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  • Published on Sep 29, 2017
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    Hi you! I’m Megan Batoon! Oh, what’s my channel about? I’m so glad you asked. It’s an amalgamation of everything I’m into: dance choreography, comedy vlogs, cooking videos, DIY’s, who knows what I’ll do next? (Not me) I upload every Tuesday and release a new episode of my advice podcast ‘Just a Tip’ on Fridays! Wow, two things every week just for you. I hope you’re happy xx
    September Favorites + MERCH ANNOUNCEMENT | MeganBatoon
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  • Jenn Powell
    Jenn Powell 5 months ago

    I'm not even joking I have two of the volcano candles in my house I love it so much

  • Royal Celero
    Royal Celero 10 months ago

    You'd have to get permission from the band's legal team or buy ownership of the logo in your customisation, from the band, because the design looks way too much like the original. If anyone can recognise the logo, it can be subject to copyright theft. If you wanted that idea to work, you would have the change the colour and the design of the lips, teeth and tongue. The idea is, if it looks distinguishable from the original it's hard to prove the idea was stolen. But the fact is your design looks way to close to the original. And the "parody" method won't work. Because your selling the t shirts as your own. Which means you are taking ownership of the design; by law. You could redesign the whole logo until it looks so different from the original, the band's lawyers can't claim copyright theft.

  • keepcalmandloveglee1

    You should make a shirt saying Batoon like the friends t-shirt ( b•a•t•o•o•n)

    RAY&SELENA Year ago

    The good place yes i love that show :)

  • Camyll
    Camyll Year ago

    whenever you do a favorites vid, i lowkey get scared when you're holding glass but what's a favorite video w/out the thrill :)

  • HipsterrDiamond
    HipsterrDiamond Year ago

    House tour!!!! 💖

  • Ciara Cherry Lo
    Ciara Cherry Lo Year ago


  • monkey 2
    monkey 2 Year ago

    Where the hell do I buy that shirt

    • Defying The Oddz
      Defying The Oddz Year ago

      monkey 2 the parody of the rock band tee? She can’t sell it (due to copyright issues).
      But if you’re talking about the other shirts she showed, it’s all sold out. She’s making a round 2 of her new merch design. Check her twitter for times TBA on her round 2 merch. 👍

  • Netana Jones
    Netana Jones Year ago

    I Would Love It If You Did A "Ba-Ba-Batoon" And "Welcome To The Family" Shirts, Hats and Hoodies.

  • Hb.nation
    Hb.nation Year ago

    I gotta get that hat it's to fire 🔥

  • Erica Dvulit
    Erica Dvulit Year ago

    Make more teamegde videos

  • starrysmash
    starrysmash Year ago

    Omg I was so scared for you when you were holding your plant. I kept hoping that you DIDN’T drop it. Lol

  • byebyebergy
    byebyebergy Year ago

    I think you should make a poster with your hand lettering for Merch! You are so into home decor and it would really be "you"

  • Dandelions Dandelions

    Megan, I'm so sad I missed out on your merch 😢 Only saw your Instagram post just now.

  • Pia Modesto
    Pia Modesto Year ago

    I accidentally double ordered due to excitement.. I sent you an email with the order number if you could cancel one of my orders pls!

    • Dandelions Dandelions
      Dandelions Dandelions Year ago

      Pia Modesto Hi 😊 If you don't mind me asking, what did you order? I missed out on making a purchase and I'm hoping they might put it back up for someone to buy. The chances are probably slim... but I'll take that chance xD
      If its possible, have you emailed an enquiry about this?

  • Rea Sciarra
    Rea Sciarra Year ago

    wait hold up I live near u can I just come by and get a size small of that parody tee lmao xoxo

  • Falketto
    Falketto Year ago

    But was the sam smith sole/soul pun intended? 🤔😂

  • maya strich
    maya strich Year ago

    where do you buy the merch?

  • dulcepalimar06
    dulcepalimar06 Year ago

    A lot of soul lmao

  • Shubhangi Sharma
    Shubhangi Sharma Year ago

    Which foundation and primer is she talking about ?

  • Rickyfyied
    Rickyfyied Year ago

    Im sad AF, that Toon Squad shirt with the French fry is the one I wanted

  • Fenelle Evaristo
    Fenelle Evaristo Year ago

    Hart of Dixie!!! BEST. SHOW. EVER!

