Superfan Brett Baker Grills Sean Evans Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jun 22, 2017
  • Hot Ones fans have spoken, and we heard your voices loud and clear: Get Brett Baker on the show! Finally, he's here-the man, the myth, the Nebraska legend. You know him from his weekly Hot Ones Power Rankings on Twitter, as well as the time he was serenaded to the tune of Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage by Russell Brand. Now, he's turning the tables on Sean Evans, taking over the hosting seat and making SEAN answer some hot questions for once.
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    Season 3
    Episode 23
    First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
    #hotones #spicywings
    #hotones #spicywings
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Comments • 8 602

  • Dylan Leaman Anderson

    Sean looking like he has cancer recently

  • Robin Chang
    Robin Chang 3 days ago +1


  • John Bromen
    John Bromen 5 days ago +1

    Great episode!! Pleasantly surprised. Brett did a great job!

  • Jerome Yambot
    Jerome Yambot 8 days ago

    5:50 Sean with hair is Wayne from Letterkenny

  • Natalie Cameron
    Natalie Cameron 8 days ago

    Sean is so awkward while being interviewed

  • Stormie Weather
    Stormie Weather 9 days ago

    Maynard J. Keenan are Bruce Willis. Either a great interview or the worst flop.

  • Brandon Garfias
    Brandon Garfias 14 days ago +1

    Best episode yet

  • Brandon Garfias
    Brandon Garfias 14 days ago +1

    Got you fam...
    Great show

  • CrownLands
    CrownLands 15 days ago +2

    Mr. Baker is a natural, both as host and hot sauce devotee

  • Sheriff Monkey
    Sheriff Monkey 16 days ago +1

    uhm either I was not a sub or TVclip un-subbed me. hmmmmm

  • Karen T
    Karen T 17 days ago +2

    Sean's Fox Sports Aus accent was not Aus at all but I loved it. Probably closer to UK if anything ha.

  • andyt2k
    andyt2k 19 days ago +1

    "You hit 1m subs" 2 years later we're about to hit 7m

  • Mrs. RockKitty (VixxVoodooKitty)

    😂It's funny I talk with my hands a lot out of habit.. Especially when I go on interviews I have to remember to keep my hand still 😂 its so hard.
    This was fun seeing Sean on the other side of the table. After Da Bomb hot sauce Brett was zoning out 😂😂😂

  • Skyelar EmeryEagle
    Skyelar EmeryEagle 19 days ago

    I thought they were in california

  • evlredsun
    evlredsun 20 days ago +1

    this. this is so good. true fan service. not pandering. a real credit to the integrity this show strives for. kudos.

  • George Costarica
    George Costarica 20 days ago

    Very vanilla

  • Nicky DiNino
    Nicky DiNino 21 day ago

    billie eillish isnt youngest?

    • Nicky DiNino
      Nicky DiNino 19 days ago

      Brett Baker oh haha! I should have looked at the date! Thanks

    • Brett Baker
      Brett Baker 20 days ago

      Nicky DiNino This ep was shot more than two years before she was on. Would have been tough to predict that.

  • LuckyMoniker
    LuckyMoniker 21 day ago +1

    Sean, i work phone customer service, as in no one sees me as i speak, but i still talk with my hands.

  • ProfessorPond
    ProfessorPond 22 days ago +1

    that was so great and lovely! Brett Baker, super fan/wing eater/interviewer! Seeing Sean on the other side of the table was fun.

  • Victor Funk
    Victor Funk 22 days ago +1

    When Brett said "more than friends" I died! That's the moment I knew this was gonna be a great episode. This is the only content on YT (other than Juji and Tom) over 20 mins that I am willing to sit through from start to finish, and as far as content over 2.5 hours JRE so far is the only channel that has held my attention.

  • The Wyatt Movie Project
    The Wyatt Movie Project 22 days ago +1

    I find myself not really liking or understanding the guests going in but being a fan going out

  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones 23 days ago +1

    These days, the craziest thing is that Sean's most underrated episodes are under 3M views. This is over. LUL

  • Buck Fuffalo
    Buck Fuffalo 23 days ago +1

    Brett Baker, were you a soldier? Noticed the KIA bracelet.

    • Buck Fuffalo
      Buck Fuffalo 22 days ago +1

      Oh I understand, I’ll always be airborne at heart... unfortunately 😂
      I thank him for his service, I figured I’d somewhat give an accurate spot since most think mine is a medical alert bracelet.

    • Brett Baker
      Brett Baker 23 days ago +1

      Cory I was an Airman (will always be at heart). And great spot. Its actually a POW/MIA bracelet. Worn in honor of MSgt William C. Sutton. Air Force special ops. Went down in NVN the year I was born.

  • A Stone in the Sun
    A Stone in the Sun 23 days ago +1

    This guy is probably a cool guy and this isnt actually a shot just a joke BUT when i first saw him given the context and all, first thing i thought of was that dude who hid the pickles under his tongue in that one episode of sponge bob, i think his name is bubble bass.

  • Maxwell Moller
    Maxwell Moller 23 days ago +2

    Under rated ep:)

  • Ferdinand Tomas
    Ferdinand Tomas 23 days ago +1

    Guy is good

  • Ken Roberts
    Ken Roberts 24 days ago +1

    one of the highest thumbs up to thumbs down ratios ive ever seen my god.

  • emanuelbuesing1
    emanuelbuesing1 25 days ago +1

    I got excited at the thumbnail. Thought Drew Carey was on the show....

