The Missing People Choir Bring Crowd to Tears!| Auditions 1 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017


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  • Valye Pack
    Valye Pack 3 hours ago +1

    beautiful beautiful beautiful

  • CEO E
    CEO E 7 hours ago

    At 5:59 What did the judge say to the other judge.?To me it sound like she said garbage. Can anyone tell me what she said?

  • R W
    R W 7 hours ago +1

    I would have given them the golden buzzer

  • Native Pride
    Native Pride 7 hours ago

    My cousin was raped and murdered. I miss you so much.

  • Josephine Lines
    Josephine Lines 10 hours ago

    Who tf disliked this and what is their problem?

  • DIY Slime WOoHOo
    DIY Slime WOoHOo 10 hours ago

    Whoever disliked this video is the saddest person I ever knew 😡😡😭😭😭
    Every like that this comment gets I will donate money to missing people charities ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😭😭😭

  • Eve Winkler
    Eve Winkler Day ago

    This made me cry

  • Grace K
    Grace K Day ago

    I cries the first 2 min . Be strong parents sing for your children !!

  • My Grandad
    My Grandad Day ago

    I hope you find your loved ones soon I would think you are braver then me because I’m scared when my parents go to work and I’m left at school but for you you have lost them not like dead

  • Robert Laidley
    Robert Laidley Day ago

    This has been such an emotional video for me. When we think that we’ve had it bad in our lives; then to hear there song and to hear there stories is heartbreaking. Seriously I pray that they find closure and there love ones.

  • joackim viper
    joackim viper Day ago

    Where are they?? 🤔

  • Rebecca Donaldson

    There are many reasons why a person, especially a child, goes missing.
    There are mental health issues, misunderstandings, mishaps on holidays or trips, unspoken disagreements which lead to a person taking unilateral action, removing themselves from a family. Adults who decide to have nothing more to do with a parent or both their parents through misunderstandings has been given the name, "Estrangement." In this the child or adult makes a decision to remove themselves from the knowledge and love of their parents.
    When one parent, or another adult makes a decision, giving a child or children No Choice in cutting half their family out of their lives, this is called Parental Alienation. Most times, eventually as the child grows up they realise that their own experience of their always better Targeted Parent, and the lies they have been told about this parent are so opposite that they eventually re-unite with their lost parent. Having re-found their Targeted mentally healthier parent sometimes they reject their abusive parent. So they still lose a Parent. Reuniting is just the begining of a process for these damaged children.
    If you lose a child through an accident or disaster, it is traumatic. You grieve and while you will always love your lost child, and always hold on to your memories, the pain fades with the years.
    If you have no idea if your child is alive or dead, then you only have hope and that instinctive etherial connection we all have with out children wherever they are. You wake up every day greiving and hoping in waves which are as endless as those washing onto a beach.
    If you know your children are alive and heve been alienated from you out of the malice of another person, then you wake up every day with the grief as fresh as the day you last saw your children. The grief is never-fading and compounded by the knowledge that someone is deliberately harming your children, and turning them against half their family. It is Hell on Earth.
    So if you know someone who does not have a relationship with one of their parents, they need your help and support. You will recognise the effects of abuse by the grown-up child seeing one parent as All-Good and the other as All-Bad. This is known to psychologists as Splitting. As a coping mechanism is works, but when it becomes the child's upbringing it is long term psychological damage.

  • Nwodo Collins
    Nwodo Collins 2 days ago +2

    😢 😢 😢 😢 😢
    Dear Jesus Christ Pls help your people.

  • Tammie Cole
    Tammie Cole 2 days ago


  • Nwodo Collins
    Nwodo Collins 2 days ago +1

    Dear Jesus Christ Pls help your people..
    may the lost be found

  • Russell Montminy
    Russell Montminy 2 days ago

    It's nice they are looking for the missing children but what if the children now adults obviously don't want to come home...what then?

  • Richard Joe-Leonn
    Richard Joe-Leonn 2 days ago

    I'm 63 I have no children but I can't imagine what these people are suffering

  • Anita Kania
    Anita Kania 2 days ago

    ohhh wow...maybe they were early Raptured ... In only they know ? ....nobody know themselves ? if still alive..God knows Everything..may they be one day appear again :)

  • bikeboarder2
    bikeboarder2 2 days ago

    Heart breaking.

  • Ervin Victor
    Ervin Victor 3 days ago

    Kids either leave because of the parent abuse or they were told to.

  • overtcovert
    overtcovert 3 days ago

    Praying for you!

  • Pasmy Kannys
    Pasmy Kannys 3 days ago

    I love them and may god bless them all and look after them

  • Michael Blatzheim
    Michael Blatzheim 3 days ago

    I missed my father 15 years ago. in Holyday with my moher. I cant understand it

  • Normal Guy
    Normal Guy 3 days ago +1

    Better to know where someone is, even if they are dead....than to never know at all.

