Tales From The Comment Section - Justice League

  • Published on Nov 22, 2017
  • My Justice League review has been up for about a week, and the comment section has given ample fruit for me to bring you TALES FROM THE COMMENT SECTION: JUSTICE LEAGUE!

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Comments • 2 096

  • Frank Russell
    Frank Russell 2 days ago

    Dude PLEASE bring these back

  • Akul Bector
    Akul Bector 19 days ago

    I think endgame has proved that 3 hours is not a bad thing and justice league has proved that a 2 hour movie can be pretty shitty.

  • hilancey
    hilancey 20 days ago

    Dude make another Tales from the Comment Section episode again

  • Kyle Knight
    Kyle Knight Month ago

    1:35 with Endgame out , this particular comment didn’t age well Jeremy

  • Dark Night
    Dark Night Month ago

    Yes flash should have that armored look, but the suit just looks terrible.
    Plz, plz, plz, remove those strings that are visible in the suit .

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica Month ago

    Why this was cut was because Hack Snyder is a Hack and doesn't deserve longer movies because he makes them shit and boring

    • Captain Jakemerica
      Captain Jakemerica Month ago

      @Xx_nachoprime69_xX No way his cut would have been shit just his typical overly dark bullshit

    • Xx_nachoprime69_xX
      Xx_nachoprime69_xX Month ago

      I hated bvs but snyders justice league wouldve still been better than the trash that was released

  • Dark Night
    Dark Night Month ago

    I want fortal kombat.

  • Luiz Palombini
    Luiz Palombini Month ago

    Hey Jeremy. Stop making fun of people making grammar mistakes. Probably english is not their first language. How many languages do you speak? I would be surprised if you say more than one.

  • Joseph Reber
    Joseph Reber 2 months ago

    Personally, my two biggest gripes with "Justice League" are:
    1) Steppenwolf being weakly performed.
    2) the Amazons of Themyscira had some of the shitiest costumes compared to those of "Wonder Woman".

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni
    Mahendra Singh Dhoni 3 months ago +1

    That ending, though! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Neal
    Michael Neal 4 months ago

    Can we just say it was a bad movie?... as far as what we were all hoping for from the Live action JL movie

  • George Lumsden
    George Lumsden 4 months ago

    put the half speed part to half speed

  • King Prime
    King Prime 6 months ago

    Douchey Jeremy is the greatest ever

  • Paradime
    Paradime 6 months ago

    Can you do more of these? lol

  • Tybetts
    Tybetts 8 months ago +1

    Are these real comments? Lmaooo this video is awsome 😂 glad i found your channel Jeremy🤟

  • Ian Brennan
    Ian Brennan 8 months ago

    That ending was nothing short of hilarious.

  • Tanner Olsen-Adler
    Tanner Olsen-Adler 8 months ago

    Do more of these for venom

  • Jivy
    Jivy 8 months ago

    Douche Jeremy looks like Andy race warski

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 8 months ago

    Sweet, I see Watchmen on Jeremy’s shelf, that movie rocks

  • clericneokun
    clericneokun 8 months ago

    I love how Jeremy responds to comments. Very casual and chill.

  • clericneokun
    clericneokun 8 months ago

    I love how Jeremy responds to comments. Very casual and chill.

  • Viscount Alex of the Horse People from Mars

    More of these pleeeeeaaase.

  • Afradh Ahamed
    Afradh Ahamed 10 months ago

    fortal kombat

  • gabriel ferreira
    gabriel ferreira 10 months ago

    The thing about the day and night it wasnt night it was cloudy

  • luke allan
    luke allan 11 months ago

    How many people switched their playback speed to .5 just because aftet that comment?

  • Ankul Upreti
    Ankul Upreti 11 months ago

    Our comments are making him a douche

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs Year ago

    Well, when theres a giant atmosphere of evil, i assume its causing darkness, and not necessarily night time.

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs Year ago

    Assholes like this is why decent, well thought out criticisms and comments never get attention.

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs Year ago

    For the record, i thought it was the best thing dc has put out so far. Im in the minority cuz i liked man of steel.

    • darthsmallville
      darthsmallville 10 months ago

      king of clubs that just breaks my heart lol cause I loved and still think MOS is the best DCU film that exists and the only reason I would buy JL is so I could burn it. Literally lol but I understand why people may have liked it as much as they did.

  • The McComb Factor

    Can we get a tales from the comment section for Deadpool 2?

  • Davin Deptuck
    Davin Deptuck Year ago

    On 0.5 speed, he sounds like he's stoned!

