• Published on Feb 11, 2018
  • GIRRRRRL... Today we are having a battle of the Benefit Cosmetics mascaras! My all time favorite formula ROLLERLASH, may have a new competitor in town.. and it's form the same brand! This is rare for my channel! Benefit just launched the new BADGAL BANG! mascara and it's supposed to be next level! But how will it compete against my fav??? WATCH AND SEE THE RESULTS... I apply both formulas and get up close and personal. Which one did YOU like better???
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    JACKET BY: Gucci
    FACE: Bobbi Brown - Vitamin Enriched Face base ►
    Mario Badescu - Aloe, Chamomile & Lavender Facial Spray
    Dior - Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation
    Urban Decay - All Nighter Concealer
    La Mer - The Powder ►
    Chanel - Le Teint Ultra Tenue Ultrawear Flawless Compact Foundation
    La Mer - Soleil The Bronzing Powder
    Anastasia Beverly Hills - Cocktail Party Blush Trio
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    LIPS: Pat McGrath Labs - ‘Peep Show’ MatteTrance™ Lipstick ►
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  • Exci Gold
    Exci Gold Day ago

    roller lush mascara 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • lizard cells
    lizard cells 3 days ago

    i had an allergic reaction when i was wearing the rollerlash mascara and even though my eyes were so swollen that i couldn’t see my lashes still looked flawless (the mascara didn’t give me an allergic reaction)

  • aesthetic trash
    aesthetic trash 5 days ago

    the roller lash definitely doesn’t look as clumpy as the bad gal, so i would stick with the roller lash

  • Gloria Sol
    Gloria Sol 9 days ago


  • iona heys
    iona heys 9 days ago

    Bad gal bang is my holy grail

  • Antonia Chavez
    Antonia Chavez 16 days ago

    I love both and I love you as well

  • Izzi Willmot
    Izzi Willmot 16 days ago

    I love the bad gal one, but i find it so hard to take off

  • Adela Gluntz
    Adela Gluntz 17 days ago

    “Lights on”💀💀

  • Niko P
    Niko P 24 days ago

    ok so i dont understand something. i see there's a video with 2 mil views by this guy(or chick). I open it and it's basically this person applying make up telling me what worked for him/her. i dont have this guy's skin. then i open another dude that is on the right, wayne gos, and he gives practical advice and he has 140k likes. this makes me believe that girls are just stupid. you can sell them anything they will buy it. as long as there is a lot of b.i.*ch inside and yous prinkle it with some glitter and chicks will lick that shit up.
    also, most of make up genuinly just sucks and it does not make you look better. i cans ee the make up on your face. foundation. creasing eyeshadow. oh yes i can. i jsut dont say it cause i dont want you to be embaressed. youre spending your hard earned moeny on shit. but hey, as long as you feel good...right? right.

  • Casey Perks
    Casey Perks 24 days ago

    I hated bad gal, found it so chunky and way too much product comes out on the brush !

  • Aradhana Sharma
    Aradhana Sharma 25 days ago

    Haha I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cami Wiggins
    Cami Wiggins 27 days ago

    Does the bang girl bang flake?

  • Benedetta Prisco
    Benedetta Prisco 27 days ago

    The roller lash in me is the best ever JAJDJDJ

  • Jean Doe
    Jean Doe Month ago

    I love both 😍😍😍

  • unkownaccount
    unkownaccount Month ago

    i just bought both of these and i wanna know which one i should use LOL

  • Brianna Dickson
    Brianna Dickson Month ago

    Does roller lash come in waterproof? I used it for the first time love how it looks, but it smudged off giving me raccoon eyes

  • holly laprade
    holly laprade Month ago

    Benifit mascara is just the best! I used they're real for soooo long. I think I like the new one best though

  • Athena Swartout
    Athena Swartout Month ago

    I really like Badgal. I love how it coats,I love the brush and you don't have to double coat. However I do find that after a few hours it flakes and I hate that. Think I'm going to give rollerlash a go.

  • festivelady826
    festivelady826 Month ago

    I love the Badgal Bang, but OMG gurl - that jacket is TO DIE FOR!! Could you have looked any more fabulous? No.

  • xVvix xnNix
    xVvix xnNix Month ago

    The bad gal is absolute trash but I love the roller lash tho!

