Behind the Sketch: Stefon with John Mulaney - SNL


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  • CatMan
    CatMan 5 days ago

    John needs to stay behind the camera,how long did that show of his last,a couple episodes? He's not funny!

  • miat789
    miat789 6 days ago

    I love John, Bill , and Seth so much. Love this character. Miss all of them. SNL just isn’t the same without them.

  • Grey Eagle
    Grey Eagle 8 days ago

    That’s beautiful and comedy gold.

  • Melanie Smith
    Melanie Smith 15 days ago +1

    “I used to be a writer here, and now I’m one of the guys talking” UGH MY HEART I AM SO PROUD OF MY TALL CHILD

  • Damien Dacote
    Damien Dacote Month ago

    it woulda been ever funnier if Hader could have controlled himself and not laughed!!
    Lorne hates that ya know!!!

  • markmh835
    markmh835 3 months ago

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    And wait -- is that John Mulaney? -- or a reincarnated Edward R. Murrow looking for his cigarettes?
    And every 3rd person will be given a Lazy Zuzan as a parting gift.
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    It's when you take a midget -- oops, a "fun sized person" -- and stand him upside down, put trays of food on his feet, and spin him around. 😱 😀

  • Emily hancock
    Emily hancock 3 months ago

    literally the greatest SNL character of all time

  • Sebastian Spencer-Rollins
    Sebastian Spencer-Rollins 3 months ago +2

    They need to do more Stefan Weekend Update episodes.

  • Pamela Mays
    Pamela Mays 3 months ago

    A club called, "Spicy!"

  • Lauren Cosentino
    Lauren Cosentino 4 months ago

    3:06 John SERVING us looks.

  • G EG
    G EG 5 months ago +1

    Thank you John!

  • khuang96
    khuang96 5 months ago +1

    Seriously one of the best characters

  • sarah
    sarah 5 months ago

    At 1:37 can someone please tell me if that is Ryan Ross from Panic! At The Disco

  • Clover Howlter
    Clover Howlter 5 months ago +1

    2:38 enters as *gay nightmare*

  • Skylar Webb
    Skylar Webb 6 months ago

    Oh my god, I didn't know they get married!!!

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 6 months ago

    that Nationwide schill should be killed

  • Ava Kate
    Ava Kate 6 months ago

    Was Dan Cortez at the wedding?

  • QueenSelphie
    QueenSelphie 6 months ago

    I think the wedding send off of Bill Hader with Stefon and Seth getting married..made me both laugh and cry at the same time

  • Jerminator 356
    Jerminator 356 6 months ago +1

    One of my favorite characters of all time

  • VianneyCreates
    VianneyCreates 6 months ago

    Did he mention Bill Hader doing Stefon's voice that way bc he knew a guy that talked just like that? So funny!

  • antmanplays
    antmanplays 7 months ago

    i cant find the wedding sketch anywhere if anyone know where i can find the clip tell me

  • SickDoodles
    SickDoodles 7 months ago

    do the last two club pictures have pete davidson in them? please tell me they do

  • suddendee
    suddendee 7 months ago


  • Cynder 330
    Cynder 330 7 months ago

    He’s such an amazing writer for Stefan

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea 8 months ago

    Very cool. :D

  • Jordan Ann
    Jordan Ann 8 months ago


  • AnimeChuck
    AnimeChuck 8 months ago

    "My girlfriend...something something..."
    That's all I heard him whispering.

  • Debbie Vernon
    Debbie Vernon 8 months ago

    I never got Stefon. Thanks for explaining

  • xxIluvyouguysxx
    xxIluvyouguysxx 8 months ago

    I think I’m in love with John Mulaney 😍

  • Alexandre Reber
    Alexandre Reber 8 months ago

    We WANT a stefon Movie!!

  • Lucía Sylvestre Begnis

    We owe you so much

  • Kabz
    Kabz 9 months ago

    Stefon and Seth made me believe in love again

  • Barbara Hultman
    Barbara Hultman 9 months ago

    4:22 isn’t that Pete Davidson from the current cast?

  • Owen G
    Owen G 9 months ago

    It's in a haunted synagogue

  • Meagan Corey
    Meagan Corey 9 months ago

    John Mulaney is FIIINEEEEEE

  • Alina
    Alina 9 months ago

    Honestly the audio on this is terrible, the background music is so loud I almost can't understand what he says.

