Surviving R. Kelly - Drea Kelly, R. Kelly's ex wife speaks her truth on domestic violence

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
  • Val sat down with Drea Kelly. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, she is a dancer, choreographer and mother. She was also married to R Kelly for 13 years.
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  • What A Life
    What A Life 2 days ago

    I believe in every word she said. Well spoken

  • Nafisatu Mansaray
    Nafisatu Mansaray 4 days ago

    Am impressed by R Kelley's wife. she's strong and bold love her 😙😙.Am happy she's free now

  • Mr. Anonymous Bytch
    Mr. Anonymous Bytch 4 days ago +1

    Do anyone wonder why she still has his last name? If she hates him so much.

  • Anetta J
    Anetta J 7 days ago

    Wonderful woman !

  • La Belle Desire Fanou

    Yeap it’s so true my brother was very abuse to his girlfriend I have witnessed the changing face when that happened.

  • Laiona Michelle
    Laiona Michelle 12 days ago


  • frankytalks
    frankytalks 12 days ago

    amazing woman. thank you for speaking out

  • Rachel Jones
    Rachel Jones 13 days ago

    Girl bye.... Change your damn name then......

  • Jaurden Services
    Jaurden Services 15 days ago

    She sound emotional abuser too. She can start the fight and when his husband fight back, she cries out loud as she has done nothing. Man doesn't like women who speak to much like that too. Careful to judge to quick

  • Jacqueline Blakely
    Jacqueline Blakely 17 days ago

    She’s an inspiration and a class act!

  • J Reynolds
    J Reynolds 22 days ago

    Shes lying.

  • Soul'e Rhymez
    Soul'e Rhymez 24 days ago

    I love this Woman

  • Shannon Renis
    Shannon Renis 25 days ago

    There is a pattern here with this man he keeps getting arrested. He may be set free but that's not unheard of. That doesn't mean he didn't do it. And that sure as hell doesn't make him innocent

  • corviaus
    corviaus 26 days ago

    This woman is being paid to do this SHIT...i see through the BULLSHIT not falling for it

  • corviaus
    corviaus 26 days ago

    She full of BULLSHIT!!!!

  • LaShon Gibson
    LaShon Gibson 27 days ago

    Andrea looooooooves attention.

  • Teri Longacre
    Teri Longacre 27 days ago

    This is one beautiful strong woman🤗 Survivor of domestic violence as well and left my ex husband for the same reason she explained. My daughter was 3 at the time, will be 21 next month. I raised her on my own and bought my own house and paid my own bills and still do. Independence is a beautiful thing!! My heart breaks for women who aren’t strong enough to leave. R Kelly will get his. Karma! My ex used to tell me I would never be able to buy my own home, 16 years later✌️Nothing will ever keep a good woman down! BIG RED FLAGS, CONTROLLING BEHAVIOR! Run!!!

  • B Angelic
    B Angelic 27 days ago

    Love you Drea 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

  • B Angelic
    B Angelic 27 days ago

    For the ppl that thinks she’s lying are soulless mfs

  • B Angelic
    B Angelic 27 days ago +1

    She gives me chills..the transparency ❤️

  • iquanyin
    iquanyin 29 days ago

    good interview

  • zemzem Trade
    zemzem Trade 29 days ago +1

    One reason we should be fearful of committing oppression is that Allah will always answer the supplication of an oppressed person.
    The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:
    "Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, for there is no barrier between it and Allah."

  • tasha myles
    tasha myles 29 days ago

    This BITCH

  • Tammy Frayer
    Tammy Frayer Month ago

    People need to wait until the whole truth comes out about drea she's a great talker but why didn't she speak up for those girls in her home i believe she was terribly abused but I also believe she helped him with those girls in the housekeeping how this man treated her dream stayed with this man for the money now that the money is gone now she's talking there's a God who knows it all everything will come out drew trying to speak out so she won't go down with r.k. Robert left her dream was not gonna leave much as she praised that man with all his darkness and all dr ea is the greatest manipulatorthis woman never brings up her kids unless she's taking about r.k.

  • s _r1
    s _r1 Month ago

    Very intelligent woman

  • Lizzard Roscoe
    Lizzard Roscoe Month ago

    This long headed heifer need to have several seats! You wasn't screaming abuse when you was spending that mans money or on video tapes doing splits the "D" allegedly! GTFOH!

