10 Strange and Unique Candies

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • Giant gummies, breakfast lollipops, and more!
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  4 months ago +2492

    Our breakfast characters don't seem to have a long life span around here...😂
    See us with other strange foods here: bit.ly/2QhvT7a

  • Del Crampton
    Del Crampton 44 minutes ago

    -candy maker apers-

  • Todoroki Shoto - Idol-
    Todoroki Shoto - Idol- 45 minutes ago


  • Peachy Heavenz
    Peachy Heavenz 2 hours ago

    I played this game when I was young, the exact same flavour. I got skunk spray, tried to run to the bathroom but ended up vomiting the whole way there. I didn’t even make it to the bathroom lmao

  • Gibbon Edgar
    Gibbon Edgar 2 hours ago +1

    Wtf am I watching 3:58

  • TysenxOfficial
    TysenxOfficial 3 hours ago +1

    Oh I’D lOvE TO eAt BoTtlE FlAVoreD GuMmY 5:21

  • Kingk
    Kingk 4 hours ago +1

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    • Kingk
      Kingk 4 hours ago

      Oh, and if you're wondering.. Where's the website?

      eat healthier god dammit

    KITT vs KARR KR 4 hours ago

    0:18 going Breyers ice cream don't melt ethier!

    KOOKIE WOOKIE! 4 hours ago

    **oNe dEep frIeD wAteR!**

  • Draco Gummybear
    Draco Gummybear 5 hours ago +1

    Ingredients for bacon lollipop BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON

  • Bryan Zheng
    Bryan Zheng 6 hours ago

    What happens when you put two different candies in the cotton candy maker

  • Chase Rolfe
    Chase Rolfe 7 hours ago

    That’s not a maple tree

  • thebestitalianfood__
    thebestitalianfood__ 9 hours ago

    Bro I have no idea how these people eat this much gummy
    it’s honestly disgusting lmao

  • angeliaat tisdella
    angeliaat tisdella 9 hours ago

    12:25 jake's bacon pancake song

  • fence panel
    fence panel 9 hours ago

    heh the ice lolly but its legit just a hard boiled sweet but looks like a gummy so when they bite down if breaks their teeth

    also i have a nagging feeling that anerica is half gummy cause of the amount if stuff that i see wuth gummy stuff

  • Shaixe Mxowkdm
    Shaixe Mxowkdm 10 hours ago

    That last one got me confused af😵

  • LunaTheKawaiiPotato :3
    LunaTheKawaiiPotato :3 11 hours ago

    *YoU JuSt WaTcHeD 12 aDdS!*

  • Yair Ramirez
    Yair Ramirez 11 hours ago

    that creamated body is grape kool aid powder

  • Daniel Joseph Neri
    Daniel Joseph Neri 12 hours ago

    It says 10 but its 12

  • ollieth3gam3r
    ollieth3gam3r 13 hours ago

    is nr.1 cold as ice?

    ELECTRIC EEL 13 hours ago

    I think the narrator was having a stroke while reading the last part

  • Scarlets funky review show

    Wait.. it says 10 strange candies and in the intro it says 12..


  • greninja squad
    greninja squad 15 hours ago

    Puts in microwave*

    How about now

  • Electric Bird
    Electric Bird 16 hours ago

    Wtf was that unicorn one

  • Kishiki da mash potata
    Kishiki da mash potata 17 hours ago

    VAT19: Bacon Bacon Baconin Bacon

  • Terry Ortega
    Terry Ortega 17 hours ago

    3:49 u cant smell while u are asleep

  • Musti
    Musti 18 hours ago

    Title: 10 Strange and Unique Candies
    Video: *has 12*
    Me: *B R U H*

  • Nick Hyena
    Nick Hyena 20 hours ago

    Rip waffle.

  • Marian Nathalie
    Marian Nathalie 21 hour ago +1

    RIP in peace Waffle

  • Cottonkailey Animations
    Cottonkailey Animations 23 hours ago +1

    I had candy sushi it’s good but I don’t like marshmallows so I didn’t eat those :/

  • Kobi Hotham
    Kobi Hotham 23 hours ago

    I can’t believe that I just watched 10 adds for my entertainment 😂

  • qtt tessa
    qtt tessa Day ago +1

    this video makes me want all of these😫
    i’m trying to stay away from sugar lmao

    LONERS Day ago

    Excuse me you ruined my I cream with some good tasting rubber and it's in the really hot sun so how is that going to to help you in the hot sun since it's not cold because IT'S GUMMY!!!!

  • Paddymaster AKA cam

    My favorite bean boozled flavors are the lime/lawn clipping both are good and the toothpaste duo. Idk why but both the good and the bad of those two flavors are good

  • Tian Hong Xu
    Tian Hong Xu Day ago

    Stop with bacons!!!

  • Shiver Lynx
    Shiver Lynx Day ago

    Me: Hold my beer...

  • Zentro X
    Zentro X Day ago +1

    Skipping an 5 second add and watching 13 minutes add
    It is weird life

  • Chase P
    Chase P Day ago

    "farts" oops sorry i ate Too Much bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon 🥓

  • Connor Ashby
    Connor Ashby Day ago

    Do the bear beens make you drunk

  • Danielle Denardo
    Danielle Denardo Day ago +1

    The gummy sushi is great for me since I Love fish so much that I won’t eat them thanks vat19

  • Firefox Playz
    Firefox Playz Day ago

    I love the bacon lolipop comercial lol

  • Luke Jamieson
    Luke Jamieson Day ago

    6:13 is just vat 19 on a table

  • Raxie
    Raxie Day ago

    oh come on I had barf twice I gagged but I managed to chew and swallow both of the beans without spitting them out I was ten when I had them i'm eleven now

  • bendy girl :D
    bendy girl :D Day ago

    farts UH OH STINKY

  • bendy girl :D
    bendy girl :D Day ago

    Make a cookie and ice cream sick

  • Kakku 06
    Kakku 06 Day ago +1

    How to get beer on underage

  • Nicholas Kutzin
    Nicholas Kutzin Day ago +1

    I thought the whole point of a popsicle is that it keeps you cool while it’s burning hot outside. So, what’s the point of a gummy popsicle?

  • ta mi
    ta mi Day ago

    Do they not understand why people eat popsicles

  • Phoenix Hunter
    Phoenix Hunter Day ago +1

    1:10 kid accidentally buys the jellybeans
    Oh no no NO

    Heh OHHYEABOI Day ago

    Hahaah diabetes

  • Mel Serrano
    Mel Serrano Day ago

    Gummy popsicle wont make you cool down tho

  • Marielle Pfann
    Marielle Pfann Day ago

    does danny smoke

  • MrF1imFlamy YT
    MrF1imFlamy YT Day ago

    *one deep fried water*

  • dewitha suhardi
    dewitha suhardi Day ago

    At bean boozled I swallowed a bean that taste rotten egg

  • TLM
    TLM 2 days ago

    1:44 Me when I get a deep fryer

  • ツNuulcoolpro
    ツNuulcoolpro 2 days ago

    No one:
    Comments: tHiS iS hOw mAnY vAt SaYeD bAcOn

  • Mike Vaknansky
    Mike Vaknansky 2 days ago

    I changed the comment so the replies won’t make sense

  • celineseah21
    celineseah21 2 days ago

    Tbh i life toothpaste more than blueberry

  • GamerWhatNow -EG-
    GamerWhatNow -EG- 2 days ago

    The Gummy Cola Bottle thing really got my attention. Because, why not..