  • ChopAndBrew
    ChopAndBrew 9 months ago

    Please, more of these Behind the Sketch videos with writers and cast!

  • Tim Hurst
    Tim Hurst 9 months ago

    Bill Hader looks like a pedo.

  • YesGregYes
    YesGregYes 9 months ago

    When an Ed Hardy Shirt is part of the premise for a comedy bit, you can bet it's comedy gold.
    #SNL #JohnMulaney

  • emercycrite
    emercycrite 9 months ago

    One of the best characters of all time. God bless John Mulaney for creating him.

  • CEFG101
    CEFG101 9 months ago

    Can anyone figure out what John whispers to Bill in the scene with Shy?

  • TheRodieRemix
    TheRodieRemix 9 months ago

    But when are y'all gonna do a Stefon movie!?

  • Kay X
    Kay X 9 months ago

    2:55 what was whispered, though?

  • LoveShiaGDSN
    LoveShiaGDSN 9 months ago

    1:39 Ashley Tisdale?

  • Melody Higginbotham
    Melody Higginbotham 9 months ago


  • Ascent
    Ascent 9 months ago

    Awe, the hug at the end looked so sincere.

  • Fred Winslow
    Fred Winslow 9 months ago

    it’s sad
    the switcheroo skit was very funny if not perverted as expected ( every line was well written for effect )
    but almost every other sketch was belaboured or maudlin and amateur !!
    the news was worse than a high school theatre arts show !(
    i was in them long ago and know real deal and what we were )

    snl was known for being the best of avante grade comedy satire of the time !!!
    70s through to 2000s even
    we all watched ( lefties and the rest of us )and accepted the left lean ,as it wasn’t constant or vicious and was somewhat relevant ( in sure the writers believe it’s all so prescient and relevant )
    snl today
    is a attempt at a comedy version of cnn constant political focus except not on anything actually relevant except character assassination
    i guess a pot smokin kid feels any comedy that focuses on politics however peripheral is witty ???
    case in point
    every joke about trump ( or conservatism )isn’t just satire or funny
    it is an acceptance of hyperbole created by gossip news coverage with the only tribal consensus as
    character and integrity assassination at every word
    this is the cue to laugh and feel good about ourselves ???
    hilarious ?
    no one will be watching or talking about these skits years from now
    yet ANY comedy laid on a “leftie “ like the same episodes Zuckerberg blink “hilarity” is light hearted and stays entirely away from literal assassination of character and humanity
    as is the case with treatment of any leftie
    if it was clever or funny it would even be acceptable but it’s not at all
    not at all!!!!
    so sad that this is the best snl can do
    is this a product of diversity standards and political correctness ( of one type only ) gone and made the writers and performers and the casting people. absolute zombies ????

    big nostalgic sigh

  • Designers Eyes
    Designers Eyes 9 months ago

    Stefon is my favorite of all time

  • Logan Strom
    Logan Strom 9 months ago

    Stefon was never funny.

  • Diane Banks
    Diane Banks 9 months ago +2

    More Behind the Sketch, please ;)

    MEREDITH LOGGINS 9 months ago

    but what about Dan Cortez? I didn't see him at the wedding?

  • Tammy Forbes
    Tammy Forbes 9 months ago

    Who the fook is that guy?

  • Megan River
    Megan River 9 months ago

    Seth and Stefon getting married is still the best

  • turnleftaticeland
    turnleftaticeland 9 months ago

    can anybody make out what he whispers at 2:55?

  • Kaki Clements
    Kaki Clements 9 months ago

    1:41 .... Is that Darren Criss?

  • CornucopiaOfAwesome
    CornucopiaOfAwesome 9 months ago +1

    wooow he's a great writer.

  • Tess Rickson
    Tess Rickson 9 months ago

    This has inspired me to go on yet another Stefon marathon

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 9 months ago

    “My girlfriend works at yoshinoya beef bowl”

  • roger peet
    roger peet 9 months ago

    Stefon for President !!

  • Ariel Cotton
    Ariel Cotton 9 months ago

    This was such a treat. I love you John and thank you for your service and creativity. ❤❤

  • Christopher Gibson
    Christopher Gibson 9 months ago

    I was curious about the wedding show too so I found it. It's as good as it looks and you're welcome:

  • LobstahFan12
    LobstahFan12 9 months ago

    I'm begging you! PLEASE have Seth on as host or a special/surprise guest on Weekend Update!

