Trolling the Most Complicated CS:GO Scammer...


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  • Diddle
    Diddle  Year ago +1248

    Before everyone is triggered about the Serbia comments, it’s a meme. I am fascinated with how proud you guys are of your country and I respect it.
    It is simply a nod to my first scam troll video where I mentioned Serbia not joking and everyone lost their shit. I respect you and your country and wish you all the best. But the Serbia comments won’t go away lol

    • Mateja Stankovic
      Mateja Stankovic 15 hours ago

      i was just surprised about the fact that you said Serbia out of all other countries xD

    • Like Skyfall
      Like Skyfall Month ago


    • David Kahn
      David Kahn Month ago

      His account is STILL up.

    • Mihailo Lackovic
      Mihailo Lackovic Month ago

      In serbia in my class every male kid has played cs go on his computer at least once.

    • Stinky Lomax
      Stinky Lomax Month ago

      lol who cares dude? anyone who gets that butt hurt over someone supposedly (but not even) dissing their country needs to get a life. nationalism is stupid, pointless, and pathetic. having said that, I've been to the Belgrade beer fest in Serbie and it was pretty awesome!

  • Junk
    Junk 2 hours ago


  • Inklers
    Inklers 3 hours ago

    I had a level 1 account. A level 1 account with 7k hours in tf2. That doesn't make me new or old. Just means I play games a lot.

  • Azn Ninja
    Azn Ninja 12 hours ago

    8:54 i actually shit myself

  • Skittle
    Skittle 2 days ago

    Btw he has been active since he's got another 100 hours of dota and was active 17 days ago

  • Duck Egg's
    Duck Egg's 3 days ago

    Mate why are you calling out Serbian peaople i am from Serbia and i dont know any one that scamed any one

  • DP Gaming
    DP Gaming 4 days ago

    i dont think 15 yr old are that dump in computers,that is very rare

  • 2xbam
    2xbam 5 days ago

    serbia ... really !! do you know us? they represent us like that to you ? shame that you do not teach yourself, but let others learn you and believe in someone else's lies ... You are a very naive nation ....

  • the sexy jello
    the sexy jello 9 days ago

    lol diddles a hacker not in a bad way he has tampermonkey

  • Aki
    Aki 9 days ago

    Do you even know where Serbia is?

  • Morteza Mahmoudy
    Morteza Mahmoudy 10 days ago

    poor kid chats with himself and make content for his channel😂

  • Jeremy Wolgamot
    Jeremy Wolgamot 10 days ago

    7 min pass left the video to play 2142

  • S1N
    S1N 13 days ago

    Dont ever call a stranger on skype as he can hack and get your IP(Its possible with wireshark)

  • juice
    juice 13 days ago


    ANDY LY 17 days ago

    8:55 I fell off my bike

  • Geo Belmont
    Geo Belmont 19 days ago

    Using edge...can't believe someone actually fell for that...

  • mad mark
    mad mark 20 days ago +1

    3:02 man why you do me like that, im from serbia

  • Oliver Vogely
    Oliver Vogely 23 days ago

    I am 10 and I've built 13 pc's with everything needed and including the GPU, CPU, PSU, CD-rom, Water Cooling, Motherboard and Cpu Cooler,


  • Chingers
    Chingers 25 days ago

    25:38 lol rage

  • Skippy Dinglechalk
    Skippy Dinglechalk 25 days ago

    This is an old video and this will probably never be read but I checked it's script and it's a download link to a Key Logger aka anything you type gets sent to him so he'd be able to see your username and password and though this is almost impossible if you have 2 factor authentication I'd suggest if you download suspicious things and then type in your accounts the best way to counter them is to wait until there is like 3 seconds left before a new code sends out and then type it in thus they wouldn't have time to type in the code to access your account.

  • Hyperionn -_-
    Hyperionn -_- 27 days ago

    So all of this video the scammer trying to get a verified photo of the item he was trying to scam..

  • AchmodinIV SWE
    AchmodinIV SWE 28 days ago

    You could download the chrome thing with another account or something because you could see what it was all about

  • JackC Social
    JackC Social 29 days ago

    Your in the future for me

  • Mrmcam 05
    Mrmcam 05 29 days ago

    Wait, is there something wrong with jack and vanoss, am I missing something?

  • OverwaK That12Yearoldkid

    You Scared The Chick fil a out of my ass hole 8:55

  • User is Lancer
    User is Lancer 29 days ago

    Haha I actually have popcorn with me right now

  • Kajakoro
    Kajakoro Month ago

    A year later, the guy is still up changed his name to "wretched" and it now shows that he lives in Monaco

  • Alessio Robin
    Alessio Robin Month ago

    I take a shit and done. OMG I'M FUCKING DONE BRO YOU ARE MY FREAKING GOD😂😂😂😂😂

  • 7.62x25mm
    7.62x25mm Month ago

    Use a VM to install those malware Extension.

