Beat Me 1 Vs 1 Basketball.. I'll Buy You Anything!

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • 1 vs 1 Basketball, if you beat me ill buy you anything!
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Comments • 2 721

  • mix k16
    mix k16 2 days ago

    2 45 is that jesse or harden

  • Nathan Sanders
    Nathan Sanders 10 days ago

    Jesse always laughs before someone’s joke is over so you can’t hear the joke

  • Waiter Joesh
    Waiter Joesh 11 days ago

    Jesser: 10% from 3, 15% overall

  • Zalen Orr
    Zalen Orr 11 days ago


  • Not_Dreww
    Not_Dreww 15 days ago

    Zach made kris look selfish 😂

  • Austin Fullmer
    Austin Fullmer 16 days ago

    Gave it away when Zach was at the store lol

  • Caden Beaty
    Caden Beaty 16 days ago

    Jesser: makes a layup, adds a beat drop
    Zach: makes a half courter and adds nothing

  • Faze_ MarioAtkins
    Faze_ MarioAtkins 16 days ago

    Can I 1v1 you?

  • Sean Van Etten
    Sean Van Etten 26 days ago +1

    R.I.P. Carl Ruiz

  • Nathan Cunningham
    Nathan Cunningham 28 days ago

    Why did he get two points at 4:53

  • ahsan someone
    ahsan someone Month ago

    This is a 3pt 4:49

  • Jonah M
    Jonah M Month ago

    At 4:50 kris makes a jumper and the score counts it as a three

  • Corbin Richardson
    Corbin Richardson Month ago

    Are Jesser and jidele brothers

  • TrulyFatboy
    TrulyFatboy Month ago

    Jesser has to focus more if he wants to make his threes idk why he is not doing it

  • BalZe The baller
    BalZe The baller Month ago

    Jesser your my favorite 2hype member

  • Isaac Coard
    Isaac Coard Month ago

    Zack is literally the best dude in 2HYPE

  • RW B-Ball
    RW B-Ball Month ago

    zack is the best 3 point shooter in 2hype change my mind

  • jason ryan
    jason ryan Month ago

    Still love you though

  • jason ryan
    jason ryan Month ago

    To many off balanced shots

  • Christian Sancruzado

    Jess is the best shooter honestly

  • Jacob Treiber
    Jacob Treiber Month ago

    Bro I am so tired of James can he just not be in anymore videos he so annoying lmao

  • Collin Kelley
    Collin Kelley Month ago

    Zach is the best

  • Hois
    Hois Month ago

    Your editing is bad

  • michael lachnicht
    michael lachnicht Month ago

    Zach's a G

  • Gustiukstis LTU
    Gustiukstis LTU Month ago

    You are the super

  • Shayen Anthony
    Shayen Anthony Month ago

    Jiedel is so fucking funny bro😂

  • Jason Bawitlung
    Jason Bawitlung Month ago +1

    5:23 i see zack with you. I assume he got the W as well

    DONT TRIp Month ago

    i didn’t use to fw zach but recently he’s been that nigga ngl

  • Scott MacGregor
    Scott MacGregor Month ago +1

    2:17 Jrodel’s knees are weak because he’s on them all the time.

  • Maaz Kazmi
    Maaz Kazmi Month ago

    jessser sucks at basketball

    VAPELIFE ReD Month ago

    Good boi zack 👏

  • Fredd K .
    Fredd K . Month ago +1

    2:07 this guy rlly tried to do the DeMar DeRozan💀💀

  • Brayden Nguyen
    Brayden Nguyen Month ago

    bring back the intro!!

  • InfiniteBaskeTball
    InfiniteBaskeTball Month ago

    ეეე jeser ყლე ხარ

  • Joemariano22
    Joemariano22 Month ago +1

    Literally no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Puts a beat drop over a layup

  • Rap Galvez
    Rap Galvez Month ago +1

    4:52 how is that a 3? Can somebody tell me how?

  • Austin Dubeshter
    Austin Dubeshter Month ago

    4:50 bruh that is CLEARLY not a 3 dog

  • mike todd
    mike todd Month ago

    Jiedel trying to be an off brand dirk over here

  • ZeMariam Ephrem
    ZeMariam Ephrem Month ago

    Nobody noticed the footlocker and Nordstrom in Zacks hands

  • Jamison Reid
    Jamison Reid Month ago +1

    Is anyone here in 2042

  • Ali Hani
    Ali Hani Month ago +1

    no one:
    zach:"he blocked it it"

  • Kylan Polk
    Kylan Polk Month ago

    Jesser reminds me of Luka

  • Mr. GINGER
    Mr. GINGER Month ago

    I wanna see more of James and Jessie play

  • Brock Morgan
    Brock Morgan Month ago

    Jiedel can be the funniest in game trash talker if he had the balls

  • Julian Keen
    Julian Keen Month ago

    7:35 Zach was traveling, but it doesn’t matters

  • Chuck Littzi
    Chuck Littzi Month ago

    Anyone else that kris on one of his 3 pointers he was way over the line and still got the 3

  • Starter Studios
    Starter Studios Month ago +1


  • Emerson Baker
    Emerson Baker Month ago

    Jesse hooping in the Lebron 9s 👀

  • Ayden Mudd
    Ayden Mudd Month ago

    I’d whoop Zach 1v1 fly me down to the house and I’ll put 200 on it

  • Robi Johnston
    Robi Johnston Month ago

    At 4:52 when Kris shot the ball and made it in front of the three point line they counted it as two

  • Miles Barber
    Miles Barber Month ago

    Don’t complain about your shot just go on defense and if you did not complain about your shot Zack or kris wouldn’t make their shot and kris would not go shopping 🛍

  • Jacob Mua
    Jacob Mua Month ago

    Zach is g for that

  • Kai The God
    Kai The God Month ago

    4:26 naruto cloud sound effect

  • snipersnake 275510
    snipersnake 275510 Month ago

    Jesser does a double step back at 1:18

  • Khameron Harris
    Khameron Harris Month ago

    James trash talking is the bid😂😂😂😂

  • A Zamora
    A Zamora Month ago

    4:50 shortest three pointer ever

  • Jcob 12
    Jcob 12 Month ago

    Damn zack kind af

  • Jcob 12
    Jcob 12 Month ago

    Bruh jiedel almost beat him

  • Ryan’s A TTV
    Ryan’s A TTV Month ago

    Jesser hate to say this but your kind of trash

  • ThomasFan 01
    ThomasFan 01 Month ago

    James needs a damn haircut