Surviving R. Kelly - Drea Kelly, R. Kelly's ex wife speaks her truth on domestic violence

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
  • Val sat down with Drea Kelly. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, she is a dancer, choreographer and mother. She was also married to R Kelly for 13 years.
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  • LiLmSzDiVa
    LiLmSzDiVa 4 hours ago

    I love to hear her tell this story. I’m so glad she got away from that monster. Good for you and the other ladies that got away. God bless them.

  • Collins oche.
    Collins oche. 14 hours ago

    all these women are all saying thesame thing as if they knew each other.

  • Josephine
    Josephine 15 hours ago

    I will go on yr website and follow you rwt away......someone who knows me well will know why am following you...Thx you so much for speaking out to the speechless women out there 😭😭😭

  • Marcus Ward
    Marcus Ward Day ago

    #MeToo It Happens to Men | Marcus Ward Show

  • Tanya Gibbons
    Tanya Gibbons 2 days ago

    I love her ❤
    There truly isnt a type of person who gets abused and from the outisde you would never think she would be one. She is sooo strong .

    • Marcus Ward
      Marcus Ward Day ago

      #MeToo It Happens to Men | Marcus Ward Show

    HEADCRACKA MUSIC 7 days ago

    This big lip woman had 3, not one but 3 bad as kids by hem, If he really Treated you like shit you would have been left!!!! If you need money this is not the way to goooooo. GO start feeling out applications at home depot are public's😂😂 somewhere my dear & let the heartbreak goooooo!!!

    • Marcus Ward
      Marcus Ward Day ago

      #MeToo It Happens to Men | Marcus Ward Show

  • Leah Quispe
    Leah Quispe 9 days ago +1

    When you finally understand they don't Love You, and Never did you can Let Go, You start to see things as they are!!!!!
    The Peace of Leaving is so Phenomenal!!!!! 6 Years Free!!!!

  • Eric Feick
    Eric Feick 10 days ago

    Black women need to stop persecuting us black kings and show support for your black kings...did I mention we are black kings?

    • Marcus Ward
      Marcus Ward Day ago

      #MeToo It Happens to Men | Marcus Ward Show

  • Rachelle Bishop
    Rachelle Bishop 11 days ago

    All the women and Drea are liars!! It’s as plain as the nose on my face! A toddler could figure this out! It’s not rocket science people!!

  • Rachelle Bishop
    Rachelle Bishop 11 days ago

    If Drea didn’t want to be controlled, then why did she stay? If he abused her physically, then why did she stay? Why didn’t any of these ho’s go to the police?? Get real!!

  • Rachelle Bishop
    Rachelle Bishop 11 days ago

    It’s all about bagging that money Drea. Rob is innocent!

  • jesenia figueroa
    jesenia figueroa 12 days ago

    Yes girl I got out of my abusive relationship but I put myself thru hell because I was so broken I'm alot better today

  • Bryan Green
    Bryan Green 15 days ago

    Ugly ass r kelly shouldn't gave this ugly bitch a chance she was a faker from the start

  • Bryan Green
    Bryan Green 15 days ago

    One fake ass bitch

  • Mitchell Cutmore
    Mitchell Cutmore 17 days ago +1

    Wow what a strong, motivated, determine women,god bless you,xo

  • Paul Mendez
    Paul Mendez 19 days ago

    6:35 cringe

  • ANT5003
    ANT5003 20 days ago

    This woman is full of shit 😂 she was probably sexually abusing kids with him over the 13 years.

  • Kate Shkvar
    Kate Shkvar 20 days ago

    Wow she is so beautiful inside and out. There’s a light in her eyes, God bless her heart ❤️

  • Eve30
    Eve30 22 days ago

    Drea is a JEALOUS BITCH! People did you hear her attitude , she is ghetto mouthy and rude. No wonder she claimed she got him angry. She is looking a hype with her squeaky crying for persons to feel sorry for her then it suddenly stops. What a witch? Get a life BITCH?

  • Eve30
    Eve30 22 days ago

    You bitch, you are looking a hype!
    Why you didn't go to prison seem as if you wanted to kill him. You bitch is looking a hype!

  • Eve30
    Eve30 22 days ago

    He should have never married you, you are a LIAR?

  • Eve30
    Eve30 22 days ago

    Liar you are a real bitch Rea Kelly, yes you now he was vulnerable so thats why you are such a lying witch!