  • Lynda Kay Adkins
    Lynda Kay Adkins 3 days ago

    Beautiful..hope you find your loved one's!!

  • M P
    M P 3 days ago


  • Sabrina Reimers
    Sabrina Reimers 3 days ago

    Wunderbar 💖😢🕯️

  • focus699
    focus699 3 days ago

    I believe a lot of missing people are victims of organ snatching! This world has so many sick and twisted people! ….SMDH

  • Reycita Billie
    Reycita Billie 3 days ago

    My prayers with families that are missing people. Very emotional!

    I LOVE BELLA 3 days ago

    Im crying right now

  • greg bice
    greg bice 3 days ago

    Im trying to hold back my tears and Ive failed. You can see the sadness and the pain in each of their eyes. They are very strong because I cant even begin to imagine what they are going through.

  • Rika Ika
    Rika Ika 3 days ago


  • Jhakelinne Lindinalva


  • prianto ristiarso
    prianto ristiarso 3 days ago


  • Beverly Wood
    Beverly Wood 4 days ago


  • iyke nwosu
    iyke nwosu 4 days ago

    😪😪 I miss you 👋🏼

  • Tegan Bigone
    Tegan Bigone 4 days ago

    Many years ago I came up with an idea that I wish everyone would do. Having I.D. (i.e. driver's license) on you isn't enough, and no one in their right mind wants a microchip implanted in their body so they can be tracked 24/7 (can anyone say "mark of the beast"?). You should have an emergency card ATTACHED TO YOUR ID so that it is with you at all times if you (or your body) should be found or if you are in medical distress. Create an emergency card using WORD and make sure it is a hair smaller than your Photo ID/Drivers License card. I will tell you what info to put on this card below. Use printer usable card stock - not flimsy printer paper - to print it on. After you've printed and cut out your card, use clear packing tape (not Scotch tape!) to laminate it - be careful it is properly aligned, that it is totally covered and that there are no air bubbles. Then place it face-up (words facing you) over the top of you I.D./Driver's License, making sure that the photo ID card is turned with the magnetic strip on at the bottom. Using another piece of clear packing tape to attach the two cards. you should be able to easily flip the Emergency Card up to see the Photo ID. Make sure everything is clean with all sticky tape cut away. Make sure it is not in any way larger than your Photo ID card or it will not fit in your wallet pockets. If your Photo ID has rounded corners, cut your Emergency Card to match. You will get many compliments for your card, especially when you show your ID at the Doctor's office (I get complimented by medical personnel for it all the time). When unfolded your card will fit thru any medical or government or banking or police facility scanner/printer (though you may have to tell them that) - you will not need to peel the emergency card off for anyone. Now, here's what to put on your card - follow this precisely! Using only Calibri or Arial font, and adjusting the font size so that the text fits on each line, write the following and underline every line: Line 1) EMERGENCY INFO: YOUR NAME. Line 2) Allergies: [put all of your allergies, use two lines if needed, adjust font size to fit]. Line 3) Prescriptions: [list every prescription you take, with mg if there is enough space]. Line 4) Blood Type: [put your type here... if you don't now, call your doctor's office, it's in your file]. Line 5) EMERGENCY CONTACTS: (write nothing else but that). On Lines 6/7/8) give THREE emergency contacts, one on each line, in specific order of contact importance; you do not need to say how they are related to you, order of importance is enough. If you have a living will or someone has power of attorney for you, use those people, or use your spouse, a parent or child that you want contacted first, or best friend, even an employer - anyone who can identify you and speak for you and is able to notify your loved ones. Write it this way... on Line 6) CALL 1st: NAME & PHONE NUMBER, Line 7) CALL 2nd: NAME & PHONE NUMBER, Line 8) CALL 3rd: NAME & PHONE NUMBER. On lines ( & 10 you can put the name and contact info of your doctor and any medical specialists (for example, if you have cancer, include your main physician and your oncologist). Lastly, at the very bottom, if you so choose and if there is room, you can/should put in all capital letters "NOTIFY A PROTESTANT MINISTER/CATHOLIC PRIEST/JEWISH RABBI/ MUSLIM CLERIC/etc.. or even the name and number of your clergyman or woman, being sure to include their religious title. Or you can write it, for example, like this: NOTIFY REV. JOHN DOE (000) 000-0000 OR A PROTESTANT MINISTER.

  • Tegan Bigone
    Tegan Bigone 4 days ago

    That knocked the breath out of me. May God who sees into ever hidden and dark place bring these precious people home. And to the ruthless, heartless, soulless monsters unfit for Human Society who "disliked" this video and are the ones who are already lost and should be missing, may God give you a heart and jumpstart your cold dead soul.

