A Wife's Nightmare English Movie

  • Published on Aug 13, 2015
  • A Wife's Nightmare English Movie
    Following the death of her husband, Ariel's mother Dana finds a friend in the mysterious Adam. When Dana's health starts to fail, Ariel suspects Adam might not .

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  • Naturalmom7
    Naturalmom7 10 days ago

    Good movie but ending is @ 1:42.00 tvclip.biz/video/k6_s4l6Pigo/video.html

  • Dark Side83
    Dark Side83 5 months ago

    the dad is a narcissist

  • WaterfrontEnt
    WaterfrontEnt 6 months ago

    i always wondered if that was a real (((slap!!))) whammm .. what you guyz think? :8)

  • Nel-shinique Saintil
    Nel-shinique Saintil 7 months ago

    wow just wow im speechless

  • saraha1692
    saraha1692 11 months ago +3

    Bye the way that’s not his daughter

    • Dark Side83
      Dark Side83 5 months ago +1

      Pretty much i knew it she was acting wierd as hell.

  • Atkeebaa Guzman
    Atkeebaa Guzman Year ago +1

    I saw this on tv and I was shook

  • Didik Iswanto
    Didik Iswanto Year ago

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  • Christy Pargas
    Christy Pargas Year ago +2

    A Wife Nightmare lifetime

  • Tomas Silvestre
    Tomas Silvestre Year ago


  • v6 71 Hunter
    v6 71 Hunter Year ago

    What a beautiful looking women, some guys are just never happy ..tut tut :-)

  • Becky Rossewy
    Becky Rossewy Year ago

    This movie Is a great I love how Liz was so jealous of Katelyn cuz Gabe falls in love with Katelyn but Liz blames everything on Katelyn and yells at Katelyn cuz of her screw up she blames Katelyn cuz of her computer was deleted everything about her computer was what made Liz blame Katelyn for deleting her work that Liz had done but she's blaming Katelyn for everything even Aj wouldn't even talk to his own mom about anything Katelyn is the one who got AJ talking to his mom if it wasn't for Katelyn he still wouldn't even be talking to his mom cuz Katelyn got AJ talking to his mom cuz Katelyn didn't like the way he was treating his mom really mean and Katelyn told him about the way her mom was really great mom when Katelyn was younger and she told AJ about her mom that she was up in heaven and all she wants is to be is with her Dad and Liz is so jealous of Katelyn and when Katelyn got AJS girls phone number and then Aj kissed Katelyn and Katelyn gets the blame for AJ kissing Katelyn but Liz blames everything on Katelyn cuz she is so jealous of Katelyn and Gabe and he is her father and Liz is so jealous cuz she can't handle the truth that Katelyn and Gabe do have a great relationship with each other Gabe falls in love with Katelyn and Gabe doesn't ever touch Liz but Katelyn he touchés all the time right in front of Liz at Gabe's birthday and Gabe is so jealous of Katelyn and Katelyn liked Paul and Gabe couldn't handle that Katelyn liked Paul and Gabe couldn't handle that Katelyn is a very pretty and he's in love with Katelyn and that's so wrong to introduce Katelyn and Katelyn and Paul were just talking and Katelyn liked Paul and Gabe was so jealous of Paul and Gabe shouldn't have introduced him to her but he couldn't handle that Katelyn wouldn't even give Gabe this is a great movie I love that you are with Katelyn cuz Liz is a nut she was easygoing but was in the hospital and that's she was on the mental floor but this is also a floor for suicide floor and I love this movie it was a great movie it was Thank you very much Becky Rossewy Sinclair December 17 2017

    • Cortana Is Awesome
      Cortana Is Awesome 11 days ago

      How many lines of coke did you do before typing this long ass comment?