  • Samanta
    Samanta Year ago

    Please sell hoodies, it’s getting so cold in Boston and I would love to buy a minimalist black hoodie that’s soft from your brand 💛

  • Phelan Sewell
    Phelan Sewell Year ago

    Big ts

  • Phelan Sewell
    Phelan Sewell Year ago

    Make some shoes

  • Yoomi Park
    Yoomi Park Year ago

    you should check out The Bold Type too Megan! binge the first season on freeform!

  • Moe
    Moe Year ago


  • Emily Taylor
    Emily Taylor Year ago

    Wait... Did you just handle a cactus and not die!? Where are we and what is happening?

  • Jodie Chapman
    Jodie Chapman Year ago

    your twin is jodi arias i think

  • Tanya
    Tanya Year ago

    A baby pink hoodie with the Megan Batoon logo on it in black/charcoal!!

  • MBV
    MBV Year ago

    Please make a hoodie

  • Sezy's Crafts
    Sezy's Crafts Year ago

    I need it now!!!

  • Aayush dangol
    Aayush dangol Year ago

    the only unboxing experience id be satisfied with now is if megan popped out of the box... n welcomed me to the family... sigh... dreams...

  • xmadman19x
    xmadman19x Year ago

    A batoon for one video?

    • xmadman19x
      xmadman19x Year ago

      P.S. Prob not the best idea to be demonstrating with a cactus 😂

  • Ven
    Ven Year ago

    oversized sweaters please

  • Jennifer Chung
    Jennifer Chung Year ago

    Had to click the bell notification since I seemed to have miss this one! (SHAY-DEE) So stoked for your new merch release!

  • ToastMachine
    ToastMachine Year ago

    AGT 😅

  • pilar louise gianna


  • Maya Lee
    Maya Lee Year ago

    Where is Sukie? :(

  • Void 0
    Void 0 Year ago

    u should make a hoodie

  • yuzzie13
    yuzzie13 Year ago

    Here are some ideas for the next merch
    1. No small talk/Toon squad cap in black.
    2. You're like the Queen of hoodies and it just so happens to be hoodie season.
    3. Some sort of friendship bracelet that shows we're apart of the Toon squad without it saying directly "Toon squad" like french fries w/ Ketchup and that way we/you Megan can spot subscribers around town and stuff lol.

  • briana
    briana Year ago

    @5:53 for a 🔥 pun

  • Kiki J.
    Kiki J. Year ago

    Ba Ba BaBye

  • Deanna Carter
    Deanna Carter Year ago

    Can your merch be shipped to the UK? 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Zai C. I.
    Zai C. I. Year ago

    Bless her, she got so soft in the end :')

  • annalisa mendoza
    annalisa mendoza Year ago

    anyone know where shes going to link her merch site at ?

  • Qiana Butler
    Qiana Butler Year ago

    honestly, my favorite show is friends i dont care i dont care how long its been or how shitty ross is or how unoriginal my answer is, its my favorite show and i love it

  • Paige Kent
    Paige Kent Year ago

    THEY'D HAVE A LOT OF SOLE that was gold 10/10 gud joke

  • Faith Cao
    Faith Cao Year ago

    Parks n Rec. Also I WANT THAT HAT.

  • Kelly Carreira
    Kelly Carreira Year ago


  • DroopyBDawg
    DroopyBDawg Year ago

    Rick and Morty

  • Kaylena Marie
    Kaylena Marie Year ago


  • Jetaime Alamo
    Jetaime Alamo Year ago

    I want some of that merch but I'm broke so.... 😅 Maybe next time 😂 Btw, the way you were holding that candle really bothered me, I was scared it was gonna fall and burn your pants hahahaha

  • Iraia Tapine
    Iraia Tapine Year ago

    I have a F.R.I.E.N.D.S sweater... I feel like we're fam.

    MrREALM BS Year ago

    Ahem shirt give away.....

  • OnePanda
    OnePanda Year ago

    The office never dies!

  • Lidia Dardai
    Lidia Dardai Year ago

    I hope you are making some really cool sweatshirts because i would sooo buy it 100% ❤️

  • Alyssa Alcantara
    Alyssa Alcantara Year ago

    You need a shirt that has a side profile of someone sneezing out "Ba ba Batoon!"

  • mychubbycheekerz
    mychubbycheekerz Year ago

    I would have liked a "batoonchi" tee or "ba ba batoon" script tee/hat

  • SiloSara
    SiloSara Year ago

    You should make a hoodie that says BA BA BATOOON.

  • Czarina Duran
    Czarina Duran Year ago

    I really like Friends 😉 can't wait to buy some merch!!!

