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    Who knew the 1st hack?

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  • Jackson Thomas
    Jackson Thomas 12 hours ago

    4:29 condoms

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    2:01 deu dor no coração de ver essa pessoa cortando essa embalagem,n sei vcs mais na minha cidade essa batata é mais de 16,99 reais

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    3P HD 3D 12 hours ago

    How do I get power soda and I can’t erase my phone cracks

  • Page
    Page 12 hours ago

    I’m so worried about their fingers every time the craft knife comes out... Don’t cut towards your body! If it slips you’re getting sliced.

  • superNightmaster
    superNightmaster 12 hours ago

    Question? On 11:43 how do you get the money out.I ask like HOW COULD YOU?

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    Some design and method is very funny and creative excellent

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    Who came for the thumbnail

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  • Милана Калдарова

    А кто не понял когда иди в жопу

  • Милана Калдарова

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    hey my original Youtube channel got deleted well not deleted its called Clementines channel and I thought that the sign out button was well you know were in going with this so this is my only channel

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    ApocHippo 13 hours ago

    10:41 Lil Peep needed that

  • Dank_CookieCrisp
    Dank_CookieCrisp 13 hours ago

    Lol, 12:55 has 4:20 as the time.

  • Coen v/d B
    Coen v/d B 13 hours ago

    So around 100 bucks is a fortune?

  • Guru Uikey
    Guru Uikey 13 hours ago

    Teri ma ki

  • Beth Garza
    Beth Garza 13 hours ago

    It triggered me when she brushed her teeth with no toothpaste 2:37

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    Report the video for having a scam thumbnail

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    كيف تنصف أسنانك بل ك@ سكس ولد مع اخته فيديو كيف بأرسل جني و ام شغفه تغني هلا زايد الحمرا انت تدزر كيف بترسل كيف بترسل كيف تحلب التيس هلا سلطان هلا السمنسنق انت نايم؟ كيف تحلب التيس هلا سلطان هلا السمنسنق انت تدور انت

  • Joseph perez
    Joseph perez 13 hours ago

    Umm people steal gum all the time and if they steal gum and it's 20 dollars instead it's just better for Them

  • Alysson et aaron schwarz

    Croier pas mais il y a des truc qui ne marche pas

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    사람들 진짜 똑똑하다

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    LeoOliver Fandub 13 hours ago

    Ojalá se pudiera hacer lo de la miniatura :v

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    찌개미 13 hours ago

    Wow it's fantastic!!very good job!

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    12:57 loolz

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    اشتركوا في قناااااتي

  • Big Banana
    Big Banana 13 hours ago

    That is not 5 seconds even with the time laps

  • Lester Sirin
    Lester Sirin 13 hours ago

    62 M?

  • sakinah arbi
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    HERZAMANKİ HALİM 13 hours ago

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  • old spring Bonnie FNAF fred bears family dinner

    Yo you are so smart why didn't I do this stuff

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    Good morning

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    biu channel 13 hours ago

    Dễ làm vãi...........

  • 1000 subscribers without any videos


  • Toebey Kid
    Toebey Kid 13 hours ago

    Another good cleaning product is the listerine mouth wash, try it, it literally cleans out most tough stains

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    Nayla A 13 hours ago

    ai like ini ai nayla

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  • Annie M13
    Annie M13 14 hours ago

    Ok who would ever think “maybe if I burn this egg over a candle and then wipe it off and mix the burnt part with toothpaste it will clean my camera lens” 😂 I’m shook

  • DragoTheUndying
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    12:32 What if someone asks for a piece and you give them that

  • francogamer61
    francogamer61 14 hours ago

    la miniatura es fake

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    Hieu Dao8 14 hours ago

    Xam lon tu nhien la vay cho ha khung xam

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    Adnanali@yahoo.com Ali 14 hours ago

    Salaam khan

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    Namanya 5Minute Craft Tapi Video Nya Lebih dari 5 Menit

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  • Garden Of Eden
    Garden Of Eden 14 hours ago

    You saved my sisters pants!! :) ;)

  • Aspire4me
    Aspire4me 14 hours ago

    Soooooo what I’ve learned is that I shouldn’t drink Coca Cola- no clue what they put in it but if it can do that to tools and stuff, it shouldn’t be in my body

  • sigrid marlene arandia cahuana

    0:21 Hi!
    Larry af. xD

  • Angelle
    Angelle 14 hours ago

    Where can i find the song at 5:08???