  • LiK
    LiK Year ago

    I love when you stress the typos, lol

  • Crazy Guy John
    Crazy Guy John Year ago

    This movie sucked

  • Zechariah Boswell

    Is this a CG background or a real background

  • Tihs Eht
    Tihs Eht Year ago

    Which one isn't suppose to be douche u

  • neicocci
    neicocci Year ago

    I like this, this is cool! Will support this series, nice you're trying something new! Love, from Finland

  • Damian Billbrough

    I'd have assumed the Superman revival would have taken several hours to do, and it was clearly early morning when they fought, I assume that's the in canon explanation at least.

  • Jack Fleetwood
    Jack Fleetwood Year ago

    I legit got into a car crash on my way back home from this movie

  • Sri Alekhya Nanduri

    The ending music reminds me of Prince of Persia Warrior Within! I love this section.

  • Karan Desai
    Karan Desai Year ago

    the last douchy comment can simply be addressed by seeing the movie and in its at the end of night and the day is dawning so that's how see Superman and the others fighting orming with lights and when they're resurrecting him it's late at night.

  • Joey Pethan
    Joey Pethan Year ago

    I don't remember whether or not I've asked you this before, but if they're is ever a Snyder Cut released would you do a video review of it? It would be a very different movie, I believe.

  • Joey Henderson
    Joey Henderson Year ago +1

    Watchmen didn't do well at the box office and it still got a director's cut and an ultimate cut. There is no reason why Justice League didn't get one.

  • EthanFHowell
    EthanFHowell Year ago

    Now I've just been slowing down and speeding up the video, funny as shit

  • Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)

    That's so funny how Douchey Jeremy is legit an actual person. I forgot it was Jeremy a few times lol

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald Year ago

    I agree you shouldn’t compare Nolan’s Batman trilogy to the DCEU films too much, because then like Jeremy said, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment, it’s like comparing every single movie you see to your favorite movie of all time, if you keep doing that you’re never gonna like any movie you see

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica Year ago +1

    Thor Ragnarok was incredible I don't get the hate for the movie

    • Crazy Guy John
      Crazy Guy John Year ago

      Captain Jakemerica ikr it was a blast i loved the movie

  • Captain Jakemerica

    Gosh this video is great!!!!

  • Dave Booshty
    Dave Booshty Year ago

    Mad cool as usual.

  • godzillarex888
    godzillarex888 Year ago

    Didn't you say no spoilers ?
    Not like I care, I just find it funny that you picked the spoiler filled comments :D

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy Year ago

    It's true i noticed the different time zone before n after superman was brought to life, lol.

  • DeMarcello A. J. Funes

    who noticed when wonder woman was telling the story of Steppenwolf, and he retreated, the the parademons were stronger than him keeping him on the ship. He didnt have to have them holding him back. He couldve just pushed passed them and continued fighting. Thats like your about to get in a fight with someone and you thank God that you have the friends to step in front of you so you wont fight the other guy. They should call him SteppawayWolf. Just a thought.

  • DeMarcello A. J. Funes

    your funny af... do more shit like this bruh👌🔥🔥

  • BrontoSmilodon1
    BrontoSmilodon1 Year ago

    you know there might be a slight chance that when they go into the facility to revive superman it was around 4-5 in the morning and once superman flys out it's around 7-8 am

  • I Don't Know
    I Don't Know Year ago

    Douche you is extremely douche. It's irritating because it reminds me of some people in my life. Gross. :P

  • Oliver Rabie
    Oliver Rabie Year ago

    Saw Justice League three times in theaters and once at home online. Didn't know about the night to day mistake until I watched this video.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    Jeremy, you're one of my favorite content creators on TVclip and have been for some time, this series especially highlights your unique personality and why I subscribed to your channel in the first place. Keep up the good work, friend!

  • musicluv80
    musicluv80 Year ago

    flash was a good character but I thought there was too much of electricity whenever he would go fast.

  • Kris W
    Kris W Year ago

    I never questioned how Superman flew off, after resurrection, in daylight. They had spent all night digging him up, transporting him then bringing him back so it being morning made sense

  • Marilyn Marks
    Marilyn Marks Year ago

    Do one for the comment section of Mother reviews

  • Tommy Attwood
    Tommy Attwood Year ago

    What is the song at the end? - it's awesome :P

    PSYKO BR3AK Year ago

    Good video

  • SoftAsABaboonAss
    SoftAsABaboonAss Year ago

    Haven't even seen the movie but I needed more Tales from the Comment Section after the Star Wars video....

  • JokerReviews
    JokerReviews Year ago

    The Lunar Games - Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue - Needs a Review! There are underrated awesome games!

  • Ashkiba
    Ashkiba Year ago

    You have *exploded* in subs since the last time I checked. Doing real good for yourself there, Jeremy! Loving these new segments.