  • Daniel Keown
    Daniel Keown 25 days ago +1

    This episode made me like hot ones that much more. To honor a fan in such a way is amazing. Brett Baker did an amazing job and great plug on schools supporting fine arts. Great show. There are a lot of ordinary people that do things far more profound than many celebrities.

  • Mason Schwalm
    Mason Schwalm 25 days ago +1

    When I first saw the thumbnail I didn’t read the text at first and thought it was Drew Carey who was going to be on 😆
    Nonetheless it’s awesome that they got him on, and I’m pretty sure Russell Brand has earned a permanent #1 spot on his power ranking for helping to speed up getting him on, and just for the shoutouts and the epic improvised song about him.

  • jessi marie
    jessi marie 26 days ago

    Brett saying sHHmear rather than smear drove me fucking nuts.. lol.

    • Brett Baker
      Brett Baker 25 days ago

      jessi marie Is it because you don’t like the word “schmear”, or because you don’t know that it’s actually a word?

  • New York Nicka
    New York Nicka 26 days ago

    ....why Gunplay and YG not on the list

  • 3xtra Terrestrial
    3xtra Terrestrial 26 days ago +1

    Brett Baker deserves a job on hot wings

  • Aqueel Kadri
    Aqueel Kadri 27 days ago +1

    Damn wrestling has ruined me.
    Whenever he said shoot or heat my mind went in the wrong direction

  • Kriojenic
    Kriojenic 28 days ago +1

    13:27 AHAHAHAHA

  • Cole Aljian
    Cole Aljian 28 days ago +1

    he owns 55 hoodies the average price per hoody is around 50 bucks that means he has spent almost 3000 dollars on hoodies alone

  • Brighty McBrightface
    Brighty McBrightface 28 days ago +1

    ... but Sean, did you apologize for calling your fan "random"?

    p.s. put the "wings" on a warming plate with a tray (moisture) and start with 6 "seat warmer" wings (that get replaced with freshly prepared food during the show, as the opportunity arises)
    Also, Michelin Star wing chef secret from someone who has paid to have vegan wings prepared at great restaurants: the best wings are thighs ... and the most enjoyable pairing is Champagne, might I recommend Ariston Aspasie "Carte Blanche" Brut as a crowd pleasing, toasty tasting toast tradition that will take wine snobs by surprise and even temp "craft beer" drinkers to say they enjoyed the kick, they enjoy the way it clears the palette and in moderation, there's no hangover or beer belly from the indulgence in a bottle.
    Matter of fact, I think I'll have one for dinner tonight! : )

  • stockyjohn
    stockyjohn 28 days ago +2

    Bring him back!

  • CreatureOTNight COTN
    CreatureOTNight COTN 28 days ago

    Superfan isnt actually that bad, wtf you'd think superfan equals total loser.

  • Nibras Basheer
    Nibras Basheer 28 days ago +1

    Brett Baker is amazing

  • Rich Sackett
    Rich Sackett 29 days ago +2

    Surprised Chris Evans missed the Joey Fatone. Question. Weren't they in a band together?

  • Kissinger Lee
    Kissinger Lee 29 days ago +1

    Need an update one. Would be awesome

  • Samuel High
    Samuel High 29 days ago +1

    Good episode!

  • RandomSh*t
    RandomSh*t Month ago +1

    Fatboy did pretty damn good. Great Interview, like a pro.

  • MaximumMemer
    MaximumMemer Month ago +1

    this should be a tv show

    • Collector Tyrant
      Collector Tyrant 29 days ago

      TV is dying, this show is right where it should be,the Internet.

  • Eve Evans
    Eve Evans Month ago +1

    Loved this forever

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher Month ago +1

    Even more than 2 years later this still is the best episode. Not only did Brett Baker nail the intro, had good questions and an amazing and selfless plug but he also handled the spice without losing a single word over it. If Sean ever can't or doesn't want to keep doing Hot Ones we found a replacement.

    VAZXW Month ago

    Fat retard

  • Chris Doogood Minds Member

    Of All The Hot Ones.. This is the Best!!!

  • Adam Dowling
    Adam Dowling Month ago

    sean looks like a bald neil patrick harris the end :)

  • SMiller5488
    SMiller5488 Month ago

    Great job Brett, Sean dont quit your day job...

  • My Cute Feet
    My Cute Feet Month ago +1

    This so so wonderful. 🥰❤️

  • DG
    DG Month ago +1

    Khaled is the biggest bitch in hot ones history. Its like agreeing to a fight then getting mad cause you got punched.

  • Christopher Mack
    Christopher Mack Month ago +1

    Y’all need to get call me Carson on

  • The Nuclear Reactor
    The Nuclear Reactor Month ago +1

    Well that was the youngest back then but now the youngest is Billie! I love her!

  • Lythrox
    Lythrox Month ago +1

    NIce 1M episode and awesome the power ranker came out

  • Lashawn Johnson
    Lashawn Johnson Month ago +4

    He's so animated when he's being interviewed how cute

  • Puppy Power
    Puppy Power Month ago +1

    Awdome vidoe happy to see th number 1 fan and will deff take his advice awsome episode

  • AndyMoFo75
    AndyMoFo75 Month ago +1

    My fav episode yet! Brett - you are awesome! You too Sean!!! It was like watching my two buds showmanship : )

  • Harmony Desroches
    Harmony Desroches Month ago +1

    I'm so happy Brett Baker got to do this!!!!!!!