  • Narve H. Karlsen
    Narve H. Karlsen 4 days ago


  • henry lee
    henry lee 4 days ago

    Adrian, I missed you sooooo much


    Non parlo inglese ma ho colto il senso della rappresentazione GRANDI.

  • Andri Martinius
    Andri Martinius 4 days ago

    For all of you , i hope your family will be back and return..

  • Rosa MARIA Theilsgaard


  • Cynthia Rodriguez
    Cynthia Rodriguez 4 days ago


  • Bianca Rogos
    Bianca Rogos 5 days ago

    So traurig..........................ich weiß nicht was ich sagen soll. Sind diese geliebten Menschen wieder da durch diese Show ? Ich weiß, blöde Frage, aber .............................

  • Intentional Spirit
    Intentional Spirit 5 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful as they spoke of their loss. God bless them all.💞

  • Clarry Moffitt
    Clarry Moffitt 5 days ago

    Everyone has lost close ones but most of us know what happened. They may have died too young or have gone away for a reason but at least we know. I struggle everyday with my losses but at least I know where they are and why.
    I am not coping with my losses even though I know - how do you cope and manage if you don't know where they are or why ............. I hope that all these strong people find a peace.

  • Scott
    Scott 5 days ago

    Sometimes it isn't your child, but a parent. I hope to see my dad again.GOD BLESS my dad. I won't get to see or hear his voice or hug you again. So until then dad...

  • Gê santana
    Gê santana 5 days ago

    Triste e belíssimo ao mesmo tempo!!!

  • Alexandria Craddock
    Alexandria Craddock 5 days ago

    I have watched this several times since it has been posted. I personally would like to know if anyone of the missing people have been found or have been heard from. This is a very sad thing to have happened to anyone and their family. This makes me think of all the family members I have. It makes me think "what would happen if they went missing?" If a single person went missing, no matter what you think of them or how they think of you, they are still sourly missed. Even if they only moved away or if they went missing, they are still greatly missed.

  • Ahki Hiro
    Ahki Hiro 5 days ago

    LORD help your children to find there love ones. I know you have plan. We lift up all to you. AMEN

  • Stephanie F. Chase
    Stephanie F. Chase 5 days ago

    I just cried my eyes heart aches for those who have gone and those who have been left behind.

  • Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey

    Well done that was so sad but lovely

  • Ellen Zittinger
    Ellen Zittinger 5 days ago

    I wonder if anyone has been found and reconciled because of this!

  • last samurai
    last samurai 6 days ago

    I wish the Lebanese who missed their loved ones do something similar

  • Jon Carlo Segura
    Jon Carlo Segura 6 days ago

    There's a lump on my throat after watching this. I hope you guys find your missing families. Prayers and all.

  • Rafael Cadenza
    Rafael Cadenza 6 days ago

    What the name of the song?

  • oxoaureliaoxo
    oxoaureliaoxo 6 days ago

    I wonder if any of the missing were found as a result of this appearance. I hope so.

  • Renee Bellemare
    Renee Bellemare 6 days ago

    God Bless You!

  • Jodi Arroyo
    Jodi Arroyo 6 days ago

    This is so gorgeous and sad, but it happens so often that it is scary. Especially if you look at our statistics of how many people go missing every year. It is mind blowing not sure but the last time I checked it was approximately over 200,000 people go missing and one murder about every 36 minutes occurs in a day. I feel bad for my step father he was diagnosed 10 years ago with terminal cancer and just wants to see his older brother one more time before the end. He has been missing since about 1968 he said after running away one night. My step father is almost 63 years old.

  • Treasure Jensen
    Treasure Jensen 6 days ago

    God bless you all and my hopes and prayers are with you all. May the Lord bless you all and keep you

  • Gavin Thomas
    Gavin Thomas 6 days ago

    heartwarming to say the least. always hope . for those who have thumbs down to this your a disgrace to the human race

  • J. A.
    J. A. 6 days ago

    I started crying BEFORE They started singing! 😭🎤🎵 I pray to God that They get some sort of closure.🙏✝

  • Danielle Scally
    Danielle Scally 6 days ago

    Omg that bring me to tears... And I'm so sorry for the pupils in the chior I hope u find ur children best of luck 🤞

  • Nyasha Chibanda
    Nyasha Chibanda 6 days ago

    They sang very well, the words in the song are so touching, their voices are so clear, just missing your loved one is very hard l hope they will meet them again, I'm all in tears, so immortional

  • Susan Franklin
    Susan Franklin 6 days ago

    Still relevant. God bless you all. Not knowing where a loved one is even for a few minutes...hurts so much. I can only imagine your pain. God bless you and I pray that your loved one is safe. Peace and blessings to you. Thank you for your courage to share. You are all phenomenal.