  • BOBcartof
    BOBcartof Month ago

    5:55 max volume :) Thank me later

  • Celest
    Celest Month ago

    bro dont funny
    i have know your photoshop fake
    just send screenshot real for please

  • Davvee
    Davvee Month ago

    " *Fairly new account* " Bro, he has a 3 year badge...

  • Thugli
    Thugli Month ago

    I swea I can actually hear him drooling with that "yees"

  • Thugli
    Thugli Month ago

    no popcorn here, but I am lying in bed with some fat blankets and cracking a cold one

  • Hoplasa
    Hoplasa Month ago

    damm the guy is steam level 4 now , things are on a roll for him xd oh and he added another 30 hours of dota 2 in a year.. what a casual scrublord even xd

  • Froyopia
    Froyopia Month ago

    8:55 the ear bleach though please if you are reading this skip past this it’s very loud

  • Monkey head- Z
    Monkey head- Z Month ago

    What David Lopez plays cs go

  • DamercerTerker
    DamercerTerker Month ago

    finna trade this dood for his unturned skins lmao

  • iLostMyXbox21
    iLostMyXbox21 Month ago

    To change the “Add to Chrome” button in the background, you should have changed the text from THAT button, clicked on it, and then changed the button in the foreground. Love the channel, keep it up :)

  • Wolf dude
    Wolf dude Month ago


    • Wolf dude
      Wolf dude Month ago

      If i get one like I PROMISE that i not like my own comment

  • Fortunate_ Apid
    Fortunate_ Apid Month ago

    Bro I was clipping my nails and the earape went off and almost cut off my toe

  • ihazdaforks
    ihazdaforks Month ago

    next time use sandboxie to install random viruses, it contains them.

  • MiRex
    MiRex Month ago

    Fuck your distortion!

  • MasterOfGamingM
    MasterOfGamingM Month ago

    6:35 had me laughin a bit

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez Month ago

    Yes, sir

  • Sheelzorg
    Sheelzorg Month ago

    8:34 just sucks.

  • * Fłuff101 *
    * Fłuff101 * Month ago +1

    Now he’s from Monaco

  • MarleyNeymar.Jr
    MarleyNeymar.Jr Month ago

    24:09 what's this beat called

  • Ruleson
    Ruleson Month ago

    yeah all the scammers come from the balkans, assholr

  • Mux
    Mux Month ago

    I mean you could try the extention, if you do everything in a Virtual Machine (Chrome and Steam), create a new Google Account and a new Steam Account, get csgo and a few level up 3ct skins and then download the extension and use it.

  • Doom
    Doom Month ago

    "It's not need" ~ Juan

  • Gay Crocks. gay socks

    Moe is gay

  • GrueseGehenRaus
    GrueseGehenRaus Month ago

    I'm awake now

  • Gnampf
    Gnampf Month ago

    Lil peep beat tho

  • R3LL_
    R3LL_ Month ago

    "This is the most dogshit map in CS history, GG tho"
    *S A L T Y B O Y S P L A Y C S : G O*

  • tsfcancerman
    tsfcancerman Month ago

    You should have sent a picture back with a purple or other kind of color overlay on the verified picture, and see what he said, then say you have your own store

  • Vowin
    Vowin Month ago

    lol i had the m4a4 howl as my background also lmfao i still do

  • A Rock.
    A Rock. Month ago

    Great vedo, enjoy watch. People subscribe much and like.

  • William Mickelson
    William Mickelson Month ago

    dude lowkey showing us how to scam

  • Narel
    Narel Month ago


  • AireAlPuncH 7890
    AireAlPuncH 7890 Month ago

    The quiet beat in the background is look at me by xxxtentacion

  • Caleb Hawn
    Caleb Hawn Month ago

    This is interesting. I've seen lots of scambaiting videos, but I had no idea there were scams on Steam like this. I guess people do anything for money. That Chrome extension is a mystery. Maybe you could use a virtual machine to test it out in a safe sandboxed environment, but IDK. I'll be sure to contribute to reporting the extension. Thanks!

  • Samurai JackOff
    Samurai JackOff Month ago

    Take a seat....

  • Jako
    Jako Month ago

    How childish do you think 15yo's are?

  • killerdino dan
    killerdino dan Month ago

    He also changed his name

  • killerdino dan
    killerdino dan Month ago

    I go to report and they are gone

  • nil by mouth
    nil by mouth Month ago

    I remember when people had the decency to go out and actually rob each other in the real are soft as shit now and will steal digital items on line instead.
    Go mug a man in real life, look someone in the eye when your robbing them and quit hiding behind a keyboard.

