• Published on Aug 1, 2017
  • Today I'm testing Mac's New Roller Wheel Eyeliner, you gotta admit it looks pretty cool lol let's see how it works!
    PS I'm so sorry about the audio in this video! The little click noises is my lens because my external audio cut out and I didn't realize it until after I was done filming :( sowee lol
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  • Alissa Ashley
    Alissa Ashley  Year ago +849

    Just to let you guys know an update, for a brief while (30 minutes or so) my eyes felt a little weird because of the dryness of the wing, it felt like something was on my eyes and I didn't like that feeling much. The wing however did NOT crumble off at all and actually stayed on really well (I accidentally rubbed my eye and it still was on lol)

    • Tranisha Brown
      Tranisha Brown Year ago

      Alissa Ashley can you do an all vegan makeup tutorial/first impressions?

    • ixmx _ x
      ixmx _ x Year ago

      Alissa Ashley for mystery makeup mondays can you bring back the options for a glossy eye a matte eye etc. ?

    • Mary Ann Montaller
      Mary Ann Montaller Year ago +6

      Yasss... What's on your lips? You look gorgeous with that juicy lips and minimal eye makeup look.

    • ARMY 14
      ARMY 14 Year ago

      Alissa Ashley it looks easy to work 😌

  • Jojo NuYorican
    Jojo NuYorican 2 months ago

    Omg your face so Flawless 😍 what foundation you use may I askπŸ€”

  • Ultravioletx1
    Ultravioletx1 3 months ago

    Liner is hard enough I don't think I can use this haha

  • Jenny Pettry
    Jenny Pettry 7 months ago

    You are so beautiful. Thanks for the review it helped me make my decision to get it.

  • joannej_1974 Youtube
    joannej_1974 Youtube 7 months ago

    You are such a breath of fresh air. 😍 I'm watching this now because we're getting the Butter London version of this in the Sept 2018 Boxycharm box. I'm trying to decide whether to try it or donate. I'm still not sure, lol.

  • Michelle Metanad
    Michelle Metanad 7 months ago

    I clicked on this video because guuuuuurl your skin is flawless 😩 flawless ugh can’t get over how smooth your face looks

  • DivaDee1281
    DivaDee1281 9 months ago

    Thanks for the review and you are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Eman Saifullah
    Eman Saifullah 10 months ago

    does anyone know what camera she uses for filming ?

  • Teresa mincy
    Teresa mincy Year ago

    πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ your so cute. Can you please share your lip products?

  • Felicia Smith
    Felicia Smith Year ago

    I think you was just nervous how it would come out. You did an amazing job! I recently bought a liner like this from wet n wild. I was so mad cause i wasn't aware it was that kind of wand. Needless to say after I watched this video I found my life.

  • Jamie Mathis
    Jamie Mathis Year ago

    So many ppl slammed this, but I think it's possibly great for ppl with disabilities or shaky hands. Thanks for the up close tutorial πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • carollyn cheeyen
    carollyn cheeyen Year ago

    You got really precise hands in drawing those eyeliners!! o.o Like sketching a piece of art. Jedi style. Where they swing their light sabers without cutting themselves.

  • Aly Bae
    Aly Bae Year ago

    What’s the lipstick you’re wearing in this video?!

  • Sam Ibanez
    Sam Ibanez Year ago

    oh my god your eyes are gorgeous

  • Jasmyn Pollock
    Jasmyn Pollock Year ago

    I just LOVE your personality!

  • lilbluefreak
    lilbluefreak Year ago

    That wingtip is so sharp you could kill a man!

  • Paris Scott
    Paris Scott Year ago

    Girl They Came Out Bomb 🀩

  • X
    X Year ago

    You're really pro at eyeliner then. Some other beauty gurus can't get it working. I suck at normal eyeliner so I'm sure I can't be good at this

  • Sarah Clarke
    Sarah Clarke Year ago

    I love that you ACTUALLY zoom in πŸ‘πŸΌ so many youtubers say I’ll zoom you in and it’s still far away! We need to see what you’re doing properly! Thank you girl! X

  • Sarah Clarke
    Sarah Clarke Year ago

    You’re amazing girl. This is the first video I’ve seen of yours and you’re so informative and beautiful! And you seem so genuine and sweet 😍

  • Fat2FitBeautyTV
    Fat2FitBeautyTV Year ago


  • Gabrielle Kovtunenko

    only youtuber ive seen that could actually make this work, love you alissa

  • Tammy Basden
    Tammy Basden Year ago

    I have been wondering how the rolling eyeliner worked! You did great!! I'm thinking of trying it now! Thank You, love watching your vlogs!! ❀❀❀Love and Bkessings to you! ❀❀❀πŸ₯‚

  • Lexi T
    Lexi T Year ago

    Seems like it takes longer lol

  • Jovie Ann Canape
    Jovie Ann Canape Year ago

    I've watched a minute of this video and I need to know! Your teeth are gorgeous - are they veneers?

