Trolling the Most Complicated CS:GO Scammer...

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
  • Report this scammer here:'
    Report his Chrome extension too,
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  • Diddle
    Diddle  Year ago +1433

    Before everyone is triggered about the Serbia comments, it’s a meme. I am fascinated with how proud you guys are of your country and I respect it.
    It is simply a nod to my first scam troll video where I mentioned Serbia not joking and everyone lost their shit. I respect you and your country and wish you all the best. But the Serbia comments won’t go away lol

    • Iggy HD
      Iggy HD 8 days ago


      THE LUCKY ALPHA 14 days ago

      Yo diddle can we trade on CSGO

    • Sanane Napcan Amq
      Sanane Napcan Amq 19 days ago

      Diddle if you install that extension it can be a virus that can acsess your steam account

    • Groff
      Groff 29 days ago

      Diddle thx its a bad country but we are proud of ppl in it

    • rwcxre rwecervc
      rwcxre rwecervc Month ago +1

      Neki_lik haha it’s funny coz he spells it wrong haha comedy

  • Lazor HD
    Lazor HD Hour ago

    Chrome slows down your computer

  • F!reFox
    F!reFox 5 hours ago


  • Oby1
    Oby1 2 days ago

    Lil jeeppppppppppp beat i can hear that

  • Itz Fenris
    Itz Fenris 2 days ago

    you scared the piss outta me at 8:54

  • 1 Hensing
    1 Hensing 2 days ago

    His steam account is still up and running.. ?!? XD
    How is that possible?

  • Flair 21
    Flair 21 3 days ago

    oP sKiNs

  • Ghoul
    Ghoul 4 days ago +1

    For diddle little kid: 15 And half..

  • TSM wannabe
    TSM wannabe 4 days ago

    How does he think he doesn’t have google you need google to get steam on google to play csgo 🤣🤣🤣

  • Beograd Tutorijali
    Beograd Tutorijali 5 days ago

    What you have with serbia or mexico? Myb he is from america fucking idiot. Racist. Fuck your mom! Who comment negative here. Fuck your mom too. I will not look negative comments ofc.

  • Great White
    Great White 6 days ago

    Dont disrespect Serbia or Putin will come after you

  • Brodaty Brodacz
    Brodaty Brodacz 7 days ago

    the fuck ? took him 2 years to lvlUp on steam 1lvl xd

  • Julien Senuta
    Julien Senuta 7 days ago

    No popcorn but i got Oreos

  • Julien Senuta
    Julien Senuta 7 days ago

    "No one's ever cum at me with a method like this" hmmmmm....

  • vnfg1000
    vnfg1000 7 days ago

    He only showed his inventory to flex lol

  • Sindre Elnes
    Sindre Elnes 8 days ago +1

    Is it legal to tell people to report things with social media, just wondering. BTW always love your videos!

  • Aprillia-sr50r -
    Aprillia-sr50r - 8 days ago

    What did he want to do on Skype?

  • Beat Beast
    Beat Beast 9 days ago

    Why do you always think that serbians are the scammers

  • the king of utub e
    the king of utub e 9 days ago

    Nice aim

  • xanax 4thepanic
    xanax 4thepanic 10 days ago

    That guy is not from México just a default russian scammer kid

  • Nemurin Hema
    Nemurin Hema 10 days ago

    wat is that viewmodel can u guys tell me please

    THE GAMING SON 11 days ago

    The you awake was needed literally perfect time that got me scared as shiit

    I became awake

  • Juliossz
    Juliossz 11 days ago

    the guy was moaning and he moaned like this 9:10 (based on a meme)

  • Juliossz
    Juliossz 11 days ago

    i actually went to search the septembers guy steam link and found nothing

  • i Crabby
    i Crabby 11 days ago

    8:55 HOLY SHIT

  • XMark_GamingX
    XMark_GamingX 12 days ago

    How about youtube stops putting this in my recommended?

  • LxLViibez
    LxLViibez 12 days ago

  • Help me get 1,000 subs withOUT vids

    Soooo for you 15 Y/O’s Got their own race or What. You make the worst 15 Y/O stereotype

  • sɴᴇɪᴘᴇʀ ᴋiɴɢツ

    I am sitting back with some doritors

  • Terje Mogseth
    Terje Mogseth 13 days ago

    8:53 fuck you. you scare the SHIT out of me

  • Nugget
    Nugget 13 days ago

    Perfect ill use this.

