Japanese Omurice Is an Egg Lover's Dream | Food Skills

  • Published on Jan 23, 2017
  • In this episode of “Food Skills,” we visit Japanese comfort-food specialists Hi-Collar in NYC for a look at omurice, a popular dish that consists of an omelet served over a mound of rice. While the final products looks simple, the art of cooking omurice is leaving the inside of the omelet extra gooey so that it spills out over the rice when cut open. The climactic slice is all part of the experience.
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Comments • 114

  • Nicole Ibrajev
    Nicole Ibrajev 2 months ago

    For those that don't know, this is actually a quite poorly-made omurice.
    Highly suggest watching this video instead: tvclip.biz/video/rFAddL8g8mw/video.html

  • Hassan
    Hassan 8 months ago

    What’s the sauce

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight Year ago

    its rice with eggs on top ... which i make on my day off ... I bet that restaurant is charging you like 20 bucks for a fking omelette over rice just saying.

  • sajt saajt
    sajt saajt Year ago


  • Winter
    Winter Year ago

    Thats fucking gross and undercooked egg is disgusting.

  • CyoUNxtTuesdayy
    CyoUNxtTuesdayy Year ago

    Oh my god.

  • Jenni Valentine
    Jenni Valentine Year ago

    the omelette is supposed to completely contain the rice.

  • Mikey Belcher
    Mikey Belcher Year ago

    How to?

  • Ggg Hhhh
    Ggg Hhhh Year ago

    looks kinda nasty

  • Joke
    Joke Year ago +1

    Who the fuck is an egg lover

  • Wasiu
    Wasiu Year ago +2

    Isnt this the yummy looking thing they eat in the Pokemon anime?

  • Monkey Hanger TS2

    Fancy fucking chefs and there semi cooked eggs make me sick

  • 為さねば成らぬナサニエル(nasa)

    They use less rice and more egg in japan... americans...

  • Diandra Taylor
    Diandra Taylor Year ago

    I want one 👅

  • Roy Godiksen
    Roy Godiksen Year ago

    I love these videos almost as much as the Hot Once videos. Awesome!

  • Joanna Guerriero
    Joanna Guerriero Year ago

    Lived in Japan and ate this a lot. It's the bomb! 💣

  • adam sandler
    adam sandler Year ago

    keep filling my feed with these little shittyclips ill unsub...

  • Kilo X
    Kilo X Year ago

    0:25 the only thing asians put cheese on.

  • trackboy17
    trackboy17 Year ago

    Oh my gurd!! That looks delicious

  • Steven Pope
    Steven Pope Year ago

    nope. thats fucking nasty. i love eggs, sunny even. goo is the best. but thats just nasty AF

  • Josh J
    Josh J Year ago

    this is pornography I love it

  • vargo hoat
    vargo hoat Year ago

    fill that piece of shit with melted smoked gruyere and i may deign to try it. fuck off amateur chefs.

  • Travis K.
    Travis K. Year ago +4

    That looked like vomit.

  • Chris DeJesus
    Chris DeJesus Year ago

    i watched a fucking 30 second add for a 49 second video

  • Boji
    Boji Year ago

    Why are American eggs white? Australian eggs are brown, with orange yolks.

    • Charlock
      Charlock Year ago

      Bleach and sadness. You can get brown eggs from a farm or an organic grocer in the US.

  • Cassius
    Cassius Year ago +1

    why uncooked

    • Cassius
      Cassius Year ago

      +Yep it's Ed okay maybe

    • ᜁᜇᜓ
      ᜁᜇᜓ Year ago

      Cassius Rolfe it may seem uncook but the reason it looks uncook and gooey is because of the cream milk they put in it

  • Fuentes
    Fuentes Year ago


  • Cristobal Carranza

    Eggs with heavy whipping cream. 🔥

  • MFLevel
    MFLevel Year ago +1

    I had one of these the first day I landed in Japan, honestly one of the best things I've ever eaten. I have dreams about these bad boys.

  • Nicky Lopez
    Nicky Lopez Year ago

    what an egg-celent omelette, this video is eggs-actly what i was looking for and trust me I'm not eggs-aggerating

  • Darren Shelton
    Darren Shelton Year ago +13

    that cheese could fuck off🍽 no need for that in fried rice

    • YangSunWoo
      YangSunWoo Year ago +2

      Dude, as a Korean guy, I can attest to the beauty of cheese when paired with some Asian dishes. Soft Tofu Spicy Soup? Just get some of that cheese in there and make it all gooey and warm.

    • lue630
      lue630 Year ago

      ditto, i would do away with the "savory"/ ketchup sauce

  • Adam Skoog
    Adam Skoog Year ago

    This looks fuckin amazing

  • Dark Stryker
    Dark Stryker Year ago +2

    im gonna try this at home for breakfast

  • justin morris
    justin morris Year ago +1

    you know what i am going to comment everyday until i am on this show

  • mario garcia
    mario garcia Year ago

    I make this on a lazy ass Saturday

  • Lorps
    Lorps Year ago

    i am digging this beat in the background, anyone know who made it or what the song is?

    • Kilo X
      Kilo X Year ago +1

      me its on my channel

  • MrDynasty7
    MrDynasty7 Year ago

    this should be illegal

  • My Grandma Died
    My Grandma Died Year ago

    Fuck this channel so much omg

  • Defclue
    Defclue Year ago


  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Year ago

    I wish I knew how to pronounce it.

    • hensroth
      hensroth Year ago +1

      Kevin Johnson oh-moo reye-soo

  • Mark Pelto
    Mark Pelto Year ago +1

    Yes, plz. Imma take a trip to NYC and do nothing but eat for a week straight.

  • Mitchell Asido
    Mitchell Asido Year ago

    you call this an episode guys?! there are youtube ads longer than this!

