Trolling the Most Complicated CS:GO Scammer...


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  • Diddle
    Diddle  11 months ago +1173

    Before everyone is triggered about the Serbia comments, it’s a meme. I am fascinated with how proud you guys are of your country and I respect it.
    It is simply a nod to my first scam troll video where I mentioned Serbia not joking and everyone lost their shit. I respect you and your country and wish you all the best. But the Serbia comments won’t go away lol

    • Anther
      Anther 9 days ago

      Inspect trick, change the button before opening the extension box. Or find the button further up. It is still part of the body since all you are seeing is a pop out. Don't make the same mistake twice and make your buttons consistent =)

    • Mat A
      Mat A 10 days ago

      remove kebab. kthxbi.

    • Your pal Squidward
      Your pal Squidward 19 days ago

      Diddle I

    • I Sad
      I Sad 19 days ago

      "Everybody says n**ga nowadays, it's a meme lol"
      Wow. Apart from that: Amazing, you managed to bloat the story of a rather simple Steam conversation with a clickbait-y title into a monetized 1 million view video. Well done. I respect you and your country and wish you all the best. But that's still some immature, shameful way of creating content lol

    • Lazar
      Lazar 20 days ago +1

      Diddle I'm from Montenegro (also in the Balkans) and I think your joke and the comments are fucking hilarious.

  • Michael J. Caboose
    Michael J. Caboose 5 hours ago

    ill take one for the team and install MIXdev

  • BeachTurkey
    BeachTurkey Day ago

    why don't you test the extension on a VM and see what happens with a test steam account, that would make for a good video

  • Arlen Kamberi
    Arlen Kamberi Day ago

    he waqs stupid cause he should had understood u had a google acc when u told him u watch youtube duhhh

  • Naked Zebra
    Naked Zebra Day ago

    jesus why so long to the punch line 26 mins 5 min story

  • Connor Keehner
    Connor Keehner Day ago

    I literally had popcorn in hand when you said get popcorn

  • Edconox
    Edconox Day ago

    I think he was gonna take the skin and sell it for money to buy more games to gift to his real account

  • Edconox
    Edconox Day ago

    his new name is wretched and he moved cities. He still doesn't have CS:GO.

  • Rayed Shahin
    Rayed Shahin 4 days ago

    26 mins of nothing useless video

  • Kush Liyanarachchi
    Kush Liyanarachchi 6 days ago

    I'll check the extension if still up and let you know What happens.

  • Trizzy
    Trizzy 6 days ago


  • Mr Derp
    Mr Derp 8 days ago

    I was legit eating popcorn while watching this

  • Shap Elbuns
    Shap Elbuns 8 days ago

    Song @ 8:13

  • Brandito Designs
    Brandito Designs 8 days ago

    For future reference, you can easily view the source of chrome extensions... Wouldn't be hard to figure out what it does by doing that.

  • The Real Stoindar
    The Real Stoindar 9 days ago

    I’m so happy this was on my recommended 😂

  • Anther
    Anther 9 days ago

    Note, he asked you to sign into steam *on chrome* most likely the extension was meant to send your account info off. Since you can grab passwords and IDs as a DOM object in HTML. Used to show people how i could find the password they typed into Google as it was just asterisks. Wouldn't be surprised if all the extension did was grab the username and password just before the form was sent.

  • Andree
    Andree 9 days ago

    Im from Bosnia and Serbs are not really scammers they're nice people

  • Castaway Games
    Castaway Games 9 days ago

    But I have to install google first

  • THATcoolx10
    THATcoolx10 10 days ago

  • HeyVACation
    HeyVACation 10 days ago

    i just heard the beat from Lil Peep - Lil Jeep

  • Omar Saad plays
    Omar Saad plays 10 days ago

    valid link for his profile e changed his name

  • Unknown Watcher
    Unknown Watcher 12 days ago

    I’m 12 years old and this guy thinks 15 years olds are idiots? True and False I’m 12 and I can make up my own hacks? I have hacked multiple games by big companies before and this is completely inaccurate to what actual scamming is in CS GO because I’ve scammed way more and have complete experience so really this was a waste and pointless thing to comment and this video was along with it all

  • MeloafTheDk
    MeloafTheDk 13 days ago

    How do u make your fov so far? I must know

  • Fuck Pewdiepie
    Fuck Pewdiepie 13 days ago

    I'm thinking stupid after listening to the way the scammer talks

  • Anonymous Entity
    Anonymous Entity 14 days ago

    When I click report it say "sign up to add" how to work man u try to scem me?

  • Anonymous Entity
    Anonymous Entity 14 days ago

    When I click report it say "sign up to add" how to work man u try to scem me?

  • Anonymous Entity
    Anonymous Entity 14 days ago

    When I click report it say "sign up to add" how to work man u try to scem me?

  • Doubting Rich
    Doubting Rich 15 days ago

    He is an idiot if he believed you don't have a Google account after discussing your favourite TVclip accounts.