  • SohoChic5
    SohoChic5 Year ago

    I wondered about that applicator. Nice review.

  • Lucy P
    Lucy P Year ago

    Mac are losing their shit

  • Cynthia Skoczynski

    Just watched your winged liner for hooded eyes on facebook, and I just had to find you and tell your how gorgeous your eyes are!!! Insane! 😘

  • Yamilex Kiara
    Yamilex Kiara Year ago

    Alissa where are you!? 😩 miss your videos

  • Hannah Lomtong
    Hannah Lomtong Year ago +1

    I love how the comments were all about alissa's skin and lips and not the product itself πŸ˜‚ LOVE YOU ALISSA! πŸ˜˜πŸ’―

  • GinniferBarnes
    GinniferBarnes Year ago

    Where the eff you been girl!

  • Liza cheney
    Liza cheney Year ago +1

    Is it just me or does anyone love her voice?

  • cyntheasok28
    cyntheasok28 Year ago

    Where have you been girl!! I miss your videos, drop a new one πŸ’–

  • Aijah Viray
    Aijah Viray Year ago

    Hey Alissa! Can you please do a beginner hooded eye makeup tutorial please? And thank you! Love ya!πŸ’•πŸ€—

  • Chanel Froberg
    Chanel Froberg Year ago

    This is so cool, and I like the fact that it creates tight and sharp lines. MAC get back on the CF BUS!

  • Gacha Princess
    Gacha Princess Year ago

    Wow she's rlly pretty 😻

  • Andreea Mate
    Andreea Mate Year ago

    Your eyes are so gorgeous omg!!!😻I noticed it when you zoomed it to show the liner closer up And I was like omg her eyes are stunning !!😻✨

  • Cherry Lane Monroe

    HEY, girl!! WYA??? Miss you!

  • Isabel Arriaga
    Isabel Arriaga Year ago

    I found my self staring more at your lips lol😍😍😍

  • Fiorela Mora Vargas

    your review sucked. you need to be straight up and honest. it sucked, it wasn't matte, and it looked horrible. stop trying to justify it or be nice about it.

  • Stanifermlg
    Stanifermlg Year ago

    Where my boo at? All these haters done got up in her comments from that stupid subculture palette πŸ˜’

    • Stanifermlg
      Stanifermlg Year ago

      Alissa Ashley lol I thought you were taking a break!

    • Alissa Ashley
      Alissa Ashley  Year ago +1

      Stanifermlg I moved to LA last week so it's been hectic for me lol

  • Gold Bambi
    Gold Bambi Year ago

    Why are the comments on the chick-fil-a video disabled?

  • Meghan G
    Meghan G Year ago

    U killed it! Awesome job. gotta give credit where it's due. πŸ˜€Liked !!

  • Yarsha Lopez
    Yarsha Lopez Year ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! OMG your skin is amazing!

  • Blake Love
    Blake Love Year ago

    I saw you at a NYX store in my mall in Dallas!! you looked beautiful in the picture

  • Shejuan Mckibbins

    Where are uuuuu

  • Traci Adi
    Traci Adi Year ago


  • Isabelle Monteiro

    hey Alissa, where the new videos?? I'm over here waiting

  • Anjelica Medeiros

    You are stunning! πŸ’œ

  • JeanGray218
    JeanGray218 Year ago +1

    I came here just to ask why you disabled the comments for the chic-fil-a video πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • R C
    R C Year ago

    your eyebrows are sooo nice

  • Jovie Rose
    Jovie Rose Year ago

    I think I saw you at Beautycon but I was too shy to say hi 😩

  • Kat Colon
    Kat Colon Year ago

    Girrrrrrl Jeffrey star just subbed you in his latest video getting ready with manny mua. 10:30 that's when it starts

    • Kat Colon
      Kat Colon Year ago

      Alissa Ashley you're the one known for saying "cancelled".

    • Alissa Ashley
      Alissa Ashley  Year ago +2

      Kat Colon you're being messy no he didn't.

  • Saniahmylove
    Saniahmylove Year ago

    I really wanted to try this because like you said it looks intriguing but now seeing you use it I don't think i want to try it. Thanks for saving me a trip to mac and a couple dollars!!!

  • Laughuntilyoucry Cryuntilyoulaugh

    I don't know. The pizza roller applicator probably would annoy me.

  • RKmakeup
    RKmakeup Year ago +1

    You look like a boy with short hairπŸ˜‚

  • Ree Cat
    Ree Cat Year ago

    How much is it on retail?

  • Morgan L.
    Morgan L. Year ago

    Omfg I wish I had skin like yours. ITS SO SMOOTH AND PERFECT WHAT

  • The Jewellery Box

    Do you have a video of you doing a natural everyday look? I'm a beginner and need some help 😩

  • Arilertzy Gaeta
    Arilertzy Gaeta Year ago +2

    HEY from mexico!!!

  • Nat Marmar
    Nat Marmar Year ago

    I know you turned off your comments for the subculture palette but I want to say sorry for the bs you got for the honest review you did for a crappy palette you got. I was going to buy some ABH products but because of the attitude about this issue I'm not spending my money there.

