Trolling the Most Complicated CS:GO Scammer...

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
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    Report his Chrome extension too,
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  • Diddle
    Diddle  Year ago +1575

    Before everyone is triggered about the Serbia comments, it’s a meme. I am fascinated with how proud you guys are of your country and I respect it.
    It is simply a nod to my first scam troll video where I mentioned Serbia not joking and everyone lost their shit. I respect you and your country and wish you all the best. But the Serbia comments won’t go away lol

    • Marko Ranisavljevic
      Marko Ranisavljevic 10 days ago

      @HoiDuarte ma sisaj kurac pederu jedan sa se mesas iz picke materine

    • Ogisha
      Ogisha 11 days ago

      @Oskar Strugar hhahahahahahagahah baboon kakvi kraljevi

    • Onix [CS]
      Onix [CS] 28 days ago

      Serbia is close to me xd

    • Oskar Strugar
      Oskar Strugar Month ago

      @Diddle thank you man serbia is not tolked much about

    • Oskar Strugar
      Oskar Strugar Month ago

      @Veljko Srbija strong

  • The Unreal
    The Unreal 10 hours ago

    earrape is not funny i plan to get old with the ability to hear DISLIKE

  • MrDoctor1324
    MrDoctor1324 2 days ago

    you are the effing best lmfao

  • TLG Gaming
    TLG Gaming 2 days ago

    8:55 u wont

  • Feferon
    Feferon 2 days ago

    A lot of scammers live in Serbia

  • houdeX
    houdeX 2 days ago +1

    "put a comment on his profile"
    Must feel good using your 9 year old subscribers to raid a profile?

  • The Blur.
    The Blur. 2 days ago

    Im kinda offended

  • Shox Danger
    Shox Danger 4 days ago

    ok i did report him for you hope he gets a ban and his name is diffrent now XD

  • Vivares 76
    Vivares 76 6 days ago


  • Diane Atkinson
    Diane Atkinson 6 days ago

    the mam said get your popcorn i had some

  • Lakidz
    Lakidz 7 days ago +1

    Hey 👋 I am from Serbia 🇷🇸 😁❤️

  • dr rauno
    dr rauno 7 days ago

    September in Estonia is a month

  • Noid
    Noid 10 days ago +2

    A word of advice
    If they play Dota 2 and are level 3
    You called it

  • Not Trp
    Not Trp 10 days ago

    25:45 yeah, pretty shit map.

  • Simon Creutzfeldt
    Simon Creutzfeldt 11 days ago +1

    8:53 The coolest scene in this video xD

  • Mana
    Mana 11 days ago

    Ouh no i am 15 years old ouh noooo i cant use a pc ? Pc what is thaaaat

  • Hitlers left Eyelid
    Hitlers left Eyelid 11 days ago

    How does your game look like a 4K tv

  • Coolguy1260 :D
    Coolguy1260 :D 12 days ago

    chromium edge is pretty decent

  • Feels
    Feels 12 days ago

    ur viewmodel is weird

  • ya boy matt
    ya boy matt 12 days ago

    Diddle: shoots chicken *1 POINT FOR NEUTRALIZING A ENEMY*

  • j
    j 13 days ago

    Get old pc without steam or any personal information and download it

  • Serious YouTuber #0
    Serious YouTuber #0 13 days ago +4

    to this day the man still doesn't have cs:go

  • Alexander Schwartz
    Alexander Schwartz 14 days ago +3

    I love my Bowie Knife Minimal wear Marble fade quality

  • BooblinBoob
    BooblinBoob 14 days ago

    Dude i am from serbia but i am not a scammer :( u hurt my feelings

    • xDan7x
      xDan7x 14 days ago

      Procitaj pinovan com 🤔

  • prod. kvrvsu
    prod. kvrvsu 14 days ago

    Man fork that dude he could at least put his bs scam shite on Firefox

    Chrome is shite

  • Zarela
    Zarela 14 days ago

    8:54 omfg i am so tired and u turn on the fucking volume... nice -.-

  • DrSpaghetto_RBLX
    DrSpaghetto_RBLX 14 days ago

    I got scammed with the fake op skins bot method D: rip gut autotronic bs

  • Mr Prisoner
    Mr Prisoner 15 days ago

    why are you so RICK

  • Bruh
    Bruh 15 days ago

    Beep beep nigga

  • TurTleguy123r
    TurTleguy123r 15 days ago

    I hate you so fucking much my ears are dead

  • NiX
    NiX 16 days ago

    3:01 first time that someone said Serbia lol, I'm from Serbia

  • sawyer morton
    sawyer morton 16 days ago

    How are your wepons in csgo minimized? Is it some different view model?

