Rich House Poor House S02E04 HD

  • Published on Dec 12, 2017
  • Rich House Poor House Season 2 Episode 4 S02E04

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  • Juan Cervantes
    Juan Cervantes 2 hours ago

    If I was rich I would help my family a lot

  • Blinkツ
    Blinkツ 5 hours ago

    These rich families has spoiled kids these days. They brag about what they have a pick on others for not spending their money on stuff. But most of the time, it's the parents that buys their stuff and pays for stuff and the kids just brag and pick on others who didn't buy the item or other things, but the kids didn't spend a penny

    SAVAGE CLAN 8 hours ago

    31:43 the mom is so ugly

  • Mariah Ellisor
    Mariah Ellisor 8 hours ago

    Smart rich family picks apples off trees knowing the budget is small
    Love it that was so cute they didn’t worry about if it was clean or blah blah blah they just ate it

  • Everest Owo
    Everest Owo 11 hours ago

    we are a middle class family

    SAVAGE_CXNT25 17 hours ago

    They took muslim children to a cristian place

  • Salahuddin Jikiri
    Salahuddin Jikiri 17 hours ago

    poor is good because you cant bring them in the heaven

  • Maria Vass
    Maria Vass Day ago +1

    The “poor” family is richer than middle class families in new york city.

  • Jess Pezik
    Jess Pezik Day ago

    Wow I’m crying

  • Cj Johnson
    Cj Johnson Day ago +1

    In USA is house prices depend on the state you live in. For example in Oklahoma you can get a big beautiful house for 300k USD

  • majorPhysics
    majorPhysics Day ago

    3000 pounds of disposable income... per week? Jesus 3000 would be my disposable yearly income. I could buy a pretty good used car for that amount....... after 1 week. Sheesh

    Edit: Also, did they just steal those apples? lol not even a day in and their stealing already! XD

  • Wilfromdahil Brawl Stars

    Buys 50 dollar piece of meat just because she finally can

  • Wilfromdahil Brawl Stars

    Those rich kids have a great life

  • Wilfromdahil Brawl Stars

    Who’s money was that

  • Wilfromdahil Brawl Stars

    Those kids that went to the big house was having the best time just sitting in the chairs

  • Lamb Chops
    Lamb Chops Day ago +1

    God bless that mom

  • Cody Anderson
    Cody Anderson Day ago +4

    The "rich" family is more like an upper middle class family in the USA.

  • Highxpv090
    Highxpv090 Day ago

    When you don’t know the conversion between the USD and the pound, but you still know you’re more poor than the ‘poor house’

  • Sandino Az.
    Sandino Az. Day ago

    The socuio-economical gap in Ingland doesn´t seen to be so big.

  • Mbd
    Mbd Day ago

    If I got 170£ per week I would spend it all on v-bucks.

  • Paul miki
    Paul miki Day ago

    This is the most basses single mum ever. They r both very respectful families

  • Rink Dink
    Rink Dink 2 days ago

    I feel that they shouldn’t really wrap the kids in maybe leave the kids at home while all adults and children over 16 switch

  • matthew natividad
    matthew natividad 2 days ago +2

    That's lucky they don't hav their parents check their purchases

  • JK 47 eriterm
    JK 47 eriterm 2 days ago

    poor people matter :'(


    2:04 hey he likes zelda :)

  • madison barragan
    madison barragan 2 days ago +2

    My mom was born into a rich family once she turned 18 she stopped talking to her family and didn't have that much money my mom my older brother and i lived in a tiny house me and my brother shared the bed and my mom slept on the living room until we moved to dallas tx we got more like way more money and we went from being on our knees to standing on our feet until my moms boyfriend knocked us off our feet and kept us there for 2 and half years my mom finally left him and we slowly got back on our knees from being on our backs and we were on our knees for a year then we got back on our feet and now we built our dream house and live in a really nice area and have good friends and don't have to be scared not knowing what we were going to eat that day now we can eat out at really nice places and get better clothes and better shoes and give back to our community we used to be the ones that would go to people for money now people come to us for money and that feeling that you are helping somebody feels really good yes our lives have been a roller coaster these passed few years and not saying that we aren't still on it cause we are we lost people in the passed years and we lost our little sibling sadly it wasn't born but we are thinking of adopting a black baby hope that day comes soon.

