Would You Rather RIDDLES to test Survival

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • Jay from the Kubz Scouts and Gloom are out here solving mysteries, picking doors, and trying not to be wrong cuz that’s dumb. Watch Jay's Video Here: tvclip.biz/video/s3wY0utuxwM/video.html
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  • Susan Blanco
    Susan Blanco 8 minutes ago

    i love you gloom

  • Emma Campbell
    Emma Campbell 2 hours ago

    kassie. yellow scorpions are DEATHSTALKERS aka THE MOST deadly scorpion.
    Sorry for yelling.

  • Gigi Marcum
    Gigi Marcum 2 hours ago

    They should like spiders they’re harmless to do you can I know but the Madame did you Mann yeah you are yeah are yeah are yeah

  • Raven Jung
    Raven Jung 5 hours ago


  • Michelle Louise
    Michelle Louise 9 hours ago

    im pretty sure kassie and jay were right about the S.O.S thing on the question when the girl and the guy are stuck on the island and even the riddle is dumb the guy is wearing glasses just frickin do the sun thing with the glasses and bam done -_-

  • Princess Priya
    Princess Priya 9 hours ago

    The back ward's guy will break his back

  • Johntavis Williams
    Johntavis Williams 9 hours ago


  • Gary Isherwood
    Gary Isherwood 10 hours ago

    The man could of used his glasses to reflect sunlight

  • Ava Digebjerg
    Ava Digebjerg 14 hours ago

    Snakes aren’t poisonous they are venomous so technically you could go in the snake one or the cancer one

  • Katie The Bunny
    Katie The Bunny 14 hours ago +1

    Actully it is the cobra guy..
    Wolfs do not eat people

  • Alexis cooper
    Alexis cooper 17 hours ago

    i cant feel you pain jay im a girl so i get my hair permed like every other girl does

  • Kaleigh Yimin
    Kaleigh Yimin 17 hours ago

    I feel you

  • Mindi Vanden Bosch
    Mindi Vanden Bosch 17 hours ago

    I love you 💕

  • TeaganEvansvlogs
    TeaganEvansvlogs 17 hours ago

    Water snakes aren’t poisonous so if poisonous snakes are in the water they would die

  • Emike Osigwe
    Emike Osigwe 18 hours ago

    I immediately knew that cancer isn't contagious

  • Alan Mireles
    Alan Mireles 18 hours ago

    Lava is the best choice lover can turn into a type of rock are many types of rocks I would choose lava

  • R Marsh
    R Marsh 19 hours ago

    tarantulas are harmless

  • iKnowWhereYouLive
    iKnowWhereYouLive 19 hours ago

    i'm pretty sure the saying is "When red touches yellow you'll lose a fellow, when red touches black, the venom, it lacks" I think that is refers to a snake species with similar looking sub-species... specifically coral snakes. The eastern coral snake is poison, while the scarlet king snake is NOT. Pretty sure the snakes are mainly found in areas in the east coast (Don't ask why i know all of this :| )

  • Jonathan Lilley
    Jonathan Lilley 20 hours ago

    Tarantulas don't bite or are venomous

  • Raven Claw
    Raven Claw 21 hour ago

    Kassie: he would be me in a fire
    7 second riddles: He HaS nO gAsMaSk!

  • •_Toxic Roses_•
    •_Toxic Roses_• 21 hour ago

    ahem, the first riddle the cop only shoots men and woman but the cop isnt allowed to shoot anyone for no reason tho! but also how did the kid know that the cops only shoots womans and men?

  • Soapy Foten
    Soapy Foten 21 hour ago

    to be fair to jay i'm a girl and i only know what a perm is because i watched legally blonde as a kid. love that movie.

  • chloe Paul vlogs
    chloe Paul vlogs 21 hour ago

    So my average temperature in britian will freeze me... Hmmmmm interesting...

  • MimiTheMimi
    MimiTheMimi 23 hours ago

    What I thought :
    1. Take some lava and melt the frost and just walk straight through.
    2.Go in the tarantulas and Dont breathe because tarantulas will throw some of their * thing * when you breathe at them and it's itchy
    Yes I know a lot about spiders
    3.The new hire but because this is number 3 and he is still alive
    4.Guy in the middle because no seatbelt means no NOTHING!
    5.Third guy again because he is on 🔥 FIRE 🔥

    • MimiTheMimi
      MimiTheMimi 23 hours ago

      10.The person with dark pants

      I r vs up now

    • MimiTheMimi
      MimiTheMimi 23 hours ago

      9. Make a signal out of leaves

    • MimiTheMimi
      MimiTheMimi 23 hours ago

      8. That weird hand thing

    • MimiTheMimi
      MimiTheMimi 23 hours ago

      7. Water with cancer because your not likely to die from cancer

    • MimiTheMimi
      MimiTheMimi 23 hours ago

      6. The man running into the cobra because the second guy can just jump over and the third guy can just.. Adopt the wolf i guess

