Sean Evans Tastes Mace-Infused Spicy Beer | That's Odd, Let's Drink It

  • Published on Sep 11, 2018
  • Sean Evans is the perfect guinea pig for one of Dogfish Head brewmaster Sam Calagione's craziest recipes to date: In Your Mace, a pepper spray-infused stout custom-made for someone who has eaten the spiciest wings on the planet. Before unleashing this diabolical creation on Sean, Sam warms him up with a crash course in how to pair spicy foods with beer. Then, the duo decides to kick things up even further by running the Mace-spiked beer through a special contraption stuff with Carolina Reapers, Chocolate Bhutlahs, and a boatload of other peppers from chile guru Smokin' Ed Currie.

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Comments • 894

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Month ago +1422

    No days off for Sean Evans. Salute the hardest-working spice lord in the game.

    • Kevin Harbo
      Kevin Harbo 23 days ago

      you know mace isn't pepper spray right?

    • sieve5
      sieve5 Month ago +1

      Your partnership with Dogfish Head is a great move, you should have their beer on Hot Ones for the guests if they need a brew.

    • andrea bauman
      andrea bauman Month ago

      First We Feast I’m betting he has the hardest working toilet too

    • S M
      S M Month ago

      Legend has it that spicy food can induce labour. My wife went two weeks over term when she gave birth to our son. She would love for you to test this theorem on your brilliant show. :) Keep up the good work (and have a doctor on standby if you go for this idea) !!

    • Tyler Ark Hickman
      Tyler Ark Hickman Month ago

      Whoa when that man pulled out the infusing tool my mind exploded. That is another level of awesome.

  • SoySaucin
    SoySaucin 3 days ago

    From complex news anchor to being a young spice lord. Sean’s a legend

  • BrokenYT
    BrokenYT 8 days ago

    Sam is that cool uncle or dad u wanna have

  • BrokenYT
    BrokenYT 8 days ago

    Nice jacket

  • Josh Whitaker
    Josh Whitaker 8 days ago

    A Wee Heavy at 9:30 AM? Damn, my kind of guy!

  • Dark Lazarus
    Dark Lazarus 13 days ago

    Seeing Sean get interviewed is awesome:) you can tell he is a bit more loosen up

  • Monsteronamp Nation
    Monsteronamp Nation 13 days ago

    sugar, spice, and everything nice

  • Kenneth Vestal
    Kenneth Vestal 15 days ago

    Awesome episode, I want to know exactly wherever that barcade is?

  • Pugsley tattoos
    Pugsley tattoos 17 days ago

    You know.. Sean is MADE for TV etc! He is so fluent,funny,full with rapid answers,good questions and most of all...he is not irritating to listen to!(which a lot of hosts are) ... Sean widen your horizon!you deserve it!

  • ToN1c
    ToN1c 17 days ago

    Seeing Sean with those bags of peppers pushed my mind into an alternate reality where peppers are illegal and Sean the spicelord is dealing dopest shit hes getting from smoking ed without worrying about getting caught and showing off on TVclip

  • MrJesusdoesntsave
    MrJesusdoesntsave 19 days ago

    How could you guys not name this show Cold Ones??

  • Radu Coroi
    Radu Coroi 20 days ago

    Sean gettin' high off them peppers mane. He's a spice addict.

  • Radu Coroi
    Radu Coroi 20 days ago

    Please stop. Just stop. This is painful. I'm already full but I want that beer and chicken!

  • Aaro Kaija
    Aaro Kaija 21 day ago

    That dude sounds like Dr. Steve Brule.

  • 1m2a3t4t5
    1m2a3t4t5 23 days ago

    Standing face to face with a bro, bowls nearly touching on a foot wide plank 'table', not awkward at all

  • Nitin Beri
    Nitin Beri 25 days ago

    This show is basically Sean eats great snacks

  • dragon turner
    dragon turner 25 days ago

    Hey if you do something with your teeth I hope you don’t look weird. Your a hot guy

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 25 days ago

    And we used think Cave Creek was a hot beer. Pfft!!!!....Training wheels.

  • Saiyanbob
    Saiyanbob 26 days ago

    Was Sean a little tipsie at the end? Look at his eyes.

  • LiqMyGATO43_710 _
    LiqMyGATO43_710 _ 26 days ago

    I want that beer I love Carolina reapers an dogfish head

  • ShortyzDK
    ShortyzDK 26 days ago

    Sean has become immune to chili paine...takes it like a champ

  • Blue Max 5000
    Blue Max 5000 27 days ago

    please make clear the difference between mace and nutmeg you illiterates

  • Elysha Nygaard
    Elysha Nygaard 28 days ago

    LOVE this episode, super into beer pairings

  • T Stormer
    T Stormer 28 days ago

    this host is such a dude bro man guy

  • Roskoe P
    Roskoe P 28 days ago

    Sam is a DOUCHE

  • I Did This For The Comments.