  • Merllin Tarnate
    Merllin Tarnate Year ago

    Hey Megan, I think you should raffle the rock shirts because they are awesome!

  • Abby Manalo
    Abby Manalo Year ago +2

    But that rolling stone parody shirt is what I was waiting for 😔😔😔😔

  • Jenn Garcia
    Jenn Garcia Year ago

    Damnit! the rolling stone parody shirt looks gorgeous!

  • LuvableLynette
    LuvableLynette Year ago

    A hoodie please! Also maybe just putting the French fry & dropping ketchup by itself. I think that would be cool :)

  • Chii
    Chii Year ago

    I had a favorite tv show or shows but ... they all ended.

  • Miguel Zaldivar
    Miguel Zaldivar Year ago

    Can't wait to buy your merch. Don't spend all of that money in one place!!
    Favorite show right now: Master of None.

  • Finally Casual
    Finally Casual Year ago

    Oh and my favorite tv show is how I met your mother.

  • Finally Casual
    Finally Casual Year ago

    Sell me the parody shirt on the low... my twitter's the same as my YT. No one needs to know Megan.

    P.s I'm dead serious. Sell it to me.

  • cnl1213
    cnl1213 Year ago

    can't sell, but how about a giveaway??

  • HappyLilKenzie
    HappyLilKenzie Year ago

    The good place and atypical have been my favorites!

  • Jerry
    Jerry Year ago

    You’re so beautiful

  • Ariel
    Ariel Year ago

    A plain black, white, or grey shirt with a pocket that has the letters mb written in a fries image.

  • DorothyDoreen
    DorothyDoreen Year ago


  • Meli Hernandez
    Meli Hernandez Year ago

    You should do hoodies!!

  • Amali
    Amali Year ago

    Megan batoon socks!!!!!!!!

  • Sherri Cruz
    Sherri Cruz Year ago

    This is Us!! I can't stop watching it and it's bad because its my exam week....

  • lara
    lara Year ago

    please please pleeease do hoodies!! i could by some merch by christmas ISNT THAT AWESOME

  • Abigale Casajeros

    ya girl just got a new job, got paid last week and megan's merch is coming out next week. i know what ill be spending my money on

  • Sierra RyanWallick

    I would love a "Welcome to the Family!" shirt! I'd buy it in a heartbeat. ❤️ love you, Megan!

  • carmichael
    carmichael Year ago

    Can we go out?

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez Year ago

    "Ba ba batoon"
    I still have the batoon WOD shirt from years ago!! 🕺🏿

  • JaySilva
    JaySilva Year ago

    The Flash

  • Courtney Burrito
    Courtney Burrito Year ago

    canvas bags would be cool

  • Sophie
    Sophie Year ago

    that minimalistic shirt design

  • Raquel Dias
    Raquel Dias Year ago +2

    We want new House Tour!!!

  • 23karinafelix
    23karinafelix Year ago

    i was so scared of her holding that candle since it was on >.< haa

  • Zurich Hentley
    Zurich Hentley Year ago

    Always need a hoodie fam

  • Milena Zdjelar
    Milena Zdjelar Year ago

    Hey Megan! Where'd you get that 'Friends' t-shirt?? Ps can't wait for the merch I love it ALL! xx Milena

  • earthtoapollo
    earthtoapollo Year ago

    I cannot deal with your shoe puns...

  • leawesomeguy
    leawesomeguy Year ago

    you cant sell them. doesnt mean you cant give them away megaaannn 😂😂🙌🙌

  • teagean
    teagean Year ago

    I want that black tshirt😍😍

  • jaycee106
    jaycee106 Year ago

    October 6 is my birthday! Birthday present to myself? I think, YES!

  • Au Naturel Natalie

    Love the positive vibes! Much love Megan!

  • Gibbett Gibbett
    Gibbett Gibbett Year ago +1

    The show friends diddnt like blacks, gays, or transgenders.. your still pretty tho!!! Lol

  • Stephanie Frost
    Stephanie Frost Year ago +2

    Omg yes! I binge watched The Good Place in two days too!! It's so fun to watch, it was hard for me to stop watching lol

  • Rogiena Camille Butad

    I stopped at the "The Good Place" recommendation. 😅😍

  • rutchieingentecruz

    where is amanda?? 😊

  • caalphaan
    caalphaan Year ago

    Oversized hoodies please!

  • Fahad
    Fahad Year ago +2

    The most amazing t-shirt ever 😍
    I love it 😢💙