The Missing People Choir Bring Crowd to Tears!| Auditions 1 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017


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  • Lee Davies
    Lee Davies 14 hours ago

    the 2.5k who dislike this have no heart

  • Henri Trafton
    Henri Trafton 14 hours ago


  • Josh Kermond
    Josh Kermond 16 hours ago

    2.5 dislikes.. They have no soul..

  • Anullu22
    Anullu22 18 hours ago

    Videos like this make me sick, it shows how rotten our western world is.

  • Hannah Lankman
    Hannah Lankman Day ago +1

    Thit let me think about al the fights my brother and dad has got on on 1 day my brother says to me “tomorrow I gonna go run away” I try to stop him and tel it to us parents and ya on that moment my I always cry in my bed and we were talked to are parents and on that moment was my brother so happy but I was broken I was staying home from school I was soo scared that my brother was going run away when I was at school that was 3 years I was 2 not going to school, I was so stupid

  • G Thomas
    G Thomas Day ago

    I am so sorry of what you all are going through May God keep them safe and may they all be found
    I finally found my stepsister
    Unfortunately I found her to late
    She passed in 2015
    No one in my family would tell me anything who she was when I found pictures of her with my dad holding her
    RIP Karen

  • Carolynne Charnock

    And then I see 2.5 k people disliking these people.
    The pain they go through, every day, must be heartbreaking.
    If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

  • 02Nawal
    02Nawal Day ago

    Absolutely sad and horrible to have a missing love one. I wonder what happens to these people.

  • Steffi Channel Fitness

    they are amazing

  • Unicorn_ezzy Xxx
    Unicorn_ezzy Xxx 2 days ago

    Man... why can’t life be nice to us instead of having horrible ppl in our life deiseases or depression or anxiety so we can live a happy healthy safe life but no... life’s much different 🙏 I hope there all in a safe place🙏

  • Ela A
    Ela A 2 days ago

    The people who disliked this vid poo to you

  • ndh_nzr Rin
    ndh_nzr Rin 2 days ago

    Right from the beginning i can feel it, before they even started .. well im in the bus now so yeah.. and im crying and has runny nose

    HILARY CHETUYA 2 days ago

    I sweating in my eye again

  • Dani Rupe
    Dani Rupe 2 days ago

    As soon as he spoke of his son missing the tear started because I can't imagine never knowing. I know the pain to having a missing child but I don't know the pain of living with the not knowing. My youngest son went missing when he was 4 years old for 6 months but I was very fortunate to have found him. I remember that helpless feeling and pain but to keep going on without would him wouldn't have been an option because I wouldn't be here. I'm so sorry all of them have to endure this kind of pain. Prayers

    JULIANA ALBERTINA 2 days ago


  • Chainsmoking David
    Chainsmoking David 3 days ago

    This makes me think twice to leave home

  • sydney goldstein
    sydney goldstein 3 days ago

    So beautiful.
    So powerful.
    So inspiring.
    So hopeful.

  • K Null
    K Null 4 days ago

    This is literally so sad. I can’t even imagine having anyone I know go missing, let alone someone so close. I can’t stop 😭

  • OceanCubing
    OceanCubing 5 days ago

    I can't imagine living without someone I love, my keyboard is soaking wet in my tears

  • Sharon Allison
    Sharon Allison 5 days ago


  • Just Bill
    Just Bill 5 days ago

    I have never seen so many broken hearts together and each pulse of their hearts cried out "Hope."
    Why does humanity produce the thuggish monsters that harm children?
    Somehow we must punish these criminals as Longshanks or Edward 1, might have. No prisons, No Rehabilitation, No probation, but Death. People complain about the US having capital punishment, but a death under Edward 1, would stop this scourge on society.

  • Marina Di Julio
    Marina Di Julio 6 days ago


  • Esme Smolynec
    Esme Smolynec 6 days ago

    They are so strong! I hope they all find who their looking for

  • DE K
    DE K 7 days ago

    My brother went missing in September of 1996 when he was 47. Police were pretty sure he was murdered but we never found his body. I still consider him missing. Although our family was not that close, he was and is, my brother and I miss his antics. My heart and prayers go out to all the families missing adult children regardless of circumstances. Thank you for your music and this song. Keep up the good fight.

