• Published on Sep 25, 2019
    Check out sewing tips and tricks for beginners and pros! If you have a sewing machine at home but don't know what to do with it, we prepared a collection of fabulous sewing tips that will help you to create something cool. You will learn how to create fancy clothes from very old and useless garments. All these tips will help you to save a lot of money and express your creativity. If you don’t like a collar of your t-shirt, you will find a tutorial on how to change it easily.
    If your jeans have wide waist , we will show you how to solve this problem easily. Did you know how to restring a hoodie without stress? You will need straw and stapler! Watch full tutorial in our video! Organize your yarn easily - use skewers and a basket. Learn our genius lifehack how to use a hand mixer as a ball winder! Reuse your old apron that will you can use working in the garden or sewing something. Check out this video and find embroidery tutorials that will help you to make your clothes customized and stylish. You will love step by step tutorial that will teach you how to make a beautiful embroidery butterfly, how to cover holes on you clothes, how to make a button for your jeans. Your jeans look boring? No problem! Watch the video till the end to find a lot of ideas how to revamp your old jeans in 5 minutes!
    00:09 Zipper lifehack
    02:33 How to change a t-shirt collar
    03:13 DIY Fancy top
    04:03 How to resize your jeans
    06:34 What to do with a broken zipper
    10:35 Embroidery tutorials

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    MarLin NOMADERS 10 days ago

    The knotting of string only works for small jobs...eventually the wax wears off and knotts up again....grrr frustrating!😬

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    Boa Noite pra todos.
    Fantástico amei.

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    Some are fake and some are real

    SHRADHA DUTTA 2 months ago

    I am not getting that problem 4:04 I will get the opposite problem

  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael Santos 2 months ago

    New ideas from this video!

  • Stéphanie Roy ledarnee
    Stéphanie Roy ledarnee 2 months ago +1

    Que dire...au risque de me répéter, j'adore les idées astucieuses et créatives. Chapeau. 😀

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    Great tips!

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    Cool skill✋

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    the ODST 2 months ago

    at 7:07 it cut off

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    Sheree Morgan 2 months ago

    Great tips

  • Mary Begeot
    Mary Begeot 2 months ago +4

    Can you show how to add a cuff to a sweatshirt sleeve after cutting bottom of sleeve off

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    What’s the song called

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    The first part is not working i trying how many time

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    I cannot be the only one who think it cusses ;-;

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    Love these❤️

  • Dave Bell
    Dave Bell 2 months ago

    My mother used a safety-pin for threading drawstrings, but the method you show may be better. It depends what you have around. The basic method is similar.

  • samaraijack
    samaraijack 2 months ago

    Song name pls....

  • Maureen Plein
    Maureen Plein 2 months ago +4

    The zipper life hack was the best I have seen. It works!
    Saved me $70

  • Bhuri Lal Salvi
    Bhuri Lal Salvi 2 months ago

    Nice one 👌

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    Some easy things they are making more difficult in the name of life hack

    • LDOE Mom
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      Yes!!! A couple made sense (tangled threads.) But many, end up being "why?" moments...

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