  • Nguyễn Min
    Nguyễn Min 7 days ago

    Cảm ơn Chúa

  • Francisca Rocha
    Francisca Rocha 7 days ago

    It made me cry

  • Adam Hartz
    Adam Hartz 7 days ago

    I just watched this video again for the first time in awhile... Recently had a family friend go missing... It gives me a glimmer of hope when the outlook is bleak.

  • Brian Greemup
    Brian Greemup 7 days ago

    Sorry Boring

  • Dune Moon
    Dune Moon 7 days ago

  • Michael Charway
    Michael Charway 7 days ago

    I wept like a child. The question is, how can people dislike this.?


    *My baby dog was missing for a couple of hours and I found him dead in the garden and after it I was literally crying for atleast 4 to 5 hours*

  • Charlotte Hammond
    Charlotte Hammond 7 days ago

    Prayers for all those with missing relatives, everywhere.

  • Meister Lampe
    Meister Lampe 7 days ago

    Warum gebt ihr einen Daumen nach unten?
    Habt ihr ein Herz aus Stein?

  • Maribel Rosa Condori Vargas

    I MISS YOU my lovely girl... Ellos extrañan a sus hijos, tanto como yo te extraño mi pequeñita... Te amo Aereen Luisa

  • Str8int
    Str8int 8 days ago

    Dear God!!

  • Mike Walrus
    Mike Walrus 8 days ago

    Too much sadness

  • trishkenzys m
    trishkenzys m 8 days ago

    The best

  • xx tak d per xx
    xx tak d per xx 8 days ago

    What??!!!! Leaving their homes their families!!!! Like why!!

  • sherp2u1
    sherp2u1 8 days ago

    I feel for them , they are very sweet people, but I have a few family members, I wish would go missing to be honest!

  • Mark Cook
    Mark Cook 8 days ago

    I would not of been able to sing with them if someone I knew, and loved went missing,I would not be able to stop crying.I cried on my wedding day! my wife didn't.

  • Fancy Face
    Fancy Face 8 days ago +1

    I cried through this rendition. The worst pain a parent can ever feel, is the loss of a child. No parent deserves it. I wish you happiness and pray that you either find your loved ones or, at least, have a closure. God bless you all.

  • 11 11
    11 11 8 days ago

    yes god is here

  • 11 11
    11 11 8 days ago

    human trafficking

  • Афон Слепцовский

    they gonna sing Blink 182 - 'I miss you'

  • Ava Brennan
    Ava Brennan 9 days ago

    Dear God , please help these wonderful people to find their loved ones. Let them return home safe . We ask you this through Christ our Lord Amen 🙏🏻

  • Canles Suchiang
    Canles Suchiang 9 days ago

    Why are they missing? I'm curious to know

  • Emma Clermont
    Emma Clermont 9 days ago

    That was so sweet

  • Purple iris lady
    Purple iris lady 9 days ago

    May God be with all of them. Such a great group of people who are trying to go on with some their lives in such a lovely way.....

  • Richard Millette
    Richard Millette 10 days ago


  • Mario Nava
    Mario Nava 10 days ago

    If a son or daughter is back.. Always is welcome.. But if dont.. THEY ARE SURELY WITH GOD..

  • Mary Bruun
    Mary Bruun 10 days ago

    It’s wonderful that they have each other but I’ll bet they’d rather not be in the choir, I think, they’d rather have their loved ones

  • Sharon Bryce
    Sharon Bryce 10 days ago

    This is abslutely beautiful and I believe in my heart everyone all over the world should listen to this wonderful sng with so much feelings and emotions

  • Cath K
    Cath K 10 days ago

    How could anyone give this a thumbs down

  • Madeleine Granger
    Madeleine Granger 10 days ago +1

    Constant goosebumps

  • Annabelle Dorado
    Annabelle Dorado 11 days ago

    I can't believe 2.1k people disliked this video, I just don't understand

  • Manoel J
    Manoel J 11 days ago

    resultado da politica maldita de israel sionista dentro de nossa naçoes cristana toda nossa desgraça vem de judeus israelitas com suas malditar maçonarias e sua politica de destruiçao das naçoes cristans deuteronomio; 7.2; assim diz o senhor teu deus de israel destruiras as naçoes que teu deus te entregar em tuas maos as familias estao todas aruinadas pela politicas deles dentro de nossas naçoes nao foi de graça que tiveram problemas com jesus e hitler. veja videos censurados pela onu judia de canal esencia ns menuda judiada.

  • Cailin
    Cailin 11 days ago

    What am awful burden to carry, God bless them.❤

  • Kirsten Keck
    Kirsten Keck 11 days ago +3

    Pray time. Dear Lord please find these missing people