  • Dusia Sulikowska
    Dusia Sulikowska 7 days ago

    When i was in a primary school my English teacher told me about her friend's terrible loss. She has been having a party with friends. One guy left partt earlier. He got missing. They found him in a forrest with missing organs. It had place a week before her wedding.
    I hope at least some of those people will get their loved ones back.

  • barbie girl 23
    barbie girl 23 7 days ago

    i was crying all through this video
    thank you for sharing this with us :)

  • Ayla Gacha
    Ayla Gacha 7 days ago

    I feel so much hatred towards all the dislikes like imagine creating something, either going through surgery or pushing something out as big as a baby and then losing it.

  • Ester Skopova
    Ester Skopova 8 days ago

    Omg this made me cry so much x

  • Rohan Mishra
    Rohan Mishra 8 days ago

    They get older while waiting for their loved ones....
    Request to all kids , teenagers, adult... please don't leave your parents alone...
    There is always someone waiting for you at home..... Don't get angry when they are scolding you...
    Message me anytime but don't get depressed or feel alone....

  • Vince T
    Vince T 8 days ago

    Tell your Children you love them every day. God is love

  • Dinolundy
    Dinolundy 9 days ago +1

    God save you and be with and I hope you fined you family. Lord be With you. 😖😿💞

  • M w s Matthew wrestling show Matthew

    They should’ve gotten the golden buzzerd

    TAD JACKSON 10 days ago

    Extrasensorial peopleare able to detect by photo if missing person is alive,,just try this,get in touch with me,thanks,love u...

    TAD JACKSON 10 days ago

    Sad but beautiful,,God bless u all

  • adriancarabajal
    adriancarabajal 10 days ago

    Let me tell you, you hit my

  • Em W
    Em W 10 days ago

    Should have had the golden buzzer for that performance. So emotional and pray they get answers and peace!

  • Francesca Crane
    Francesca Crane 10 days ago

    my son has been missing since he was 6 and a half, he would be 25 now, so I know where they are coming from, he was taken from the back yard of the babysitters while I was at work

  • Eric Mutembei
    Eric Mutembei 10 days ago +2

    2.5k kidnappers watched this and disliked the video

  • Charity Moua
    Charity Moua 11 days ago

    if I was there!! I would be ballingggggg!!!

  • Charity Moua
    Charity Moua 11 days ago


  • Gabriel Haick
    Gabriel Haick 12 days ago

    may God bless you and I hope that you all are able to get your love ones back

  • Cha Siu Bao
    Cha Siu Bao 12 days ago

    This shit really breaks me... :(

  • Doug Voss
    Doug Voss 13 days ago


  • Daniel Freij
    Daniel Freij 13 days ago


  • Pamara Benton
    Pamara Benton 13 days ago

    I hope and pray that they all find their family members. I'm glad they have each other for support.

  • Vasilis Kardasis
    Vasilis Kardasis 14 days ago

    My sister went missing during the war.
    I was born after her disappearance, and grew up knowing I had a missing sister.
    I needed to know why and where...? ...and after 51 years, I found my missing sister and met her for the first time....!!
    The first thing she said to me was ‘ do you know how many days I’ve waited to meet you, my brother ? 18,615 days... 51 years ...
    I am a lucky one.
    I raise my hat to you all for sharing your pain and loss and pray your loved one returns some day.

  • Ehwa Jensen
    Ehwa Jensen 14 days ago

    Lord will be with you guys...

  • MyPoetik
    MyPoetik 14 days ago

    I canot finish it eyes are full of tears

  • LilReg
    LilReg 15 days ago

    Sounds like when you’re at the church

  • Brody Davis
    Brody Davis 15 days ago

    they should of got the golden buzzer

  • Gert Hess
    Gert Hess 17 days ago

    so sad ✔ so good

  • Sam Vincent
    Sam Vincent 18 days ago

    oh these people dead dead

  • tasibho
    tasibho 18 days ago

    When suddenly you take stock and realise how your problems pale in comparison and count your blessings.