  • Phillip jones
    Phillip jones 24 days ago

    i just want all the truth to come out from both sides, it’s too many holes. i have seen both sides; a women being mistreated and men being lied on (do research). let the evidence speak and not just voices.

  • Jimmy Wagner
    Jimmy Wagner 24 days ago

    Robert Kelly u don't haft to lie know are going to be in prison for the rest of life. R.Kelly you just didn't believe what done in dark will soon show in the light Man you was brain washing kids am going to be true with about whole situation you know what you was doing and you just didn't care.

  • GOLDEN Girl
    GOLDEN Girl Month ago

    Behind every smile is a tear !


    look at this at fake bitch😂😂😂....he ain't profitable to her dumbass no more now she talkin out her black hoes are the fuckin worst bruh😂😂😂....this is the same bitch that was on ig singing along to his music after all she said😂 and stop using his sir name to stay relevant bitch change it.

  • Sam Mbabazi
    Sam Mbabazi Month ago

    Here in Africa, physical, emotional, and financial abuse is an everyday occurance, it's almost a lifestyle. And about 95% of women will never think about leaving the marriage bcoz of culture and religion! Sorry Andrea Kelly, I think u are being truthful.

  • Forrest Gump
    Forrest Gump Month ago

    Anyone else notice that one nail isn't yellow lol wonder if she knows that

  • Ahmed Al Harthy
    Ahmed Al Harthy Month ago

    I saw lots of videos of people who did try to commit SUICIDE but they weren't talking about it with a smile on their faces, women are true snakes they would do or say anything.

  • Karinia Kara
    Karinia Kara Month ago

    Your awsome keep it up

  • Lauren Kappes
    Lauren Kappes Month ago

    It is crazy to me how anyone could say this woman is making this up or trivializing what she went through. You can hear her voice quiver and see the animation in her face of pain and of healing. The worst thing you can do in this life is invalidate and shame another human being’s TRUTH. Their very real experiences and real damage they suffered from them. Judge lest ye be judged. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • WilliamBernard BROWN

    No, the problem is that women don't date Darnell with a bus pass and no job. He's probably the one who will treat them right

  • Diana Trimble
    Diana Trimble Month ago

    Why does she think that R Kelly wouldn't have gotten away with it for so long if his victims were white? Famous actresses were abused by Weinstein for decades. Women of all races were abused by Bill Cosby for decades. I hate the way the disempowered pit themselves against one another instead of coming together. White girls were abused by Einstein for decades. The question is why are the men getting away with it for so long, it's not to do with what color skin did their victims have, it's to do with the gender power imbalance in society and the role of money in skewing the justice system!

  • Chip Altman
    Chip Altman Month ago

    Is that bitch got two eyebrows

  • Queen Pierce
    Queen Pierce Month ago

    A Woman's Worth / Know Your Worth

  • Ms. Love Lace
    Ms. Love Lace Month ago +1

    Sad, when money runs out, everyone runs there mouth about how they were used, and abused, but continued to do as told for the money. No money, now they are MAD. GOT PLAYED!

  • Michael jones
    Michael jones Month ago

    This witch will be exposed.

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Month ago

    Thank you Miss for standing up to R Kelly and his abuse because no one deserve the abuse no woman and no guy but only guy will get the abuse and no one will care

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Month ago

    You never hear about the guys getting abused no it's bias it's only one way even if the guy sick and he's getting abused you will never get help

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Month ago

    This is proof not only white woman against you but black woman is against you too so it's better off being with white women cuz they have more respect

  • Frank Makhubela
    Frank Makhubela Month ago +1

    3:43..who on earth would answer a question like that with a such huge smile? You can tell she enjoying this attention, publicity and all the payments, cheques that comes with it. Really now, someone who went though abuse would that person talk about her abuse showing excitement like she does on this video? Its confusing, or are they trying g to brainwash us all?

  • Raw seduction
    Raw seduction Month ago

    I gt chocked up twice watching this..

  • Smash Mean
    Smash Mean Month ago

    Love her.

  • Glenn Taylor
    Glenn Taylor Month ago

    Black women are fake women...An im a blackman from the fucking gutters of all they bullshit. God doesnt have nothing to do with these dark evil demons from hell. Your nothing

  • Glenn Taylor
    Glenn Taylor Month ago

    Bicth is a ugly monster he should of choke her out an killed her ass he would be better off. Without the talk to much ass mother fuckers. Black women always claim blackmen abuse them. All of blackwoman like to run there mouths have hand problems also. Im not paying none of these fake hair an everything else fake ass whores no mind. See her slap her.