  • Channel of random Videos

    Man I wish I was in this movie he sex scene I just came busting in the door looking like an badass

  • isa zaragoza
    isa zaragoza Year ago

    Dammit where the whole movie shit is crazy dammit

  • Natalia
    Natalia Year ago

    1:01:32 sex

  • Kelkerch Enrich
    Kelkerch Enrich Year ago

    i loveyou and i see you

  • Sherrunda Crenshaw
    Sherrunda Crenshaw Year ago +1

    The dad is a perv kissing his own daughter! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisbeth Fonseca
    Lisbeth Fonseca Year ago +2

    en.lenguaje.español como.sale

    • Jenny Paola
      Jenny Paola Year ago

      Lisbeth Fonseca yo la subí hoy :)
      Si quieres verla

  • Emelio A. Salazar
    Emelio A. Salazar 2 years ago +4

    The girl in this movie is very foxy and bitchy who knows how to fool people around with her cunning and clever ways of pretending. The actress is good.

  • Donnie W
    Donnie W 2 years ago +1

    I hope this movie is good to watch. It seem nice.

  • Ryan Run
    Ryan Run 2 years ago

    gd movie but totally poor ending
    dont watch it just wasting of time

  • Alyssa Ramirez
    Alyssa Ramirez 2 years ago +3

    Anybody else realize that the son is actually Peyton list twin brother

  • Joan Hopkinson
    Joan Hopkinson 2 years ago +1

    A great movie

  • Disgruntled Skrunt
    Disgruntled Skrunt 2 years ago

    Matthew Panio's big break (1:00:59)

  • Bilgi Sarmalı
    Bilgi Sarmalı 2 years ago

    it s perfect

  • Jéff Máthew
    Jéff Máthew 2 years ago

    At the end, does the mom fall in love with her son's friend?

  • Samaria Peabody
    Samaria Peabody 2 years ago +5

    If you guys watch jessie on disney channel or bunkd thats Peyton list twin brother 💍💙

  • Jordan LeCointe
    Jordan LeCointe 2 years ago +2

    This movie is so poorly done it's hilarious.

    • Roblox Kid
      Roblox Kid Year ago +2

      Idiot its not poorly done u jerk.

  • Skygazer
    Skygazer 2 years ago +4

    Beware the film ends about 10 minutes before it should...such a shame as its a really good film except you wont now how it ends up

    • Naturalmom7
      Naturalmom7 10 days ago

      Here is a link the ending @1:42.00 tvclip.biz/video/k6_s4l6Pigo/video.html o had to finish it was good

    • Hooptie Hamburger
      Hooptie Hamburger 9 months ago

      The ending is what makes it one of the best Lifetime movies ever. It is so bizarre and crazy.

  • Porsche Stanley
    Porsche Stanley 2 years ago +5

    This shit crazy lol

  • siskokanguro
    siskokanguro 2 years ago

    what car is it?

  • Maria Rocha
    Maria Rocha 2 years ago +2

    It's a good movie but I'm not paying 3.99to watch it though, I watched it for free not too long ago .

  • Tony Cornell
    Tony Cornell 2 years ago +24

    I was an extra in this movie and I had no screen time. I still got paid a couple hundred bucks though so it's all good.

    • Tony Cornell
      Tony Cornell Year ago

      Well my friend called me up and was like "Hey, you like acting right? Great! Want to be in a movie?" and then bada bing bada boom I'm in a movie

    • Tony Cornell
      Tony Cornell Year ago

      The movie was filmed close to Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada

    • Baby Cakes
      Baby Cakes Year ago

      How did you become an extra? And where was the filing location? California?

    • Thomas Magee
      Thomas Magee 2 years ago +2

      you were the best part!

    • Trikkie83
      Trikkie83 2 years ago +1

      Tony Cornell Where was this movie filmed at?

  • Carol Sceniak
    Carol Sceniak 2 years ago +5

    Were the hell is the ending?

    • lilbehr1
      lilbehr1 2 years ago

      Here's the full Movie : 123movies.best/watch/a-wife-s-nightmare-episode-Full-123movies-best-1657186.html

    • It's me TC
      It's me TC 2 years ago +3

      the end is the best part and that's missing

    • It's me TC
      It's me TC 2 years ago

      how can you upload 3/4 only?bad

  • Pin Head
    Pin Head 2 years ago

    Horrible version, video taped your TV? That's really gay.

