Why This Sandwich Shop Is Florence's Most Legendary Street Eat | Legendary Eats

  • Published on May 30, 2019
  • All'Antico Vinaio is a must-try when visiting Florence. The shop is in the heart of the city center, just minutes away from Piazza della Signoria. Sandwiches are made with a local bread called schiacciata. The shop has an endless selection of cold cuts, cheese, and homemade creams like the truffle cream and the artichoke cream.
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    Why This Sandwich Shop Is Florence's Most Legendary Street Eat | Legendary Eats

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  • Food Insider
    Food Insider  5 months ago +58

    What other legendary places should we visit next? Let us know in the comments below!

    • Farah Wahhab
      Farah Wahhab 12 hours ago

      The Relais de Venise (271 Boulevard Pereire, 75017 Paris, France)

    • Mark Pang
      Mark Pang 2 days ago

      Cirque Tere

    • Hax0r Bugan
      Hax0r Bugan 6 days ago

      You have such a small mouth it cant even fit my dick

    • CelebiLikesTwice
      CelebiLikesTwice 4 months ago +1

      Applebees in UAE

  • Hatake Kakashi
    Hatake Kakashi 2 hours ago

    "very big and juicy" oh boy

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 10 hours ago


  • Herminigilda Lambino
    Herminigilda Lambino 20 hours ago

    im in love with the sandwich but i dont agree on expanding it outside florence. im sure theyre making good money and also, that will serve as reason for people to visit Florence as part of tourist attraction.
    just my opinion 🥰

  • Simone Alamia
    Simone Alamia 23 hours ago

    Bada come la cola

  • Toni Al
    Toni Al Day ago

    it is all in the ingredients which are very high quality. the price is reasonable

  • Tyler Pickle
    Tyler Pickle Day ago

    how this tastes like of like tastes like... wtf. And what would make that taste even better would be some good dijon/spicy mustard and forgo the artichoke cream

  • Tyler Pickle
    Tyler Pickle Day ago

    I applaud you pronouncing things correctly. But I don't speak the language, so speaking that fast tells me jack shit. Slow it down so people who are interested can look it up....

  • Mr Rjuk
    Mr Rjuk Day ago

    1:11 I'd rather have a piece of her than a sandwich.
    She is one beautiful lady.

  • Tony, The Stark
    Tony, The Stark Day ago

    I'm not italian, but it sounds like Tommaso has a particular accent that's different from the "regular" italian language, if you know what I mean. I know I'm probably saying a monstrosity, but I'd like to know if there's a reason for that, if it's from a specific region or if he was an emmigrant or something like that. I'm just curious about accents.

  • I'm Charming
    I'm Charming Day ago

    Looks like an impossible to eat mess.

  • Ahmed Talaat
    Ahmed Talaat Day ago

    The only thing I want to eat is Claudia LOL😂😂

  • Тони Сопрано

    The best!

  • Em
    Em 2 days ago +1

    It's a shop for carnivorous dinosaurs, that's all you need to succeed lol

  • fedoracore321
    fedoracore321 2 days ago

    Sandwich looks gross!!!

  • Jeffrey Bozko
    Jeffrey Bozko 3 days ago

    bread, mehhhh

  • uppertaka
    uppertaka 3 days ago

    hahahahahahaha i primi promotori della schiacciata con quel sorriso hahahahahahahahahah

    GALAHAD 3 days ago

    Jabarabi Jabarabu

  • Declan Junior
    Declan Junior 3 days ago

    whats this girls instagram

  • kevin villareale
    kevin villareale 4 days ago

    Bada come la fumaaaa!!!

  • Saguccie Sanatoro
    Saguccie Sanatoro 4 days ago

    Bro i couldn't understand half of the video, even with subtitles.

  • Gilgameš
    Gilgameš 4 days ago

    This double bagger is intolerable

  • Chuck Jamshidi
    Chuck Jamshidi 4 days ago

    Been there. It was run by Persian workers.

  • Giacinto
    Giacinto 4 days ago

    Tbh, i've been there a couple of times and it's absolutely not worth the long ass wait. I mean, quality and taste are excellent, but you can find it in pretty much every other moderately decent shop that sell the same cold cuts and cheese.

  • harry chua
    harry chua 4 days ago

    Looks a bit sloppy to me.

  • Gill Brnm
    Gill Brnm 4 days ago

    All bread weak azz sandwich

  • Marco S
    Marco S 6 days ago

    She doesn’t know how to eat a sandwich 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • TuaMadreNonSiLamenta

    Orgoglio Italiano!

  • californyeah
    californyeah 6 days ago

    These sandwiches do not look good and tasty and fresh, products' quality seems to be top notch ..ok, but they are not at all enticing and making me salivate, i certainly Do Not want to have two or three of them at a time, And i am Obviously not preparing a trip to Florence right now.. ...Nope..!!!

  • João Felipe Melo
    João Felipe Melo 7 days ago

    Gotta visit it during my honeymoon this December!

  • Stan Vanillo
    Stan Vanillo 7 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks of Subway when the US dude mentions that he's never been to a place where they prepared food in front of him?

