rSlash Entitledparents "ENTITLED MOM DEMANDS OUR SEATS!” r/entitledparents Top Posts of All Time

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • rSlash Entitledparents "ENTITLED MOM DEMANDS OUR SEATS!” r/entitledparents Top Posts of All Time
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    Subscribe to rSlash / Mr Reddit for daily reddit cringe. I post comedy readings of Reddit posts and Reddit stories like r/entitltedparents, r/choosingbeggars, and r/prorevenge. I’m greatly inspired by the top reddit posts of all time videos and reddit stories on TVclip and wanted to try doing them myself.
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  • r/mr reddit
    r/mr reddit  3 months ago +10

    Which story did you like the most?
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    • Darrell Scholl
      Darrell Scholl 3 months ago

      Family are the first ones to do you dirty first hand experience

    • Bob Bjk
      Bob Bjk 3 months ago

      Ur voice for Karen i s quite funny

    • Jack Mick
      Jack Mick 3 months ago

      I swear you sound like a narrator in a audio book for the english story books on middle school lol

    • Khaeldranis
      Khaeldranis 3 months ago

      The TOG one hit home for me as a Navy vet but that last one with the bitch of an aunt takes the cake, platter and the bloody table.

  • Plazole Games
    Plazole Games 5 days ago

    This is my first video here and let me say you have the sexiest voice

  • M Byerly
    M Byerly 14 days ago

    "If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man." Mark Twain

  • Samsonian
    Samsonian 18 days ago

    That last story sadly reminded me of why I don’t trust people anymore. I tried to help a “friend” that had fallen on hard times. TLDR: turns out he and his girlfriend were heroin addicts and not only didn’t contribute anything outside of doing a little cleaning at the very beginning, after I kicked them out I found out all the tools and other items they had stolen from me (I work in the trades, tools are my livelihood). He had also made off with my extra ‘dump run truck’ and gotten a bunch of tickets with it so I lost that as well. Good deeds never go unpunished...

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson 21 day ago

    I swear your Karen voice makes you sound like new English voice for Frieza, and thats amazing XD

  • Przemo Gie
    Przemo Gie 26 days ago

    Ta miniaturka XD

  • Laz x
    Laz x Month ago

    Some people just need to be taken out back and shot

  • Brandy McNamee
    Brandy McNamee Month ago

    So you let one bad experience with your entitled aunt turn you into a horrible human being? Well, hopefully you grow up, and grow out of that, before you become the star of your own r/entitledpeople story.

  • egamflow
    egamflow Month ago

    okay something here urked me
    critics of food/art does not need 2 be good at it so you can be the worst cook and still rate someone as a bad cook/bad dish
    now if its free in this case
    here ur choices
    STFU AND EAT IT! or offer 2 make it ur self sense they gave full access tot he pantry and stuff go make something else >.> go i dont like such and such which is udnerstandable sometimes someone just hates X food but seriously its free be grateful!

  • DieselD261
    DieselD261 2 months ago


  • Nicholas Ordish
    Nicholas Ordish 2 months ago

    Is it bad that I listen to Reddit stories while at work and the first time I hear the Em's in this video and others half of the time I'm picturing freeza from dbz... I like this narrator

  • Rose Mary
    Rose Mary 2 months ago

    Thank you All military, never former military always military.😇

  • Rose Mary
    Rose Mary 2 months ago

    A rude Karen is stupid , leave our brave military along, they have the right to have fun too

  • OverlordShamala
    OverlordShamala 2 months ago

    Oh, and about the entitle aunt taking all that money. I've would've call the police & press charges. It just me but that is too much money to let it pass without consequences to the person who took it. The good news is that entitled cousin "grew up" (so to speak) and is now a responsible adult that is aware of the things she did and is trying to make it up somehow. But this story is sad now that the victim's trust to humanity has been poisoned.

  • OverlordShamala
    OverlordShamala 2 months ago

    About the entitle kids, I always give them the benefit of the doubt that its not their fault, their lives are being ruined by these infantile adults that pass as their grown-ups parents. Teaching them the worse way to comport & act with other people & their property, in a way, these EK are also victims by these asshole parents.

    It bugs me to no end... and I do feel sorry about these kids. That is until they grow up, & they too have children & the cycle continues.

  • Love Overdose
    Love Overdose 3 months ago

    is that kelly hyland i see?

