• Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • Today, we try doing a mock draft for the upcoming NBA draft! Can we guess our picks correctly or will our draft fall flat on its face?
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  • Jiedel
    Jiedel  10 days ago +510

    Hey guys, to clarify, this was intended to be more in the satirical side of things haha 😂 none of us are draft experts!

    • Charles Norrington
      Charles Norrington 8 hours ago

      Do a nba 2k tounament with the players you picked

    • Jackm12105
      Jackm12105 8 hours ago

      Jiedel it is thigh-bull not thybullE he is my favorite player

    • Charles Norrington
      Charles Norrington 8 hours ago

      Cam reddish is from duke

    • Dillybar1109 FN
      Dillybar1109 FN 16 hours ago

      cam and rj played at duke not kentucky

    • David Wills
      David Wills 4 days ago

      dumb ass picks... nothing satirical going o
      n here... you are all idiots

  • Beasted Yt
    Beasted Yt 8 minutes ago

    Cam Reddish is on Duke

  • Nick Yorizzo
    Nick Yorizzo 39 minutes ago

    Ty Jerome is the goat

  • Isaac Grant
    Isaac Grant 58 minutes ago

    I want the pages you guys are using, I would like to do this mock draft with my family. Can I please get the pages you used

  • Anthony Hernandez

    Darius Garland falling past 10....holy crap, hard to watch

  • Anthony Hernandez

    Mitchells a moron

  • Owen O
    Owen O 9 hours ago

    Deandre hunter out of the lottery

  • Owen O
    Owen O 9 hours ago


  • darryl elias
    darryl elias 9 hours ago

    These niggas dont know anything about this game

  • Caelan Phillips
    Caelan Phillips 10 hours ago

    At number 28 what about Chuma Okeke?😂 just an auburn fan lookin for some love for our team😂

  • Aidan Constantine
    Aidan Constantine 10 hours ago

    Mike Conley aged well

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 11 hours ago

    it aint Roy its rui james

  • Jeremy Grooms
    Jeremy Grooms 11 hours ago

    Only fro the fact they put rj Barrett's college logo as kentucks even tho he went to duke

  • Mac Tonin
    Mac Tonin 12 hours ago

    1 name bol bol

  • Kobi Potter
    Kobi Potter 13 hours ago

    Taco Fall?

  • Sensual Experiences
    Sensual Experiences 13 hours ago

    for got GOLDEN STATE

  • Frank and Ford
    Frank and Ford 14 hours ago

    Rj and cam are from duke blue devils not kentucky

  • DJDetroitProductions
    DJDetroitProductions 14 hours ago

    kris triggered me when he said conley was overrated hes more underrated then overrated 🤣

  • Thomas Hartinger
    Thomas Hartinger 15 hours ago

    Reddish went to duke

  • Trey Timmermans
    Trey Timmermans 15 hours ago


  • Matt Pierce
    Matt Pierce 16 hours ago

    Hey rj Barrett doesn't play for Kentucky

  • Joey Probst
    Joey Probst 16 hours ago +1

    Mitchell called Myers Lenerd trash

    What an a hole

    AARONDAGOAT TV 16 hours ago

    Why does RJ Barrett thing say Kentucky

  • bryson russell
    bryson russell 17 hours ago

    Cam reddish came

  • Daniel Schwartz
    Daniel Schwartz 17 hours ago

    Rj Barrett from UK?

  • jack pit
    jack pit 17 hours ago

    Tyler Herro?

  • 69zl_yt
    69zl_yt 18 hours ago

    Where is bol bol

  • Franco Cuomo
    Franco Cuomo 19 hours ago

    This was the hardest thing ever to watch

  • Jayse Fankhouser
    Jayse Fankhouser 20 hours ago

    This mock draft fucking sucks

  • Luke Guy
    Luke Guy 20 hours ago

    Tf with the disrespect to Indiana. They were 10 games better than the trash ass lakers last year.

  • CanadianCatDog123
    CanadianCatDog123 21 hour ago

    Now there is no Mike Conley

  • Tracy Collins
    Tracy Collins 22 hours ago

    did jiedel say rj from uk

  • Fortnite Please
    Fortnite Please Day ago +3

    am i the only one that realized that 4:49 has RJ on Kentucky and not Duke

  • Shyam Peden
    Shyam Peden Day ago

    Admiral Schofield can ball!