  • Elene Raptis
    Elene Raptis 23 hours ago

    Thats with snakes

  • Johnny Gutierrez

    Well don’t worry I have brain damage too :)

  • Johnny Gutierrez

    Cassy do you have brain damage? And how did you not get the tarantula one right

  • Sanders Paden
    Sanders Paden Day ago

    Tomato Jay Mode 😂😂

  • Con_Cake YT
    Con_Cake YT Day ago

    That saying is red and yellow you're a dead fellow yellow and black you're okay jack and they applies to milk and coral snakes

  • Noah Bruno
    Noah Bruno Day ago

    My name is Noah

  • Raptor 21
    Raptor 21 Day ago

    Maybe another person could have come in the evening. Who knows

  • Raptor 21
    Raptor 21 Day ago

    Take clothes off and use glasses to light a fire. Easiest way

  • Raptor 21
    Raptor 21 Day ago

    Jay and Gloom:Are snakes poisonous in water as it says a pool full of poisonous snakes. Think for an hour and talk about movies.
    Everyone else:still poisonous except their in water. Figured that out straight away

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith Day ago

    Oooooooooo mmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy gggggggggooooooooooossssssssshhhhhhhh Smith is my last name

  • Rose Gacha
    Rose Gacha Day ago


  • NoahPC’s review channel

    Teacher: Give me all your red pens
    Me: I don’t have a red pen so here’s my blue one

  • Shaula Santos
    Shaula Santos Day ago

    It says the snakes are *poisonous*, not venomous, if you don't try to eat them, you're fine

  • Goldman10012 Gaming

    Your supposed to do that in that kind of situation actually 12:13

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon Day ago

    The deathstalker also known as yellow scorpion is one of the most dangerous species of scorpions. Its venom is a powerful mixture of neurotoxins, with a low lethal dose.

  • Peppi Kaniin
    Peppi Kaniin Day ago

    12:00 take eyeglasses and mirror the light

  • Aslan Murray
    Aslan Murray Day ago

    Spiders only bite pp if you threaten them

  • Roblox Plays
    Roblox Plays Day ago +1

    Blood is red
    Water is blue
    I have a surprise for you
    It’s to scrub poo on you

  • violetSoul
    violetSoul Day ago

    7:49 Uhmmm... There is not a single poisonous snake on this planet to my knowledge. Who would even eat a snake(my uncle after he cooks it for some reason)? Many snakes are venomous, never poisonous.

    ACE LACE Day ago

    🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂 the

  • Nickman12367
    Nickman12367 Day ago

    My grandma just died of cancer

  • Shook
    Shook Day ago

    That's not a ballon,


  • gacha girl
    gacha girl Day ago

    This the frst time I even herd the werd perm

  • Elizabeth Kitten
    Elizabeth Kitten Day ago +1

    Perm means curl hair treatment

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy Day ago +1

    Me: Sorry to be rube but are you guy's idiots tarantulas are harmless study you're facts. -_-

  • Epic Nick
    Epic Nick Day ago

    11:55 scouts-this is easy we learned this

    Me a scout it's big brain time

  • Jack Ster
    Jack Ster Day ago

    Snakes are not dangerous if fed.

  • Kendra Elistin
    Kendra Elistin Day ago

    I knew one while they were talking s.o.s

  • Qween Emily
    Qween Emily Day ago

    He actually couldn’t have stole the bag because you have to re learn to walk because your big toe keeps you balanced

  • Amanda Cooper
    Amanda Cooper Day ago

    If it is cancer then you should give me 100’00 dollars

  • sonide Blaise
    sonide Blaise Day ago

    he took off his glasses and the suns reflection would attract attention

  • Leanne Tran
    Leanne Tran Day ago

    I saw the movie

  • Brian Mongoven
    Brian Mongoven Day ago

    its tragela because they are not piosanes

  • Cindy Nelson
    Cindy Nelson Day ago

    You can’t drink cancer -3-

  • Cindy Nelson
    Cindy Nelson Day ago

    2:30 haha they be stick men

  • Emma Martinez
    Emma Martinez Day ago +1

    Watch Legally Blonde Jay.

  • Termination_Fire -Striker365

    I think guy used his glasses and used the sunlight so the light reflects and acts like a S.O.S

  • Flarion Animtions

    You have to make a SOS with the rocks.

  • Chorno Jarju
    Chorno Jarju Day ago

    You guys should start dating

  • Ebrar Vuthaj
    Ebrar Vuthaj Day ago

    Him laughing


  • Cassy Katie12
    Cassy Katie12 Day ago +1

    Snakes are still able to bite and strangle in water

  • Animation Kitten

    The unknown island riddle: If the lions were hungry they would starve 😏

  • Katrina Lambert
    Katrina Lambert Day ago

    Wen those humans are stranded on the island one of them can use their glasses to single the plane better then using rocks who will see it

  • Chloe-Ann McKenna

    The cop

  • Katie Burton
    Katie Burton Day ago

    Love kassie so mutch

  • Lily And Rose
    Lily And Rose 2 days ago

    You can't infect wadr