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  • CLASH with superdudebro

    Just got clickbaited by the thumbnail

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    Cactus 14 hours ago

    I’m trying to hit 100 subs so sub to me please I beg

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    Gaby Lopez 14 hours ago

    Buen vídeo, pásatela muy bien 😁

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    Ox wik

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    Wheat 14 hours ago

    I'm a peice of wheat 🌾 from the Apple wheat 🌾 emoji

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    I come here because of a thumbnail😒

  • Fif0. Mph
    Fif0. Mph 14 hours ago

    What's the music

    MEME LORD 14 hours ago

    The hate on this video tho

  • Alanderos 468
    Alanderos 468 14 hours ago

    That clickbait tho.

  • Christopher Sandoval
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    Guys this is just giving ME goodIdeas

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    DragonSlayer5279 14 hours ago

    Time to cut objects to create useless organisers

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    CloudKid 14 hours ago

    The thumbnail looks clickbait...

  • Rohith Rockzzz
    Rohith Rockzzz 14 hours ago

    Nice but does not ever apply on my life

  • Cole Phelps
    Cole Phelps 15 hours ago

    wowwwww what did she use on that phone toothpaste?

  • Janet Rosenhoffer
    Janet Rosenhoffer 15 hours ago

    This is just absolutely ridiculously good

  • Татьяна Макарова

    December 13?

  • Diamond williams
    Diamond williams 15 hours ago

    Not true

  • janeth cano
    janeth cano 15 hours ago

    es pasta blanca o que es???

  • andrew unkown
    andrew unkown 15 hours ago

    it works !

  • Cupcake Pupcake :3
    Cupcake Pupcake :3 15 hours ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I got click bated and so did u

  • Norah the Explorer
    Norah the Explorer 15 hours ago

    So clever!

  • Scott Holmes
    Scott Holmes 15 hours ago

    I watch this everyday

  • Kauan Dias Teixeira
    Kauan Dias Teixeira 15 hours ago

    Canal lixo da porra vai de fude exclui a bosta desse canal

  • Ruler of Pandas
    Ruler of Pandas 15 hours ago

    Why does the paper clip and the phone one look like the paper clip is flipping you off😂😂

  • Игравой канал Арсения

    Кто русский

  • Elsa Elise
    Elsa Elise 15 hours ago

    I hate click bait.

  • ClutchRoyale TV
    ClutchRoyale TV 15 hours ago

    12:41 . You’re welcome

  • One Purpose
    One Purpose 15 hours ago

    Wonder how this channel even got this much subs.. So much possibilities..

    UNI TATO 15 hours ago

    What do they do with the stuff they make?

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  • Bold Panic
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    Still waiting for the thumbnail 😶.....

  • Carena Smith
    Carena Smith 15 hours ago

    I only came to watch to learn about fixing my screen on my phone

  • Eduardo Velez
    Eduardo Velez 15 hours ago

    How much do these people get payed per month!

  • The E's
    The E's 15 hours ago

    We just got $800 worth of money hiding hacks.

  • Ingrid nuñez tapia
    Ingrid nuñez tapia 15 hours ago

    Al minuto 5: 12 no me gusto

  • Austen Braden
    Austen Braden 15 hours ago

    Uses wd40 on couch* why does it smell like fish

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    Marianna Silva 15 hours ago

    Perdeu uma inscrita

  • Jennelle Treat
    Jennelle Treat 15 hours ago

    Omg I can't believe it

  • Marianna Silva
    Marianna Silva 15 hours ago

    Nossa tudo mentira eles falam que e 5min e e 18 min ha ainda REM propaganda inganosa