  • indiecloud100
    indiecloud100 2 days ago

    The girls seem so kind (and they're very pretty) i was, i must admit, expecting spoiled children

  • indiecloud100
    indiecloud100 2 days ago

    5:07 aww, the dad wants some loving too 😂

  • Night Winged
    Night Winged 2 days ago

    Like the girl said... family is wealth sounds cheesy buts is fricking true

  • Syed Imadulhaq
    Syed Imadulhaq 2 days ago


  • Phoenix Funtime
    Phoenix Funtime 2 days ago

    Rip toys are us

  • Tatyana Smith
    Tatyana Smith 2 days ago

    Very nice families.

  • Tatyana Smith
    Tatyana Smith 2 days ago

    Sorry for Serian mom

  • DevDev Fernando
    DevDev Fernando 2 days ago

    R.i.p Her mom and dad in syria

  • ËvåGäçhãWørld 2008

    When the young girl form the rich side started talking about how much money they were spending on food made me start crying too. Such a sweet soul

  • Shelley Miller
    Shelley Miller 3 days ago

    You can tell the rich ppl are NOT used to living w/in a budget!
    Spend dinner money on ice cream (that's eaten B4 said dinner) & still think u can eat out? I mean, u can. If don't mind still being hungry after u eat! Fast food is NOT cheap! And if it is, it's NEVER filling! Silly rich ppl!

  • Nev
    Nev 3 days ago +1

    I am glad this was the first ep of this show I have seen. I love it, both families are so humble.

  • monika Ar
    monika Ar 3 days ago

    19:25 sims music playing

  • 1makes1
    1makes1 4 days ago +1

    These two families are prime examples of humility, empathy and love.

    I feel enriched by simply watching this.

  • Monish Meher
    Monish Meher 4 days ago +1

    The Syrian girls are beautiful 🤣💕

  • Spidemode
    Spidemode 4 days ago

    I am happy that I am living in the top 10 percent. But in Norway everyone have wealth and money so

  • robinhood791
    robinhood791 4 days ago

    what a lovely families

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 4 days ago +1

    And who says money can’t buy u happiness

    • frontlineltd frontlineltd
      frontlineltd frontlineltd 3 days ago

      I say,i have money and no happiness at can buy you all sorts but believe me not happiness. Ask someone who suffers from anxiety and depression,you will get the best answer for this question dear.

  • Barath_ R
    Barath_ R 4 days ago

    Engineers in India live in hostels despite being one of the brightest citizens in the country

  • Kaylah Colvin
    Kaylah Colvin 4 days ago

    The rich family could have made a spaghetti dinner for what they spent on french fries and water...

  • XxaLexiiSsxX
    XxaLexiiSsxX 5 days ago

    the rich family should help the poor family

  • Chronic On pc
    Chronic On pc 5 days ago

    The rich mom wave check

    MAD TRICKSTER 5 days ago +1

    The country of the rich are in war and they are just there chiling not giving a fuck . Go back to war pussy's

  • Tris Turner
    Tris Turner 5 days ago

    Hold up, that’s the bottom 10% in the U.K., how, the bottom 10% in the us barely any have a house

  • Dominic Eusemann
    Dominic Eusemann 5 days ago

    r u actually fucking srs? i stopped when i heared the phrase "and u have to make sure ur showers r not longer than 30minutes..." what the fuck r u doing under the shower? rubbing ur cunt? i literally need 7-10min max what the fuck is the problem of rich ppl? just take ur fucking head outta your arse retards

    • Dominic Eusemann
      Dominic Eusemann 5 days ago

      okay i am actually fucking stupid... i kept watching and saw how they started realizing... i am flashed by the respectful reaction... what a plot twist

  • Abduxp
    Abduxp 5 days ago

    12:27 oh yeah yeah

  • Ian Smullity
    Ian Smullity 5 days ago

    Mad respect for both of these families. These girls may come from money, but I could never compare them to some of the the spoiled rich brats I grew up with. They seem like a very humble, conscious family. Not a bad video to randomly pop up in my recommended.