  • DiZoYeNdO
    DiZoYeNdO 3 months ago

    18:50 that scream tho xDDD i was eating ice cream and i almost choked of laughter xD

    • DiZoYeNdO
      DiZoYeNdO 3 months ago

      it sounds like a baby pig from minecraft dying

  • Cavscout5096
    Cavscout5096 3 months ago


  • Russell Hurd
    Russell Hurd 3 months ago

    Mr. Reddit my name is Russell Hurd. I joined about a month ago, but i can't find the video with my name in it as a new subscriber. I know this is an odd request, but if you have the time could you please send me the link. Again I know it's odd, but I just want to see my name lol. thank you.

  • The Parakeet
    The Parakeet 3 months ago


  • Jay Gruener
    Jay Gruener 3 months ago

    Time to build the arsenal!
    Copy and paste my REEEEEE!'s fellow recruits! Cost=1 like.

  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 3 months ago


  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 3 months ago


  • ChopstickGirl241
    ChopstickGirl241 3 months ago


  • Derek Russell
    Derek Russell 3 months ago

    Karen sounds like frieza from dbz abridged

  • 0ldFrittenfett
    0ldFrittenfett 3 months ago

    The German was very bad, though.

  • Kaylee Lockheart
    Kaylee Lockheart 3 months ago

    As so.eone from the south, kudos the the soldier that knows the difference between a cookout and a barbecue.
    Foe those that dont know a cookout is a grill with burgers and hotdogs. A barbecue is smoked meat like brisket and pulled pork, and a much more messy affair.

  • Kerry Cardow
    Kerry Cardow 3 months ago

    Awesome job, keep it up !!!

  • Gamersung YouTube
    Gamersung YouTube 3 months ago


  • Amber Buzick
    Amber Buzick 3 months ago

    New subscriber. Love your videos!

  • loveroxana2
    loveroxana2 3 months ago

    I subscribed love your videos

  • Katherine Burton
    Katherine Burton 3 months ago

    Never fuck with the military, they are the ones that keep you safe. She is lucky Anotherguy wasn't hurt worse. I am glad he is ok, and doubly glad that he did chose to press charges. There is no excuse for her behavior.

  • jws1948ja
    jws1948ja 3 months ago

    It appears that Karen is pretty much always a thief.

  • Potatochips409
    Potatochips409 3 months ago +2

    Once I was eating spaghetti and some sauce ended up on my foot lmao
    Edit: why was the heart removed, then put back on? Well, thanks anyways!
    Edit 2: I don't have aa heart anymore...
    Edit 3: thank for heart!
    I think when I edit it removes heart

  • Bosco Wulff
    Bosco Wulff 3 months ago

    Just subscribed

  • Orchid
    Orchid 3 months ago

    I feel like how the drone story was said and wrote feels fake

  • Orchid
    Orchid 3 months ago

    You fine sir got a new subscribler

  • Jame Gumb
    Jame Gumb 3 months ago

    20:00 Opening cheaper safes is easy if they are not sound isolated.

  • Cristinita Corazon
    Cristinita Corazon 3 months ago

    1st story- 3 bottles of WHAT? Audio kept skipping

  • Jessica Nesterenko
    Jessica Nesterenko 3 months ago

    LMAO you are the best story reader 🤣! The voicing is simply amazing!

  • Every Movie Hero
    Every Movie Hero 3 months ago

    Got my sub, if the vids good, you'll have the bell 🙂

    • r/mr reddit
      r/mr reddit  3 months ago

      Thank you my friend! :)

    • Every Movie Hero
      Every Movie Hero 3 months ago +1

      Your impressions sound like tfs Frieza, that's worth the bell

  • Alice Willoughby
    Alice Willoughby 3 months ago

    10:58 - I thought this was supposed to be about nasty, entitled people, not fat people. Was it really necessary to drag the kid's weight into the story?

  • Marilyn Newman
    Marilyn Newman 3 months ago

    Entitled mother is way WORSE. I was expected to do them favors & play with their snot nosed brat. By the time l was 7 l realized this was a no win situation. As soon as the assholes decided she was nice & treated her like a human, they were gone like she was a Mafia boss.
    l told her that too. She tried to order me around, but l refused. She would stick her lower lip out like an angry camel that was going to spit in your face. She did that a lot; the lip not the spit

  • ur dad
    ur dad 3 months ago +1

    sub to t-series.

  • Amelia Raynor
    Amelia Raynor 3 months ago +1

    You should seriously consider voice acting! You can do really good voices.

