Pyramid Meditation

  • Published on Nov 7, 2008
  • Spiritual Masters explain about the benefits of pyramid Meditation. The Pyramid Meditation is an excerpt from the "Spiritual Reality: Journey Within" (meditation) video. You can find the others in the series at the following links:

    1. Part 1:

    2. Part 2:

    3. Part 3:

    4. Part 4:

    5. Part 5:

    Love and Peace

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  • abdul nasar
    abdul nasar 2 months ago

    Thank you

  • kiran belagavi
    kiran belagavi 4 months ago

    How to make 52degree pyramid? pls tell someone or any links......

    • War Monster
      War Monster 2 months ago

      use protecter to make base angle of each side

  • No Strings Attached
    No Strings Attached 4 months ago

    Amazing info😀. Just what I was looking for. Ty🤩

  • samreen Topiwala
    samreen Topiwala 6 months ago

    THE SECRET MEDITATION IN HINDI search this on TVclip

  • Kosmik Drive
    Kosmik Drive 8 months ago

    Hello please tell me from where you found this video first time.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Kosmik Drive
      Kosmik Drive 6 months ago +1

      +samreen Topiwala
      Hey thanks, I already knew about "The Secret Meditation in hindi" . But i am excited to know from where the uploader has found it ...if you notice the publish date is in 2008. Means this priceless video was made 10 years back.

    • samreen Topiwala
      samreen Topiwala 6 months ago

      THE SECRET MEDITATION IN HINDI just type this on TVclip and search you will get the whole video of 56 minutes and some second

    • samreen Topiwala
      samreen Topiwala 6 months ago

      Whole video is available of 57 minutes approximately

  • Mo Fo
    Mo Fo 8 months ago +1

    Wow. All positive comments. I love it!

  • mahesh reddy
    mahesh reddy Year ago

    fuck uuuu .if anybody want to give up materialistic life totally it is the best for them .Deceases will be cured bullshit.I am the best example for that.I sufferering from sinus,asthma by listening ,watching pyramid meditation i become like a mental patient .now i m in thought of comitting suicide.because everything is i lost in my life.Pls never practice yogha,meditation.

  • babu az
    babu az Year ago +2

    ప్రతి ఒక్కరు పిరమిడ్ ధ్యానం నేర్చుకొని ఆచరించ వలసిన అవసరం ఉంది.విశ్వశక్తిని ఈ ధ్యానం వలన అపరిమితంగా పొందుతారు.అలా పొందటం వలన మన శరీరం లో ఉన్న రుగ్మత లన్నీ పోయి మనం కొత్త జీవితం లో అడుగు పెట్టి నట్టు అవుతుంది.

  • Meliha Stjepanovic

    Hello all, I made copper pyramid based on the dimensions of Keops Pyramid, I was sleeping below pyramid and everything was great for 4 months of sleeping and after that I start to experience huge headaches every morning when I woke up, my father experienced high blood pressure since he has one also. When I meditated below the pyramid i could feel presence of some energy in my room so I was avoiding meditating. Can someone tell me what these sensations could be. I removed pyramid in other room, now I am not sleeping below the pyramid anymore. I guess you cant sleep below pyramid all the time

    • Troyce
      Troyce 3 months ago

      you should only do what works and what your physical body and spirit is capable of handling. Just have positive intentions!

  • Relijinn X
    Relijinn X Year ago

    I'm going to build a pyramid

  • Surendra kumar Koushal
    Surendra kumar Koushal 2 years ago +2


  • Johnny Zeus
    Johnny Zeus 2 years ago +1

    This makes perfectly sense in my emotions.

  • Ogeti Reddappa
    Ogeti Reddappa 2 years ago

    any medotator is there who got niryana

  • Nagaraj R
    Nagaraj R 3 years ago

    nice one

  • Bo Murali
    Bo Murali 5 years ago +1

    Lot of information would be needed

  • todd smith
    todd smith 6 years ago +2

    ya and beware of those evil light bulbs and other such demonic energy.

  • Ant riv
    Ant riv 7 years ago

    Minds is about to brother

  • Dr S Ranjan
    Dr S Ranjan 7 years ago

    Pyramid meditation is superb. My quality of life has improved too much...

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  • Sapphire1on1
    Sapphire1on1 8 years ago +2

    @gsaint77 you do not need to build a pyramid... it is simply a tool to aid in the awakening... or the gathering of "cosmic energy"... it acts as a battery charger... but for thousands of years people have attained the awakening state without the aid of pyramids. Only with understanding... but the trilateral structure does help... if you understood geometrical shapes you will know that other shapes does the same thing the trilateral structure is just easiest to build.

    • Jazmin-Rose Johnson
      Jazmin-Rose Johnson 8 months ago

      You don't even need knowledge of geometrical importance to see that all through human culture (in all of if variants) - that energy (aka power) can be harnessed by triangles, even most "occult" type religions have used them to channel both negative and positive energies, even electronics, and computers have to "triangulate" energy waves (and/or signals), or even to harness electricity. The Japanese cultures have religious, and energy/power significance based in the triangle (including Horus).

  • Pyramid Meditation
    Pyramid Meditation 9 years ago +1

    @ipfw46805 I sleep under a pyramid and I also try to meditate under one. Plase come see my video. E-mail me if you have priicing quesitons

  • gsaint77
    gsaint77 9 years ago

    i wish i had enough money to build one.

    • samreen Topiwala
      samreen Topiwala 6 months ago

      No need to build folding pyramids are available in the market it will cost from 1100 rs to 7500 rupees as per the size go for it

  • Kevin Summers
    Kevin Summers 9 years ago

    @alanckaye Lots of people who use pyramids for meditation use just a frame. I have seen them in wood and in metal (usually copper tubing).

  • Pyramid Meditation
    Pyramid Meditation 9 years ago

    msg me if you are interested in CUSTOM pyramids for meditation

    • Gurpreet Kaur
      Gurpreet Kaur 10 months ago

      Hello sir ..i am very very interested in pyramid. ..
      Kindly msg me on my whtsapp no 9501403922
      Plzz plzz sir

  • alanckaye
    alanckaye 9 years ago

    does anyone know where you can buy a meditation pyramid for a REASONABLE price? Everyone I've seen - even the 12" pyramids are hundreds of dollars.

  • thebigseahorse
    thebigseahorse 9 years ago

    Thank you so much! peace respect love.

  • COCOmusic
    COCOmusic 9 years ago

    so this is why the greàt pyràmid dosn't hàve à top. bcs there wàs à crystàl. (bàsed on this new informàtion)

  • ipfw46805
    ipfw46805  9 years ago +1

    I did not create this video, it is an excerpt from a video from Spiritual Masters from India. Good luck.

    • samreen Topiwala
      samreen Topiwala 6 months ago

      Online dekh sakte hai

    • samreen Topiwala
      samreen Topiwala 6 months ago

      THE SECRET MEDITATION IN HINDI isko search Karo TVclip par 56 min ka full video hai magar download nahi hoga

    • jet Surya's Collection
      jet Surya's Collection 11 months ago

      ipfw46805 ye video jisne banai uska channel ya nam batao

  • ipfw46805
    ipfw46805  9 years ago

    I have seen pyramids with just outline. However, I am not an expert and I suggest you check the proper sources.

  • alanckaye
    alanckaye 10 years ago

    does the pyramid need to have sides or will the outline do?

    • samreen Topiwala
      samreen Topiwala 6 months ago

      Pyramids angel should be proper for better results