  • Vishnuraj Venugopal
    Vishnuraj Venugopal 18 days ago

    f*** you all who disliked this video 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Jenny Mayhew
    Jenny Mayhew 18 days ago


  • tali san
    tali san 20 days ago

    Jag förstår lidande till dem människor som försurad sina närmast
    men ni måste tänka att deras regeringen har vårt ut i världen som har dödat
    100 miljoner människor runt i världen.
    Dem har också nåt att säga.

  • Butterfly 9
    Butterfly 9 21 day ago

    Those that dislike this video, Karma does come around!

  • Felicity P
    Felicity P 21 day ago +1

    Oh my god I broke down in tears 😭when i heard that they had missing love ones 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1 like = that there loved ones will return

  • Geon MZ Ahsan
    Geon MZ Ahsan 21 day ago

    Brilliant concept of uplifting. God bless

  • Selene L. T.
    Selene L. T. 21 day ago

    I'm crying this hit the feels

  • China Gypsy Rose
    China Gypsy Rose 21 day ago

    I never knew about this sad situation until I saw it right now...Hopefully, someone will come forth and say they found one of their missing children. Thank you for announcing it.

  • Hector Herrera
    Hector Herrera 22 days ago

    Those people who gave a thumbs down are heartless sad people. Hope they never have to go through this.

  • Susan Phillips
    Susan Phillips 22 days ago

    The Missing Choir....Heart Feld...Love your mission..

  • roxana dybiec
    roxana dybiec 22 days ago


  • Peter Brodie
    Peter Brodie 22 days ago

    Talk of suicides here. It's now the #1 cause of death in something like 7-42 year-olds in the UK. Why? They feel unwanted and unheard. Let's value people while they're still around instead of waiting for them to go missing!

  • Nadia Verbeeck
    Nadia Verbeeck 24 days ago

    Oh boy .... I am so touched, respect for those people ! ... I can't even begin to imagine ... Bless all of them ...

  • QueOnda 123
    QueOnda 123 24 days ago


  • A
    A 24 days ago

    Some kids go missing by choice because the atmosphere ate home is one of mental abuse.

  • Maria Moore
    Maria Moore 24 days ago

    To anyone that has loved ones missing. Please, tell of any website that is dedicated to help finding your loved ones. You never know when someone that is reading your comments may have seen your loved ones.

  • Maria Moore
    Maria Moore 24 days ago

    I had to pause this vid for a moment. Idk if I am going to be able to listen to the rest of their story or the song. The moment he started talking about his son disappearing at 15 and would now be 41, got me. My own mom disappeared in 2010, but we got closure, as her body was found almost a year later. I can't, and don't want to think about, if we never found out where she was. My heart goes out to the Missing Persons Choir and everyone around the world who has lost someone they love.

    • Maria Moore
      Maria Moore 24 days ago

      I was teary-eyed, but as the names and pics appeared on the wall behind them, the tears started flowing again, but I couldn't look away or stop listening. The guy that appeared on the wall last disappeared 2 moths after I married my ex husband.

  • Mengay Gabelo
    Mengay Gabelo 24 days ago

    im crying watching this😭

  • Puja Penmetsa
    Puja Penmetsa 25 days ago

    How could you even dislike this

  • Andrew Drabble
    Andrew Drabble 25 days ago

    That was beautiful

  • Martus
    Martus 26 days ago

    Can't stop crying , bless them

  • Jeremy Ladébauche
    Jeremy Ladébauche 27 days ago

    This just rips my heart into pieces I can’t even fathom if this would happen to my family

  • Moosedraw
    Moosedraw 27 days ago

    This is something that deserves a gold buzzer...