  • KrazyGaming
    KrazyGaming 14 days ago

    It is unacceptable to see that he is still not banned

  • Dayz_legend
    Dayz_legend 14 days ago

    I get friend requests every day and my inventory is only worth $730

  • Uday Datar
    Uday Datar 14 days ago

    LMAO I just got scammed can someone help?

  • Popstrek
    Popstrek 17 days ago

    I got scammed in cs from opskins method, i lost my karambit vanilla stattrack :(

  • Twisterr
    Twisterr 17 days ago

    Bruh 9:53

  • Legy GD
    Legy GD 18 days ago

    Im just curios,when u said serbia,is it like racist or just randomly

  • RedCube Gamer
    RedCube Gamer 18 days ago +2

    7:55 uhh
    Thats not jesus...

    Thats a statue

  • Slippery_ Gecko
    Slippery_ Gecko 18 days ago

    I just played woth mattcs omg Im not joking

  • Flykope
    Flykope 18 days ago

    This is so great

  • DocB83
    DocB83 18 days ago


  • eggz.Gaming
    eggz.Gaming 19 days ago

    19:56 look at top left xD

  • lucktr8
    lucktr8 22 days ago

    8:16 I had no popcorn but lots of weed!

  • Ajc 7575
    Ajc 7575 22 days ago

    I don’t even know why but I use edge, isn’t chrome like 16 quintillion times better though?

  • Ajc 7575
    Ajc 7575 22 days ago

    Maybe he’s using google translate or some shit and that’s why he said “knife Bowie marble gradient”

  • shaybra chaaban
    shaybra chaaban 22 days ago

    Just make a new steam account install cs add a skin for 3 $ and try the website he gave you 🙃

  • Jxhn's Hacks
    Jxhn's Hacks 25 days ago

    Why r u beating racist... I'M FUCKING SERBIAN

  • Ishaboo l
    Ishaboo l 26 days ago

    Go fuck yourself for that "I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU" part. Literally fucking 5% volume. Die.

  • snowklg
    snowklg 26 days ago

    i swear to fuck i know that dude, he scammed my tf2 items

  • Talan The Krill
    Talan The Krill 27 days ago

    I know this is old but your acting like a 11-12 year old I know this cause I almost got scammed once on tf2 a year ago but when my cousins came over the one older than me caught me right before I did anything bad and lose all my expensive stuff (which tbh was like 5 bucks) that was really important to me but he got me straight out of the whole deal and I was annoyed at first cause I thought I was gonna get more money than what I got it for but after he explained it was way more easy to thank him and now I can make fun of scammers now since I started watching these types of videos

  • Zraix
    Zraix 29 days ago


  • Jovchaa
    Jovchaa 29 days ago

    mans piss off with the Serbia comments, pick on your own country

  • NP VlogZ
    NP VlogZ 29 days ago

    Serbia? Serbia? why Serbia maybe we have some kiddo scammers but why Serbia we aren't known as a scamming community.......... but still I love your videos

  • Runley .-
    Runley .- 29 days ago

    get a vm with 1 item on the account and see what happens

  • Peaceful Tigrex
    Peaceful Tigrex Month ago

    8:53 R.I.P. headphone users... o_O

  • StalledFan97276 Fear

    Oh yeah yeah

  • september
    september Month ago +2

    I finally know why people have been reporting me now

  • The Ben Shapiro Show

    A person tried to scam me of my fn stattrack hyperbeast

  • Yeet Skeet
    Yeet Skeet Month ago

    You’re acting like a 9 year old not a 15 year old

    VIPE JAMES Month ago

    Lil peep beat is the back round song

    AWP47 STUDIOS Month ago

    Josh a background music!!!

  • MikHa
    MikHa Month ago

    im from serbia now im sad im no scammer

  • Dit Navn
    Dit Navn Month ago

    24:30 ahahhahahahha

  • SpeculatoRE
    SpeculatoRE Month ago

    Since when is a 15 year old a little kid lmao.

  • Lost Cody
    Lost Cody Month ago

    Lil Peep background music😍

  • ʏᴜɴɢ
    ʏᴜɴɢ Month ago

    Omg idiot serbia ??? I live there

  • TheBlackDaimondA
    TheBlackDaimondA Month ago

    am 12years ols and am confused about that scammer wth

  • PatrickIV
    PatrickIV Month ago

    Where get this money from?

