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  • Published on Aug 9, 2013
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    Scientists have figured out a way to make diamonds from peanut butter, and other carbon containing materials.
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  • Adel roy
    Adel roy Month ago

    Diamond salt😂💎

  • Reno Simpson
    Reno Simpson 2 months ago

    I knew someone that died from asphyxiation from peanut butter he was in his late 20's early 30's choked on a spoon full of it. This happened in California, I'm still unsure why the dangerous substance has not been banned yet, guess they were to busy grabbing AK's then.

  • Mohd Ashraf
    Mohd Ashraf 2 months ago


  • Eìon O'hInneirghe
    Eìon O'hInneirghe 3 months ago

    This is fake

  • Harshad Dhane
    Harshad Dhane 4 months ago +1

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  • Sue Y
    Sue Y 4 months ago

    It needs to be coal not charcoal. They're doing it wrong .No Coal and charcoal are NOT the same thing. Charcoal is made by burning wood down to a coal which will fire up and reheat. So basically Charcoal is the lightweight black carbon and ash residue hydrocarbon produced by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances. It is used as I stated above.
    Coal however is a fossil fuel and is the altered remains of prehistoric vegetation that originally accumulated in swamps and peat bogs.

  • Nathan Meredith / MonkeyNateM

    4.7K dislike 😀

  • Random Music
    Random Music 4 months ago +1

    Where is the extreme heat and pressure? Oh that's right it uses magic.

  • iluvmx1977
    iluvmx1977 4 months ago

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  • Akbarism Boii
    Akbarism Boii 4 months ago +1 bruh

  • ItsYaBoi FLY
    ItsYaBoi FLY 4 months ago

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  • james dolph
    james dolph 5 months ago

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  • Trex H
    Trex H 5 months ago

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  • Kelton Hanks
    Kelton Hanks 5 months ago +1

    make dirt from water

  • Mickah Cobilla
    Mickah Cobilla 5 months ago

    Faaaaaaake watch King Of Random

  • iShqdx
    iShqdx 5 months ago

    Cough cough you still need to REARRANGE ATOMS in order to make a diamond... Which no scientist has ever done. This is fake.

  • Adrianis Melendez
    Adrianis Melendez 6 months ago

    This is fake

    • Strange Science News
      Strange Science News  6 months ago

      Not really. Anything with carbon, compressed with enough force will become a diamond.

  • Alfred Lawson
    Alfred Lawson 6 months ago

    BS video just to get views, unsubscribed

  • xen iblogan
    xen iblogan 6 months ago

    Fuck you all of what you said is definately not true at all

  • Studd Tuppz
    Studd Tuppz 6 months ago


  • Jacob Kemezys
    Jacob Kemezys 6 months ago


  • just another commenter
    just another commenter 6 months ago +1

    How gullible can people be

  • Shiba lord
    Shiba lord 6 months ago

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  • Blessed One
    Blessed One 6 months ago

    Stop...Ridiculous doesn't make since. Lol😳

  • Fun With Lun
    Fun With Lun 6 months ago

    You started this video with lies saying peanut butter started in South America. Google George Washington Carver please and thank you!

  • safalmani
    safalmani 6 months ago

    I am imbarised that i even opened this video 😢😢😢

    AClRCLEOFLlGHT 6 months ago

    Heat up a piece of black coal, very hot but not red hot, and then dip it into a jar of peanut butter with some tongs making sure you get peanut butter all over it, and then pull it out and bury it in a bowl of ice and stick it in the freezer for 24 hours. When you wash off the peanut butter after 24 hours, the coal will have a very thin soft outter layer of "crud" that you can also scrape off with your fingernails or am abrasive dish scrubber, and underneath that crud will be a perfectly clear diamond-like crystal.

  • Ahmed Maki
    Ahmed Maki 6 months ago

    You can make gold using iron and cobalt under pressure. A lot of pressure though. Like a super nova. Alternatively you can also use peanut butter. I have some magic beans for sale, anyone interested?

  • Jay Ibakumarra
    Jay Ibakumarra 7 months ago +1

    This video is brought to you by peanut butter and charcoal companies

  • Josh Dance
    Josh Dance 7 months ago

  • KohinaREC
    KohinaREC 7 months ago

    BBC Science wrote about this in 2014. German Bayerisches Geoinstitut was (maybe still is) running tests simulating the layers and conditions of Earth's crust to study the planet and alsi to possibly find new or stabler materials for technology industry. They have created diamonds this way and apparently tried peanut bitter too, as more of a joke when asked to do so by a local media outlet (the article claims it produced some small diamonds but also hydrogen which destroyed the experiment). This has probably sparked the myth of home-grown diamonds.

  • B 2
    B 2 7 months ago


  • Lucy heartfilia
    Lucy heartfilia 7 months ago

    Where is my peanut butter.....

  • H Main
    H Main 7 months ago

    So dumb.

  • TheZombieSaint
    TheZombieSaint 7 months ago

    down voted just because of the stupid robot voice.

  • Hannibal Lecter
    Hannibal Lecter 7 months ago

    Me before watching video: This is probably just bullshit.
    Me after watching video: Yep. Complete bullshit.

  • Ikysl
    Ikysl 7 months ago

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  • Hannah Likes Pizza and Games

    So peanut butter is in homeworld now?

  • Flippy _
    Flippy _ 9 months ago

    Food paste?