  • Maryann Dicesari
    Maryann Dicesari Month ago

    Sooo Pretty I have one and I heard mixed reviews but WOW ITS AWESOME 😍😘Love your Voice

  • Reema Pinto
    Reema Pinto Month ago

    Okay I always had this thought but jeffree star n Taylor Swift look so much alike

  • 皮奥睿
    皮奥睿 Month ago

    I bought the rollerlash mascara jeffery version a year ago and I finally finished it!!! It was so great. I want use it forever!

  • Elizabeth Sim
    Elizabeth Sim Month ago


  • Lady Bug
    Lady Bug 2 months ago

    Your jacket is fucking amazing 💜💜

  • Aimee Grober
    Aimee Grober 2 months ago

    Sorry but I'm a Roller Lash girl for life.

  • Aimee Grober
    Aimee Grober 2 months ago

    Jeffree has THEE bubble butt.

  • Shay Nicz
    Shay Nicz 2 months ago

    I wear bad gal bang and love it!

  • Siomara Roman
    Siomara Roman 2 months ago +1

    I hope u are okay thru the fire that is going on in California

  • Pastel Unicorn
    Pastel Unicorn 2 months ago

    I like how Jeffree says his soul is black honey it's barbie pink

  • Snow Flake
    Snow Flake 2 months ago

    I use the Bad Girl Bang mascara ALL THE TIME! It is my go to! But i really want to try the Roller Lash thanks to you! ❤️

  • Ángela González Braza

    Both look gorgeus

  • dozydoe
    dozydoe 2 months ago +1

    I got both today. Think I would use the curl Rollerlash for work, mid week wine bar. And Badgal I would use after putting on rollerlast to separate irst and build with it or weekends x

  • Jordanne Brasher
    Jordanne Brasher 2 months ago

    I Love the Badgal Bang! I am all about dramatic eyelashes made simple. I have never used an eyelash curler and only wore false eyelashes twice for Halloween.

  • Maeghan Elizabeth
    Maeghan Elizabeth 2 months ago

    Yes both my favorite mascaras!!!

  • Maria Eduarda Da Silva
    Maria Eduarda Da Silva 3 months ago

    who else loves the matte packaging

  • M Singleton
    M Singleton 3 months ago

    I love bad gal bang but it WILL NOT STAY ON MY EYELASHES

  • Deborah77 7
    Deborah77 7 3 months ago

    i buy the badgal band , now

  • delaney cooper
    delaney cooper 3 months ago

    gucci you did that HeeeYyyy

  • Narmin Obolenski
    Narmin Obolenski 3 months ago

    I absolutely love this look on you😍gorgeous

  • redglasses004
    redglasses004 3 months ago

    I have and love both and this is the best, and most accurate review I have seen of these two mascaras! Roller lash is a more natural, easy look while Badgal is dramatic and popping! I’ve even tried layering them to get a mixture of the separation roller lash offers and the volume from badgal! It’s magic!

  • Krystal Gomez
    Krystal Gomez 3 months ago

    hairs looking a little brassy in spots!

  • BrokenAngel5815
    BrokenAngel5815 3 months ago

    I like the roller mascara more because the bad girl Bang looks more clumpy and overdone

  • Bonnie Angelic Rose
    Bonnie Angelic Rose 3 months ago

    Bad Gal obviously for me...because I'm so Dramatic😎

  • 。A m b e r 。
    。A m b e r 。 3 months ago


  • Angy Jimenez
    Angy Jimenez 3 months ago

    I just got it and absolutely love it very dramatic looks like false lashes definitely and best of all it’s not clumpy

  • Y100819116
    Y100819116 3 months ago

    "hi, i'm going to a wedding. i might go to an orgy" bahaha love it ;p

  • Sara DeGraff
    Sara DeGraff 3 months ago +1

    Jeffree, I just did my own eyelash extensions from Ardell. Can you do a fake eyelash review cheap vs magnetic vs strip lashes? Please please please!

  • Emily Reinertson
    Emily Reinertson 3 months ago

    Just bought the roller lash and I love it! Thank you !❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Maypple Balagtas
    Maypple Balagtas 3 months ago

    Truly enjoy watching you! You lift my spirits honestly! Instantly get in a better mood. God is doing something great with you. Thank you for the comparison on these two mascaras. Was at sephora the other day and returned the Nars climax mascara that completely disappointed me. Not the type to spend on higher end mascaras and was super sad about one. Did nothing for my lashes and it smudges in lower lash line. Definitely inspired to get both the bad gal and roller lash now. Thank you Jeffree! You're a beautiful inspiration ♡