  • K0LT
    K0LT Month ago

    8:54 fuck you

  • DaRealGeo
    DaRealGeo Month ago

    Question mark.

  • Darius RP
    Darius RP Month ago

    What’s the song that starts in the backgroung at around 22:09?

  • Yeezus
    Yeezus Month ago

    3:00 i feel kinda triggered because i am from serbia lol

  • Corbin Weinmann
    Corbin Weinmann Month ago

    popcorn? i got tacos WITH CHEESE

  • Alsatti Ibragimov
    Alsatti Ibragimov Month ago

    What is the song at 22:10? Thanks

  • Audiotricz
    Audiotricz Month ago

    Poor Mexican kiddo

  • Nigiel Igmar
    Nigiel Igmar Month ago

    The French reviews are so funny for the add on, they translate "skin" literally, we don't translate skin for game, that's so dumb ah ah.

  • Games4Dayz
    Games4Dayz Month ago

    9:53 Aim 100

  • Sammy
    Sammy Month ago

    you could've said "Browser? Like the turtle?" smh

  • FlukS
    FlukS Month ago

    15 and a half " A Little Kid " Sure 2 and a Half Years until your 18 but ok xD

  • Smarcos
    Smarcos Month ago

    im not usually a hater but i just watched 30 mins of content to see a “complicated” scam and something with levels and something non-obvious but no. i wasted my time, click bait title

  • aivis stalidzans
    aivis stalidzans Month ago

    you are just talking boring shit for most of the video, its hard to watch honestly. 26 mins could be compressed into 10

  • Harrison Blackwood
    Harrison Blackwood Month ago

    Why do you take so long to describe why he’s wrong even though we already know he’s a scammer, wtf

  • imnotfuckinggay
    imnotfuckinggay Month ago

    wait u think 15 yr olds likes to watch jacksepticeye

  • Noor 123
    Noor 123 Month ago

    lol i have all the skins >:)

  • Zain_mood
    Zain_mood Month ago

    Master time waster

  • Ice Scythe
    Ice Scythe Month ago +1

    why does his awp look like that?

  • XenoZ The supporter

    8:54 omfg i legit jumped up from my bed and hit my head on my lamp. Butt it was worth it for the gags getting hurt is fun omg im a sycopath...

  • milos jones
    milos jones Month ago

    3:01 I got offended I am from serbia
    B.t.w jk

  • Diskount Klout
    Diskount Klout Month ago +1

    I'm Serbian, and i'm not triggered at all by his comment, more surprised that he knows we exist lol.

  • LeeB
    LeeB Month ago

    You should've had a virtual machine and downloaded the chrome exstention.

  • ServedSki
    ServedSki Month ago


  • General Care Bear
    General Care Bear Month ago

    I’m 13 and I built my own computer

  • BriaN _-
    BriaN _- Month ago

    lil peep background song :(

    WOOLF Month ago

    are you say serbiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its ok you aaare not say CROATIA

    • Robert Pamfiloiu
      Robert Pamfiloiu 27 days ago

      Ik my english is bad but your English is unexistent

  • Adrian Rutkiewicz
    Adrian Rutkiewicz Month ago

    You should have virtual machine set up, to actually safely install what they want from you. Could let you waste more of their time.

  • Mario_D
    Mario_D Month ago

    8:54 why... MY EAAARS

  • Yeety Boi
    Yeety Boi Month ago

    rip old steam chat

  • Gaming2304
    Gaming2304 Month ago

    8:55 fuck you dude, I‘m currently watching this at 5:22 AM and yes, now I am fucking awake you cunt 😂😂😂

    • Gaming2304
      Gaming2304 Month ago

      PS: I just realised how many people sre complaining because you either scared them or woke them up with the „Are you there“-earrape and I‘m honestly screaming

  • The Minky
    The Minky Month ago

    Though the Bowie knife wasn’t around during the dupe to be verified.

  • EvilEmil Mose
    EvilEmil Mose Month ago

    Watching this while laying in my bed. Felt alittle bit tired. About to fall asleep. Then this happened 8:55. And i was like YES IM AWAKE!!!