Rich House Poor House S02E04 HD

  • Published on Dec 12, 2017
  • Rich House Poor House Season 2 Episode 4 S02E04

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  • Alaina’s Wrld
    Alaina’s Wrld 11 hours ago

    I thought the people who were on the poorest part were the richer ones.. in the Us it would be that way..

  • Cristina Balangan
    Cristina Balangan 12 hours ago

    Poor in UK still better life.

  • GMS Gaming 25
    GMS Gaming 25 21 hour ago

    Safer than the USA

  • GMS Gaming 25
    GMS Gaming 25 22 hours ago

    Mad props for the ricb dad

  • Patrick Manjares

    I keep hearing sims 3 music wtf? Is this legal? :3

  • Hassie FC
    Hassie FC Day ago

    What is the Instagram of Zain and Angela?

  • ll4_4ll F4ony
    ll4_4ll F4ony Day ago


  • Jeremiah Hunter
    Jeremiah Hunter Day ago

    I'm American and I absolutely adore the British accents.

  • M&m's Milky Universe

    I love how she bought ALL of her children presents

  • La_ Rey
    La_ Rey Day ago

    Both families are beautiful 💗

  • Sarah Beackley
    Sarah Beackley Day ago

    when you only spend about $120 a week on groceries, anyway....sometimes less

  • Christian Saliba


  • Vasiliki Tzalachani
    Vasiliki Tzalachani 2 days ago

    I can relate to the poor percent. My mum came from a middle/rich class type of family while my dad was middle/poor class. When I was little we had monthly 1200€ while when I was 12 we ended up mum filling up our fridge with water bottles to trick me and my sister so we wouldn't understand that in the middle of the week we were out of money because we had my mum's medical pills, school fees, my sister was in the hospital with pneumonia and for years later we had to rent a breathing machine for her. Now, my dad is retired and it's worse...they managed to put me in college because my mum's mum left money in her will for that but I worry for my sister's future. I'm given 50€ every week to use it for groceries, my meds (I have two autoimmune diseases called Osteoarthritis Chondropathy and Hashimoto Thyroiditis and i need iron and Vitamin D supplements) and in general my immune system is compromised most of the year so I need meds and school supplies. Thank god this year I have managed to keep 50€ for two weeks and I'm looking for a job. As for clothes shopping and shopping in general I never do it, I will only if my clothes can't be salvaged or I can't borrow anything from my mum, my aunt or my late grandma's clothes which is impossible not to find something. Last time I bought two leggings last year for 5€, new shoes that help my knees which was my graduation present from my godmother and i still wear them, they are amazing and a coat because i gave mine to my sister because she needed it more than I did since where she goes to school is far colder than mine. As for shoes I share all my shoes and socks with my mum, dad and sister since we were similar size while i give my old or smaller shoes to my aunt or my cousins who are little. I happen to have my grandma's umbrella which was a present her parents bought her when she graduated the Academy in 1956 and she was leaving for Holland and i share that umbrella with my aunt and sister. So you get the I wear a lot of my dad's clothes, he gave me his military bag to have as a suitcase since I don't have an suitcase and a bunch of his shirts he used to wear when he was my age. I also have a lot of cardigans my great grandmas knitted for her 9 kids or 4 kids (both my maternal and paternal sides were raised very poor but rose as adults in the workplace, some stayed up others fallen).

  • Nun
    Nun 2 days ago

    their syrian!! damn im proud

  • Kitty Justiniano
    Kitty Justiniano 2 days ago +1

    I think this is the best show I've ever seen. What a perfect choice of families to feature.

  • I_Am_Evan
    I_Am_Evan 2 days ago +1

    This is sad. Making me so emotional.

  • Ka boom Pyro
    Ka boom Pyro 2 days ago

    My mom used to work in education teachers don’t get payed enough the poor mom reminds me of her especially how the poor mom doesn’t spoil herself and she spoilers me
    Edit : I cried when she gave her oldest the watch

  • Julie Ann Erta
    Julie Ann Erta 2 days ago

    when poor mother says "my Familly is absolutely my wealth" 😍😍😍
    God bless 😍

  • Olivia Ruffolo
    Olivia Ruffolo 2 days ago

    Rich woman: there is no privacy there’s people looking down on us
    Me: yes bitch because the people in the apartments have nothing better to do but look at you and only you

  • Sophicx
    Sophicx 2 days ago

    I liked the humbleness of the rich family!