  • Oh no heavy no feel good

    Us from montenegro are too lazy to scam

  • wilmer schröder
    wilmer schröder 16 days ago

    Fuck you i was sitting on the fucking toilet and when You awake shit came i droped the biggest bomb ever droped

  • TTV_Darwinstorm2717
    TTV_Darwinstorm2717 16 days ago

    I know it’s too late for me but thanks for letting me know how the op website scam works so I don’t fall for it next time (I lost a gut knife tiger tooth FN)

  • ShadowYeeter
    ShadowYeeter 16 days ago

    wehn ya mac and no chrom

  • Milos Mirkovic
    Milos Mirkovic 16 days ago

    Loud is funny btw

  • The Discovery Channel
    The Discovery Channel 17 days ago +1

    8 38

  • S1tch
    S1tch 17 days ago

    No one have money for skins in serbia xd just saying

  • Gamestars Bulgaria
    Gamestars Bulgaria 17 days ago

    8:45 so u listen to peep huh

  • Error 404
    Error 404 18 days ago

    9:05 lmao

  • Random Person
    Random Person 18 days ago

    Fuck, you sure are confusing when you play stupid

  • supercool producer of 21st century

    I'm Serbian and love when my country is mentioned,it is hell and heaven where I live at the same time,and yes,you ain't wrong about Serbian scammers.

  • nnjhghjj
    nnjhghjj 20 days ago

    ay im from serbia and we dont scam

  • dacanamy
    dacanamy 20 days ago

    im from serbia i do not speak like that

  • s0cc 432
    s0cc 432 20 days ago

    mix dev does not exist any more?

  • Nenita Woo
    Nenita Woo 21 day ago

    You like vanoss?
    I pressed the like, subscribe and ring the bell!!!

  • anomatic
    anomatic 22 days ago

    HAHAHHHA I love these scammers

  • WK Clan
    WK Clan 22 days ago

    8:56 scared the fuc out of me

  • Alican Tulan
    Alican Tulan 22 days ago +1

    Why is there a weird version of "look at me" playing in the background

  • BW animations
    BW animations 23 days ago

    8:55 i fricking fell on the god damm floor of a heart attack

  • mypotatoes
    mypotatoes 23 days ago +2


  • Marcus Nielsen
    Marcus Nielsen 23 days ago

    You can Photoshop but you cant go to Google fail but good vidio

  • Jon Iturri Leong
    Jon Iturri Leong 24 days ago

    How fucking stupid is that scammer

  • Kina
    Kina 24 days ago +2

    some guy used the exact same method on me like 2 yrs ago, for my awp hyperbeast and a bunch of sprays :D

    • Pyromythic TV
      Pyromythic TV 22 days ago

      uh huh, and i lost a bayonet tiger tooth

  • Q
    Q 24 days ago +17

    imagine if he made the chrome app paid and then purposely tried scamming TVcliprs to get them to buy his chrome app

  • Luka Jeftic
    Luka Jeftic 25 days ago


  • Wants you go black You don’t go back

    8:54 Get the fuck down! Ear rape

  • ElVerduleroGaming
    ElVerduleroGaming 26 days ago +1

    I need the FOV he uses, its sickkk!! Does someone knows which is it?

  • MitaGamesHD MitaGamesHD

    Yo dude Serbian people never scam

  • Riplee_TV
    Riplee_TV Month ago

    if you watch 8:54 with full volume you hear some wack stuff

  • Decton
    Decton Month ago +2

    "jesus christ" shows buddha" :D

  • bluefreddy gamer
    bluefreddy gamer Month ago

    pierdol sie

  • xSedz
    xSedz Month ago


    • xSedz
      xSedz Month ago

      Yeah ik but it’s crazy

    • It's Vojin!
      It's Vojin! Month ago

      He changed his name it's not September anymore and September is a very common namr

  • Axel
    Axel Month ago

    run it in a vm :)