  • angry dad
    angry dad 5 days ago


  • Rhys 099
    Rhys 099 5 days ago

    Lovely Lady

  • Somebody
    Somebody 6 days ago

    19:35 Is that a soundtrack from The Sims?

  • Aleksa Momcilovic
    Aleksa Momcilovic 6 days ago

    If the bottom ones were rich she would of spoiled her kids rotten with her behavior but the rich family was respectfull and humble

  • Slimeking 01
    Slimeking 01 6 days ago +1

    This made me cry!!!!!!!!! 😐😢

  • T.M. R.
    T.M. R. 6 days ago

    Stopped watching this documentary because it features Muslims. Muslims are despicable, absolutely despicable.

  • Nova 615born
    Nova 615born 6 days ago

    *toys r us was still a thing*

  • Taer B
    Taer B 6 days ago

    If they took that 150 and convert to ECD then multiply that by 4 weeks...they'd have a lot of money. That conversion rate and standard of living lol.

  • Cardinal Nova
    Cardinal Nova 6 days ago

    What I like about this show is most of the rich children aren’t snobby and rude. They are usually understanding and humble! Cheers to them

  • Mladen Kovacevic
    Mladen Kovacevic 6 days ago

    God fucking damn it had you fucking ever been is Serbia

  • Charles Crandall
    Charles Crandall 6 days ago

    It's amazing what government-sanctioned racial favoritism, drug dealing and welfare payments can do for a non-British family. Once poor, now affluent. But clearly they deserve their 'earned success' in the same way the working class British family deserve their privation.

  • mcdonald 1234
    mcdonald 1234 6 days ago

    the two rich daughters look like lorde amd charlie xcx

  • kostasmp12
    kostasmp12 6 days ago

    if i was able to choose between friends and money i would choose money tbh

  • Totoro :3
    Totoro :3 6 days ago

    Are u kidding me?! THESE ARE 2 DECENT HOUSES

  • MrH
    MrH 6 days ago

    The first min says it all, Poor: "Life is hard", Rich: "Work hard and you can be anything". This is the reason they are poor and rich respectively. It's all in your mind.

  • You think i'm funny?

    a shame that it's just a tiny percentage of muslim families that is this well integrated.

  • Finch
    Finch 6 days ago +8

    Gonna give them props for using Sims 3 building music at the horse riding part, I knew I heard that sound somewhere before!

  • Isabel Oli
    Isabel Oli 6 days ago

    Youre doing good job parents, you have good kids. Both families.
    Good luck to Claire, youre very admirable, your kids are sweet.

    AKÜMA YOXİRÜMA 6 days ago

    For clarification: These two families do NOT represent the extremes of rich and poor but rather the top and bottom of the middle class. There are families who are seriously malnourished, in debt and depend on state aid, and there are also ones who live in a big mansion having several butlers and employees to maintain a good hygiene and helping in all kinds of tasks.

  • NYaa
    NYaa 6 days ago

    if its in my country the tittle would be like rich house and super rich house lol.

    • BlownMacTruck
      BlownMacTruck 5 days ago

      NYaa oh my bad, I thought you were saying your country only has rich and super rich.

    • NYaa
      NYaa 5 days ago

      +BlownMacTruck it's sad but it's true, i just want to said that british is way better than my country.

    • BlownMacTruck
      BlownMacTruck 5 days ago

      Haha, that's so awesome!
      No it's not, it's ridiculous and sad.

  • T. M.
    T. M. 6 days ago +3

    what is up with that toilett cam
    *channel 5 explain*

  • Whale Mada
    Whale Mada 6 days ago

    I umm, I just don't know what to say bcs most of syria people are always good bcs they hv been in the poor situation and that is how they know how to live in the moderate situation, in every words they said especially the mom's word make me cry a lot... Spending the money for their children is good but it's not really good to spend too much.. But in that situation of mom buying his son a watch.. It was very touching and sad.. Although the son didn't need anything else but her mom but that is what his mom can do to make his son happy and so do herself and that is for the hard working on his university he had archieve.... For myself, I've wasted my time and money on doing such a nonsense thing... At this time, I want to take an opportunity to change myself to be a better one bcs I know I can do it... By the time I came back here, I want to see what I hv write comes true... And it would be my very lucky day to watch it back from before I succeed to when I succeed in the future... I hope this will be my lucky charm and it's a risk to say but a risk I have to face! Coming through the future again!