    The “beer expert” holds his wine glass incorrectly :(

  • sieve5
    sieve5 Month ago +1

    Local NEIPA and street tacos is the hipster wine and bread.

  • sieve5
    sieve5 Month ago +1

    Your partnership with Dogfish Head is a great move, you should have their beer on Hot Ones for the guests if they need a brew.

  • sven carlson
    sven carlson Month ago

    So is it clear that Sean Evans is god mode?

  • sven carlson
    sven carlson Month ago


  • IBeFish'n
    IBeFish'n Month ago

    eating whole carrots hellps the spice

  • Daniel De Nadai
    Daniel De Nadai Month ago

    I need the Randall in my life.

  • Brooke Cain
    Brooke Cain Month ago

    I just love Sean so much! But I can tell at the end, he handled that shit like a god, whereas the other guy looked like that last sip wasn't going down... He spit it right out!

  • Forrest James
    Forrest James Month ago

    We may have just witnessed the pinnacle of entertainment...humanity even! In fuckin love with this show and goddamn two best hosts around! Keep'em comin :)

  • darthmal1
    darthmal1 Month ago

    Nice to see my favorite beer Nitro Milk Stout on here

  • Kenton N
    Kenton N Month ago

    Your machine didn't work surfer dude..

  • Purple Zucchini
    Purple Zucchini Month ago

    I think Sean is a masochist.

  • Rocksparadox From the blocks

    A grey wankerbrewer who tries to sound like a tough guy but still looks like a fucking fairy will only impress hype sensitive morons.

  • Jon Anderson
    Jon Anderson Month ago

    Video starts at 10:00

  • Gabriel Toledano
    Gabriel Toledano Month ago

    When eating spicy foods I'm always more concerned with how it feels when it exits than when it enters. That said, Sean's asshole must be a blowtorch.

  • nathen finch
    nathen finch Month ago

    Capsaicin is disolved in Alcohol, so a spirit like Tequila helps with the burn. Water amplifies the burn thats why beer is bad. FYI

  • Kalbert Wu-Tang
    Kalbert Wu-Tang Month ago

    Great show, great episode. I want a friend like Sam!

  • Narciso Espiritu Jr.


  • Britton Kimler
    Britton Kimler Month ago

    Just here to request a bottling of said beer. Please and thank you.

  • Austin
    Austin Month ago

    I'll keep asking. When is Sam going to go on Hot Ones?

  • Aaron Bennett
    Aaron Bennett Month ago

    The New England IPA looks fire! 🔥

  • William McNally
    William McNally Month ago

    Oh man. That is one Dogfish beer I'm totally cool not ever trying lol.

  • Jordan Brownlee
    Jordan Brownlee Month ago

    they have great chemistry best guest so far :)

  • Anthony Estrada
    Anthony Estrada Month ago

    What happen to that burger show

  • Mark Cook
    Mark Cook Month ago

    More Sean and Sam please guys, this was an awesome show!

  • Vincent Mesritz
    Vincent Mesritz Month ago

    yoooo i want that beer

  • gc68
    gc68 Month ago

    please invite shane dawson and ryland adams in your show

  • QT L
    QT L Month ago

    this is where they are

  • Robert Rollins
    Robert Rollins Month ago

    I really want that device he brought out at the end

  • Frank D. Tank
    Frank D. Tank Month ago

    07:11 that's a rick style belch right there

  • Josh Saufl
    Josh Saufl Month ago

    We need post on one of these.

  • thegreendank1
    thegreendank1 Month ago

    I just had a beer last night (forget the company name, sorry) called hazy bastard that was delicious.

  • Techmical
    Techmical Month ago

    @ 11:11 you know that dude is feeling it 😂

  • B Boss
    B Boss Month ago

    Sean is cool.. can't stand other guys exaggerated dbag voice. Js

  • Logan White
    Logan White Month ago

    I like the tidbit about when hops get added to the brewing process and the animation. I'd love more interesting bits like that sprinkled in in the future!

  • Danny Reeves
    Danny Reeves Month ago

    “I could finish this glass” but they never show that. Gotta wonder...

  • Trevor Alexander
    Trevor Alexander Month ago

    LA beast next on hot ones!!!!!

  • Pedro Lopez
    Pedro Lopez Month ago

    Poor Sean.