  • AS 10
    AS 10 Day ago

    You let down all Tennessee VOLS fans

  • Andrew Sheridan
    Andrew Sheridan Day ago

    Quinndary Weatherspoon should’ve been picked up

  • Cameron Sutter
    Cameron Sutter Day ago +1

    Do a second round mock draft. I want to see where players like Tacko Fall and Fletcher Magee will go

  • Bamasky17 Ok
    Bamasky17 Ok Day ago

    Where is de Andre hunter lol

  • Ry Chappie
    Ry Chappie Day ago

    how many people noticed him putting cam and rj coming from UK not duke

  • lks102000
    lks102000 Day ago +2

    Some picks were goldy, then there's Tyler Herro going 3rd... mid 1st maybe

  • BskirtBALLIR
    BskirtBALLIR Day ago

    rui hachimura is giannis with a perfect jumper

  • ChaoticCorry
    ChaoticCorry Day ago

    Whenever kris said the Boston Celtics needed athletic players i was like:
    Cassuis Stanley!!!

    • Aidan Moran
      Aidan Moran 20 hours ago

      He just graduated HS. He still has to do a year of college

  • Savage CDP23
    Savage CDP23 Day ago +4

    Tyler Herro was picked before Keldon Johnson and Pj Washington this is definitely a fantasy draft

  • Hayden Jones
    Hayden Jones Day ago

    Y’all can’t pronounce shit no offense

  • Baylor Varner
    Baylor Varner Day ago

    I just unsubed because they out here hating on my Tennessee boys

  • Owen Bray
    Owen Bray Day ago +1

    Tf. Mopi is talking about Goga like he’s 7 foot 4 or something and they drafted Ayton the last year. Also he’s averaging 6 rebounds on a low key team

  • Alex O'Connor
    Alex O'Connor Day ago

    Rj is duke

  • HSJtrey23 Channel

    Is it just me I don't think Coby White will fall out of the lottery

  • Gabe Paiva
    Gabe Paiva 2 days ago

    Yo who let mopi in this draft ?

  • James Kirby
    James Kirby 2 days ago

    RJ and Cam Kentucky?

  • Flood Knight
    Flood Knight 2 days ago

    Where's Houston

  • Brayden Santos
    Brayden Santos 2 days ago

    RJ is from DUKE not uk

  • Brodie Runck
    Brodie Runck 2 days ago

    We’re is Kyle guy at

  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker 2 days ago

    They had the K.U. logo for cam reddish

  • 1ne 3hree
    1ne 3hree 2 days ago +1

    This is the worst mock draft

  • Richgaines 70
    Richgaines 70 2 days ago

    Tacko Fall??

  • Samuel LACKEY
    Samuel LACKEY 2 days ago +3

    Rj Barrett from Kentucky definitely 4:50

  • Daniel Leydet
    Daniel Leydet 2 days ago +1

    If you look at his season Carsen Edwards was amazing he should be higher and Romeo Langford should be staying for his sophomore year

  • Arizona Sportz
    Arizona Sportz 2 days ago

    Fletcher Magee????

  • Tanner Crump
    Tanner Crump 2 days ago

    Pj Washington is da goat

  • Tanner Crump
    Tanner Crump 2 days ago

    I love that blonde kid...Tyler herro is my guy

  • Trevor Goodhart
    Trevor Goodhart 2 days ago

    can and rj play for duke

  • Nichole Klipp
    Nichole Klipp 2 days ago

    Nobody: All of 2hype: We need big man

  • Nichole Klipp
    Nichole Klipp 2 days ago +1

    4th pick is Lakers

  • John James jr
    John James jr 2 days ago

    tyler herro is a GOD

  • Bro Huncho
    Bro Huncho 2 days ago

    17th pick is the hawks not brooklyn’s, the pick went to the hawks when the hawks traded taurean prince and a 2022 2nd round pick for allen crabbe and that 17th overall pick

    • Aidan Moran
      Aidan Moran 2 days ago

      Filmed before the trade happened

  • OKC Thunder
    OKC Thunder 2 days ago

    Taco fall?