  • thepielife
    thepielife Year ago +1

    lmaooo this is filmed like a rap video ahhahahahaaaa

  • Ahmad Nieves
    Ahmad Nieves Year ago +3

    As a lover of omelets, this was incredibly disappointing.

    • Steven Pope
      Steven Pope Year ago +1


  • Ghost Guru
    Ghost Guru Year ago

    my mouth just watered immediately lol...I wanna try this now! 😍😂

  • Loomy Narty
    Loomy Narty Year ago +11

    Why the fuck do I watch this hungry....damn it.

  • TheMellowPumpkin
    TheMellowPumpkin Year ago

    Unfortunately, I'm allergic to eggs. :(

  • DarkMufasa
    DarkMufasa Year ago

    this beat is so gangster.

  • Niklas Brag
    Niklas Brag Year ago

    made me hungry

  • Vrockafella
    Vrockafella Year ago

    Do they sell this in So Cal?

  • Cypeq
    Cypeq Year ago +5

    Looks so rice!
    Ommelet you pass with this one.

  • groznij
    groznij Year ago +3

    Im not interested in 49 second vidlets. Not here or on pornhub, thanks. You are just crowding.

    • Underfireman
      Underfireman Year ago

      groznij You must go really fast when watching porn.

    • groznij
      groznij Year ago +1

      Because I like their longer-form content. If they keep it up with these short ones I will unsubscribe. I am voicing my opinion in hopes of changing their minds.
      Also, fuck you.

    • MFLevel
      MFLevel Year ago +1

      groznij then don't watch. Why did u waste your time commenting?

  • TwerkForWifi
    TwerkForWifi Year ago

    looks so good

  • WC818
    WC818 Year ago +2

    oh man that looks good

  • Doc Kaos815 Beats
    Doc Kaos815 Beats Year ago +5

    I know one thing I will be trying when I go to Japan

    • ゆうおり
      ゆうおり Year ago

      Doc Kaos815_Productions Please do. That one is so good.
      Plus, we don't have a tipping culture like U.S.

  • KC Familam
    KC Familam Year ago +77

    These things are so short... I wish you guys would extend this out to like 2 min.

    • lue630
      lue630 Year ago +1

      your right. kosher dill pickles doesn't realize it. yes the youtube algorithms "favor" but what is easier? make 1 minute videos or 10 minute videos for everything? 1 minute vids anyone would click on them to watch

    • KC Familam
      KC Familam Year ago +1

      "The TVclip Algorithm" overwhelmingly favors frequent uploading above all else-- you don't show up on more peoples feeds for having the right length of content, thats just done for ad revenue.

    • Matt
      Matt Year ago +1

      That's just not true. TVclip algorithms favor longer form content. It's why you see everyone try to hit that 10 minute mark.

    • H K
      H K Year ago +1

      They're about the media as a business driven by ad revenue, shorter videos equal more views/ads per unit of work. They may say different but they are just marketing lies.

    • The Factual Savage
      The Factual Savage Year ago +6

      KC Drummer that's what she said

  • WusssGoof
    WusssGoof Year ago +1

    Thats some anime type shit!!!

  • Stay Trill
    Stay Trill Year ago +9

    must have some good weed in Japan for that creation

    • ゆうおり
      ゆうおり Year ago

      lue630 There are people smoking here tho.
      Not that as strict as China.

    • YangSunWoo
      YangSunWoo Year ago

      This is one of the only bad things about East Asia. They need to take a chill toke with the anti weed shit.

    • lue630
      lue630 Year ago

      they actually have no weed! if you get caught smoking weed in china or japan you get mad jail time. asians love popping pills and sniffing powders

    • eVerProductions1
      eVerProductions1 Year ago +2

      must have some ASIAN SKILLZ!! for the creation

  • Let's Talk with Teresia Newton

    I use to crave this food combo when I was pregnant. I didn't know it was a legit dish lol

  • Jan
    Jan Year ago


  • Dave
    Dave Year ago +6

    Omurice? Sounds like one of my homies name.

  • Mayur Patel
    Mayur Patel Year ago +1

    jun makes it better and clean!

  • Alexis Hernandez
    Alexis Hernandez Year ago

    I'll take 5 to-go.

  • Daniel Bland
    Daniel Bland Year ago +3

    disliking until these become long enough to actually enjoy😂

  • T T
    T T Year ago +4

    Does it come with a roll of toilet paper?

  • Cadin H
    Cadin H Year ago

    nice wassup Sean Evans if you see this I wanna say i love this show

  • Lousson2695
    Lousson2695 Year ago

    I'm in.....

  • Defclue
    Defclue Year ago +5

    That Sauce Ketchup n Sriracha

    • neko mata
      neko mata Year ago

      usually its just tomato ketchup

    • Yellow Iron
      Yellow Iron Year ago

      it's ketchup traditionally. this place used something else though. dont ever see cheese in it like that either.

    • Felipe Jaramillo
      Felipe Jaramillo Year ago

      Us is

    • Ryan Burton
      Ryan Burton Year ago +2

      Either that or a veggie/beef demi glace

    AF PHOTO Year ago


  • SIB
    SIB Year ago +19

    First!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for 4 hours straight refreshing for this

    • LGND Trace
      LGND Trace Year ago

      youre sad lmao

    • SIB
      SIB Year ago

      Inhale Green Exhale Dream Ya dude you're right I definitely had not a single hint of satire in any of those statements.

    • Rocket Power
      Rocket Power Year ago +1

      don't listen to the heaters, they are jealous of this grate accomplishment.

    • wastegate
      wastegate Year ago +5

      your life is all downhill from here

    • Ciro Amaya
      Ciro Amaya Year ago +1

      This man has accomplished something have never done in my life. While im over here living life he's done something I will probably never do....