  • John Tan
    John Tan 7 days ago

    Just visited All Antico Vinaio twice in Nov 19 to try Favolosa, Inferno & La Boss
    The best is the Inferno cos you can taste the Porchetta and the spicy sauce is refreshing
    La Boss truffle cream can get overwhelming halfway through
    Favolosa was the worst tbh.... salty, u can’t taste the meat & most of the time u taste the artichoke cream
    The bread has quite a tough surface
    Is still a good place... but my favourite sandwich is still Kapacasein Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Borough Market
    Followed by St John’s Bacon sandwich

  • raffy begovik
    raffy begovik 10 days ago

    this is sooooo good! a staple! and now they opened a store in the US!

  • raffy begovik
    raffy begovik 10 days ago

    first place i'm going in florence

  • Jonny Boom Boom 46
    Jonny Boom Boom 46 11 days ago

    questo fa i soldi con delle semplici focaccine

  • Kamlesh Mallick
    Kamlesh Mallick 12 days ago

    If you are like me, a vegetarian 🌱 tell them - “senza pesce senza carne” - no fish and meat.
    And they will make the best vegetarian sandwich 🥪 in the world - just for you. They add Rucula or Basil. Ask them!
    People are very friendly too.
    An incredible memory from an incredible city. 😊

  • Amir Shehu
    Amir Shehu 13 days ago

    Looks trash

  • Кос Мал
    Кос Мал 14 days ago


  • Lorenzo Bitossi
    Lorenzo Bitossi 15 days ago

    Ragazzuoli ....bada come la fuma!

  • Chan Xavier
    Chan Xavier 16 days ago

    I went to Florence last year and haven’t been to this eatery... so I haven’t been to Florence then :(

  • Birgit Stork
    Birgit Stork 20 days ago

    Don't forget to mention that since 2018 it's forbidden to eat in
    Via de’ Neri, Piazzale degli Uffizi, Piazza del Grano und Via della Ninna from 12 am to 15 pm und from 18 pm to 22 pm

  • Cammy Feng
    Cammy Feng 21 day ago

    I’m happy with the host this time

  • Dmac 740
    Dmac 740 23 days ago

    Those sandwiches are just tourist sucker traps.

    • Good old times
      Good old times 19 days ago +1

      The cover image are aswell 2 different sandwitches if you properly check.
      Mediterranean diet works with those ingredients

    • Good old times
      Good old times 19 days ago +1

      I dont know how your meal works but generally to stay healthy you've to eat the most on launch, not diner, that sandwiches are made of bread, meat and vegetables normally, if you eat first plate and second plate you won't become obese lol.
      Bread = first plate since it incorporates Carbohydrates like pasta does.
      Meat + vegetables = second plate, it isn't being obese at all lol

    • Dmac 740
      Dmac 740 19 days ago

      @Good old times no way a person is eating one of those a day you would be obese.

    • Good old times
      Good old times 19 days ago +1

      I eat them aswell and i'm stdying there, 100% italian, not a tourist

  • Dmac 740
    Dmac 740 23 days ago

    Kinda of would like to know where the people were from that had never saw or been to a place where they make food in front of you ?

  • Filippo M. R. Tusa
    Filippo M. R. Tusa 23 days ago

    Nah :D go to Siracusa, in Sicily. Caseificio Borderi. Ask about Gaetano.
    Than, thanks God.

  • Gelar Pradipta
    Gelar Pradipta 24 days ago

    This less interesting when you do little bite like that

  • cliff cox
    cliff cox 25 days ago

    1:25, "im here to study abroad". ... What is he referring to?

  • Please enter a name
    Please enter a name 26 days ago

    All the enjoyment would be taken away by how much of a pain in the ass it is to eat i cant stand messy hand food

  • Aniruddh Rabinder Nath

    Raw pink meat good for pink barbarians..

  • Manlio Maggese
    Manlio Maggese 27 days ago

    Bada come la fumaaaaa!

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 27 days ago

    tvclip.biz/video/ZyZh_FIhGlU/video.html that's harry potter's long lost twin sister

  • Damon Anthony Dash
    Damon Anthony Dash 27 days ago +5

    0:53 The famous Palazzo where Ezio Auditore assassinated Francesco de' Pazzi in 1478.

  • Pan_ Pan
    Pan_ Pan 28 days ago

    Oof I have been to that place and it is amazing! But the line there is very long so if u don’t like to wait then there are a lot of other sandwich places there too

  • outside is noob
    outside is noob 29 days ago

    ¿Where is the song?

  • Alex Harrison
    Alex Harrison Month ago

    Love the Italian language. Can listen to them talk all day n don’t care what they saying lol

  • Nicole Lyons
    Nicole Lyons Month ago

    I'm nicole
    32 and I have an open mind and addiction for eating different food❤️☑️👌

  • Matrix Studios
    Matrix Studios Month ago

    When thay Guy in 1:41 says " it's huge " he definitely must have thought of Trump

  • shan lynch
    shan lynch Month ago

    What is the truffle cream and artichoke cream???

  • jeff
    jeff Month ago

    Jews do better sandwiches

  • nomax
    nomax Month ago

    Shit look drier than a Popeyes biscuit in Africa