  • Ivo Carbajo
    Ivo Carbajo 16 days ago

    man it sucks you got the extension down that fast, I wanted to check what it actually did xd I would have downloaded it on a VM, decompiled the code and checked what it did lmao

  • Hick Rarrison
    Hick Rarrison 17 days ago

    What's with the shitty accent?

  • Terry Rhuebottom
    Terry Rhuebottom 18 days ago

    Almost a year later and The steam account is still up.

  • cheezed
    cheezed 18 days ago

    S A F E T Y Y O U R D E A L S

  • Dezix
    Dezix 18 days ago

    Someone did this nifty scam
    1 They will offer you to a trade
    2 Agree to the trade
    3 What they do is call up a fake admin (their other account) and say they want to check if it is duped
    4 So then the "Admin" goes and wants you to send them the item as a gift so they can susposidly "check it"
    5 They never give it back and take it for themselves

    Lucky I'm not a dumbass that would have fallen for it.

  • Spirited Away
    Spirited Away 19 days ago

    Every fucking scammer plays dota 2

  • Natan titelbaum
    Natan titelbaum 19 days ago

    i will translate each one of the russian comments"+rep oolken rachmet men shenymen bakitti bolui bul kemeitu ozimim tzimide" i'm not sure about the i's in there because in russian i its like an N but at the opisite direction or the middle cross like is in the opisite direction

  • Calcaware
    Calcaware 19 days ago

    That's awesome.

  • time loop soup
    time loop soup 20 days ago

    Scammer get scammed

  • dddddd193
    dddddd193 20 days ago

    When even the Serbian scammer gets pissed you use Microsoft Edge

  • Sir Shotty
    Sir Shotty 20 days ago

    112 Roubles! Holy shit that's very cheap

  • Oof_Ster Bob_Ross
    Oof_Ster Bob_Ross 20 days ago

    Omg the way he said "Acapulco Guerro Mexico" triggered me. Not gatekeeping.

  • Justin Batle
    Justin Batle 20 days ago

    He dosent evwen have a freaking gibus on tf2

  • ember.the.traitor
    ember.the.traitor 20 days ago

    112 rubles is actually cheap af fr

  • The Luftwaffe
    The Luftwaffe 20 days ago

    Nice gunship music

  • Toanst
    Toanst 21 day ago

    this guy doesnt understand what 15 yr olds really are like, we dont care about jacksepticeye we like roblox porn

  • Obito&WBSec
    Obito&WBSec 21 day ago

    jebem ti tatu

  • Fire /Phantom Forces

    i want csgo but my dad doesnt want to download for me, it will go onto his computer too so ''Thats" why

  • BlackDog
    BlackDog 21 day ago


  • Bendy Snowball
    Bendy Snowball 21 day ago

    9:35 if you are 15 years old you aren’t a little kid...that means you are a freshman in high school. Not like the 12 year old kid in 6th grade you were portraying in the video

  • Nucking Futs
    Nucking Futs 21 day ago

    Disliked for the sudden sound blast. Not subscribing.

  • Fresh Bandicoot
    Fresh Bandicoot 22 days ago


  • BU3 D
    BU3 D 22 days ago

    I have been a member in good standing since steam started and I only have 1 profile comment. To say no comment is always a red flag is bullshit.

  • Theforbiddenname Z
    Theforbiddenname Z 22 days ago

    Great spelling on the word *uinique* there...

  • Spaghet Dog
    Spaghet Dog 22 days ago

    Nah I don't have popcorn I have pizza

  • TheLukipopBlaster
    TheLukipopBlaster 22 days ago

    I don't have popcorn but i have some good ass chips! :D

  • jojolafrite90
    jojolafrite90 23 days ago

    Why would you have me have problems with my parents and neighbors??? Why the horrible fucking noise at 8:58?! That was shit.

  • BlackRoseGamer
    BlackRoseGamer 23 days ago

    "uinique" huh

  • Marko Zajc
    Marko Zajc 24 days ago

    Also as a matter of fact, most (if not all) Chrome extensions are written in JavaScript and are not obfuscated. What this essentially means is, that you can download the extension and see exactly what it does.

  • Marko Zajc
    Marko Zajc 24 days ago

    You could , in fact, edit the "+ ADD TO CHROME" button in the background, you would just have to find it without the element picker as it is overlayed by the blurry screen. A simple search (Ctrl + F) would do.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 24 days ago

    I got bored at 9minutes, be more succinct!

  • A Wild CrayFish
    A Wild CrayFish 24 days ago

    I’ve never seen a 15 year old act like this. Do scammers really think a 15 year old is this dumb?

  • MrOmegaBeast
    MrOmegaBeast 25 days ago

    >mfw when I have 2000 hours on dota 2
    >mfw people probably think I'm a scammer

    PAH PAHHAPAH 25 days ago

    3:06 actually there is a maximum of 3 hours of diference between mèxico and america ,btw good video XD

  • WTFireLovesModZ
    WTFireLovesModZ 25 days ago

    he changed his location to
    Monaco, Monaco lolol

  • qenten05
    qenten05 25 days ago

    Mexico? Russian name and voice? Coincidence? I think not.