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz Month ago

    Damn, you missed a banger of a joke at 2:09 GOD I WAS WAITING FOR IT. i was going to laugh my rocks off. but, you know.. you kinda wanted to explain the dota hours instead

  • Torbaz
    Torbaz Month ago

    song at 22:10?

  • Pedro
    Pedro Month ago

    He's Mexican and the voice sound like Russian

  • Enoch Horning
    Enoch Horning Month ago

    Checking Reviews is very key to see scammers. Amazon got my mom once and I told her to look at the reviews and it was all from the same guy.

  • Go Mo
    Go Mo Month ago

    well the only way to discover what his scam does is to download the fken chrome extension and look for the green bar :). Joke aside, He is probably using malicious JS code as part of the extension, or pulls one from remote host. You can reverse and track his sht back and totally own him if you know a bit of Java Script and how chrome extensions work. Also its important to mention that by installing it you are facing the rist to provide instant backdoor to you computer and or malware that is going to use your social media logins to spread it self without your knowledge, i mean you will find out but when its already to late :).
    So yeah if you want to track back the guy, you gotta explore that extension on a sand-box machine.
    But imagine stealing his stolen sht gonna make you feel like robin hood or so lol

  • Game Game
    Game Game Month ago

    wow you cant thrust webstores from trusted company's once on microsoft webstore that was built into my computer had a virus game on it. Norton blocked it but i was still scared as fire so i did a
    full scan and even after that when i went to bed. when i heard a random cracking noise i was scared as flip and that day i didnt get good sleep cus it was also a scary game with pegi 3. actually
    allow me to say that correctly. i saw a scary game with a virus (also the game's age rating was 3) so i got scared hard then i went to bed but heard a random ding noise and i got so scared i didnt sleep well that night. thanks microsoft for allowing well known viruses into your webstore and allowing me to almost have a heart attack! ik dis isnt related but im saying dont trust webstores!

  • josh smith
    josh smith Month ago

    I think the app would have given him control of your computer so he can personally send himself the skins

  • Brayden Emberly
    Brayden Emberly Month ago

    Diddle I saw that vanossgaming youtuber for your fav youtuber I watch him :)

  • Fire_DBSpeedz
    Fire_DBSpeedz Month ago

    you should install it on a vm

  • DPlays
    DPlays Month ago

    "i'm only 15 and a half i don't know how to use computers that well"
    dude when i was 7 i was playing cs source

  • RibbzZ
    RibbzZ Month ago

    Jebem ja tebe

  • Silver & Gold
    Silver & Gold Month ago

    Should of used a virtual machine

  • W Minogue
    W Minogue Month ago

    This guy is acting like the scammer is some 30 year old dude. The scammer is no older than 13 years old bud. Just like all scammers. So congrats, you tricked a 13 year old.

  • Maxi25554
    Maxi25554 Month ago +6

    5:00 Minecraft is now playing CS: GO

  • Zackary Tatum
    Zackary Tatum Month ago

    I am awake now because it is like midnight thanks

  • Christopher Countsc

    Happy to say that extension is gone off of the Chrome web store but sadly Mr. September aka "wretched" as his current steam name is still active.

  • bark im a dog
    bark im a dog Month ago

    the link is to a weird looking nibba in a walmart or something

  • marko
    marko Month ago

    8:55 that actually woke me up just as i fell asleep lol

  • That Guy From Legendary Axe

    I guess....

  • V N D R O I D
    V N D R O I D Month ago

    lol the subtle lil jeep beat in the background

  • Tasty ironic
    Tasty ironic Month ago

    Song at 13:26

  • IkBenStefan
    IkBenStefan Month ago

    Loved this video@

  • FrauD Hello Neighbor Plays

    If you ever find another guy like this, download a virtual machine to do it, just to see what it would do.

  • Dennis Chris
    Dennis Chris Month ago +1

    its finaly down the scam webstore app dont worry if you cant go to it

  • Ingush Xeva
    Ingush Xeva Month ago

    Clicked on the vid and see 4 ads....

  • Cheeki Boi
    Cheeki Boi Month ago

    8:16 aimlock

  • Roberts Georgs Fimbauers

    Jesus Christ

  • back up
    back up Month ago

    I think you've done this before.

  • Preston  Moore
    Preston Moore Month ago

    No I was not awake ow

  • Sowiso4
    Sowiso4 Month ago

    Your acting of a 15 year old is really bad. A 15 year old wouldn't say "Im just a kid" or "Im not allowed to have skype yet", that is absolutely not legit.

  • Mike Bennett
    Mike Bennett Month ago

    Why is lil jeep playing in the backround?

  • Ludwig 234
    Ludwig 234 Month ago

    I hope everyone (that know what a PC is) that is 15 knows what chrome is

  • ΛDΛM
    ΛDΛM Month ago

    You're trying way too hard man