    R0YA1 GUARD 6 days ago

    I like how the rich are humble and understandable, but remember one thing, in front of a camera people can be deceiving, and in their minds the poor condition they’re in they can think of the place quite idiosyncratic and uncomfortable!

  • trugangsta4real
    trugangsta4real 6 days ago

    Could this show exist on American television, or would it be too subversive?

    • BlownMacTruck
      BlownMacTruck 5 days ago

      It could, but the wage gap would be even bigger, to the point that it might be difficult to watch or produce.

  • biLAWL
    biLAWL 6 days ago +1

    i like how the poorest 10% in UK would be pretty middle class in the USA

  • Chloe Joy
    Chloe Joy 6 days ago

    I don’t like how the women just went and spent $500 on a watch the other family worked hard for that money and she is buying a watch for her son. To me that is disrespectful

  • Dre Enzo
    Dre Enzo 6 days ago

    Who else reads the comments with an accent from the UK?

  • Mai Pham
    Mai Pham 6 days ago +1

    "having one bathroom is just hard to cope with... especially if someone does a stinky poo" IM DYING

  • Kookie4Laifu
    Kookie4Laifu 6 days ago

    I really wish a lot of people watch this because this made me realize just how much I take for granted and it made me cry because I was so ignorant of that fact. I really look up to both families and I'm really glad that this show exists.

  • Gilgamesh
    Gilgamesh 6 days ago +5

    The Syrian family is just lovely. You can see the parents really are hard workers and the daughters have been raised to be beautiful and caring. Considering where they came from, they have done amazing.

  • Philip Jankins
    Philip Jankins 7 days ago

    when you notice they used music from The Sims

  • Corbin Wesler
    Corbin Wesler 7 days ago +1

    I love how down toEarth the one of the Syrian girls is (Well, they're all down to Earth). The fact that she was heartbroken by the budget and lifestyle of the Poor House was amazing.

  • Sara Shelton
    Sara Shelton 7 days ago

    Them kids spoiled rotten

  • qmitzy
    qmitzy 7 days ago +1

    do this in america lmao

  • Naomi Berman
    Naomi Berman 7 days ago

    The mum is such a sweetie aww❣️❣️

  • Francisca Muñoz
    Francisca Muñoz 7 days ago

    the families never met

  • Jennifer Allen
    Jennifer Allen 7 days ago

    23:49 that dude is hot 🤤😍

  • owen1661 owen1661
    owen1661 owen1661 7 days ago +3

    They say they are rich but I don’t see AirPods

    • MA2I
      MA2I 5 days ago


  • Dajana Yo Yo
    Dajana Yo Yo 7 days ago +4

    Am i the only one that got really confused about the sims 3 build mode music playing at 19:17

  • Sayumi Hagiwara
    Sayumi Hagiwara 7 days ago

    just for you all to know money can buy some happiness but family can be happiness if you with a good family money just helps you have more fun

  • Post Pantalon
    Post Pantalon 7 days ago

    Ok, why tf is this in my recommendations?

  • Cassie S-P
    Cassie S-P 7 days ago +5

    One of the girls on the rich side was playing her violin wrong.

    • Kookie4Laifu
      Kookie4Laifu 6 days ago

      omg i saw that and got pissed lmao that pizza wrist

  • Kado Kale
    Kado Kale 7 days ago

    Why was you people using music ripped out of the sims 3???

  • Bawp Marley
    Bawp Marley 7 days ago

    my house is like 1 room and its smaller than their toilet

  • .:Cyclone_Swords:.
    .:Cyclone_Swords:. 7 days ago

    the sims ost 27:49

  • Tomilo02 cz
    Tomilo02 cz 7 days ago

    9:34 Kitrito Tokyou ghual and Death note plagats

  • DuDu ChAnNeL
    DuDu ChAnNeL 7 days ago

    This Arab parents didn’t teach their kids how to spent money, they are spoiling their lives trying to make them happy and give them what they want , I came from a wealthy Arab family but they teach me how to respect money and how to spend it and for me 50 pounds will be good for two weeks for food !!!

  • Jay Sansom
    Jay Sansom 7 days ago