  • A'niece Long
    A'niece Long 3 months ago

    I love you videos I just subscribed

  • Cassie Moorecock
    Cassie Moorecock 3 months ago +1

    Karen should consider herself lucky PSG only gave her a verbal ass-chewing... in that sort of situation, doesn't training usually default soldiers to "kick the sh_t out of it" mode? "it" being the apparent threat to one's safety and that of one's squadmates.

  • just a guy who is a potato


  • Nerf Shooter
    Nerf Shooter 3 months ago

    No offense but in the start your voice was a bit monotone

  • Rokas Lasevičius
    Rokas Lasevičius 3 months ago +1

    what was that scream at 13:50 sounded like a screaming pig

  • Yoink
    Yoink 3 months ago

    Honestly hearing the dronestory, i noticed that your german is very good :D. Did you take classes or sth before?

    • r/mr reddit
      r/mr reddit  3 months ago

      Thank Yoink! Nope, I've never learned any German :)

  • burrisf03
    burrisf03 3 months ago

    OMG! The way you read the EP sounds like Warwick Davis (Leprechaun)

  • James Choong
    James Choong 3 months ago

    You never, ever. Ever. Disrespect the Old Guard. Being rude to some standard unit is a dick move, disrespecting one of the Nation’s most respected units is just plain disgusting.

  • Ultimate pirate Hakimara

    Em voice top notch

  • Alyssa Brown
    Alyssa Brown 3 months ago

    My name is Alyssa :o if I hadn't already subscribed I'd have to now since I heard my first name

  • Funtime Avi 36
    Funtime Avi 36 3 months ago

    EP tries to bully a platoon of infantrymen in DC on the 4th of July. Learns the errors of her ways:0:55 / No, I will NOT let santan's offspring fly my $200 drone:9:48 /When gratitude turns into an entitlement:15:1 that will be one like please

  • Rovhie Fermin
    Rovhie Fermin 3 months ago

    So Frieza is a Karen after all

  • Aaron Mikusa
    Aaron Mikusa 3 months ago

    Wow that last story was real shity and that girl turned out to be a cunt!! Great narrator though

  • Aaron Mikusa
    Aaron Mikusa 3 months ago

    This all sounds like bullshit

  • char sage
    char sage 3 months ago +1

    I'm just waiting for a entitled parent to be shot non-fatally by a cop or learns why you call 911 for emergencies only more the cop's side of things.

  • Casey5693
    Casey5693 3 months ago +1

    I feel sorry for the last girl. I hope she doesn't give up on being kind to people when she can. Not everyone is a horrible entitled parent!

    • Casey5693
      Casey5693 3 months ago

      Thanks for faving my comment! It always makes me sad when people give up on being kind.

  • MaeTricks
    MaeTricks 3 months ago

    Cool vids. Love to listen to these while playing relaxing video games!

  • JEL625
    JEL625 3 months ago +1

    Op's world view in the last post didnt change that much. Both are a part of the "just world theory", where you believe that world treats you a certain way based on how you act.
    At first they tried to do good because they believed there would be a reward.
    Then they change to other side where they one need to help because the other person is responsible for their own hardships.

  • Mary Sinshine
    Mary Sinshine 3 months ago

    Reeeeeeee! Hahaha, I'm laughing so hard right now

  • Taylor Hoge
    Taylor Hoge 3 months ago

    1 Corinthians 15:1-4 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    15 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 by which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

  • Sparkplug the fox
    Sparkplug the fox 3 months ago

    I call bullshit on the drone story

  • T3rm01 Aka astroid 01 or termonaitor2004

    Your impressions are amazingly funny as hell

  • I'm Allie Angel
    I'm Allie Angel 3 months ago

    People can be weird, shy, and/ or entitled. Me? I'm me!

  • yumestationZ
    yumestationZ 3 months ago

    I love your villain (aka EM) voice!

  • Dope 138
    Dope 138 3 months ago +4

    Hey that ending is really kinda cool!
    Too bad I gotta go to school.
    Hey I just did a little rhyme
    Well gotta go cause I don't got time

  • I like turtles
    I like turtles 3 months ago

    I love your videos, it is very entertaining while i'm polishing my cadet boots.

  • Kaiden Carlson
    Kaiden Carlson 3 months ago

    How dare you serve in the military you deserve death

  • vernon jackson
    vernon jackson 3 months ago

    Shoulda stuffed Land Whale Bill Board in a Trash Can and her ice cream smeared spawn in on top of and jumped up n down on top to cram them in as far as possible

  • Tac- !Error!
    Tac- !Error! 3 months ago

    His voice is so calm and soothing

  • VCorleone 1
    VCorleone 1 3 months ago

    So a EC is changed her ways