  • Paul Shim
    Paul Shim Month ago

    Great episode! Who would’ve thought arcade games would make for some amazing bokeh!

  • nik pik
    nik pik Month ago

    like it wasnt enough for your asshole to feel the burn the next day.
    they found a way to fuck with your dick now.

  • Zach Zink
    Zach Zink Month ago

    I'm a fan of the Wild sauce as well. I can handle the Blazin, but it's just heat. The wild actually has good flavor to it. Personally, i think the mango habanero is hotter than wild, although it's just below wild on the bdubs spice bottle (in the menu). And i can handle that as well, but again it comes down to flavor for me. Not a big mango fan, plus the thickness of the sauce throws me off too. I buy bottles of Wild for times when i go to places like Roosters and Frickers (local to the dayton ohio area, if you don't recognize them).

  • xaniiu
    xaniiu Month ago

    He said he’s a medium training wheels guy, then says he gets the second hottest wing at BW3.

  • Christian P
    Christian P Month ago

    Left Hand Milk Stout is so damn good. CO represents!

  • WereSquatch
    WereSquatch Month ago

    It hurts my ulcer just watching this

  • James Brisendine
    James Brisendine Month ago

    That last beer sounds so good. Even with the Smokin' Ed combo.

  • Th3Shebear
    Th3Shebear Month ago

    What a choch. Literally.

  • Jesse Walker
    Jesse Walker Month ago

    I actually prefer "the right beer" when I eat wings or whatever

  • Patrick McGuire
    Patrick McGuire Month ago

    Get Alabama boss on here haha

  • SgtNuker
    SgtNuker Month ago

    What was the Wee Heavy they had before things got started?

  • Kaonashi
    Kaonashi Month ago

    Butt chug the pepper infused beer

  • Anthony Evans
    Anthony Evans Month ago

    Sean was drunk by the time he tried that mace-infused beer.

  • devin kivell
    devin kivell Month ago

    Sean was lit.

  • strategy
    strategy Month ago

    Couldnt you schedule this meeting later in the day? I would not be in the mood for this in the morning lol

  • ulyssses regretful
    ulyssses regretful Month ago

    lol sean looking a little drunk once they get to the mace one

  • Orlando Trustfull
    Orlando Trustfull Month ago

    This inspired me to order a Lamb Vindaloo from my local curry house, haven't had one for a while, I've been having more Madras and Balti recently.

  • Chas M
    Chas M Month ago

    A crummy commercial?

  • Filius Filthiest
    Filius Filthiest Month ago

    I heard Sean's butthole has so much scar tissue from hot pepper shit burns he no longer experiences the ring of fire 🔥

  • Filius Filthiest
    Filius Filthiest Month ago

    Sean and Sam have great chemistry. The best I've seen from Sean.

  • Christopher Siner
    Christopher Siner Month ago

    I loved this, I watched Sam when he had his own show 10 years back or so, still have all the episodes on my computer.

  • Shane
    Shane Month ago

    Dude, is Sam just hammered?

  • Alex Lockenbach
    Alex Lockenbach Month ago

    Dogfish Head 120 Minute my favorite beer. Go check it out!

  • Uvimaru
    Uvimaru Month ago

    @First We Feast you should have Alisa Milāno on your show

  • Stefan Hill
    Stefan Hill Month ago

    The beer guy looks like the 30 year old virgin off of Tosh.O

  • Billy Keed
    Billy Keed Month ago


  • Andy Saulnier
    Andy Saulnier Month ago

    As a huge fan of Hot Ones and craft beer this was amazing. Sean please have Sam on Hot Ones. He’s so dam entertaining

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks Month ago

    08:40 Maybe ease up on the smoking during shoots coming across a little too high for me there

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez Month ago

    Was Sean kinda drunk at the end?? 😂😂

  • Mick
    Mick Month ago

    The second he said "A cosy blanket for your pallet" I checked out.

  • Mercilesss H
    Mercilesss H Month ago

    Kevin gates on the hot ones please

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo Month ago

    "I know a creeper before the creeper creeps"
    -Sean Evans

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo Month ago

    this is entertaining and I´m learning new stuff. thumbs up

  • Bobby Stress
    Bobby Stress Month ago

    8:40 Sean lookin a little drunk

  • frooo_dontdoit
    frooo_dontdoit Month ago

    He got my city on his shirt...thats odd

  • diederick luijendijk

    He drunk fam😂

  • Elijah Ottino
    Elijah Ottino Month ago +1

    First We Feast REALLY knows how to pick good hosts...