Game Revealed: Season 7 Episode 2: The Gore of Greyscale (HBO)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2017
  • "You're not dying today, Sir Jorah.”
    Watch a clip from the latest episode of the 7-part behind-the-scenes series, The Game Revealed.
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Comments • 502

  • Eszti S
    Eszti S 4 months ago

    The artist, who made the make up, is amazing, and the actress too. I love this scene soo much

  • Chronic_Breakdown
    Chronic_Breakdown 4 months ago

    Amazing prosthetics, and acting. This scene is still one of the hardest to watch in GOT. Respect...

  • Alenka Arya
    Alenka Arya 4 months ago

    I think I'm not saying it enough: the whole GOT team is out of this world with amazing job they do! Amazing!

  • Lwandle Lee
    Lwandle Lee 4 months ago

    Was a full removal filmed? Asking for a friend🌚

  • zippy blessed
    zippy blessed 4 months ago


  • ツツツ
    ツツツ 4 months ago +4

    *R.I.P Jorah Mormont*

  • Jedi Bunny
    Jedi Bunny 4 months ago

    Poor Jorah endured so much!

  • Arghya Paul
    Arghya Paul 4 months ago

    Still one of the best scenes of GOT

  • Peppermint
    Peppermint 4 months ago

    That scene was oddly satisfying to watch

  • Kayode A
    Kayode A 5 months ago

    It would be dope to see the full operation, puss and all, as an extended scene

  • SomeKid IgUess
    SomeKid IgUess 5 months ago

    yummy, pour the puss in a soup and add the shriveled greyscale in as a topping then eat it lol

  • Dumtea
    Dumtea 5 months ago

    Damn.... The most squirmish scene in GOT😰😰😰, that makeup artist is a genius ,few of my friends literally puked

  • Star_Child _
    Star_Child _ 5 months ago

    I used to have severe excema and it reminded me of that and honestly holy crap you guys do amazing work the dry and itchy skin looked just like that

  • Srikar Komanduri
    Srikar Komanduri 5 months ago

    Who else still thinks that guy on thumbnail will die of greyscale

  • Asha
    Asha 5 months ago

    Sam having to dump all those chamber pots was all for a good cause...building up his resistance to hurl so hed have the stomach to be able to do this. I wouldn'tbe able to. 🤮

  • Ashutosh Samantaray
    Ashutosh Samantaray 5 months ago +2

    I winced so hard like tarly was literally taking out a single scale aaaaaaa

  • Joy Gill
    Joy Gill 5 months ago

    I'm so EFFING ready!!!!!!🤪😜🤩💕💋

  • Khalid Sow
    Khalid Sow 5 months ago

    I love this secnce 😁

  • Indonesian Girl In Singapore

    Its looks like real

  • alldayagain
    alldayagain 6 months ago

    I imagine he walked in at 2 in the morning and they have him a belt to bite down on
    Inly because he'd fall asleep otherwise

  • Loveisdaiwaiy21 sorry
    Loveisdaiwaiy21 sorry 7 months ago

    Why does this feel like an MTV behind the scenes in early 2000's lol

  • Delia456t Kidd
    Delia456t Kidd 8 months ago

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  • Ütkarsh Singh Parihar
    Ütkarsh Singh Parihar 10 months ago

    Was it real

  • Zero Maverick
    Zero Maverick 10 months ago

    Please make the whole video about the who grayscale ripping procedure......I know its fake and fiction.....but IT WAS ODDLY VERY SATISFYING.......

  • surabhi chavan
    surabhi chavan 11 months ago

    Man, these people work really hard. No wonder GOT is the best series ever

  • Dayn Huzaib
    Dayn Huzaib Year ago

    Sounds epic

  • Nickolas Smith
    Nickolas Smith Year ago

    One of the most painful scenes to watch

  • 팡팡팡
    팡팡팡 Year ago

    Oh, it looks an awesome tatoo.

  • Lioness Mummy
    Lioness Mummy Year ago

    Oh geez, I just ate an omelette for dinner less than 10 minutes before watching this!!! MY STOMACH!!!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • J.R. Vasquez
    J.R. Vasquez Year ago

    Incredible scene all around.

  • Kurious Patheos
    Kurious Patheos Year ago

    Ser Jorah of the blue balls

  • brandon roman
    brandon roman Year ago

    Soo....its confirmed jorah has no nipples?

  • Rafsan Ahmed
    Rafsan Ahmed Year ago

    Captain friend-zone

  • Anna Black
    Anna Black Year ago +1

    I Love ser Jorha

  • vivek sonara
    vivek sonara Year ago

    Ser jorah man of honour

  • Paul Quaife
    Paul Quaife 2 years ago

    How did sam remove the greyscale off his dong?

  • SuperFlixz
    SuperFlixz 2 years ago

    Biggest joke ever, This theory is just waste of time :p

  • Tiago Campos
    Tiago Campos 2 years ago

    Ramsay approves this!!

  • izem JKG
    izem JKG 2 years ago

    This scene was really like - aaaaahghhhhhhhh I can feeeeelll youu

  • Ian FrippDonald
    Ian FrippDonald 2 years ago

    Thanks, this is so hot

  • Rogue Seraph
    Rogue Seraph 2 years ago

    This scene was fkn perfect...specially the transition they did after that...I won't eat pie anytime soon 😁👍

  • Ultra Super Kale
    Ultra Super Kale 2 years ago

    Absolutely disgusting. Great job!!

  • Сергей Городинец

    в нашем садике так же детей от кори лечили,.. ничего не обычного.

  • Buenomars
    Buenomars 2 years ago +1

    New spin-off: Paging Dr. Tarly

  • Thomas s. Bedell
    Thomas s. Bedell 2 years ago

    good god

  • Ilustrado
    Ilustrado 2 years ago

    6+ hours for a fucking 3 minute scene.. Jesus Christ.. That is amazing

  • Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner 2 years ago

    Ultimately tuck dismiss fully victim victory slice pass simply age.

  • yfalyfal
    yfalyfal 2 years ago +1

    I feel bad for you Lord Friendzone :(

  • Bazooka Ike
    Bazooka Ike 2 years ago

    why not post the entire episode???

  • serenebluelife
    serenebluelife 2 years ago +1


  • Bernadette Martyn
    Bernadette Martyn 2 years ago

    Ripping in 3-2-1 lol

  • M ŁëöÑîđåş
    M ŁëöÑîđåş 2 years ago

    That transition of scene from puss to food still haunts Me ugggghhh yuck.

  • Mechelle
    Mechelle 2 years ago

    omg so hot ser jorah!!!

  • Cristina Pinel Neparidze


  • osama tariq
    osama tariq 2 years ago

    That was sooooo satisfying 😍😍😆

  • jay love
    jay love 2 years ago +1

    so disgusting i love GoT

  • Tyger T
    Tyger T 2 years ago

    I know people like what they like but is this really satisfying to some of you? 🤢

  • LH YY
    LH YY 2 years ago

    Everything is so damn really. Sometimes I forget it is all fake.

  • julia s. ferdinand
    julia s. ferdinand 2 years ago

    you mean it didn't really hurt?

  • Hidden Leaf Shadow
    Hidden Leaf Shadow 2 years ago