  • Taylor Ehrhard
    Taylor Ehrhard 2 years ago +11

    This is actually a good movie the first time I ever watched it the ending shocked me

  • Laxman thakur
    Laxman thakur 2 years ago

    whar... no. sex mem coll me 08954755644

  • William Cross
    William Cross 2 years ago

    Jennifer Beams needs to spend more time in "Flashdance.!!!!!!"

  • sha370z
    sha370z 2 years ago +5

    1:01:30 loud orgasm and moaning

    • Tacos
      Tacos 2 years ago


  • sha370z
    sha370z 2 years ago +1

    The wife was going thru the girls old blue car . when she got back home and saw the car park on the side

  • Mark H
    Mark H 3 years ago +24

    Hey, what happened to the ending, but weird movie, father is a perv, having sex with a 19 year old, and his wife is so hot, people are just plain stupid

    • Roxxie Willians
      Roxxie Willians Year ago

      Is this a boy

    • lilbehr1
      lilbehr1 2 years ago +2

      Pin Head ~ how old are you anyway, your comment is so ignorant and immature :( Your username pretty much says it all, lol

    • Joe Joe
      Joe Joe 2 years ago +4

      Mom = Jennifer Beals ( FlashDance Hottie )

  • Sadie Millard
    Sadie Millard 3 years ago +1

    I love this movie I just seen it yesterday and I'm watching it again if u haven't seen the end of it it's weird

  • Ray Wolford
    Ray Wolford 3 years ago +7

    I feel bad that Aj had to see them having sex I mean that's not even how u do sex

  • Racheal Wolfe
    Racheal Wolfe 3 years ago

    on TV rn

  • J.M. Jung
    J.M. Jung 3 years ago +6

    oh...but the ending is the best part!

    • Hooptie Hamburger
      Hooptie Hamburger 9 months ago

      What is revealed at the end is so insane. This movie belongs in a Lifetime movie hall of fame. It is a major trip.

  • Clemson_girly Girl
    Clemson_girly Girl 3 years ago

    i love this movie...but not the way you have it!!!!!!!

  • Diana Herrera
    Diana Herrera 3 years ago +1

    It looks blurry af lol

  • Dianne Anderson
    Dianne Anderson 3 years ago

    The movie didn't finish. The last 5 minutes of ending was not there.

  • mariah covington
    mariah covington 3 years ago


  • mariah covington
    mariah covington 3 years ago +3

    i like the sex

  • Jania Winfrey
    Jania Winfrey 3 years ago +1

    That is so mest up

  • ztrip mobbalotto
    ztrip mobbalotto 3 years ago

    does anyone know tha name of the song he plays with the guitar at 43min

  • Maria Cortes
    Maria Cortes 3 years ago

    1:01:48 sex

  • francois labelle
    francois labelle 3 years ago +1

    super dooper good movie...just a cloud in the way

  • Maritza Mays
    Maritza Mays 3 years ago

    Did gabe just kiss her

  • 윤정한
    윤정한 3 years ago

    I feel so bad for Kaitlin and it's just that she got just abandoned from her own step mother....if I was her even though AJ was my step brother I would've slept with him rather than the father lol.....but this movie took a really big place in my life and I will never forget this

    • Rebecca ann Shields
      Rebecca ann Shields 3 years ago +1

      Ya I mean she just got mixed up with the wrong crowd

    • 윤정한
      윤정한 3 years ago

      Sorry I just get really emotional to movies like this, even though it's not even real lol but I'm very sensitive haha

    • Rebecca ann Shields
      Rebecca ann Shields 3 years ago

      No that was an entire fake story, her moms just in federal prison

  • Lily Quackenbush
    Lily Quackenbush 3 years ago +13

    you cut off the begging AND ending

  • T Davis
    T Davis 3 years ago +2

    wow that did not just happened 😱😱😱

  • Arjay Ess
    Arjay Ess 3 years ago

    your description is for "A Daughter's Nightmare"