  • Syntax
    Syntax Month ago +1

    Matt: iam not goin to put the name of the scammer so there will be no witch hunt
    Diddle:heres his link go hunt him

  • Marko Ranisavljevic

    I fuxking hate american propaganda impersonating countries

  • Marko Ranisavljevic

    You are right for serbia we have scammers but all of then dont know englis

  • Supreme Kannibal
    Supreme Kannibal Month ago +1

    #trolling scammer

  • Tinky
    Tinky Month ago

    Did you call jacksepticeye and vanossgaming fans 15 year olds! XD

  • Burben Sullins
    Burben Sullins Month ago

    8:56 I crapped myself with the ear rape

  • Howling Wolf
    Howling Wolf Month ago +1

    Diddle: Jesus Christ
    Also Diddle: *Shows a photo of Buddha...*

  • get ur ketchup
    get ur ketchup Month ago +1

    Report these

    and this was the AWP image he used

  • Down Right Doing Things

    15 is not a little child

  • Snowball Zz
    Snowball Zz Month ago

    Please dont say that always scammers come from Serbia. Scammers come from all over the world and not only from Serbia. Just cause you are not online at the same time doesnt mean he has to be from Serbia. Please dont insult the country anymore and stop specifying types of all scammers.

  • danimag2011
    danimag2011 Month ago

    I know it's a year old but I almost had a heart attack at the *I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU* part

  • ItsLissuh
    ItsLissuh Month ago

    You're silver... really...another skinner bit cancer

  • Smaxe Gaming
    Smaxe Gaming Month ago

    Anyone else noticed Stay Stoned-Wiz Kahlifa Instrumental was playing in the background

  • Rashid Villanueva
    Rashid Villanueva Month ago

    Microsoft Edge got me

  • stefan kovacevic
    stefan kovacevic Month ago

    A jebaću ga ružna

  • rain
    rain Month ago

    how the fuck do you mix mexico and serbia you american trash

  • Turbo Stitchmen
    Turbo Stitchmen 2 months ago +2

    I'm 15 and I can code. You're acting more like a 7 year old

  • Komi
    Komi 2 months ago

    Diddle: **says serbia**
    The whole comment section: *What the fuck did you just bring to this cursed land*

  • Bad Gamer
    Bad Gamer 2 months ago

    It cant wipe out ur inventory lol, It can steal your login information after you login to some websites tho

  • Why Name
    Why Name 2 months ago

    I wish I saw this video back then before I got scammed with the extension method. Lost my Karambit Staind FT and USP Kill Confirmed FN. Took a 2 year break from buying skins after that....
    Still bothers me to this day

  • Koen Brown
    Koen Brown 2 months ago +7


  • LilPihvi
    LilPihvi 2 months ago +7

    You dont act like a 15 year old, more like max. 7
    8 years old

  • JonelKingas
    JonelKingas 2 months ago +2

    thats a bit racist doing a voice of him as if hes russian but hes mexican....

  • Butter Father
    Butter Father 2 months ago +2

    17:18 powstańcie rodacy

  • Ninjakuben
    Ninjakuben 2 months ago

    I'm 13 and I think that your understanding of how intelligent 15yrs old are is very bad

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles 2 months ago

    next time you have this happen, use a virtual machine ;)

  • Pluss 4ed Cubing
    Pluss 4ed Cubing 2 months ago

    i didn't look properly at that guy"s profile but the photo looked like a dude with a beard but then i realized what it really was

  • Lieutenant Wumbo
    Lieutenant Wumbo 2 months ago

    8:55 I’m watching this in bed at one thirty in the morning, rn I have my phone next to me with my ear buds in while closing my eyes.

    *Yea I’m awake now*

  • Wondering
    Wondering 2 months ago

    Im from Mexico but fuck that scammer

  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 2 months ago

    Be careful diddle from those hoes

  • GoldenGamerG4 Ea
    GoldenGamerG4 Ea 2 months ago

    7:55 why did he se christ lol

  • AceY Boi
    AceY Boi 2 months ago

    Why is everyone going on with serbia scamming ppl

  • TJ Ledford
    TJ Ledford 2 months ago

    I was playing a game and got earraped, I’m awake

  • Jurel192810'S YT
    Jurel192810'S YT 2 months ago

    I have menny inventory in Csgo i have every thing whit all spray