  • mike jackson
    mike jackson Month ago

    She needs to be gangbanged

  • lydiah okoth
    lydiah okoth Month ago

  • Kristi Gator
    Kristi Gator Month ago

    So abused she kept his last name! 😂😂😂 fake ass

  • MELANIE boulevard
    MELANIE boulevard Month ago

    Sheee iz disgustingly

  • Amanda mandy
    Amanda mandy Month ago

    I hate this lady drea such a lying bitch

  • Vanessa Holbert
    Vanessa Holbert Month ago

    Drea ur awesome! Thank you for all that u do to help these women!

  • Retasha Flowers
    Retasha Flowers Month ago

    Stop lying Drea!!!

  • Dorcas abubakar
    Dorcas abubakar Month ago

    I'm not sure to believe you mam. Sorry!

  • Prossy Kusemererwa
    Prossy Kusemererwa Month ago

    I have a bf with exactly such abusive characters

  • B Ivos
    B Ivos Month ago +1

    I believe her because I was there, and that's exactly what is happening having a husband like that.

  • lavishhappyduck
    lavishhappyduck Month ago

    I love her. Thank you for the inspiration

  • CJ C.
    CJ C. Month ago

    You are a beautiful example of a woman, WOW!

  • Lisa Fowler
    Lisa Fowler Month ago

    I love listening to her speak!

  • Jackie Foster
    Jackie Foster Month ago


  • Lala Luna
    Lala Luna Month ago

    Such a strong beautiful women❤️

  • TheDelaLee
    TheDelaLee Month ago

    Wow what a beautiful woman

  • Rolanda Thompson
    Rolanda Thompson Month ago

    Really lady stop it........

  • nick duzak
    nick duzak Month ago

    Wise words and Wise Woman!

  • BB Joy
    BB Joy Month ago

    Why is she still named "Kelly"?

  • Linda Hillis
    Linda Hillis Month ago

    I am a white women..but you are my hero..I had a samilar story..although I am not famous..

  • Schrute Farms
    Schrute Farms Month ago

    Father, heal more domestic violence victims like Andrea. Give them the strength to leave these relationships and restore their brokenness. In Jesus name. ❤️

  • Venus July
    Venus July Month ago

    I agree with it’s her I came from a abusive husband

  • meteorgarden89
    meteorgarden89 Month ago

    🙌 this woman

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo Month ago

    Media whore just trying to make money off of him. You want a job a show please your full of your self everyone uses him for money gold digger ,user ,and losers.

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo Month ago

    Your making people hate him it going to effect you money shut up with the lies your all about money and revenge

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo Month ago

    The truth is she 50 million and 20 thousand a month she get for her interview. She got her hair done must of got that good child support, bit---- you stayed 13 years. Emotional that he trade you in for young girls. Your stupid you stayed 13 years. Revenge is all you want and more money he should sue you you making up crap so you can make money interviews are money and revenge I saw you smiling when he went to jail your turning evil

  • Sherrod MacS
    Sherrod MacS Month ago +3

    Why you keep his last name? He is a dark place in your life. I don't want to share my life with him. Change your last name.

    • Sherrod MacS
      Sherrod MacS Month ago +1

      +Bella Jory My focus is on his ex wife continuing to bash him calling it a dark place in her life Yet continuing to use his last name. Yes the peeing video looked like him but the jury of his peers said not guilty. So I am not sure what really happened. I love Alliyah but she never spoke on that marriage situation which yes it was wrong. The 2 women living with him now they are adults and seem content. There is no crime there. All these other ladies Sparkle and the others were legal age. Many of them had their own agenda. Everything was fine until he moved on but if they got that music deal hmmn???? So I want the evidence not he said, she said. Ms. Dreya Kelly did not say anything that sound illegal. He sound more like a bad husband and a questionable parent.

    • Bella Jory
      Bella Jory Month ago

      Sherrod MacS When there is 20 + women coming out with the same stories since the 90’s, it should be taken seriously. He married Aaliyah when she was 15, there is a video of him peeing on a very young woman. I’ve never said ‘I can judge R.Kelly’ I only explained to you very kindly I think, that it did cross my mind as well why she would keep his last name. But that it’s a very complicated experience and keeping his last name could have to do with her children etc. I never said anything about R.Kelly in my comment. Only about the woman in the video. But I would hope you agree that so many accusations should be taken seriously and investigated.

    • Sherrod MacS
      Sherrod MacS Month ago

      +Bella Jory We can judge R Kelly but we can't judge the people who are on tv making negative comments toward him?

    • Bella Jory
      Bella Jory Month ago

      Sherrod MacS Must admit that did cross my mind for a second. But I also know everyone deals and heals differently. We do not know her life and struggles, we really are not to judge. Keeping his last name doesn’t mean she’s lying.