  • Sophicx
    Sophicx 2 days ago

    When you live in California, you literally HAVE to make as much money as the rich family.

  • SouthParkMordy
    SouthParkMordy 3 days ago +1

    Where I live, the lower 10% family is like middle class

  • clairedoezItAll
    clairedoezItAll 3 days ago +2

    It’s really hard for my family because I have a condition which requires a lot of treatment and my older brother is spoiled and my mom is the only one making money (my dad DOSENT live with us) I honestly don’t know how much longer we can last

  • MAZI Sierra
    MAZI Sierra 3 days ago

    They really just playing sims music in the background 🤣

  • MrMeeks09
    MrMeeks09 3 days ago

    This show is just so wholesome. Both families are just absolutely lovely.

  • Savage rice
    Savage rice 3 days ago

    70%rich 50% poor

  • Shion Loves Cats
    Shion Loves Cats 3 days ago

    40:29 She looks like she is older than 12 and still behaves like that? My mother would kill me..

  • Rose_Z
    Rose_Z 3 days ago +1

    The rich dad seems so wise..So does the rich mom

  • Musu
    Musu 3 days ago

    When they moaning about only having one toilet and you have the hole in the garden

  • JamesTavRule
    JamesTavRule 3 days ago +1

    39:10 Sims 3 music ayy!!

  • JamesTavRule
    JamesTavRule 3 days ago +1

    The rich family being Syrian immigrants and the poor family being native British citizens.

  • BoopThatSnoot2005
    BoopThatSnoot2005 3 days ago

    Even though I'm on the richer side of the percents, I'd rather hang out with the poorer family than the other!

  • Katie Kendall
    Katie Kendall 4 days ago

    when the girl in the poor family has a better phone than you...

  • Sassy Gal
    Sassy Gal 4 days ago

    You can tell that this experience will truly educate and change BOTH of the families! They both seem so precious! YES they each need a spin off show

  • Sassy Gal
    Sassy Gal 4 days ago

    30:51 OMGoodness tears!

  • Alice
    Alice 4 days ago

    I love how the rich kids aren’t like “omg I can’t believe this I can literally not survive”

  • Man I love the new Neektendo

    In Australia where I live it’s usually the smaller towns and houses that are safer... the police station , fire station and hospital are all in walking distance

  • someshet. dark
    someshet. dark 4 days ago

    24:24 hmm... look at his sweats. What do you see?

  • Nicks 92 videos
    Nicks 92 videos 5 days ago

    Hahaha even the so called wealthy house in the UK is a garbage looking lifestyle compared to the United States wealthy people and their wealthy Children.

  • Haggard Garage
    Haggard Garage 5 days ago +1

    damn..the poor family's budget a week is more than my mom's two week budget :/

  • Max Schmidt
    Max Schmidt 5 days ago +2

    I like both families

  • Emily Siders
    Emily Siders 5 days ago

    If they've lived in Britain for so long how come they still have a Syrian accent?

  • Melissa SuKasa
    Melissa SuKasa 5 days ago

    He was so hungry he slipped and said ´´ we´´ll eat mummy ´´ hahaha

  • G C
    G C 5 days ago

    I cried when she gave her son the watch for graduating University. He's worked so hard and the mom as well. Then she felt bad that she couldn't get him anything for his graduation mAh heart

  • ThePinkMyth
    ThePinkMyth 6 days ago +1

    I can relate so much to the moms....I went from being financially comfortable middle class to struggling when my husband was diagnosed with cancer at age 33. That is one advantage UK poor has over US poor: medical bills can be catastrophic in the US, while UK has NHS. I have a Master’s Degree but as a teacher I do not make that much and it has been a challenge.