  • nadia
    nadia Year ago

    I love your eye shape!!! Omfggg

  • Dania Algaham
    Dania Algaham Year ago

    Your eyeball color is soooooooo beautiful 😻β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

  • Official_JzaJza
    Official_JzaJza Year ago

    Your chik-Fil-a video was so annoying. You complained so much. You were so irritating to the point to where I unsubscribed to your channel. #FYI πŸ–•πŸΎπŸ˜˜βœŒπŸΎ

  • Diana J
    Diana J Year ago


  • Yani Morales
    Yani Morales Year ago

    You're gorgeous & awesome!!!

  • trisha60
    trisha60 Year ago

    alissa, i only discovered your channel since the subculture palette and to be honest i wish id found u earlier, ive missed out on a whole load of fun!!!!!!!!! i need to binge watch xx

  • Melanie O'Beirne
    Melanie O'Beirne Year ago

    oh my god i was making an eyeliner face throughout this whole video lmao

  • J.moiii
    J.moiii Year ago

    I scared if i it used and i slip Im gonna roll it across my face

  • Elsa Decker
    Elsa Decker Year ago

    I really love how you give products a fair chance. I was really sorry to see the abh subculture not working for you because you tried do hard (which was the first video of you I saw). But I love how much time you take and appreciate the time someone else put in creating the product. πŸ’™

  • Pam Parrish
    Pam Parrish Year ago

    I watch all of your videos and love your honesty. Don't change, it's wonderful.

  • Miko Leigh
    Miko Leigh Year ago

    girl i love watching your videos! but as a college student can you PLEASE do an updated full drugstore makeup look or just talk about your favorite drugstore products? balling on a STRICT budget 😭

  • Stef Rahn
    Stef Rahn Year ago

    you're literally beautiful i love your eyes

  • Carly Cosmetic
    Carly Cosmetic Year ago

    A lot of beauty gurus had a hard time putting this on.. but you did a really good job! Also I just subscribed! Can't believe I wasn't before.. enjoying your videos! 😊

  • Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw Year ago

    You looked normal and decent without eyeliner.

  • Alexis W.
    Alexis W. Year ago

    You're literally so beautiful, your skin and eyes are absolutely mesmerizing 😍😍

  • Tina Handoschenko

    girl your lips are so fucking beautiful D:

  • Ana Valencia
    Ana Valencia Year ago

    Only person that has gotten it down lol everyone else struggles big time!

  • Mar RodrΓ­guez
    Mar RodrΓ­guez Year ago

    Oh dear Lord!! You're so frickin' beautiful

  • Angela Qi
    Angela Qi Year ago

    Your eyes 😍

  • angelatigger9506
    angelatigger9506 Year ago

    I clicked on your video having never seen you before and my jaw literally dropped when it came on, you are the most beautiful human I've ever seen!!! Holy cow

  • Christina Batitsas

    Your eyes are you pretty

  • Sheena Disaster
    Sheena Disaster Year ago

    this is the first video I see from you but you're such a sweetheart ❀ I really liked it and you're so beautiful too!

  • Nadia Beautyo
    Nadia Beautyo Year ago

    Hi I have just found your channel with the abh pallet and the chicken review I think you are a beautiful woman can't wait to watch your channel xx

  • Sierrah Soto
    Sierrah Soto Year ago

    You my girl friend just earned a new subscriber ❀🌸

  • Queen Rose
    Queen Rose Year ago


  • Tiffany Noelle
    Tiffany Noelle Year ago +1

    you're literally the only person who tried to apply this nicely and did good and wasn't too extra! lol definitely watching you more!!!

  • Jessica Harvey
    Jessica Harvey Year ago +1

    Recent subscriber! Would love to see a room tour / make up storage. Loving your content !! 🌺

  • Brandi Stephens
    Brandi Stephens Year ago

    I love your lips here! What are you wearing?!

  • steven mercado
    steven mercado Year ago

    You are gorgeous!!!

  • Lemon Lover
    Lemon Lover Year ago +1

    Wow your skin is so flawless! X

  • Janna Lil
    Janna Lil Year ago

    i just want to give my opinion about something.
    generally, i find it so weird and wrong to see a girl having the skin color darker than her hair color
    But you look like a piece of art . Youre gorgeous .

  • go crazy ahh go stupid

    You're the second person who said it looks like a mini pizza cutter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Ryeo μ„œμ—° Dallantines

    I love you girl, seriously! You're so nice and positive + incredibly talented! You're a huge inspiration ❀❀❀

  • Z O
    Z O Year ago

    Your so beautiful and your lips my God😍😍😍😍

  • Ariannakys
    Ariannakys Year ago

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  • Dazoria Andrenai
    Dazoria Andrenai Year ago

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    hilla illa Year ago

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  • Jimin's Pinky Finger

    0:03 TRUST ME I DON'T MIND 😍😍😍