  • Kick J
    Kick J Month ago

    Complains about the abuse but still keeps the last name. Sounds like a clout chaser to me

  • Nicollrf
    Nicollrf Month ago

    Her story ALWAYS sounds sooo every interview she always says the exact same examples of abuse n shit weird!!!


    Every body needs a Drea in their life. A mentor like her can move so many. Well done lady. Well said. 😊

  • Mazy Bee
    Mazy Bee Month ago +1

    Wow. So inspiring to listen to, now that is a person who has been through a lot. Thank you for sharing your strength. P.s I have the same big smile too. Keep smiling. Not many people are educated enough to understand what it took for you to speak out and on t.v . Well done!!

  • Vee T
    Vee T Month ago

    Such a strong lady! Never give up ... She gets out of very bad situation and manage to stay positive and inspiring! "Throw ring in the pond"👌💃

  • Edwin Maina (HIS/Oncology Sales Lead)

    This is a Blessed, Powerful and Strong woman. God fearing and Legit in every way. She's also exceptionally gorgeous. Nuff Said

  • Michelle Moseley
    Michelle Moseley Month ago


  • karma007live
    karma007live Month ago

    Its odd to me that being in an abusive relationship for 13 years and yet you only have the exact same few incidents you tell. There should be a plethora of occasions of abuse! Its easy to study a few small lines and recite them verbatim over and over again. IJS

  • karma007live
    karma007live Month ago


  • Luvleopard Conway
    Luvleopard Conway Month ago

    Speak Drea!!! I support you and all the women that go through what you have gone through!! God bless and best of luck!!

  • jekake matthew
    jekake matthew Month ago

    How hard it is for a man like him to be the responsible head in the house without been seen as abusive when you look into their relationship story.
    1)She became a wife from being an employee. Adjustments of relationship needs to be made here. Sure gonna struggle here.
    2) she will have to cope with the fame.
    3)He would easily be proud with the fame and attentions. Being a boss and same time being a husband. Huge mix up
    4)He may struggles to manage attention from other ladies and that might be too much for her.
    It is not often easy with the celebrity lives, there are always so much to deal with.

    SANDY Month ago

    👏👏👏love her

  • Kimberly Lee Mama Kim

    She may not be lying but she also engaged in sex with minors so it’s a jail cell ready for her as well.

  • Don’tbeafraidtotellthetruth

    She chats shit

  • Eva Eagle
    Eva Eagle Month ago

    I think shes just making a buck or two making interviews about R.Kelly cause hes struggling with money due to his music not selling anymore . so shes not receiving the child support money like before. Open your eyes people😒

  • Kelly Greene
    Kelly Greene Month ago

    She is so very poised and an AMAZING woman !!! She is truly an encouragement for women, she nailed it when she explained how physical abuse is the last step. She is such an educated, beautiful and strong woman !

  • alicia maulana
    alicia maulana Month ago


  • Tracy Shad
    Tracy Shad Month ago

    Am sorry but Am not beliving this woman one bit.

  • Fat Momma
    Fat Momma Month ago

    Look at her. She's NO victim!

  • The AmericaJay
    The AmericaJay Month ago

    That ugly cry sound changed real quick once she asked about the online store 🤷🏼‍♂️ 12:05 - 12:25

  • Forever Young
    Forever Young Month ago

    Liar liar liar liar liar 🤥 why you stayed why you got that name still why you watch all them kids be rape then LOL LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR

  • Forever Young
    Forever Young Month ago

    Liar 🤥 she so ugly WHY YOU NOT IN JAIL SEEING ALL THEM YOUNG GIRLS ABUSED SHE NOT INNOCENT SHE SMILING ALL THAT bitch bye all y’all miss his dick and money

  • angiepangie51
    angiepangie51 Month ago

    Beautiful woman!

  • Sabrina Mariee
    Sabrina Mariee Month ago +6

    The type of person she’s describing, is considered Narcissistic Personality Disorder.. To the outside ppl they’re one way, but behind closed doors they are nothing but evil. #Survivor

    • Sabrina Mariee
      Sabrina Mariee Month ago

      I definitely understand. I’ve learned that it’s pointless to try to explain what really happened behind closed door, cause everyone is like “well that’s just hard to believe, I don’t think he would do something like that”...

    • Bella Jory
      Bella Jory Month ago +1

      Sabrina Mariee 100% true. I’ve lived it and fortunately I got out before it got really physical. But the emotional, verbal abuse and controlling manipulation was awful. Yet everyone around me, especially the people not really close to me thought he was a charming, outgoing witty guy.