  • Abyss Games
    Abyss Games 25 days ago

    mixdev is now REMOVED from webstore.

  • Displacedgerman 12
    Displacedgerman 12 25 days ago

    Tbh you could have taken this further with a little program called a virtual machine. Then you could have installed this and taken it further with no risk.

  • ghjk plok
    ghjk plok 25 days ago

    probably a keylogger

  • Meteor Gamer
    Meteor Gamer 25 days ago

    Errrr... I'm Polish and there was no Polish text in the reviews.

  • Silly Dutchman
    Silly Dutchman 26 days ago

    what's the background music that starts at 22:10?

  • Tayhardy 11
    Tayhardy 11 26 days ago

    Nonce ? He made a fake account saying hes a 15 year old now thats a nonce to me 🤨

    XLTSALAD 26 days ago

    Its look at mes origin

  • Errol Void
    Errol Void 26 days ago

    The first video I saw on your channel. I am happy more people like you exist.

  • RektBySteven
    RektBySteven 27 days ago

    Fq Serbs aren't scammers

  • HedenXD
    HedenXD 27 days ago

    plz just get to the fking point :( it is torture listening to this vid, i just want to hear the funny stuff about how this turned out but you just drag it out too much.

  • alpalwink
    alpalwink 27 days ago

    what is that viewmodel

  • Smackeddie
    Smackeddie 28 days ago

    Anyone else slightly confused at the line “I went all out and made my profile appear like a 15 year old boy”
    Isn’t that what you are anyway? 🤣

  • VideoGamePlayer
    VideoGamePlayer 28 days ago

    Man, people have too much time on their hands these days if they're into scamming people out of virtual skins in a game that's known for supporting mods like it's pre-2010s gaming!

  • Vanguard
    Vanguard 28 days ago

    Naming and shaming is not allowed (giving a link and telling that this person is bad)

  • LopsidedEdits
    LopsidedEdits 28 days ago

    What's the song at 7:44?

  • ZachTheInsaneOne
    ZachTheInsaneOne 28 days ago

    *_"I D O N ' T U N D E R S T A N D Y O U"_*

  • Kurkii
    Kurkii 28 days ago

    why does every scammer have 1000 hours + on Dota 2?

  • Ruuvi Varas
    Ruuvi Varas 28 days ago

    What 15 year old doesn't know about chrome but plays counter strike 😂
    This scammer was extra dumb

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V 29 days ago

    I love how Americans say Mexican names 😂

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V 29 days ago

    From Acapulco

  • Logan Tonn
    Logan Tonn 29 days ago

    This is also in tf2 I've been added 50 times in a week just for my cheap 5 key unusial taunt its my only one and I also don't I've too much stuff the tf2 one targets richer people with less hours. I wish they would just go away.

  • Uneasiest Daisy
    Uneasiest Daisy 29 days ago

    I don't spend money on steam that's why I don't lvl up, tons of hours

  • 10,000 subs with no videos challenge !

    scams...scams everywhere

  • Aidan Rickert
    Aidan Rickert Month ago +3

    Lol he still isn’t banned

  • DanIsSoRandom
    DanIsSoRandom Month ago

    8:54 OMG its everything xD

  • Zerfy GT
    Zerfy GT Month ago

    No offense but i personaly think you should train a bit more im Silver 1 and have 800h and im better. No offense

  • Homika
    Homika Month ago

    I use microsoft edge~ hahahah

  • country doge
    country doge Month ago

    dat vladimir looks hella like dat fourtee seven dude ,guess its a coincidence

  • Luka Vukas
    Luka Vukas Month ago

    What do u have against Serbia? Not all Serbians and Russians are scammers lmao

  • Alfredo Román Jordán

    So you can photoshop a thing and you cant sogn up to google?

  • DutchDuke
    DutchDuke Month ago

    Launch a virtual machine (without steam) and check it out

  • Bmanbuster
    Bmanbuster Month ago

    IT IS NEED😂😂😂 I was dead

  • Zapple
    Zapple Month ago

    In the beginning you said it was going to be a long video and I was like I'll just watch a little then skip but little did I know when I was watching I was already at the 26min mark😂

  • VAC2
    VAC2 Month ago

    You act surprised a scammer is lying to you.....

  • Buggz
    Buggz Month ago

    I was tryna catch a little buzz.
    So i took another puff, but i think im way too hiiiggghhh. An i aint wanna come off like a bitch so i took another hit but i think my brain's too friiieeed. An yeah im fucking faded but i hate prayin that i make it...afraid im gon' to diiiiieee. Im too blazed...its too SAVE dicky from this fuckin place cause he's too hiiiggghhh. Buuuuuuuh buuuuuh buh buh buuuuuuh buh buuuuuhh buh buuuuuh buuuuuuh. Thx, thx alot for gluing this back to my brain.

  • dimex12345
    dimex12345 Month ago

    8:55 click on this number when its 03:00 am