  • Marco Candela
    Marco Candela 6 days ago

    I like that the atmosphere of this show is so real and not sensational, like it would be if it was an american production.
    It´s a nice social experiment. You can see that the poor family is slighlty overweight, like data tell us. Usually the families with a low budget eat worse cause they can´t afford healthy food.

  • Geneva Ulmer
    Geneva Ulmer 6 days ago

    Anybody else notice the Sims song during horseback riding?

  • ally ally
    ally ally 6 days ago

    if I ever have kids I'll always put them first, if they're good I'm good their happiness is mine.

  • Brian Westmoreland
    Brian Westmoreland 7 days ago

    Im glad to see the kids realized how lucky they have it.

  • Serene Brooks
    Serene Brooks 7 days ago +1

    Am i the only one who noticed the Sims game music during the horseback riding? 😂

  • Wigfall Family Lazy Fun Days

    This was a very touching experience to watch. I subscribed for more stories. Well done!

  • PapaPunCakes
    PapaPunCakes 7 days ago

    Buys watch, sells it at home. profit

  • HAO
    HAO 7 days ago

    What is with the sims 3 music in this episode? 💀😭

  • HAO
    HAO 7 days ago

    19:47 so no one heard the sims 3 music 💀😂

  • Makoto William
    Makoto William 7 days ago

    Anime posters

  • Brandy K
    Brandy K 8 days ago

    Someone needs to teach her that money isn't everything, seems like the oldest daughter of the rich girl takes things for granted that their parents provide for them.

  • Elaine Cocaine
    Elaine Cocaine 8 days ago

    they played sims music when the kids were shopping 😂

  • Elle Eff
    Elle Eff 8 days ago

    Could we even do this in the US? We def couldn’t be this humble and enlightened. Love these two families so much!

  • Kila Jenn
    Kila Jenn 8 days ago

    They doing better than me

  • Ceanna Huffman
    Ceanna Huffman 8 days ago

    i feel so sad for that family bc i can get way more things than they do.

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White 8 days ago

    They have a fucking island 😱😱😱

  • yutuberboy
    yutuberboy 9 days ago


  • Fortnite Daily
    Fortnite Daily 9 days ago

    The rich people can ask my dad to do there roof

  • The life of Layla
    The life of Layla 9 days ago

    9:14 she said”this is the size of our island”SO RUDE

  • U Diddet
    U Diddet 9 days ago

    i notice the randomest things. one of the guys at 24:23 had a boner and his friend told him so he turned around cuz the camera was recording lmao

  • zachjohnunlimited
    zachjohnunlimited 9 days ago +1

    Rip Toys R US😥

  • Greselda Escareno
    Greselda Escareno 9 days ago

    I feel so bad for the top 10% poorest... I have. A pretty big expensive house and everything I need(not bragging)

  • Jungshook
    Jungshook 10 days ago +1

    Can somebody tell me why the rich girls look like Baby Ariel im hella confuse somebody save me right now.

  • Chloe Oakes
    Chloe Oakes 10 days ago

    Haha that’s one thing I’m so happy for. My house had 4 bathrooms and 4 bedroom and I’m so lucky and privileged to have it. My parents work so hard for my 2 sisters and I and I really admire them

  • Staci Mack
    Staci Mack 10 days ago

    The sims 3 music had me dead asf

  • Asante Green
    Asante Green 11 days ago

    I mean 10:59

  • Asante Green
    Asante Green 11 days ago

    Brooooo look at 9:59

  • TmF Videos
    TmF Videos 11 days ago

    The rich family works for the CIA

  • Shade Stevens
    Shade Stevens 11 days ago

    19:16 38:45 and a few other places there is Sims music!!!

  • Christa key
    Christa key 11 days ago +1

    Wow UK reality TV is so much more positive than US.