  • olivia jordan
    olivia jordan Month ago

    Why the Amber comment? I'm not offended but what is her point? White girls often arn't believed either. What does girls being brown have to do with it? I think I missed her point on that one. She is very well spoken and I believe credible.

    CECE TN Month ago

    Listen I know this is a important interview and everything but can somebody tell me where Val got that green dress from please. She is wearing the hell out of that dress!

  • Guinevere Jones
    Guinevere Jones Month ago

    What a wonderful woman.

  • Me E
    Me E Month ago

    Why have 3 children with someone who is abusive? I left 6 months pregnant with my belongings in a hefty sack. That was 27 years ago...She stayed...ridiculous. she isn't heroic,she should of left. That is what a strong woman does!

  • Marcia Zak
    Marcia Zak Month ago

    Disturbing what happens to anyone in an abused life...But why is the wife traveling all over doing the kids father like that..not once but all over...she is damaging even worst her kids..cuz ppl all over the world will blame her in the end cuz they will...tell these kids..your mama went all around spking about your why can't see no body cares about these kids all self-centered. ....Ness. ..painful yes...but what's behind going all over the country. .The man need help ppl all over the world sees he need help..his mind I'd messed up with a demon spirit. ...

  • Alisa Lauzon
    Alisa Lauzon Month ago

    This woman is a wonderful example to women in abused relationships, I wish Id heard her common sense when Id been young and in a Abusive marriage, with no morale support. Family members loving his great personality, character and personality are 2 diffrent things.

  • mzcool71
    mzcool71 Month ago

    She so fake!

  • David R
    David R Month ago

    What a strong, smart, well poised, and BEAUTIFUL person! She and Tina Turner should do motivational speaking.

  • Wood Mondesir
    Wood Mondesir Month ago

    Finely articulated interview. Beautiful woman with beautiful smile. Very convincing. BUT WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN EVIDENCES? A couple of sweet or sad, smiling or crying faces accusing somebody of physical/sexual abuse cannot be enough to send someone to jail and ruin their lives for ever. Evidence, evidence, evidence. Wait for the court verdict.

  • rodbattle37
    rodbattle37 Month ago

    Again why would u keep his last name. This chick in full of it

  • rodbattle37
    rodbattle37 Month ago

    Okay if all those women were being held again there well . Where was all the guards because R. Kelly had to sleep right And you mean to tell me they Couldn’t have ran. I mean and I hearing this. Man is taking women against their will. Not a single woman but woman someone have to guard them right.

  • carole coward
    carole coward Month ago +4

    You told it so beautifully. I'm so glad God gave you the courage to get you and your Children out of such abused relationship. Love listen to your story.

  • Baby Sinclair
    Baby Sinclair Month ago

    But She Still Wearing His Last Name Tho...

  • Esther George
    Esther George Month ago

    Very interested and inspiring God bless you 💓👍👍👍

  • Erica Brooks
    Erica Brooks Month ago

    They should leave r Kelly alone I think r Kelly is innocent and why don't the media n everybody else go after illuminati and cults and the real monsters that are sex trafficking.if the man was white and this black girl accused him they wouldn't believe her u feel me .LEAVE RKELLY THE FUCK ALONE PEOPLE EVERYBODY HATING N TRY TO DESTROY SOMEONE'S CAREER ESPECIALLY BEING BLACK N HAVING HATE MEDIA GETTING UO IN SOMEBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS N TWISTING TURNING THINGS AROUND U FEEL ME .FUCK THE HATE MEDIA SOME ONE NEEDS TO MESS UP PEOPLE LIFE THAT WORK IN THE HATE MEDIA

  • D Blomgren
    D Blomgren Month ago


  • Katie Dawson
    Katie Dawson Month ago

    Very inspirational!! Thank you for speaking out. You did the right thing! Tell your story, we need to hear it. I love how she said your soul is worth more than any amount of money. ❤️

  • Team na na
    Team na na Month ago

    R keyy is a sick soul so is her what women got kids from a man talkin about there daddy live T V she hurting her kids she mad at him . she still stayed had kids from him.

  • Cathy Gallaher
    Cathy Gallaher Month ago

    Narcissi (recipe)

  • Hannah Cassar
    Hannah Cassar Month ago

    Such a smart woman and I'm glad she s speaking about what she went true bc it inspires others to speak about their experience

  • kathy keranen
    kathy keranen Month ago

    2 words ''Control FREAK'' Get out and get HELP!!!!!

  • Justyna Buniowska-Mate

    if you are in abusive situation - leave

  • English Please
    English Please Month ago

    Oh no she is much better now. Glad to see she will get more money.