiden Ho
    Aiden Ho 15 days ago

    This is how I learned to throw cards

  • XxSwifteyxX YT
    XxSwifteyxX YT 15 days ago


  • Amine Abdellatif
    Amine Abdellatif 15 days ago +1

    My brother sliced a cucumber with the playing card. He made it in 2 min

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan 15 days ago

    0:06 Imagine playing Five Finger Filet but with someone else holding the knife

  • Logic Mind
    Logic Mind 15 days ago +1

    Cool Video

  • Dartagnan Gamer
    Dartagnan Gamer 15 days ago


  • Your friendly Cynic
    Your friendly Cynic 15 days ago

    This why kids you don’t throw it at someone

  • Laman Olivia
    Laman Olivia 15 days ago

    I think my cactus bit me in my elbow... 😖

  • MR. Egg
    MR. Egg 15 days ago

    Apple has ultra instict

  • Rhevo Velasquez
    Rhevo Velasquez 15 days ago

    You look like George janko😂