  • jadekayak01
    jadekayak01 10 months ago

    What a crock of shit.this has been busted on the before

  • rt tr
    rt tr Year ago

    you might sell peanut butter for diamonds

  • Anthony Michaels
    Anthony Michaels Year ago

    Diamonds from peanut butter? Sounds like nutter science to me. Free energy from skyscrapers gathering static electricity and then us made to believe that they mine for coal or oil to burn to create steam to run a turbine to turn a dynamo to make power to sell to us, well that sounds like Nutter science for sure. Fun video. I was taught to believe in santa claus, so now I guess I will believe in peanut butter diamonds too. Haha.

  • Kevin Arnold
    Kevin Arnold Year ago

    They use the robot 🤖 voice when they can’t speak English

  • Tayah English
    Tayah English Year ago

    this video is never going to get old

  • Marc Casteel
    Marc Casteel Year ago


  • Reality Insight Library

    Can i do it from watermelon peel ??!!! plz answer.

  • yougoattube
    yougoattube Year ago

    Great, now my diamonds are sticking to the roof of my mouth. On the plus side, if I put some under my dog’s tongue, it looks like he is talking...

  • The Official TreBallJr !!

    Yeah that's Thomas the train voice

  • Samuel S
    Samuel S Year ago

    1:12 freaked me out with XD

  • S Scott
    S Scott Year ago

    You get a thumbs down for the robot voice.

  • freagZ gaming
    freagZ gaming Year ago

    Aw man i cant watch this vid a allergic to virtual peanut butter

  • Billy King
    Billy King Year ago

    are farts naturally lumpy?...

  • crazyfreddy 106
    crazyfreddy 106 Year ago

    Not real

  • Reggie Hawthorne
    Reggie Hawthorne Year ago

    what's weird is how much I hate lazy fucking robot voices...

    • Strange Science News
      Strange Science News  Year ago

      +Reggie Hawthorne
      Thx for the feedback. This video was done a long time ago.

  • Carp Spudpicker
    Carp Spudpicker Year ago

    I shit peanut butter diamonds!

  • MonkeyBoy32904
    MonkeyBoy32904 Year ago

    real diamonds are made from the hardest carbon you'll ever see

  • Redblade
    Redblade Year ago

    What a boring and misleading video, I thought they were going to demonstrate peanut butter turning into a diamond.

  • Redblade
    Redblade Year ago

    The video says the diamond is the most expensive jewel in the world - not so, a full red blooded ruby is the most expensive jewel.

  • MondoBeno
    MondoBeno Year ago

    If the university wants to waste money and lab time trying to turn peanut butter into diamonds, let them.

  • R C
    R C Year ago

    Stop making videos Honey.

  • James Creech
    James Creech Year ago

    What the fu k did this have to do with peanut butter

  • Inzimam Ulhaq
    Inzimam Ulhaq Year ago

    I am also a chemist and this is not real at all

  • Larry Hardy
    Larry Hardy Year ago

    Skippy or Jiffy, creamy or extra crunchy

  • Neil Waight
    Neil Waight Year ago

    Don't believe a word from robot videos

    MELEDITH L. Year ago

    I couldn't figure out why i'm shitting diamonds so often! Because i eat peanut butter a lot!
    Finally i got the answer to my nagging question! YAY! :-)

  • ZTV
    ZTV Year ago

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  • Pakrat Miz
    Pakrat Miz Year ago

    It's not real if its artificial

  • owl3031
    owl3031 Year ago

    So these scientists are doing all this instead of looking for ways to cure cancer or AIDS & other diseases??

  • Keith Roy
    Keith Roy Year ago +1

    I have placed several jars of peanut butter in the back yard, just waiting for the next meteor strike...

  • MrMan MrMan
    MrMan MrMan Year ago

    When I saw the title I screamed 0_o

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Year ago

    4k likes and 4k dislikes XD

  • Rboert Christofaro

    this would kill the value of the diamond market if people start artificially making them

  • puppy lover
    puppy lover Year ago

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  • ッBrianna
    ッBrianna Year ago


    THE ROMAN Year ago

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  • Drew Binkley
    Drew Binkley Year ago

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  • Reynald Babatid
    Reynald Babatid Year ago

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  • stef sfirnaciuc
    stef sfirnaciuc Year ago

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  • NiUnOt
    NiUnOt Year ago

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  • M I
    M I Year ago

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    M I Year ago

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  • Luis Hernandez AlphAKingSupreme

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  • Attila Rivera
    Attila Rivera Year ago


  • Mr. Tony Clifton
    Mr. Tony Clifton Year ago

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  • cbdrannik !
    cbdrannik ! Year ago

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  • Jonathan Tomich
    Jonathan Tomich Year ago

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  • Saul de Léon
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  • leave this empty
    leave this empty Year ago

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  • umar abdullah
    umar abdullah Year ago

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  • Bloody Sugar Cube

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  • Ryan Pham
    Ryan Pham Year ago

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  • Ryan Pham
    Ryan Pham Year ago

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  • Mike Clark
    Mike Clark Year ago

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    balisticc tt Year ago

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    Marijuana870 Year ago

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  • Camelia Lebada
    Camelia Lebada Year ago

    Well, you should keep your comments for yourself. What's the point of me watching this video, and instead of watching I have to look at you comments? Poor quality of the video.