  • kimchi
    kimchi 27 days ago

    I got the chills

  • Dani Pkp
    Dani Pkp 28 days ago

    Tua2 keladi,,krennn

  • Naomi
    Naomi 28 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful, I know their pain. My daughters have been missing since 2010.

    • Anna Hutton
      Anna Hutton 11 days ago

      Naomi I hope u find them, or at least get some information- that’s such a long time it must be awful 💕

  • Tigress powerful
    Tigress powerful 28 days ago

    Y'all crying? I was wailing and weeping. I hope they found their relatives.sending love to them

  • Nicole Ann
    Nicole Ann Month ago

    Seeing all these faces made me cry.

  • BeforeICroak T
    BeforeICroak T Month ago

    should have just hit that golden buzzer for their spirits

  • Cristian Frez
    Cristian Frez Month ago

    This are the real important things in life, our beloved, our legacy & even our friends & neighbors... as humans if we don't apreciate this things, we're nothing. Blessings & love you all good ppl

  • Silver Addie Fun Pack

    I feel so bad for everyone. I mean... no one should have to go through that.

  • aria khadafie
    aria khadafie Month ago

    Oh God, i try to hold my tear , because i'm a men. But ..sorry. 😢😢 After i watched this video i can't hold it. Keep be strong for all of you . God bless you all

  • nymphsfield2
    nymphsfield2 Month ago

    Oh my😥

  • Rainbow Girl
    Rainbow Girl Month ago

    When he said that his son had been missing since 1988 I wanted to run up and give him a hug they are so strong may god bless them and I pray they will find there loved ones soon and that they are alive and happy 😭😭😭😭💖💖

  • Rainbow Girl
    Rainbow Girl Month ago

    Am I the only one wondering if anyone watching this was one of the missing people imaging how they would feel or if they would be like “omg that’s me”

  • Andrea Gonzalez
    Andrea Gonzalez Month ago


  • Ella Susa
    Ella Susa Month ago

    Dear God please help these families to be reunited with their love ones one way or the other they must be together even in dreams

  • Johnny Lee
    Johnny Lee Month ago

    For my friend,Odell Vest,missing since 1991,we love you n miss you,

  • :Berna: :Dawg:
    :Berna: :Dawg: Month ago

    I pray at least one of them found their people

  • Henry ow
    Henry ow Month ago

    This made me teary...they are brave.

  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar Month ago

    It is really hard to live without someone . Who is part of your life and u don't know where they are alive or dead.

  • Donny Guild
    Donny Guild Month ago

    It take a special person to do what there doing. I pray for you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🕯

  • Rob Tro
    Rob Tro Month ago

    A goof friend adopted a young girl (an orphan from Europe) brought her to Ontario, Canada and raised her with love. When the girl turned eighteen, she up and left with no word of goodbye or an explanation. Our friend said that she's living somewhere in Germany. Her heart is still broken. Our friend has heard nothing from her. How cruel.

  • GlobalStrikeForce
    GlobalStrikeForce Month ago +74

    I tear up every time when i watch this... Looking at half of the people in that choir being elders, seeing the pain in each and every pair of eyes. We all know that some of them might never have the chance to see their loved ones again, and will never know why. And you can tell, that they are fully aware of their time running out on them. I can't imagine the pain they feel. This deserves so much more recognition, and i honestly hope for every single one of them, that they someday, somehow find their loved ones and get all the answers they deserve. I need to find out how and where to donate to support this.

    • GlobalStrikeForce
      GlobalStrikeForce 23 days ago

      +Isabel Flood its not meant that way though, thanks anyways :)

    • Isabel Flood
      Isabel Flood 23 days ago +1

      GlobalStrikeForce do you know that the expression “crack up” means laugh?

  • Thembeka TT
    Thembeka TT Month ago

    Am south Africa girl 31 years nw uncle missing 30years ago😂😂😅 I wish one day see m uncle so sad to see m grandmother praying and missing uncle...

    DEBORA BARROZO Month ago


  • Agustinus Vergio
    Agustinus Vergio Month ago

    2.4K DISLIKES ?