  • Treshian
    Treshian Year ago

    So the most spelling errors, the likelier he'll pick them? :P

  • Lesley Harrys
    Lesley Harrys Year ago

    7:27 Actually, the same thing happens in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises. It's daytime when Bane hits the stock market, drives off, heads into a tunnel during the chase, and comes out of the same tunnel during night time. Yes, even the Nolan Batman-films have continuity errors. It's not just Snyder and Bay.

  • Frankie the Nerdy Boy

    Flash season 3???

  • Michael Rigs
    Michael Rigs Year ago

    Jeremy...are you filming this in front of a green screen of a picture of one of your rooms...instead of just filming *in the room*? That's a little...odd. Any particular reason for that?

  • Flash_Charlie
    Flash_Charlie Year ago

    This may be late but I found out the reason why it turned from dark to light in Zack Snyder's version of justice league theres a scene where flash throws a lightning bolt and runs to superman in his verison when flash threw a lightning bolt it was night, in joss verison when flash threw the lightning bolt it was day.

  • davesouza86
    davesouza86 Year ago

    That day and night thing happens a lot in movies.

  • Neoner Films
    Neoner Films Year ago

    It took me about 15s to figure it out it was a chroma key background...nice job!

  • XelNaga89
    XelNaga89 Year ago

    You got like for Donkey Kong: Country in the background!

  • TheR4pist
    TheR4pist Year ago

    It would be a pleasure to smoke weed with Jeremy Jahns.He a cool dude.

  • Gerald Jordan
    Gerald Jordan Year ago +2

    Star Wars should be fun

  • emin777
    emin777 Year ago

    I laughed at fortal kombat more than I was supposed to

  • ThatGuyWhoMakesVideos

    Could you talk about some things that fans want you to talk about in these segments? Like, for example, what you think of batmans new tech. (or just something cool you didn't address that fans wanna hear your opinion about.)
    It could balance out the douchy side of the fan base with the nerdy side. (or mix the 2 idk)

  • The WhizzKid97
    The WhizzKid97 Year ago

    That last comment though..XD

  • Krauser Cruz
    Krauser Cruz Year ago

    Just need a lil more practice to really master the Asshole Jeremy but still entertaining.

  • Low Hyde.
    Low Hyde. Year ago

    I was entertained.
    Good job!

  • Christopher Bailey

    in regards the flash comment the speed force is supposed to act as a shield

  • Connor The Star Wars fan

    OH MY GOSH . . . everybody like and reply to this to support it. Jeremy so needs to do a complete blu ray collection.

  • Mergan Naidoo
    Mergan Naidoo Year ago

    I love this format.

  • Nina ifallintofantasy Elliget

    love these pls keep making them thanx

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson Year ago +1

    this is funny : )

  • Sean Eredia
    Sean Eredia Year ago

    Why cant they just make a script that isnt 3hrs geezez! instead of making people suffer in the cinema!

  • kingerz
    kingerz Year ago

    Quite bad as if your fans are lesser beings. Hubris.

  • TheRewritten
    TheRewritten Year ago

    Play up the douche

  • Jason Anh V
    Jason Anh V Year ago

    superman dead again, but this in brand recognition with the CGI mouth :P

  • greato80
    greato80 Year ago

    So sick of the snyder cut...any extended or directors cut of movies dont show a whole new movie..just deleted scene that stunk and just makes movie longer and or has a swear word or two..big deal..snyder last two movies werent that good..u need a third to prove it? Let it go people.

  • Keith Edwards
    Keith Edwards Year ago

    at the 0.5 part I actually put my speed to 0.5.... try it... your welcome

  • Craig Parsons
    Craig Parsons Year ago +1

    Douche Jeremy is spot on!! Better than an SNL skit

  • Scrubis Scrubmirez

    Bruh I love the way read the words the way they were misspelled lmao.

  • Chris Austerman
    Chris Austerman Year ago

    This is awesome! Keep making these please!

  • Kashif Reza
    Kashif Reza Year ago

    Kevin spacey as Darkseid lmao

  • Kashif Reza
    Kashif Reza Year ago

    We need more on this series it's funny

  • Shawn Harrison
    Shawn Harrison Year ago

    They could have entered the ship at 6 am and exited at 7am lol there dark then light

    • MystikalScope Productions
      MystikalScope Productions Year ago

      Shawn Harrison in what time zone does it go from dark as shit night to bright as day day at 7am

  • tilly alixia
    tilly alixia Year ago +2

    First you say you don't want to spoil and then I learn Superman is being back too life ! nice ! 🤣

  • Desmond Miles
    Desmond Miles Year ago

    That ending cracked me up so much

  • jherrenor
    jherrenor Year ago

    Getting on board the Buxton train.

  • Robert E.O Speedwagon

    There's a metroid fusion back there, I'm sold