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Bellator MMA: Brennan Ward vs Dennis Olson FULL FIGHT

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
  • Look back at Bellator 144 Brennan Ward vs. Dennis Olson. And don't miss Brennan Ward's next fight against Fernando Gonzalez at #Bellator182!
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Comments • 97

  • spirit-earth-community


  • showkat islam
    showkat islam 2 days ago

    can the blue glove punch

  • Diana Dani
    Diana Dani 9 days ago


    Adam SULLIVAN 11 days ago

    2 adds before video starts = thumbs down

    • Nate Davis
      Nate Davis 4 days ago

      That’s a problem with TVclip. Not bellator.

  • Monsta Mob
    Monsta Mob Month ago


  • Amedeo Modigliani
    Amedeo Modigliani 2 months ago

    Man, Bellator even got their own wannabe Joe Rogan looking bald motherfucker

  • elnombredelarosa
    elnombredelarosa 3 months ago

    6:30Dude looks like a Vampire

  • Владимир Литвиненко


  • alexroll 92
    alexroll 92 4 months ago

    He doesn't sound irish

  • powerowl2120
    powerowl2120 4 months ago +2

    Ward came to our school (new London high) to help us out with some wrestling. His mom actually is a teacher at the school. He taught us a lot of shit from the wizzer it was dope

  • Rube Mendes
    Rube Mendes 4 months ago


  • LeDeskripshun
    LeDeskripshun 4 months ago

    That is a LOT of gear...

  • Chan Soman Music
    Chan Soman Music 5 months ago

    So glad that the idiot trying to meanmug like hes scary got wrekt

  • vato locos forever
    vato locos forever 5 months ago

    That's why he was so stuck on wanting to wrestle cuz he can't use his hands

  • Jay Ritz
    Jay Ritz 5 months ago

    way to survive on your back. smart moves tired the guy on top out and won the fight for him.

  • James Odom
    James Odom 6 months ago +1

    You can just tell when someone is a piece of shit just by looking at them. Check out the pathetic evil stare he’s giving the other guy at the start of the match. I don’t need to explain who I’m talking about.

  • James Odom
    James Odom 6 months ago +6

    Wouldn’t it be funny if after the crowd booed the intro of the first corner, they also booed the other corner too

  • holzyyy
    holzyyy 6 months ago

    what the fuck was that fight that was only gay sex

  • John Halchishick
    John Halchishick 7 months ago +3

    That dude was relentless good fight

  • aweffs
    aweffs 7 months ago

    Hey wait... this ISNT UFC ?

    • James Turner
      James Turner 6 months ago

      No! This is another MMA organisation

  • Aecio Arruda
    Aecio Arruda 7 months ago


  • dicker9
    dicker9 7 months ago

    When did he get that cut, i can’t see a single time Olsen landed a nice hit

    • Generic User
      Generic User 3 months ago

      I saw an up kick that caught him cleanly. Shortly after that the blood was apparent. Just my view on it :)

    • Dan Hay
      Dan Hay 5 months ago

      head clash

  • Private Profile
    Private Profile 7 months ago

    Was there a single striking exchange during this match where Olson wasn't completely dominated? Four in a row at one point.

  • Moors Enslaved Europe
    Moors Enslaved Europe 7 months ago

    Bellator bring him back

  • Nay Cee
    Nay Cee 7 months ago

    Why does that guy in the blue shirt remind me of joe Rogan

  • MSM Zombie Killer
    MSM Zombie Killer 8 months ago

    Ward reminds me of Tito Ortiz .

  • Tony Mondola
    Tony Mondola 9 months ago

    Am I the only one who watches this and imagines guys like these back in medieval times wreaking havoc on the battle field!!

  • Hanko S
    Hanko S 9 months ago +4

    Boxing refs reactions to be fast and quick like these mme refs!

  • Steven Stinnett
    Steven Stinnett 9 months ago

    Yikes this looked like a pro vs amateur.

  • Xylok
    Xylok Year ago

    bud bundy?

  • Chris Vanderhoof
    Chris Vanderhoof Year ago +4


    • Monsta Mob
      Monsta Mob Month ago

      Frž držlu ty chcipolotino.

  • GrAtE CoRnHoLLiO
    GrAtE CoRnHoLLiO Year ago

    What's with the gay gloves?🔥💨

    • Morgan Becker
      Morgan Becker 7 months ago

      breast cancer awareness 👀

    • Spunkymunky
      Spunkymunky 9 months ago

      Breast Cancer Awareness. It's tape, not gloves.

  • Thomas Tuttle
    Thomas Tuttle Year ago +2

    for someone that just dominated a fight he cuts pretty easy

  • Vibe positiva
    Vibe positiva Year ago

    sera que os caras q pagam por esses comerciais que atrapalham os videos do youtube sabem que todos odeiam?!

  • new technology
    new technology Year ago

    Looks like a hard porn movie.

  • Jerry James
    Jerry James Year ago

    Irish my ass, fucking paper paddy

  • Jerry James
    Jerry James Year ago

    Ufc it ain't

  • Giacomo de Gasparis

    Pink tape looks wrong

  • enemyofall67
    enemyofall67 Year ago

    Two guys fucking around on the floor for 5 minutes....boringgggg

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago

    He's about as Irish as I am, and I'm not.