  • shelbyrea 98
    shelbyrea 98 12 days ago

    Wish they did something like that in America before my mom died. Whoever the rich people would be would have a cow. 3 females. Mom and 2 daughters(me and my sister) living at the mom's parents house after a divorce with an abusive husband that separated the kids. Oldest daughter is 19(me), can't afford to go to school so she's working fast food. Youngest now at 16 is in high school. But all 3 of them live in a house full of antiques taking care of a 85 year old man with dimentia to the point he forgets to eat and forgets to change his clothes. So the house smells like literal shit, he ends up on the floor everyday, the house is crowded with stuff, the sofa is soaked in urine, and the bathroom has poop on the carpet and walls. There's also cat shit.
    Man I'm thankful to God that I'm not in that home anymore. My mother was 59 and had nothing for herself for retirement. I don't want to thank God my mom is passed but I'm thankful my brother took my sister and I in, and my grandfather is now in a home, that house also now being cleaned out

  • bella miller
    bella miller 12 days ago

    And both families here are touchingly bright and kind and have beautiful and gentle hearts,

  • bella miller
    bella miller 12 days ago

    Communication is important for social building

  • Tammy Thompson
    Tammy Thompson 12 days ago +1

    they needed another week...

  • Mariana Velez
    Mariana Velez 12 days ago

    The grandma is now very happy 😂

  • Mariana Velez
    Mariana Velez 12 days ago

    The grandma was the greediest 😂

    HITTMAN 12 days ago +1

    HD my ass

  • ak0e
    ak0e 13 days ago

    what's up with the SIMS 3 or maybe 4 theme music @ 39:00...

  • Edwin Chong
    Edwin Chong 14 days ago

    in Asia the house like that cost 4.5 mil usd . The rich ones

  • Yahaira Garnica
    Yahaira Garnica 14 days ago

    The music in this video is like the music in the sims

  • elisesaysbye
    elisesaysbye 14 days ago

    I’m like right in the middle of both of these lifestyles, probably more towards the upper half even though my parents are both teachers. Love this video.

  • Mattness LP
    Mattness LP 14 days ago

    Same thing as with Ultimate Cheapskate, I always get taken completely out of the immersion when I hear Sims music playing in the background.

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 14 days ago

    When the poor family makes less in a week than your family does in a day.....

  • Dead meme
    Dead meme 14 days ago

    Obviously "poor" means something else in the UK...

  • Daftshrimp
    Daftshrimp 14 days ago +5

    The rich family’s weekly budget is my college tuition for one semester

    • Yassi
      Yassi Day ago

      Daftshrimp omg really where do you live that tuition is that cheap?

  • Randominator
    Randominator 15 days ago +1

    This episode shows very well why money is extremely important. It gets you away from scum, gives you the ability to go far away and protect your family from these rats. Wealth is very important

  • Corrie Gray
    Corrie Gray 15 days ago

    32:40 i stared crying too.

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 15 days ago

    the rich girl where very pretty

  • Freakazoid 27
    Freakazoid 27 15 days ago

    America is like that too

  • Susan Cadot
    Susan Cadot 15 days ago

    Two beautiful families with lovely children. All are being raised right and will make a positive impact on the world. Great parenting by all. This show brought a tear to my eye when the
    richer family's daughter started crying in the kitchen as she realized how little money Clair had to live on. She has a wonderful heart and Clair, what a graceful spirit she is.

  • Étoile Filante
    Étoile Filante 15 days ago

    Why is a rich kid wearing a quilt? Can't they afford regular clothes?

  • Stephanie Barnes
    Stephanie Barnes 15 days ago

    Why was anti-social behaviour listed as a crime rate?

    • Randominator
      Randominator 15 days ago +1

      Crime is considered anti-social behaviour. You are breaking the law, hence attacking society itself, since it is based on law.

  • Loralei Jessick
    Loralei Jessick 16 days ago

    NEat story, when do they show you the actual poor people, though?

  • Julie Sheard
    Julie Sheard 16 days ago

    One needs to work hard, be lucky AND most importantly HAVE GOOD HEALTH, both mental health and physical health. For some people the stress of poverty creates mental health problems and then there is no way out of the horror of poverty.

  • Cubby Bear
    Cubby Bear 16 days ago

    I would love to see this done in America where income inequality is the worse of any developed nation.