  • sadlystuckinreality
    sadlystuckinreality 9 months ago

    The greatest duo.

  • Patty Wolfe
    Patty Wolfe 9 months ago

    One of the most hilarious episodes ever! John Mulaney, you made a HUGE fan of me! Great piece here as well

  • lestrange
    lestrange 9 months ago

    'rented latex' are words that will haunt my dreams

  • Scott Shiff
    Scott Shiff 9 months ago

    Love these guys. So funny. I just booked DJ Baby Bok Choy for our school's prom.

  • Justin B
    Justin B 9 months ago +1

    I don't get the "Cindy Applebaum" joke

  • Savage Dragon
    Savage Dragon 9 months ago


  • Valentina Fangirling
    Valentina Fangirling 9 months ago

    I love him😭

  • DD
    DD 9 months ago

    This man is precious

  • photoshopknight
    photoshopknight 9 months ago

    john mulaney was great last night

  • MignonneDauphine
    MignonneDauphine 9 months ago

    Omg Stefon is like one of my favorites!

  • Calvin Limuel
    Calvin Limuel 9 months ago

    Stefon looks just so wrong we can't take our attention off him!! Brilliant!
    How did Anderson Cooper got talked into it tho hahaha

  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook 9 months ago

    so twin sad jazz mechanism damage community wonder.

  • MauiGirl 888
    MauiGirl 888 9 months ago

    Love love love Stefon! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Commo Freq
    Commo Freq 9 months ago

    Cant help but hear Andrew from Big mouth

  • kadrope
    kadrope 9 months ago

    1:40 timothee chalemet in a wig

  • Skateshark 323
    Skateshark 323 9 months ago

    Hell yeah. He shouted out Party Monster!!

  • Pamela Cannon
    Pamela Cannon 9 months ago

    A wedding

  • Shubhodeep Mandal
    Shubhodeep Mandal 9 months ago

  • James Jones
    James Jones 9 months ago

    Awesome behind-the-scenes video. Thanks for posting it.

  • FAYMprod
    FAYMprod 9 months ago

    hey it's that guy from that short lived sitcom what was that called oh yeah nm it was Seinfeld

  • PhillyFrank1
    PhillyFrank1 9 months ago

    I especially appreciated the explanations about Stefon's "look." Such a perfectly realized character, no matter how many times Bill Hader lost it -- his break-up at the Jewish Dracula joke is one of the most sustained and absolutely my favorite. Makes me laugh every time.

  • American patriot
    American patriot 9 months ago

    This guy is awful no talent I've seen high school comedians seem more natural he true way to hard to be funny and if he's a writer no wonder snl sucks, thank God this guys show got canceled mid season lol

  • Fox Goat
    Fox Goat 9 months ago

    Love John mulaney favorite comedian

  • Vogue Of Today
    Vogue Of Today 9 months ago

    So cute

  • Kathleen Byers
    Kathleen Byers 9 months ago

    Loved this!

  • universal media entertainment fast and furious 9 official HD trailer #1 😱

  • Kevin Nordin
    Kevin Nordin 9 months ago

    SNL died a long time ago

  • Raymond Welzel
    Raymond Welzel 9 months ago

    You all look like shot bro square tf up

  • Spring Ranch
    Spring Ranch 9 months ago

    How HORRIBLE that the World might have been deprived of one of my FAVORITE people!

  • fuck you
    fuck you 9 months ago

    Fucking lame

  • Markos Dimijazz
    Markos Dimijazz 9 months ago

    He is good at talking

  • Steel City Show
    Steel City Show 9 months ago +62

    I just bought the Stefon Funko Pop yesterday 😁

  • mlzanercik
    mlzanercik 9 months ago

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    For if we would judge ourselves,
    we would not be judged.
    But when we are judged,
    we are chastened by the Lord,
    that we may not be condemned
    with the world.
    (1 Corinthians 11:31-32).
    ***(If we would judge ourselves): God would not need to correct us. But when Christians are unwilling to do this self-examination, God Himself will chasten them.
    ***(Revelation 3:19)

  • will crow
    will crow 9 months ago

    brilliant and clearly the 'james bond' of comedy. -or the Felix Unger if you remember the Odd Couple.

  • Ch B
    Ch B 9 months ago

    I was laughing so much during the clips that I started coughing (and almost pissed myself)

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me 9 months ago

    Wouldn’t have even been a 12:50 sketch when this show actually mattered