    • Rufus McDoofus
      Rufus McDoofus 8 months ago

      His ethnicity is Irish,Ward is an Irish surname.

  • Fianna
    Fianna Year ago +2

    Waterford Connecticut , you know waterford is a county in Ireland

    • Stone Tacular
      Stone Tacular 4 months ago

      irish rover lotta places in the USA are named for places in the England, Ireland, & Wales.

  • HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio )

    It is a great fight. In addition, I m adding this video to my playlist; " HollywoodFan21 Iron Fist Fighters " on my TVclip channel. :D

  • Doom
    Doom Year ago +3

    what a shitty fight

  • Norseman325
    Norseman325 Year ago


  • Sunny Kay
    Sunny Kay Year ago

    Ward is trash he gets KOd by half decent Fighters.

  • choopie T
    choopie T Year ago +2

    I think Referee Big Mc Carthy is in UFC and not by Bellator?

    • Xavier Pegasus
      Xavier Pegasus 6 months ago

      @Tony Attardo He was thinking, otherwise he wouldn't have inquired about it. Why don't you think about that, dude?

    • Boozy Beer
      Boozy Beer Year ago

      Big John now works for Bellator

    • Fianna
      Fianna Year ago +4

      refs are free to ref all organizations

    • Tony Attardo
      Tony Attardo Year ago +6

      choopie T Referees are employed by athletic commisions, not sports promotions. If it were the other way around corruption and/or speculation of such would be rampant. Think dude.

  • Siii!
    Siii! Year ago

    Kollegah im Titelbild

  • Marco B
    Marco B Year ago

    If we compare UFC vs Bellator the first one looks like a little fight between 2 cute cats.

  • Eliseo Perez
    Eliseo Perez Year ago

    Hello who can tell me when anastasia yankova would fight for bellator?

  • J. Nico
    J. Nico Year ago

    Great finish!

  • hendrixplek
    hendrixplek Year ago

    that looks gay :D

    • Chris Vanderhoof
      Chris Vanderhoof Year ago

      I didn't think of it that way, these boys were fighting. The mounting was all side mounts, and leg locks, with elbows and forehead rubbing to block out rabbit punches.
      I think I know what you're thinking though, I saw a female mma fight that looked very sexual --taken out of context. That's MMA though: These fighters have a lot of tools they train for and bring to the ring.

    • Ugwembum WemOssas
      Ugwembum WemOssas Year ago

      He obviously doesn't know MMA he thinks wrestling is gay it's part of the sport go watch boxing or something stop trolling here in the comment section.

    • Gabriel Baclagon
      Gabriel Baclagon Year ago +8

      You're new here I can tell.

    • E3000`s Gaming Reviews
      E3000`s Gaming Reviews Year ago +3

      hendrixplek what!?

  • Dante Marotta
    Dante Marotta Year ago +11

    Ward is an exciting fighter, He brings it every time win or lose

  • Wise Warrior's Path
    Wise Warrior's Path Year ago +34

    i did not like the pink gloves lol

    • Stone Tacular
      Stone Tacular 4 months ago

      Bet there’s plenty of guys who love pink who’d kick your teeth in very easily

    • Stephen Martin
      Stephen Martin 5 months ago

      its tape you fucking mouth breather

    • Psytronic
      Psytronic 5 months ago

      @about 99 ninjas xaxaxaxa right bro

    • Doanh Le
      Doanh Le 6 months ago

    • Fred Freddy
      Fred Freddy Year ago +1

      Me thinks you doth protest too much. Besides, it was for a womens' health thing back in the day.

  • Jakob Molina
    Jakob Molina Year ago

    I only know ward because he got knocked tf out by Paul Dailey not long ago

    • MMAwizard 96
      MMAwizard 96 4 months ago

      @Fianna Typical Irishman talking about something they know nothing about.
      Generalizing sucks, doesn't it?

    • Jakob Molina
      Jakob Molina Year ago

      irish rover wtf are u talking about

    • Fianna
      Fianna Year ago

      typical latino hating on the irish even though we fought on your side against the've no loyalty

  • Robb Mckenzie
    Robb Mckenzie Year ago +2

    Felt that 3.2 combo from here in Australia!

  • Miss Raven
    Miss Raven Year ago +2

    It's Dennis the Menace Siever! You don't take away other fighters' names!
    He deserved to be knocked out!

    • Anton Master
      Anton Master 10 months ago

      Miss Raven shut the fuck up

    • Miranda Jackson
      Miranda Jackson Year ago +2

      ....siver stole it from a comic strip lol its not as if its original. what a dumb comment

  • Peter Bienkowski
    Peter Bienkowski Year ago

    good deal!

  • sterlihalla
    sterlihalla Year ago +1

    holy shit look at his ear

  • B.T.Busch
    B.T.Busch Year ago +5

    Fun starts @ 06:18

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones Year ago +27

    They could be twins. I can only tell them apart by the spray tan.

    • Joe M
      Joe M Year ago +4

      Ben Jones That's just his natural tan the other guy a pale

  • Comedian Moe Brown
    Comedian Moe Brown Year ago +15

    New London, CT representing!