  • Ninja Palacios
    Ninja Palacios 2 days ago

    Whoever the blonde dude hair is - they are dumb af

  • Nick Scardigno
    Nick Scardigno 2 days ago

    As a college and NBA basketball fan, this hurt my soul

  • Ian Royse
    Ian Royse 2 days ago

    RJ Barret and Cam Redish don’t play for Kentucky

  • Flat Earth n00b
    Flat Earth n00b 2 days ago

    Wack draft this Barrett at 7 lol he should go 2 to memphis Buti like this draft cause if the bulls get rj at 7 I will take that as a bulls fan

  • Beau Hartman
    Beau Hartman 2 days ago

    Cam reddish went to Duke not Kentucky

  • Michael Durbin
    Michael Durbin 2 days ago

    All the duke guys have Kentucky logo

  • ItsJust Catah
    ItsJust Catah 2 days ago

    What happened to keldon johnson???

  • Rideout Family
    Rideout Family 2 days ago

    I watched a lot of college basketball and as far as I know Rj Barrett played for duke not Kentucky

  • DTT Shadow
    DTT Shadow 2 days ago


  • DTT Shadow
    DTT Shadow 2 days ago

    You need a big man!!! GET TACO FALL

  • Wookieboi05 _
    Wookieboi05 _ 2 days ago +1

    1. Zion
    2. Morant
    3. Rj
    4. Culver
    5. Hunter
    6. Garland
    7. Reddish
    8. Bol
    9. Little
    10. White
    11. Doumbouya
    12. Hachimura
    13. Alexander-Walker
    14. Hayes

  • Carson White
    Carson White 2 days ago

    I think mopi just saw the guy with the weirdest name and picked him

  • That SouthMane
    That SouthMane 2 days ago +1

    Mitchell picked fucking Tyler herro with the 3rd pick he honestly completely ruined the draft with that

  • Flumtious Videos
    Flumtious Videos 3 days ago

    WTF, all I need to say...

  • Luke D
    Luke D 3 days ago

    4:40 voice crack from LSK😬

  • Aidan Fisk
    Aidan Fisk 3 days ago

    Where Tacko Fall at?

  • Jacob Lowe
    Jacob Lowe 3 days ago

    These guys have clearly never seen one mock draft or have watched any college basketball. And the suns don’t need a big man

  • Noah Hillard
    Noah Hillard 3 days ago

    Where is taco falls?

  • Noah Hillard
    Noah Hillard 3 days ago +3

    Anyone else notice that they have RJ Barrett was listed from Kentucky not Duke

  • Xboss Vlogs
    Xboss Vlogs 3 days ago

    cam ain’t on kentucky

  • Jay_so_ Groovy
    Jay_so_ Groovy 3 days ago

    Where Keldon Johnson and tre Jones

  • Taeyoung Lee
    Taeyoung Lee 3 days ago

    That's the most Knicks pick I have ever seen

  • Richard Ryce
    Richard Ryce 3 days ago

    Do a full league fantasy first round draft! Or an All time first round draft!

  • Banana_Mann_200 Juicegod

    No one drafted jalen leaque

  • Kellen E
    Kellen E 3 days ago +1

    It said that RJ Barrett was from Kentucky

  • Carlos Bezer
    Carlos Bezer 3 days ago

    Rj Barrett and cam reddish played for duke not Kentucky

  • TheLegend275_
    TheLegend275_ 3 days ago

    RJ and Cam went to duke

  • Blue Infrared
    Blue Infrared 3 days ago

    Wow Jessie pacers are on the rise watch

  • Ben Leeds
    Ben Leeds 3 days ago

    jesse the only one who’s draft was decent

  • A.T X
    A.T X 3 days ago

    Kris trying so hard to act like he knows what he’s talking bout 💀

  • Collin Rhoades
    Collin Rhoades 3 days ago +1

    Okay jusuf nurkic is trash
    Jiedel: I think that is a great pick

  • Collin Rhoades
    Collin Rhoades 3 days ago

    I wasn’t paying attention. But I think Dandre walker fell like 20 spots

  • DVN Beast
    DVN Beast 3 days ago +1

    Do y’all even watch basketball?