    DAMON MARKS Month ago

    This is so sad to watch R. Kelly's ex-wife enthusiastic about sending him to prison for the rest of his life!! Wow I guess there really is a thin line between love & hate!!

  • Zero Naut
    Zero Naut Month ago

    This is a typical predator. Preys on impressionable and naive women like a parasite. Why is this serial rapist not on death row

  • Sheila Macias
    Sheila Macias Month ago

    Keep telling your story

  • Mememalicious
    Mememalicious Month ago

    This is just stupid make him take a lie detector test on like Steve Wilkos like com on lie detectors don’t lie

  • BeeBex
    BeeBex Month ago

    Just sad they divorced. She said R Kelly complained about some of the things she was wearing being to revealing. Wasn't she supposed to know that a wife needs to look differently from these wayward hustlers ? And Kelly wants her to be a HOUSEWIFE but she just wasn't that. Kelly has met a lot of beautiful women and can have one of them for a wife but many beautiful women have flaws because they're mostly cheats. Kelly probably fell for her because she was reading a Bible, which made her appear different from other hustlers and half naked looking players who basically are all about games.
    Many men will admire a half naked or naked woman and may want to sleep with her. But when it comes to having a wife, they prefer the conservative. Sadly, when certain women marry certain men , especially stars, they begin to dress like hustlers maybe because they feel threatened or maybe suddenly possessed. Either way, she may call God all she wants and jive in the claps of ignorant people praising her but for throwing your wedding ring into a pond and initiating that you were walking away was breaking God's laws. That alone was against your marital vows " for better for worse, in riches or poverty ". The storm of marriage came and you walked. Notice what she said right after saying she threw her wedding ring in a pond. She said she's NOT a prisoner. To her, marriage is a prison. She wants to be FREE and probably hang out with other guys.
    Kelly has been noticing way too many things that usually gets him angry. Many women are terrible. You'll tell them not to do something and the next moment they've done multiple of that. Th preacher in the Bible says, one thing he found more bitter than death is a woman. They can be sweet. But when they team up with Satan, you will experience hell on earth. Kelly may not be perfect because he's surrounded by the world because of his music but she shouldn't have walked away.

  • Brenda Spoon
    Brenda Spoon Month ago

    R.kelly allowed demons to come in Him. Loving his money! And power he had ? Because of his fame and popularity.. This woman is a beautiful soul.. This woman deserves some of that money.. She was his wife! And his children needs to be supported. White woman gets there money regardless? She's not bashing him. But speaking truth. And thank God she got AWAY...this woman is speaking volume.... Strong and beautiful. Was his wife. But he didn't see her as a wife. Cause of his jealousy controlling low self esteem and loving his money. Demon possessed..that was his dark familiar with some of the things she said about been abused...It took God to deliver me with my life too..Emmanuel..than u sister Kelly...

  • Brenda Spoon
    Brenda Spoon Month ago

    She is beautiful and her daughter. Very intelligent and graceful..woman.

  • Curtsicee Smith
    Curtsicee Smith Month ago

    That's your fault you should've left when you had the chance

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    THIS Andrea IS a professional Lair, Rkelly didn't stand a chance WITH ALL OF THESE crooked people around HIM, AND HIM suffering WITH desliya,,THE COULD steal,ALL of HIS money,lie,anything THEY WANTED TO do,Aalliya family HAS the rights to his music,,,BUT every body thinks that SHE WAS THIS Angel, NOT GOING to speak bad about THE deceased, BUT HER parents knew exactly WHAT THEY WERE planning,

  • Jocelyn Graham
    Jocelyn Graham Month ago

    black so called family issues should be private when you have children together

  • Resee Cee
    Resee Cee Month ago

    Girl bye.... Omg your stories...

  • Resee Cee
    Resee Cee Month ago


  • Resee Cee
    Resee Cee Month ago +3

    Drea has most of you journalist really buying this sob ass lie. "Cheers 2 Drea" I wonder what the reaction will be when she's indicted. I know many journalists that wouldn't even entertain the thought.

  • SJ336
    SJ336 Month ago

    uuuhh... which pond, please?
    not even kidding, LOL!

  • SJ336
    SJ336 Month ago

    actually, when you think about it, MOMMA jokes could be a. sign of misogyny